Brand new zines!

We’ve been getting a whole lot of new zines in over the last couple of weeks. These are a few we’ve enjoyed reading over the Easter break. Available in the zine collection now!

Spoonful: A Happiness Companion, edited by Thea spoonful zine

Spoonful is a lovely little zine from Australia. It is a little bit of a lot of things – crafting, good thoughts, inspiration, short stories, objects of affection and tea! – “happiness in a spoonful” as they say. We have issues 1-4 in the zine collection now, issue 4 just hot off the press. See more of what Spoonful is about on their website. (Steph)

King Cat comics and stories, by John Porcellinoking cat zine

I’ve been hearing good things about King-Cat comics for a while now and after reading issue 70 I can say that it’s all true. Issue 70 is filled with many little moments from John’s life that everyone can relate to – visiting the dentist, drinking, a day in the suburbs, remembering high school hijinks etc. I think he must keep a little journal of all the amusing things that happen to him because a lot of the stories are drawn over a year after they happened. Find out more about King Cat comics and stories here. (Steph)

7,000 year of African Art, by Duncan Vahid McNaughtonafrican art zine

A few weeks ago I found a really beautiful book about African art at the library. I realised how little I know about African art. I find myself mainly exposed to a very Western focused approach to art. There are not that many other options really, except for a few old school Art books that explore tribal art from Africa and other exotic destinations. Duncan Vahid McNaughton’s zine celebrates African art in a very distinctive and innovative way: black and white collages. His zine is beautifully assembled; it is indeed a fine piece of art. These collages make me remember how much more I would like to learn about African art and culture in general, and how I would like to incorporate it to my everyday life. Duncan’s zine is truly inspiring as well as visually pleasing. (Carlita)

Extra Curricular, edited by Ellie Smith (Perhaps more of a magazine than a zine? Fine line I’d say, but we’re calling it a zine because we desperately want it in our collection!)extra curricular zine

There is only one thing to say about this gem – L.O.V.E. Oh something more? Well Extra Curricular is a tri-annually published Auckland zine “for and about people getting creative with their spare time”. Does it sound like you? Perhaps? Well once you read Extra Curricular you will be so full of inspiration that you will quite possibly spend the evening looking up pottery classes on the internet or pulling out that old bag of wool and knitting needles hiding behind your yoga mat in the wardrobe. We got issue 5 in the mail last week and it is a beauty with a featurette on ceramics, a visit to a lovely vintage and handmade goods store, an article about mad keen crafters going the distance for thier craft, an interview with the wet hot beauties (a synchronised swimming group) as well as all the usual recipes, fashion and how to projects. Visit the Extra Curricular blog to find out more . (Steph)

Queen Mother Adventures, nos 1 & 2 with bonus Kate Middleton in her own words comic, by David O’Connellqueen mum adventures zine

This is a very topical little comic right now isn’t it? Well I have a fondness for the royal family so these comics by David O’Connell were right up my street as they say. The Queen Mother is depicted as a gin drinking, horse betting, corgi loving sweetie who manages to get herself into some unusual situations –involving the seedy side of Soho, and royal ghosts! As an added bonus you will learn some interesting royal facts too. Very funny and much recommended. (Steph)