Zine Inspiration

Hey, did you know that some of your favourite glossy magazines began their lives as cut and paste zines?

Example 1: Carla discovered that the glamorous, cutting edge fashion and culture magazine  i-D started its life as a cut and paste fanzine dedicated to street style punk in 1980s London. The first issue (August 1980) was put together by hand in the home of i-D founder Terry Jones and the 2000 copies printed were distributed out of the back of a car!  Check out the first issue. It looks pretty much like a zine, was clamped together with three staples and cost only 50p.

ID insidei-d-cover-issue-one6

Example 2: Bust Magazine, now a slick, celebrity filled, women’s lifestyle/feminist magazine, started as a photocopied, stapled, black and white zine in 1993.

Example 3: Bitch Magazine, started in 1996 by three friends frustrated by the lack of smart analysis of feminist pop culture – so they decided to create a zine and write it themselves!

These are just 3 examples that we know of but there must be heaps of others. Zine inspiration, yes?

More info and images from i-D magazine can be found in this great book we spotted while on the Arts reference desk the other day: iD : i-D covers 1980-2010 and we have both Bust and Bitch Magazines at the Central Library.