Kerry’s Fiction Picks

Some disparate choices this week, I couldn’t find a connecting theme.  Maybe too much choice is the theme?  But, let’s take this as a good sign!  That’s because there are too many good books coming out that I just want to share them all with you.

Syndetics book coverDisclaimer
A psychological thriller with female protagonist. Catherine, a wife and mother to a grown up son, starts reading a book that appears on her bedside table. Unfortunately the book ends up being about a dark secret from Catherine’s past. An incident that she’s ashamed of and that she thought only one person knew about – and they’re long dead. Described as creepy and film rights have already been sold!

Syndetics book coverGorsky
This is about a Russian billionaire (Gorsky) who decamps to London (of course!) to try and woo his Russian sweetheart Natalia (who happens to be married to someone else). But this is not a book about love or glamorous lifestyles. That’s because it’s narrated by the bookseller Gorsky hires to help him create an impressive library in his mansion, a Serbian immigrant to London. The bookseller sets about acquiring all the first editions he can, seeing all the wealth and privilege, before a tragedy strikes. Amazon says “a captivating tale of big money, Russian beauty and good books.”

Syndetics book coverAt hawthorn time
This story starts with a car accident in the British countryside. It involves Howard and Kitty, an older couple who moved to the countryside to escape London and patch their failing marriage; Jamie an young car enthusiast who’s lived in the area the whole time; and Jack a vagrant farm worker. Their works literally collide and the book looks at their interconnectedness and their connections to the land. “At Hawthorn Time is both a clear-eyed picture of rural Britain, and a heartbreaking exploration of love, land and loss.” (Amazon)

Here’s some extras that sound good too:

Syndetics book cover Syndetics book cover Syndetics book cover