Stewart Island Artist Residency


This was my second trip to Mason Bay as part of 2011 DOC/CNZ Wild Creations Artists Residency. This time I concentrated on making. Here are some examples of what I made.

For this karanga manu I used the tuwiri drill to fashion the cup and for the relief carving I used metal scrapers and some nails I found in the workshop. The original is in Otago Museum and is rather famous.

The porutu is a longer open end cross blown instrument and is very much an instrument used in Murihiku. Here are two made from tutu and one from albatross wing bone.

The putorino is mentioned in Traditional Lifeways of the Southern Maori J.H. Beattie by his informants. Here is one made from tutu rakau in a northern style.

Tokere are played by putting the pikao loops go over the fingers and playing in a similar way to castenets. These shells are from the mouth of Martin Creek and the pikao is from Big Sandhill behind Hill Homestead

Here is a link to my taonga puoro blog  with extra content.

I was playing porutu to a tui when half a dozen bellbirds turned up and had a sing along. Listen here