Kerry’s Fiction Picks

There’s much talk in the book world about what’s going to be the next Gone girl.  (Currently Girl on the train is tipped to be the one, I recommended it a wee while ago). So this week I’ve compiled a list of new thrillers/crime/mystery books that I thought seemed interesting.  I’m not saying they’re the next big thing, but they do sound pretty cool.

(By the way in case you don’t know who or what my picks are –  a recap!  I’m the fiction selector for Wellington City Libraries. I spend a lot of time reading about and choosing lovely new fiction for you to enjoy. I try to pick my favourites every week to share with you. These books aren’t ’shelf ready’, but they are due to be published in the next six months or so and they are on the catalogue, available to reserve).

Syndetics book coverIf she did it
This story follows Hanna whose life is slowly destroyed by the realisation that her daughter Dawn might not be what she thought she was.  Dawn is an awkward young woman who begins a relationship with Rud.  Though her parents are doubtful of him, they are happy that Dawn has begun to develop some confidence.  Things take a dramatic turn when Hanna and her husband Joe are brutally beaten in their bed one night, so badly that Joe eventually dies.  Dawn’s boyfriend Rud is charged with the crime and Dawn abandons her mother to support Rud whilst protesting his innocence.  The key to this story  is Hanna’s impaired memory and her recollection of what has happened – the beating left her with a brain injury.  Eventually Rud is successful in appealing his case and Hanna has to testify at the new trial.  As she begins to remember what happened that night  her world starts to unravel – maybe Rud didn’t commit the crime, maybe her family life was not at all what it seemed, what was Dawn’s involvement in the beating?
(Now just to be confusing this book is also called Lacy Eye and that may be the title we receive, but for the time being this is in our catalogue as If she did it.  The perils of ordering books early!)

Syndetics book coverOrkney twilight
Reading the author’s notes for this book it says that Clare Carson is an anthropologist who works in human rights and her father was an undercover policeman.  Which is a great background for writing a thriller about a young woman who is realising her own father may be an undercover cop or even a spy.  Sam (the young woman) sets off on holiday to the Orkney Islands with her father and a friend. The trip spurs Sam into action to uncover the truth about father’s work, kept secret from her for years and she begins her own investigation into what he actually does.  She watches him as he runs secretive errands on the island, spying on his every move, at the same time as feeling she is also being watched.  Amazon calls this one “an original and haunting thriller about fathers, daughters and the ghosts of the past” (Amazon UK).  The book is still on order, but for those of you who can’t want it’s available right now as an ebook on Overdrive.

Syndetics book coverSecond life
S J Watson’s Before I go to sleep was Gone Girl before Gone Girl existed.  It came out in 2011, sold millions of copies and was similarly made into a movie.  His second book Second life promises to be just as good.  Its a gripping psychological thriller about the secret online double lives some people have.  The story centres around Julia who decides to investigate her sister’s violent murder.  What she discovers is her sister’s ‘other’ life and Julia embarks on her own online pursuit of the killer, in an alternate world where she can be who or whatever she wants.  Highly dramatic apparently!

Also worth a mention:

Syndetics book coverSyndetics book cover Syndetics book cover