Mt Tarawera eruption — 126 years on

Tarawera : the destruction of the Pink and White Terraces / Geoff Conly.126 years ago yesterday (10 June), Mt Tarawera erupted. Approximately 120 people were killed in the disaster, and the Pink and White Terraces were thought to have been completely destroyed.

From PapersPast, in two articles from the 10th of June 1886, here’s how the eruption was reported in the Evening Post in Wellington. Towns from further North telegrammed in to report on how they’d fared, and the Evening Post reported first this, and then in a more expansive article, the details of the eruption:

Last year — in two discoveries (in January and June) — scientists found portions of both the Pink and the White Terraces buried at the bottom of Lake Rotomahana. Watch the videos below to hear the story of the eruption and the people caught in this natural disaster, as well as the story of the discovery of remnants of the Pink and White Terraces 125 years later.

Available in full in 5 clips from NZ On Screen online, this is the first part of the 2000 television documentary Tarawera, about the eruption of the volcano in 1886:

And here are some videos from GNS Science about the rediscovery of first, remnants of the Pink Terraces, and then later, the White Terraces:

If you’re interested in reading further, here are a few websites with more information, both about the eruption, and the rediscovery of the Terraces in 2011: