2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards Winners

The 2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards winners have been announced.

Fiction winners included…

Syndetics book coverThe winner of the Fiction Category Award and $10,000 went to Paula Morris for her novel Rangatira, a brilliantly researched novel based on her own ancestor Paratene Te Manu’s visit to England in 1863. Paula Morris is a much accomplished writer; her work includes three other adult novels, two young adult novels and a collection of short stories.

Syndetics book coverThe People’s Choice Award and $5,000 went to Sue Orr for her collection of short stories titled, From Under the Overcoat This is her second published collection of short stories; the first, Etiquette for a dinner party, was published in 2008.

Non-fiction winners included…

Syndetics book coverNew Zealand’s native trees / John Dawson & Rob Lucas with Jane Connor ; contributions by Patrick Brownsey … [et al.].
“New Zealand’s native trees are truly remarkable. From the massive kauri-the third-largest tree in the world-the showy pohutukawa and rata, and the ubiquitous cabbage tree to rare and endangered species found only on offshore islands, our glorious and diverse trees deserve to be recognised, understood and celebrated. New Zealand’s Native Trees is a landmark book that describes and generously illustrates more than 250 species. Beginning with the magnificent conifers and iconic tree ferns, and giving full treatment to the numerous flowering species, including the distinctive southern beeches, the often-overlooked coprosmas and the curious tree daisies, this book is no once-over-lightly.” (Global Books)

Syndetics book coverTupaia : the remarkable story of Captain Cook’s Polynesian navigator / Joan Druett.
“Tupaia, lauded by Europeans as ‘an extraordinary genius’, sailed with Captain Cook from Tahiti, piloted the Endeavour about the South Pacific, and interceded with Maori in NZ. Tupaia, a gifted linguist, a brilliant orator, and a most devious politician, could aptly be called the Machiavelli of Tahiti. Being highly skilled in astronomy, navigation, and meteorology, and an expert in the geography of the Pacific, he was able to name directional stars and predict landfalls and weather throughout the voyage from Tahiti to Java. Though he had no previous knowledge of writing or mapmaking, Tupaia drew a chart of the Pacific that encompassed every major group in Polynesia and extended more than 4,000 kilometres from the Marquesas to Rotuma and Fiji. He was also the ship’s translator, able to communicate with all the Polynesian people they met.” (Global Books)

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  1. Any chance that you could mention that Trees of New Zealand won Book of the Year and Tupaia won the general non-fiction award? The authors are all Wellingtonians.

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