Monty’s Doctor Who picks

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who coming up, we’ve asked our librarians to tell us their favourite Doctor Who episodes. Monty is first up, with his picks below 🙂 Monty says:

I remember watching the new incarnation of Doctor Who in the mid-2000’s and being skeptical. Why is the well-respected character actor Christopher Eccleston wearing a leather jacket (where’s the naff clothes?) and how come he’s genuinely cool, younger and has a reasonable haircut? All these extremely modern factors made me immediately suspicious of not just the new Doctor, but the whole direction of this new venture. It wasn’t till I watched the slippery, yet charismatic David Tennant as the 10th doctor that I settled down, trusted the writers, the serviceable special effects (by Doctor Who standards) and enjoyed this rebirth of sorts. Here are three David Tennant episodes that made me think, YES, this is different, still special and I will (probably) keep watching:

Amazon link‘Love & Monsters’ (from Doctor Who, The complete second series)
Following the video diary of a ‘Doctor’ conspiracy theorist, and his group of outsider mates, ‘Love & Money,’ is a cleverly constructed satire on sci-fi obsessive’s that plays intricate games with plot, includes multiple characters and hardly features the Doctor at all. It’s all very well to be absorbed in the latest Dalek or Cyberman multi-episode extravaganza, but this is where I knew that surprise, knowing playfulness and gentle spoofing could be just as likely. I’ve read on Wikipedia that this may be one of the most criticised episodes of the Doctor ever…

Amazon link‘Blink’ (from Doctor Who, The complete third series)
Blink introduces the evil, malevolent, creeping weeping angels, a fine and worthy addition to Doctor Who’s growing list of nasty villains. Blink and these snarling, sharp-toothed statues move closer, usually in the dark, accompanied by the shamefully effective and scary use of children’s giggling. On first watch, genuinely terrifying.

Amazon link‘The waters of Mars’
Set on Mars and mainly about an uncontrollable water-based virus and entity causing chaos for the Doctor, this is also a very well-controlled and tense multi-character episode. I can’t mention Doctor Who without mentioning time, paradoxes, quantum laws and space stuff but here, a confused and impulsive Doctor plays with the rules of time travel, at great cost… Mr Tennant is just super and I still miss him.