Watch TV series on DVD at your own pace

dvd box setsLife seems so much busier these days and trying to watch The Killing (Danish version, of course) in a week is pretty nigh impossible.  And customers have told us much the same. So we’ve listened and made a change.  From Wednesday the 1st of August all our box set DVDs* will be issued for three weeks instead of one, just like our books. So now there are a lot  more opportunities to watch your favourite TV series or in fact any of our other box sets DVDs. And there’s more good news – the price is staying the same at only $8 per box set.  So why not take advantage of this change and take three or four box sets home with you next time you come to the library?

* Please note this change applies only to those DVDs labelled as Box Sets, listed in the catalogue as Box Sets and for which the loan charge is $8.

3 thoughts on “Watch TV series on DVD at your own pace”

  1. Mmmhh… not sure about this. I agree with it’s almost impossible to watch a 20-hours series like “The Killing” in a week (even by watching two episodes daily as we did at home), but three weeks means that now we’ll have to wait a lot more to get hold of the next season! What I’m going to do in the meantime? Getting a life? Knitting a replica of Lund’s sweater, in both colours? Oh, dear…

  2. Personally I would’ve preferred 2 weeks for the box sets for the sake of quick turnover, but I guess it’s simpler to keep the issue times consistent at 1 week for CDs, DVDs and bestsellers, and 3 weeks for books and DVD box sets.

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