2012 customer survey

In October/November 2012, our annual customer survey was conducted. 1,936 library customers (a randomly selected sample) were invited to complete it, with more survey forms available in all library branches in printed form. The results report is now available.

The aim of the survey was to identify user satisfaction with a range of Wellington City Libraries resources and services, together with possible areas for improvement, and customer priorities. It covered usage, access, physical resources, digital resources, services, customer service and the Central Library New Zealand/Aotearoa reference collection. The information gained will be a valuable source as we plan our activities this coming year. In particular

  • the collection usage and satisfaction information will assist the buying team allocate the budget across subject areas to match customer expectations.
  • the top customer priority noted from your comments remains the collection (development, access, range etc) and we will continue to make this our priority also.
  • the replacement programme for DVDs (based on condition and usage), and the $2 discount DVDs will be continued.
  • the takeup of E-readers was noted to be close to 20% and we will continue to build links with e-book suppliers to extend the range where this is possible. NZ libraries are currently prevented by international copyright and publishers’ rights reasons from offering Kindle. We agree that this would be a great benefit as it would radically increase the range available.
  • as Facebook is the social media presence used by most customers we will continue to increase our activity on that. However, we noted that Google + is increasing in popularity and therefore we will begin to explore how we can effectively use this service.
  • several customers made suggestions for services that we already provide. Therefore we will be aiming to expand the ways that we raise awareness of what we already offer.
  • we noted the need to maintain the current strength in NZ history in the Central Library reference collection, and will review our retention policy particularly for technical and government reports.
  • we will investigate making more NZ information websites available for free on the library customer PCs.
  • since last year’s survey we implemented a number of improvements such as free renewals. However, the overall satisfaction decreased from 92% to 86%. We will be continuing to work hard to improve customer service and raise awareness of the free services already available.

Our thanks are extended to all customers who took the time to record their library experiences and preferences so that we can continue to enhance library services.