TV series exclusives: ‘The Good Wife’ season 5, ‘Suits’ season 3, & more – The WCL Ratings Project #6

With this month’s update of new DVDs enabled by our Ratings Project we have Season 5 of the excellent legal drama The Good Wife, the latest season of Suits, and some popular Australian shows, with the period series The Doctor Blake Mysteries, and the comedy House Husbands.

Cover imageThe good wife. The fifth season.
“Alicia Florrick and Cary join forces to launch their own law firm. As they sever ties with Lockhart/Gardner, tensions escalate and explode as the new rivals go into attack mode, battling each other both in and out of court. Alicia’s new venture leads her to volatile showdowns, altering every major relationship she’s cultivated. Season five witnesses Alicia’s complete transformation from a good wife to a legal powerhouse…” (From Syndetics summary)

Cover imageSuits. Season three.
“Power is shifting and lines are crossed in the gripping third season. Following the firm’s merger with a prestigious British business, loyalties are tested between high-powered counsel Harvey Specter, legal prodigy Mike Ross, and their boss, managing partner Jessica Pearson…” (From Syndetics summary)

Cover imageThe Doctor Blake mysteries. Season 1.
“The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an original, period murder mystery series, starring one of Australias favourite, most versatile actors Craig McLachlan as the maverick town doctor Lucien Blake a risk-taker, hes impulsive and not afraid to upset the status quo. Dr. Lucien Blake left Ballarat as a young man. But now, he finds himself returning, to take over his dead fathers medical practice. And one of the unwanted duties his father left him is the on-call role of police surgeon. Set in the old gothic gold rush town of Ballarat in 1959. The wealth that built its grand architecture long gone but not the mysteries, murder and deceit that linger beneath the surface of its faded glory…” (From Syndetics summary)

Cover imageThe Doctor Blake mysteries. Season 2.
“This season in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Doctor Lucien Blake returns to Ballarat after an attempt to reunite with his long lost daughter. But itʾs no longer the safe haven he left behind: Danny has been transferred to Melbourne, replaced by a new Senior Constable who seems hell bent on making Blakeʾs job as police surgeon as difficult as possible. Blakeʾs old nemesis Patrick Tyneman has called in the help of some powerful men to keep an eye on Blake. And of course there are the strange and baffling murders that come his way, there are mysteries seeping out of every corner – from political corridors and church vestries, to, art galleries and rockʾnʾroll halls…” (From Syndetics summary)

Cover imageHouse husbands. Season two.
“This warm-hearted and funny drama follows the chaotic lives of four modern families with one thing in common – the men are in charge of raising the kids. The four husbands are completely different, as are their wives, partners and family arrangements. What bonds them are the challenges of their relationships, friendships and careers… and getting the kids to school on time. In Season Two the husbands build a home, prepare for the arrival of a foster child, narrowly escape a vasectomy, argue over the going tooth fairy rate, bury a possum, get lost in the bush, organise the school disco and face an unexpected tragedy. Despite what life throws at them, the four men and their families come up fighting, even if they are running late for the school bell…” (Publishers description from

Cover imageHouse husbands. Season three.
“Over Season Three our House Husbands will accidentally buy a struggling pub and transform it into a thriving, family friendly business, form a footy team and perform at their kids’ ballet recital, go shopping for crop tops, accidentally break the Assistant Principal’s tooth, negotiate the politics of dealing with friends who have split up, have their nude portrait painted and get chased down the street by a pack of cricket hat-wielding thugs. Despite what life throws at them, the four men and their families will come up fighting, even if they struggle to pull off a ballet bun…” (Publishers description from