Cosy crafts and home DIY projects for Winter – new home & garden books

This month’s books of seasonal desserts, cosy quilts, beautiful flower arrangements, and fresh veges will surely warm up your winter!

Syndetics book coverWintersweet : seasonal desserts to warm the home / Tammy Donroe Inman.
“Who says the winter months have to be bleak and barren? Author Tammy Donroe sees this season as an opportunity to stay inside, fire up the oven, and produce decadent desserts from the bounty of wholesome winter ingredients. ‘Wintersweet’ encourages readers to make use of fresh, local ingredients for warming seasonal desserts.The fresh and rustic recipes in ‘Wintersweet’ push the envelope of traditional winter desserts like pumpkin or apple pies with such delicacies as Pear Cranberry Clafouti, Spicy Prune Cake with Penuche Frosting, Tangelo Sorbet, and Goat Cheese Cake with Dried Cherry Compote. ‘Wintersweet’ is the perfect dessert companion to make the year’s coldest season a bit more festive.” (Abridged from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverHandmade gatherings : recipes & crafts for seasonal celebrations and potluck parties / Ashley English ; photographs by Jen Altman.
“Frosty winter fetes, lush springtime soirees, sultry summer get-togethers, and crisp autumn affairs–it’s all here. Handmade Gatherings offers: 16 seasonal party ideas ; 52 recipes ; 32 crafts and activities. From the decor, to the entertainment, on down to the recipes themselves, “Handmade Gatherings” presents inspired suggestions for thoughtful, flavorful, festive communal dining. Food, decor, crafts, and more are part of each event, all collectively assembled and executed.” (Abridged from Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverHere comes winter: quilted projects to warm your home
“Inspired by the frosty winters of Saskatchewan, Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks are back with more of the whimsical designs that have enchanted quilters around the world. Make your home cozy all winter with decorative projects ranging in size and shape from pillows and banners to wall hangings, table runners, and lap quilts.” (Abridged from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe plant recipe book : 100 living arrangements for any home in any season / Baylor Chapman ; photographs by Paige Green.
“Whether your botanic tastes run to formal with straight lines or wispy and loose with a woodland feel, there is something that will appeal to you in this groundbreaking collection. A helpful ingredient chart will enable the novice to understand better the patterns behind the designs featured and allow for the development of individual designs.” (Library Journal)

Syndetics book coverDrink your own garden : a homebrew guide using your garden ingredients / Judith Glover.
“Drink Your Own Garden has recipes for berry and bush wines, flower wines, fruit and vegetable wines, grain and herb wines, leaf and sap wines, meads and beers, as well as non-alcoholic fruit juices, cordials and teas. This guide provides a detailed recipe and method for each drink, plus a list of potential problems and remedies, with guidelines for each step of the process, including equipment and ingredients and a seasonal guide to what to harvest when. Make the most of the plentiful ingredients in your garden and enjoy a glass of refreshing home brew.” (Back cover)

Syndetics book coverFor the love of veg : get the best out of your seasonal fruit and vegetables / Bryn Williams with Kay Plunkett-Hogge ; photography by Andy Sewell.
“From savoury to sweet, and from the vegetable patch to the orchard, Bryn shows us how to make the most of fruit and vegetables. Using in-season produce is cost-efficient and healthy – but with Bryn, it is delicious, too. Celebrate the celeriac with Celeriac and Crispy Duck Egg Salad or Celeriac and Apple Soup; reinvent the courgette with Marinated Courgette, Pine Nuts and Parmesan, and Courgette Flower and Halibut. There are sweet vegetable options, too, such as Pea Bavarois or Sweetcorn Panna Cotta. Explore the herb garden, with Basil Sorbet, Bay Leaf Ice Cream and Lavender Vinaigrette. And experiment with fruit with Spiced Poached Pear and Venison, Lemon and Polenta Cake, and Baked Plum and Honey Ice Cream.” (Library catalogue)

Syndetics book coverOne woman farm : my life shared with sheep, pigs, chickens, goats and a fine fiddle / Jenna Woginrich ; illustrations by Emma Dibben.
“Jenna Woginrich’s inspiring journey from city cubicle to rural homestead has captivated readers of her blog and previous books. Now, in One-Woman Farm, Woginrich shares the joys, sorrows, trials, epiphanies, and blessings she discovers during a year spent farming on her own land, finding deep fulfillment in the practical tasks and timeless rituals of the agricultural life.” (Library catalogue)

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