Cars, Crocs and the ABC’s

There are some great storytime reads in these latest picture book picks.

Syndetics book coverCars galore / Peter Stein ; illustrated by Bob Staake.
“Buckle up for an exuberant ride humming with energetic rhymes and whimsical, retro art from a masterful team. Black car, green car, nice car, mean car. Near car, far car. Whoa! Bizarre car! Ready to hit the road? Gear up for a nonstop parade of shapes, sizes, sounds, and even smells in a wild array of cars packed with big personalities, awesome features, and eccentric passengers.
Driven by Peter Stein’s bouncing verse, Bob Staake’s high-powered artwork merges vibrant color and crisp, dynamic design with humor, warmth, and whimsy. This rousing excursion is sure to thrill all fans of things that go, as well as aficionados of the illustrator’s signature style.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverSolomon Crocodile / Catherine Rayner.
“Solomon Crocodile’s rough play prevents him from making friends down by the river until a stranger comes stomping through the reeds!”
A hit at Storytime with the kids loving this toothy and mischievous crocodile and unusually he doesn’t get the comeuppance you expect. Great read for two to five year olds. (Staff Member)

Syndetics book coverCharles Fuge’s astonishing animal ABC.
Where else will you find a cosy cobra, a jolly jackal, nasty narwhal and an outraged owl but in this simple but intriguing ABC book. With charming illustrations this is will amuse adults and kids alike. (Staff Member)

Syndetics book coverBasher’s ABC / [designed and created by Basher].
Innovative artist Basher brings the ABC to life in this gorgeously colourful alphabet book. Children aged three to seven will love to learn the letters A to Z with the help of Claude’s crafty cuckoo, a lollipop-licking lobster and Ursula’s unicycling uncle. The witty, rhythmic text reinforces letter recognition and is perfect for a parent and child to share or for a beginner reader to enjoy alone. -Back cover

Syndetics book coverDaisy plays hide-and-seek / Ellie Sandall.
“Daisy is a very special cow. Like a chameleon, she can take on the colours of the things around her, which makes her extremely good at playing hide-and-seek. Will her friend Jake be able to find her? Will you?”–Back cover.
A gentle story of a magical cow playing a game everyone loves, lovely pictures and great fun to be had  finding Daisy. Fantastic story for 2-5 years. (Staff Member)