Home & Garden eNewsletter for May

It’s coming to that time of year when the focus turns more towards the Home than the Garden. Still, there might just be another couple of nice weekends left before the chill and our catalogue has plenty of outdoors DIY suggestions to fill them with.

Library News


This month check out a delectable extravganza of food from around the world. Food from Arabia, Morocco, Mexico and … Mt Eden!

Syndetics book coverModern Flavours of Arabia / Suzanne Husseini ; photography by Petrina Tinslay.
“Authentic Arabian dishes inspired by Suzanne’s fondest food memories are blended with an elegant, modern take: crepes are speckled with pistachios and sweetened with rose syrup, and scones are enhanced with dates, orange and cardamom. The classics are here too: tabbouleh, hummus, shawarma and homemade labneh. These are the foods that Suzanne loves to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she wants us to love making them, when recreating the same flavours at home. Luscious photography, warm personal stories and ideas on how to serve each dish make MODERN FLAVOURS OF ARABIA a feast for the palate as well as for the eyes.” – (adapted from Global Books summary)

Syndetics book coverClassic Preserves / food director Pamela Clark.
“There’s a new interest in making jams, jellies, marmalades and chutneys. People have realised just how delicious home made preserves are and also what a calming therapeutic experience it is to make them. As well as the classic jams, jellies, marmalades and chutneys there are recipes for classic pickles, relishes, sauces and drinks, and step-by-step photographs to lead you through the trickier techniques.” – (adapted from Global Books summary)

Syndetics book coverDulcie May Kitchen Everyday / Natalie Oldfield ; photography by Todd Eyre ; food styling by Michelle Burrell.
“From breakfast to light lunch and beyond, these simple, tasty dishes are among those favourites prepared and served everyday by Natalie and her family in their food store and at home. The recipes offer a fresh look at how to eat well every day, in the signature Dulcie May Kitchen style.” – (adapted from Publisher’s description)

Syndetics book coverAn everlasting meal : cooking with economy and grace / Tamar Adler
“Adler, who opened a farm-to-table restaurant in Georgia and cooked at Chez Panisse (Alice Waters here contributes a foreword), offers insight into how to make simple foods into enjoyable meals, e.g., food scraps that are normally thrown away are instead used for soups, bones for stock, and orange peels for marmalade. In the chapter “How To Boil Water,” she encourages readers to put on a pot of water, then figure out what to throw in it-vegetables, pasta, potatoes, beans, even meat-increasing flavor with each item. Adler devotes a chapter to eggs, which can easily create a meal via a variety of cooking techniques, and she includes a recipe for Tortilla Espanola (simply potatoes, onions, and eggs). She also offers inspiration for making an exciting salad from in-season produce.” – (adapted from Library Journal summary)

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There’s lots of homemade gift ideas to be inspired by this month. Also, a history of tea cosies!

Syndetics book coverHop skip jump : 20 eco-friendly toys to sew / Fiona Dalton.
“This book shows us how to make 20 gorgeous soft toys using natural and repurposed materials. It’s so much more special to give a handmade gift than to purchase something mass-produced. Here you’ll find a raft of fun and easy-to-sew toys, including Arnold the penguin, Doris the sausage dog and Harriet the tortoise.” – (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverKnitted toy travels : 15 wild knitting projects from across the globe / Laura Long.
“Take a trip around the world with this adorable book and with Ed, of course. Ed is the explorer who goes for an adventurer and meets knitted animals along the way. And he’s got the cutest little knees!” – (adapted from Amazon.com summary)

Syndetics book coverHow tea cosies changed the world / Loani Prior.
“Be drawn into a world of creative passion with these vibrant designs. Loani’s outrageous imagination has produced 24 new designs that transform the conventional tea cosy into a knitted piece of art.” – (adapted from Syndetics summary)

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Gardening DIY

Learn how to get the most out of everyday items, be inspired to decorate, collect household tips and wisdom — there’s a lot on offer this month for those interested in making a house a home. And as Luke Van Dyck of 101 Home maintenance says, “a home is the single biggest investment most people will make in a lifetime, so it is important to maintain it”. The following books can give you advice and inspiration to make your haven right for you. It’s not all about the house either. If you’re tired of waiting for someone to send you flowers, then why not grow your own? Laetitia Maklouf can help with her dummies guide to gardening. Have a browse!

Syndetics book coverHousehold wisdom / Shannon Lush & Jennifer Fleming.
“Household Wisdom, is a ‘mash-up’ of Shannon Lush & Jennifer Flemings’ successful books, Save and How To Be Comfy combined into one beautifully bound hardback edition. Packed with clever ideas to help you get the most from everyday household items – in the process you’ll save money, save time and save the planet! Shannon and Jen also offer tips on creating cosiness as well as advice on how to choose household goods, how to look after them and how to fix them. Just some of the things you’ll learn about, are how to fix a flyscreen, stitch a hem, replace a tile, select and store fruit and vegetables, and change a washer in your toilet cistern. Household Wisdom is your perfect guide and companion to saving money while making your house the place you want to come home to.” (Amazon)

Syndetics book coverSweet peas for summer : how to create a garden in a year / Laetitia Maklouf ; with a foreword by Alan Titchmarsh ; photography by Jill Mead.
“For a decade Laetitia Maklouf did all her gardening in window boxes, a balcony and across every surface inside her flat. Finally, she moved into a house with her own garden. Beautifully illustrated throughout with Jill Mead’s acclaimed photographs, Sweet Peas for Summer is Laetitia’s own story of creating her first garden from scratch in a year and a bible for the gardening beginner. Irreverent, practical and funny, she sets out how to plan, plant and maintain a garden in ten easy steps. There are also over 100 plant recipes for spring, summer, autumn and winter, planting plans for every personality type and plenty of time left over for lounging on the lawn. ‘If you’re tired of waiting for someone to send you flowers, then why not grow your own? Laetitia Maklouf can help with her dummies guide to gardening … If you need to get rid of the grey, buy this book’You Magazine, Mail on Sunday.” (Fishpond)

Syndetics book coverOutdoor fix-it 101 : projects you really can do yourself / Steve Willson.
“Covers basic maintenance of the home’s exterior shell–its siding, foundation and roof–as well as maintenance and repair of driveways, walkways, fences, and other essential outdoor structures” (Publisher summary)

Syndetics book coverHome maintenance / Luke van Dyck.
“A home is the single biggest investment most people will make in a lifetime, so it is important to maintain it. This book: teaches you about your home – the different types of structures (eg. brick veneer, double brick, timber frame); tells you what basic tools you’ll need for simple jobs around the home; explains how to maintain the different rooms in your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, floors and ceilings, doors and windows, walls, the roof, and outside; includes hints and tips on painting, energy efficiency, cost saving and water conservation.” (Fishpond)

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Unlock the secrets to living a healthy life or improving specific health conditions with these new books. Included are how to prevent and reverse heart disease, benefits of a pre-agricultural Paleolithic diet, preventing knee injury and pain, cultivating Chinese herbal medicine, understanding and managing irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia, women’s critical health issues, living with food allergies, ecological importance of plant medicines, secrets to not getting sick and more.

Syndetics book coverThe essential IBS book : understanding and managing irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia / Alvin Newman.
“This comprehensive book provides current and concise information and understanding on the condition of IBS and FD. Dr. Alvin Newman discusses the symptoms in a thorough yet approachable manner, including the impact of these symptoms, diagnostic tools, diseases, conditions and complications associated with both conditions. Equally vital is integral information on managing both IBS and FD through lifestyle changes, drug therapy and dietary therapy. There is also extensive information on current IBS research and self-help for patients in the form of support groups and reliable internet sources.” – (adapted from Gloabl Books in Print summary)

Syndetics book coverThe Chinese medicinal herb farm : a cultivator’s guide to small-scale organic herb production / Peg Schafer ; foreword by Steven Foster ; medicinal use descriptions by Sean Fannin.
“…Through 79 detailed herb profiles – all tested and trialed on Schafer’s certified organic farm-Schafer offers easy-to-follow information, suitable for both growers and practitioners, for growing efficacious wild-simulated herbs. Also included is important information on species conservation, crop integration, and how to avoid the introduction of invasive species. Sidebars on traditional medicinal uses for each herb and delicious recipes are also featured throughout…” – (adapted from Book jacket summary)

Syndetics book coverFight fat after forty : the revolutionary three-pronged approach that will break your stress-fat cycle and make you healthy, fit, and trim for life / Pamela Peeke.
“It’s not only food and inactivity that can make you fat in midlife – so can stress. After the age of forty, the accrued stresses of a lifetime and the inevitable onset of the perimenopause begin to take their physical toll on a woman. This toxic stress builds emergency fat inside the body and leads to bad eating regimes, particularly in the over-forties. In Fight Fat After Forty renowned clinician and scientist Dr Pamela Peeke explains her revolutionary plan for fighting stress-eating and shedding ‘toxic weight’ forever.” – (adapted from Gloabl Books in Print summary)

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Personal Development

Begin with your thoughts and seize the day – whether you’re better than normal or exceptional, it’s never to late to be great!

Syndetics book coverIt’s your thoughts that count : how to use your thoughts to transform your life / by Wendy Betteridge.
“”Your thoughts that count” is a voyage through Wendy’s many training experiences. It brings together the best of what she’s learned as she has taught and trained others. Her book provides great skills for leaders and managers, confidence and certainty for sportsmen and women, comfort and solutions for those who are depressed or whose self esteem is low, techniques for children and young adults who are studying, and great communication skills for everyone. It provides the tools for seeking out personal values, for avoiding procrastination, for setting goals and committing to make them a reality.” (Global Books in Print)

Syndetics book coverBetter than normal : how what makes you different can make you exceptional / Dale Archer.
“What if the inattentiveness that makes school or work a challenge holds the secret to your future as an entrepreneur? What if the anxiety you often feel can actually help energize you? Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Dale Archer believes that labels for behavior like “ADHD,” “bipolar,” and “OCD” are normal human qualities–and contends that we all experience these and other psychological traits to some extent, yet fail to leverage the significant advantages they can offer. Here, Dr. Archer offers a framework for redefining what constitutes mental health. Drawing on his twenty years of clinical experience, he describes eight traits of human behavior. Each of these occurs along a continuum rather than as a simple on-off switch (where “off ” means we’re fine, and “on” means we’ve got a problem). These are the aspects of our personality that we worry about the most, but these are also the very things that make us distinctive and different.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverCouples : how we make love last / Kate Figes.
“These days, many of us enjoy unrivalled freedom and equality when it comes to choosing and building a relationship. Yet new myths about how to live and love compromise that happiness.Kate Figes argues that, whether married or cohabiting, gay or straight, remarried or a couple living apart, the quality of our intimate relationship is fundamental to our long-term health and happiness, because our need for commitment and love hasn’t changed.This is not a handbook. There are no easy ‘Mars and Venus’ universal recipes for success, because relationships are far too complicated, individual and important for easy answers. But learning how others sustain lifelong love, and what really goes on in other people’s lives can help us to understand our own partnerships and take responsibility for making them work. Couples is an incisive and important look at how we can learn to make love endure.” (Global Books in Print)

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