Kerry’s Fiction Picks

I’ve chosen three new books, that are still on order (you can reserve them) BUT you can take out the brand new eBook right now!  They’re currently available through our Overdrive eBook service; the books themselves are due in the next couple of months.

Syndetics book coverSingle, carefree, mellow : stories / Katherine Heiny.
This is the debut collection of short stories for Heiny, all about women and their daily lives.  Heiny explores their relationships and feelings, but humorously, looking at the things they do to sabotage their plans to achieve the lives they want.  With praise from Lena Dunham, the current arbiter of young-female-funny, Amazon calls it a “rare and wonderful thing: a debut that is superbly accomplished, endlessly entertaining, and laugh-out-loud funny.”
Find the ebook here.

Syndetics book coverThe Whites
Richard Price is actually the writer of this novel, using the name Harry Brandt.  Price is a well respected American writer (he writes screenplays too), who’s best known for Lush lifeThe Whites is about New York police officer Billy, who works in the uneventful night shift team.  Relegated there after accidentally killing a child in a shoot-out.  Of course, all this changes when he has to go to a murder call out one night.  With a murder to solve Billy launches back into his old life as a detective.  This book has been called the crime novel of the year and described as “razor-sharp and propulsively written, The Whites introduces Harry Brandt—a new master of American crime fiction” (Amazon).  eBook here.

Syndetics book coverBefore He Finds Her
This story centres around a murder and a father and daughter.  In the 90s a man murders his family and gets away with it.  However, unknown to him,  his young daughter survives and enters the witness protection programme.  When  she reaches 18, and just pregnant, she decides she no longer wants to live in hiding. She returns to her hometown to track down her father and make him pay for what he did.  It has been very well reviewed (called good material for book groups!) and is considered a break-out hit for 2015 (already).  eBook here.