Kerry’s Fiction Picks

For my picks today I’ve chosen books with women as the focus, as the main protagonists and drivers of the storyline. These three are sort of thing you might enjoy if you like chicklit, but want something a bit more juicier and satisfying. I think they sound quite unique, are about modern life and relationships and will appeal to ALL readers.

Syndetics book coverLuckiest girl alive : a novel / Jessica Knoll.
This is about Ani. She’s a young woman with a seemingly perfect life – a blue-blood banker finacee, glamorous job at a magazine, designer clothes.  But at high school Ani suffered a humiliating event that made her desperate to transform herself.  Not only that, lurking in her past Ani has another dark secret from that time that she hopes remains hidden.  When a documentary is being made about a violent incident from her high school, Ani decides to make peace with her demons.  Says Kirkus “Knoll’s debut thriller is a dark, cynical psychological comment on our culture of excess and violence”.

Syndetics book coverDietland / Sarai Walker.
This quote best describes this pick, “Dietland is a bold, original, and funny debut novel that takes on the beauty industry, gender inequality, and our weight loss obsession—from the inside out, and with fists flying” (Amazon).  It is certainly topical!  It’s about Plum, who is fat and lives her life waiting to lose weight and become her ‘true thin self’.  But along the way she is intercepted by a an underground community of women who accept themselves – and others- for who they really are.  They force Plum to address her issues about her size and her perception of beauty.  At the same time a guerrilla group called the Jennifers begin waging war on society’s mistreatment of women.  Says Kirkus (again) “Part Fight Club, part feminist manifesto, an off-beat and genre-bending novel that aims high—and delivers.”

Syndetics book coverImprobability of love
This one sounds a bit like a Mills and Boon gone awry, only due to the cast of pursuers (Russian billionaire, sheik) that are after main character Annie.  But it’s not really Annie they want, but a painting she bought at a junk shop not knowing what it was.  She inadvertently buys a lost painting by Watteau called  the ‘Improbability of love’ for  her lover – who ends up standing her up, capping off her already miserable life (dead-end job, broken relationship).  However, the painting throws Annie into a new world, the art world, where she not only learns about the painting, but European history, symbolism, love and herself.  Author Hannah Rothschild has written for many British publications and is also a documentary maker.