Musical treats at the Film Festival

nz film festival poster image, used with permissionEvery year when the New Zealand International Film Festival brochure comes out, I immediately flip to the music page. These are always the films that I can’t miss seeing on the big screen, surrounded by big sound. This year I’m particularly pleased with the selection, here are some of my highlights along with catalogue links to the artists …

Shut Up and Play the Hits – LCD Soundsystem (catalogue link)
This is the film I had most hoped to see in the lineup at this year’s festival after seeing the trailer above when it came out a few months back. A document of the last ever LCD Soundsystem show, one of the best bands of the last decade going out at the peak of their powers in front of 18,000 fans. If you’re going to this don’t be shy about dancing in the aisles, I certainly plan to. This film features interview style narration from Chuck Klosterman, who has several books that are well worth reading.

Searching for Sugar Man – Rodriguez (catalogue link)
A great talent that never quite broke through – despite releasing an amazing debut, seriously, check it out – that subsequently slipped off the radar, and the story of his rediscovery. Rodriguez, despite being unknown to most music fans in his native America, enjoyed a cult following in South Africa, where he was bigger than Elvis. This eventually leads us to two South African fans journeying to discover what happened to their idol.

Neil Young Journeys – Neil Young (catalogue link)
Follow Neil Young as he drives through his hometown in Ontario, on his way to perform a show in Toronto. Along the way he revisits old haunts and memories, interspersed with footage of the concert. This one is going to be good.