Kerry’s September Fiction Picks

Syndetics book coverVision of fire
If you are an oldie like me you may remember back in the 90s one of the coolest TV shows was The X Files.  Gillian Anderson reigned supreme as Agent Dana Scully. Well now Anderson (still a successful actress) has written a book! And it’s a science fiction thriller so she’s not straying too far from what she knows.  It’s about a child psychologist, Caitlin O’Hara, who’s called in to help the UN’s Indian Ambassador’s daughter.  She is behaving strangely, including having violent outbursts and speaking in gibberish.  The daughter had just witnessed an assassination attempt on her father and he is trying to concentrate on escalating nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan.  However, soon other children around the world begin to exhibit the same behaviour and O’Hara sets off to find out why, suspecting something sinister (or mystical) is at play.

Syndetics book coverGenocide of one
This is a thriller written by a Japanese author (Kazuaki Takano) and already a huge hit in Japan.  The story focuses on American mercenary Jonathan Yeager, sent to Africa to eliminate a threat to mankind – a three year old boy Akili, who’s apparently the next step in human evolution.  Akili is smarter than a supercomputer and has the ability to control or destroy the world.  Yeager has to been ordered to kill him by the US President and must battle his morals and decide what to do.

Syndetics book coverNunslinger : the complete series
This is the complete series of Nunslinger ebooks all compiled into print (they have been a popular digital serial).  They’re a Western about a nun, obviously, who sets off Westward to make a new life for herself.  Her wagon train is attacked and in the fracas she ends up abducted by an outlaw, falsely accused of murder and ultimately, on the run.  Despite the nun and the cover the story is an action-packed traditional Western, rather than a comedy.  Says publisher Hodderscape’s website “Featuring varmints, lowlifes, cowboys, drifters, desperados, high-plains adventure and page-turning excitement, Nunslinger is a ride you’ll never forget”.