How To Shoot The Stars – A Talk Not To Be Missed

Syndetics book coverImaging the Southern Sky : an amateur astronomer’s guide
“Stephen Chadwick’s recent book is not about imaging from the southern hemisphere, but rather about imaging those areas of the sky that lie south of the celestial equator. Many of the astronomical objects presented are also accessible to northern hemisphere imagers, including those in both the USA and Europe. Imaging the Southern Sky discusses over 150 of the best southern objects to image, including nebulae, galaxies, and planetaries, each one accompanied by a spectacular color image taken from the author’s backyard in rural Manawatu, New Zealand. This book also includes sections on both image capturing and processing techniques and so makes an ideal all-in-one introduction. Furthermore, because it contains an in-depth study of how to capture all the objects, many of which are rarely imaged by amateurs and professionals alike, it is also extremely useful for the more advanced imager.” (adapted from

In association with Wellington City Libraries, Stephen Chadwick will give a FREE talk on 8 November at Newlands Community Centre during which he will highlight some of these objects – galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, constellations and comets – that are out there deep in space, and will end with a video called “A Journey along the Milky Way” set to live music performed by Wellington composer and musician Oliver Devlin.
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