New Zines!

After a recent zines processing party meeting (photos to follow!), I have some new favourite zines in our collection:

photo 3Tomoda’s Adventure by Zora Patrick
Manga lovers, get in!! This is a super cute zine all about Tomoda; written entirely in Japanese but with a very handy sheet of English translations.

photo 2Sock Review by Rachel Lynch
Me, as soon as I opened this zine: “This is the best thing ever”.
Me, two seconds later, having read who made this zine: “omg Rachel!!”
Following: hearty group laughter, because Rachel was sitting directly opposite me.
This is exactly what the cover promises: a review of Rachel’s sock collection. Including pros, cons, origin and marks out of ten for each pair as well as adorable illustrations. So whimsical!

photo 1The Doll Haus volume 2 by Rach
This zine made me lol a lot. Features: funny / creepy anecdotes, funny / creepy vintage advertisements and articles as well as some agony aunt stories. I like it a lot.