Kerry’s Fiction Picks

Hi just a quick post today about some new science fiction titles, stand-alone novels and the new instalments in a series.

Syndetics book coverHow to make a friend
The is one of those titles that crosses genres, some mightn’t call it scifi.  It’s about Alice who as an adult suffers a terrible accident which shatters her world and unravels her a bit.  As a child she was terribly lonely and to cope with it Alice invented an imaginary friend Sam.  After her accident Alice starts to feel that loneliness again and starts seeing Sam again.  But this time around is he really imaginary?  Described as “a tense, poignant and intriguing novel about the grasp loneliness can hold over the heart – and the mind… ” (Amazon UK).

Syndetics book coverTouch
Another genre-switcher, called by the Guardian “a masterful literary thriller”.  I can’t tell you too much about it (no-one’s giving anything away), but it’s about a woman who was murdered and as she was dying something strange happened – she developed the ability to jump from body to body, from her own body into her killer’s.  Thus beginning a new life, where others too can swap bodies and where they are trying to evade those unknowns who are out to kill them.  Claire North is a pseudonym for Catherine Webb and Kate Griffin and this book has been VERY well reviewed.

Syndetics book coverSword of the North : The Grim Company
This is the second in a new series called The Grim Company, the first in the series is called The grim company (and you can find it here)It’s about a group of anti-heroes and seems to be cast in the same mould as G R R Martin’s Game of Thrones.  These anti-heroes are battling against ruthless lords and rulers and other unknown terrors and the plot sounds too complicated to explain, but definitely an action packed and satisfying read.

Also worth a mention:

Syndetics book cover Syndetics book cover Syndetics book cover