New Contemporary Fiction

We have a great list of new contemporary fiction for you to browse in May (and we’re just getting started – we have more on the way!). Have a browse.

Syndetics book coverThe blind spy / Alex Dryden.
“The Kremlin is threatening to invade Ukraine, a country vital to the West’s oil and gas supplies. On the ground, in the seething pit of rumour and fear that is the city of Odessa, on the shore of the Black Sea, two top secret agents are searching for ways to prevent the horrors of invasion and war. Anna Resnikov, ex KGB, and Logan Patterson must negotiate the knife-edge of diplomacy and intimidation that pervades every corner of every street, café and back ally.” (adapted from Amazon)

Syndetics book coverBreach of trust / David Ellis.
“Jason Kolarich, still grieving the loss of his wife and baby daughter in a car accident, decides to pursue what happened that night; he feels guilty that he wasn’t with his family because he was waiting for a call from Ramirez, an informant. Ramirez was also killed that night, and Kolarich decides that solving that case may bring him some peace. He starts digging and, through a former client, finds his way into a lucrative contract as a state attorney to get closer to the files he needs. The next thing he knows, he’s in the middle of an FBI investigation of the governor. Forced into a position he never sought, Kolarich turns informant as he works his way into the governor’s innermost circle while searching for Ramirez’s killer.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverCrooked letter, crooked letter / Tom Franklin.
“Silas Jones and Larry Ott have known each other since their late 1970s childhood when Silas lived with his mother in a cabin on land owned by Larry’s father. At school they could barely acknowledge one another, Silas being black and Larry white, but they secretly formed a bond hunting, fishing, and just being boys in the woods. When a girl goes missing after going on a date with Larry, he is permanently marked as dangerous despite the lack of evidence linking him to her disappearance, and the two boys go their separate ways. Twenty-five years later, Silas is the local constable, and when another girl disappears, Larry, an auto mechanic with few customers and fewer friends, is once again a person of interest.” (adapted for Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverLeft neglected : a novel / Lisa Genova.
“Sarah Nickerson a busy, vibrant woman in her 30s, when  rushing to a meeting she takes her eye off the road for a second too long. In that blink of an eye, all the rapidly moving parts of her over-scheduled life come to a screeching halt. Sarah suffers a traumatic head injury. Her memory and intellect are intact, but she has lost all interest in, and the ability to perceive, information coming from the left side of space. The left side of her world has gone.”(adapted from Amazon)

Syndetics book coverThe summer without men / Siri Hustvedt.
“Mia Fredricksen cracks up first, then decamps for the summer to the prairie town of her childhood, where she rages, fumes, and bemoans her sorry fate as abandoned spouse. But little by little, she is drawn into the lives of those around her and by the end of the summer without men, wiser though definitely not sadder, Mia knows what she wants to fight for and on whose terms” (adapted from Amazon).

Syndetics book coverBound : a novel / Antonya Nelson.
“Catherine and Oliver, young wife and older entrepreneurial husband, are negotiating their difference in age and a plethora of well-concealed secrets. Oliver, now in his sixties, is a serial adulterer and has just fallen giddily in love yet again. Catherine, seemingly placid and content, has ghosts of a past she scarcely remembers. When Catherine’s long-forgotten high school friend dies and leaves Catherine the guardian of her teenage daughter, that past comes rushing back. As Oliver manages his new love, and Catherine her new charge and darker past, local news reports turn up the volume on a serial killer who has reappeared after years of quiet.” (adapted from Amazon)

Syndetics book coverHygiene and the assassin / Amélie Nothomb ; translated from the French by Alison Anderson.
“This shocking, morbid tale follows Pretextat Tach, a brilliant Nobel Prize-winning author who’s also an obese, embittered, reclusive, racist, and sexist old man dying of a rare form of cancer. When the world learns Tach has only months left to live, journalists scramble for an interview. Five are selected, and the first four leave their interviews humiliated by the offensive author. But then the fifth journalist arrives. Unlike the others, Nina has not only read Tach’s work but also investigated his life, discovering appalling secrets the author had thought were buried forever.”(adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverVestments / John Reimringer.
“Just a few years after his ordination and his first assignment as a parish priest, James Dressler is placed on leave. His housekeeper found some letters from a woman and turned them into the archdiocese. For little more than a kiss, he is relegated to a parish in a backwater burg. He opts instead to live back home with his mother in St. Paul until he can come up with a better game plan. But his gritty hometown has its own temptations.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThose in peril / Wilbur Smith.
“Hector Cross, security chief for Hazel Bannock, owner and CEO of Bannock Oil, battles Somali pirates led by Adam Tipoo Tip and his grandfather, Sheik Mohammed Khan Tipoo Tip, who have kidnapped Cayla Bannock, Hazel’s adored 19-year-old daughter. The Tipoo Tips also plan to capture Hazel and ransom her for several billion dollars as well as torture and murder Cross, with whom they have a longstanding blood feud.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverMore than you can say / Paul Torday.
“It is a bet Richard Gaunt cannot resist,  all he has to do is walk from London to Oxford in under twelve hours. As an ex-soldier he is up to the challenge. But what starts as a harmless bet turns into something altogether different when Richard is taken hostage by a mysterious stranger, Mr Khan, who makes him a highly unusual proposal. What he offers in return could transform Richard’s life.” (adapted from Amazon)