New Garden books for April

 You will find a wide array of subject matter traversed in these gardening books fresh to shelves here at the library. Touching on subjects such as  gardening gently with wildlife in mind, bamboo and its wonders, then to finding out how big country manors of yesteryear were managed (and yes there is a section on grounds management which earns the book Wise words & country house ways  a part in this selection) to modern garden design  this selection makes a pot pouri of different takes on what it is to garden.

Syndetics book coverThe wildlife-friendly vegetable gardener : how to grow food in harmony with nature / Tammi Hartung ; illustrations by Holly Ward Bimba.
“This one-of-a-kind book shows you how to create a peaceful co-existence between your vegetable garden and the wildlife who consider it part of their habitat. By understanding and working with the surrounding environment instead of continually fighting it you ll reap a larger harvest with much less stress and effort. Tammi Hartungexplains how to start with a hardy and healthy garden, create beneficial relationships through smart planting, attract helpful insects and pollinators, intentionally create habitats for wildlife, and much more.” (Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverBamboo / Susanne Lucas.
“We may think of bamboo only as a snack for cuddly panda bears, but we use the plant as food, clothing, paper, fabric, and shelter. Susanne Lucas shows how bamboo has always met the physical and spiritual requirements of humanity while at the same time being exploited by people everywhere. Lucas describes how bamboo’s special characteristics, such as its ability to grow quickly and thus be an easily replaced resource, offers potential solutions to modern ecological dilemmas. She explores the vital role bamboo plays in the survival of many animals and ecosystems, as well as its use for some of the earliest books ever written, as the framework for houses, and for musical instruments. As modern research and technologies advance, she explains, bamboo use has increased dramatically–it can now be found in the filaments of light bulbs, airplanes, the reinforcements of concrete, and even bicycles. Filled with illustrations, Bamboo is an interesting new take on a plant that is both very old and very new.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)
Syndetics book coverThe good life lab : radical experiments in hands-on living / Wendy Jehanara Tremayne. 
“This is the inspirational story of how one couple  moved to rural New Mexico, where they made, built, invented, foraged, and grew all they needed to live self-sufficiently, discovering a new sense of value and abundance in the process. They share tips and tutorials to guide readers in the discovery of a fulfilling new lifestyle that relies less on money. Tremayne” “not only teaches the art of making biofuel, appliances, structures, gardens, food, and medicine but also presents reasons for makers to share their innovations and ideas through open source and creative commons licenses.Practical, contemplative, and action-oriented, The Good Life Lab is the manual for life in a post-consumer age.”
(Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverWise words & country house ways / Ruth Binney ; foreword by Julian Fellowes.
“This charming guide to the world of the English country house reveals all the essential hints and tips for living in and running a great house, and the rules of etiquette and manners that existed both ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’. Since correct behaviour was so important to all activities of the house, ‘A Matter of Manners’ addresses the essentials of etiquette, a theme that also extends into ‘Leisure, Entertainment and Sport’. And finally there is the  ‘Garden and Grounds’ section focuses on everything from the cultivation of exotic fruit for the table to brewing and the care of horses and other animals.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverGarden voices : Australian designers : their stories / Anne Latreille.
Garden Voices is unique. It is the first book to embark on a study of designers who demonstrate a deep understanding of the Australian environment and an ability to work creatively with it. This includes gardens in lush tropical forests and chilly mountains, arid deserts and rolling countryside, beside rivers and the sea, in closepacked inner cities and spreading suburbs.  With research extending over fourteen years, it is a vital reference for anyone – from professional designer to garden lover – who seeks a broader understanding of designing gardens in Australia, now and in the future.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverLandprints : the landscape designs of Bernard Trainor / by Susan Heeger ; photography by Jason Liske and Marion Brenner.
Australian-born landscape designer Bernard Trainor has made it his life’s work to capture the wild soul of his adopted home of Northern California.  Across airy hilltops, craggy seasides, and other one-of-a-kind tracts, Trainor applies simple, understated frames to rugged natural panoramas, the better to bring them into focus. Designed to engage all of the senses—the sound of water, the smell of sage—Trainor’s gardens create sensory memories that foster a deep connection to the land.Landprintsshowcases ten of his most ambitious and inspiring gardens through gorgeous photography and detailed project descriptions.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverThe new English garden / Tim Richardson ; photographs by Andrew Lawson ; with Jane Sabire and Rachel Warne.
“A comprehensive overview of the contemporary English garden scene, by the dream team of Tim Richardson, most perceptive and insightful of contemporary writers on gardens, and renowned garden photographer Andrew Lawson. The past ten to fifteen years have been an exceptionally rich period in English garden design, and for this book Tim Richardson has selected twenty-five gardens which have gone through an intense phase of creativity and innovation during this time span.”(Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverEveryday roses : how to grow Knock Out® and other easy-care garden roses / Paul Zimmerman.
 ” Aimed at gardeners who want the beauty of roses without the fuss, this book offers an approach that is more accessible and environmentally friendly than competing volumes–and no other book in the current market focuses exclusively on modern roses and getting the most out of them. Readers will find helpful suggestions for choosing roses based on landscape need, tips on what to look for when buying roses, new techniques for the best way to plant roses, and sensible time-saving methods to maintain their roses throughout the year.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverTalk about contemporary gardens / Chantal Colleu-Dumond ; [translated from the French by John Lee.
The garden has been a major art form for many civilizations, and has evolved considerable, experiencing a particularly rapid development over the last thirty years. New practices, materials, and plants; the contemporary decline of grand gardening traditions; links with other artistic milieus; and some unexpected and daring creations have secured the garden’s status as a thriving creative universe of infinite diversity. Landscape architects, urban planners, and gardeners continue to surprise, to reinvent distinctive gardens, and to create innovative new horizons.”(Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverTherapeutic landscapes: an evidence-based approach to designing healing gardens and restorative outdoor spaces
“Whether the outdoor space is a courtyard, a campus, or a roof garden; whether it is part of an acute care or a residential facility; or whether it serves children, cancer patients, veterans, or the elderly, this comprehensive guide delivers proven approaches to the design of beautiful spaces that reduce stress, encourage emotional equilibrium, support recovery from illness or injury, and help patients regain lost or impaired abilities.” (Adaped Syndetics Summary)