Fiction Genres: all you need to know

Did you know we add genre subject headings to the catalogue record of every new fiction item we receive? These genre subject headings are searchable — so if you enjoy one title in a genre, you can quickly find other titles in the same genre.

Listed below you’ll find all the subject headings/fiction genres we add — and we’ve also listed an example of an author for each one. Enjoy!

  1. Salt / Maurice GeeNew Zealand writers. Try Maurice Gee
  2. Maori writers. Try Patricia Grace
  3. Pacific Island writers. Try Celestine Hitiura Vaite
  4. Ethnic writers. Try Maaza Mengiste
  5. Indigenous peoples. Try Linda Hogan
  6. Family life and relationships. Try Rosamunde Pilcher
  7. Friendships. Try Nicola Moriarty
  8. Self discovery & fulfilment. Try Lauren Groff
  9. Gulf breeze / Gerri HillLesbian novels. Try Gerri Hill
  10. Gay novels. Try Greg Herren
  11. Women’s/Feminist. Try Marilyn French
  12. Generation X novels. Try Douglas Coupland
  13. Futuristic novels. Try Kevin Barry
  14. Modern urban suspense. Try Cory Doctorow
  15. Prize and award winners. Try Julian Barnes
  16. Classic novels. Try Charles Dickens
  17. Literary novels. Try Tom McCarthy
  18. Translated novels. Try Hans Koppel
  19. The night circus / Erin MorgensternDebut novelists. Try Erin Morgenstern
  20. Short story collections.
  21. Short stories – by one author. Try Tessa Hadley
  22. Science fiction and fantasy. Try Terry Pratchett
  23. Horror/ghosts/vampires. Try Dean Koontz
  24. Supernatural/Gothic. Try Kim Harrison
  25. Myths and folklore. Try Sam Meekings
  26. Murder mysteries. Try Agatha Christie
  27. Women detective writers (Feminist). Try Joyce Holms
  28. Suspense/thrillers. Try John Grisham
  29. Final detail / Harlan CobenPsychological thrillers. Try Harlan Coben
  30. Spy/Espionage. Try Daniel Silva
  31. Adventure stories. Try Clive Cussler
  32. Glamour and glitz. Try Penny Vincenzi
  33. War stories. Try Chris Ryan
  34. Sea Stories. Try Dewey Lambdin
  35. Westerns. Try J. T. Edson
  36. Historical romances. Try Mary Balogh
  37. Romances. Try Susan Lewis
  38. Romantic suspense. Try Linda Howard
  39. Historical novels. Try Conn Iggulden
  40. Animal stories. Try Spencer Quinn
  41. Double whammy / Carl HiaasenHumour/satire/black comedy. Try Carl Hiaasen
  42. Chick lit. Try Marian Keyes
  43. Lad’s lit. Try Mike Gayle
  44. Religious novels. Try Karen Kingsbury