New Pasefika music

Here are a few highlights:

99AD 99AD.
“There’s a lot to say about 99 A.D, the new album from New Zealand’s much loved hip-hop/R&B crew Nesian Mystik. The record is as welcoming as it is challenging, it’s uncompromisingly forward thinking rather than mired to the many successes of the group’s celebrated past and, in the words of rapper Feleti ‘Sabre’ Strickson-Pua, it is “completely fresh.” (Adapted from

“Erakah’s appropriately titled debut album Infatuated. It’s a record that showcases not only her dazzling vocal ability but also her willingness to push the sonic boundaries and perceptions of what R&B can be and do.” (

RiseandshineRise & shine.
“The Release of Rise And Shine marks the beginning of a new chapter for Adeaze, and the boys are excited to be back doing what they love best – making great music and putting on great shows. Adeaze have delivered a beautifully constructed album replete with songs of love, lost and found, and ultimately of hope. The last few months have seen Adeaze busy with the daily production and recording sessions for Rise And Shine. The first single Got My Girl For Life was delivered to radio in October 2010, and in February 2011 Adeaze followed that up with Broken Promises. The third single Paradise saw Adeaze bring together friends, family and local artists to sing with them. Adeaze wrote this song to encourage people, wherever they are at in their lives, to find their own paradise.” (