Zines time

Somewhat embarrassingly, this is our first post this year on the zines blog. Hmm. But anyways! Please don’t consider this to be a lack of enthusiam; in fact, quite the opposite! We have been slogging away and have finally finished processing the hoard of sweet local zines we nabbed at the most recent ZineFest. So far, these have been my faves:

Twin Lullaby by Charlotte Forrester
This wee zine is sooo beautifully put together. (Okay, I admit it – am a total sucker for pieces of paper tied together with string. Swoon!) It’s essentially a poem in five verses, and is accompanied by beautiful watercolour art works. There is also a really sweet touch on the final page – check it out.

Not Afraid of Ruins #3 by Nausea Nissenbaum
This zine is a kind of travel diary with a difference. I love hearing people’s travel stories – I especially love hearing about far-flung countries I’ve never ventured to, and possibly never will. If this sounds like your bag, I definitely recommend this zine. You can read about loads of different European locales, and it also has other random bits and pieces, like book recommendations! Get in.

Extra Curricular issue 11, edited by Ellie Smith
I can’t help but continue the Extra Curricular love. It’s just so cool. And pretty! Beautifully put-together. This issue is dedicated to new beginnings, and introduces a host of interesting folk who have, in some way, had exactly that. This issue also has tips for crafters who are pondering starting a business from their hobby or passion. As per, this edition is crammed with other interesting bits and is an exceedingly pleasant way to kill a couple of hours! Tea and cake to accompany, optional.

Nowhere Land by Stolen
As the first page of this zine states, eveything in it is stolen from facebook. While I’m not totally down with the method, I have to say, it has made for a pretty sweet zine! It is entirely made up of images, some kinda banal and some kinda awesome. Definitely worth a flick.

We also have loads of sweet new international zines. I have been enjoying these:

thisisportlandThis is Portland by Alexander Barrett
This zine is fun, and, not surprisingly, is aaaaall about Portland. Loaded with interesting points and things you learn about a city only by living there, it has made me want to visit! With its manky weather, famous food, abundance of coffee and a multitude of bands, it actually sounds kinda similar to Wellington… This may or may not be true… anyone out there that’s travelled both cities and knows? (image supplied by microcosmpublishing.com)

Barefoot and in the Kitchen by Ashley Rowe
Vegan recipe book! Zine style! What’s not to like? “With an emphasis on demystifying veganism and taking the intimidation out of cooking”, it helps makes cooking easy and way more fun. The Beaver Casablancas recipe is a highlight. (image supplied by microcosmpublishing.com)

Fix your Clothes by Naleigh Briggs
I love a practical zine (that’s not to say that I dislike impractical ones – keep ’em coming!) and this one is awesome. The cover is super cute, as are the text and the illustrations inside. And best of all, it contains information we all need! Step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear illustrations, you’ll be darning your own socks in no time. Booya! (image supplied by microcosmpublishing.com)