Sunday 4 August services

Central Library will be closed and some online services will be unavailable on Sunday 4 August. The library will reopen at the usual time, 9.30am, on Monday 5 August.

These changes are necessary to complete the relocation of the library management server to the Council’s data centre in Trentham. The move is part of a Council-wide project to ensure our IT infrastructure is in a secure earthquake-strengthened facility.

These online services will be unavailable on this website on Sunday from 7am until approximately early evening:
– catalogue searching
– library card access
– mygateway database access (for example Pressdisplay & Mango)
– eBook & eAudiobook borrowing (both Overdrive & Bolinda).

The information pages on our website will continue to be available including our blogs, Popular Topics, Māori & Heritage pages, and online storytimes. It will still be possible to browse Bolinda and Overdrive digital offerings and download books already on your bookshelf, but unfortunately the ability to borrow will not be available during this time.

We’ve extended the issues period on items that would have become due so you won’t incur overdue fines. Items that are already overdue won’t incur extra fines during the closure.

We will be updating this website, Twitter feed and Facebook page to notify when our services are fully available again.

We apologise for any impact these changes have to your enjoyment of library services on Sunday. Many thanks for your patience while this work occurs.