Welcome To Our Cup Diary

cupdiarylogosmallThe Rugby World Cup kicks of tonight (you may have heard), also kicking off is the Wellington City Libraries Cup Diary. We’ll be letting you know what’s going to be happening in and around our libraries during the World Cup, highlighting some of the events happening in Wellington and providing the sort of in-depth rugby analysis you can only expect from true experts (maybe not that last part).

Here are some examples of what you can expect visually when you visit the library during the World Cup:

Civic Square has a rugby field in it for impromptu late night kick arounds civicsquare2

The entrance to Civic Square has a handy red beacon that will let you know what is happening in the city that daycivicsquare3

The front window to the library features a “seventies lounge” full of rugby memorabiliafrontwindow2

The foyer is decked out with flags, artificial turf and goalposts. Sort of like you are a player walking out of the tunnelfoyer2

On the first floor you can check out our Guess Who Competition and our collection of rugby booksfirstfloor2

Visit this blog for regular updates from the Cup Diary team and enjoy the matches!