A World of Pride and Prejudice

Did a work ever inspire offshoots, sequels, revisionings, reworkings, and movies as much as Pride and Prejudice? I think not, but feel free to correct me. If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice the collection of material below will either delight you or make your toes curl in horror (or both in turns).

The Horror-Mashup Family

This is a big thing. Seth Grahame-Smith shocked the world in 2009 with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, creating a whole new genre of fiction (the Classic/Horror Mashup – complete with searching book club questions). Along with various other classics (Sense and Sensibility and Sea-Monsters, and most recently Romeo and Juliet and Vampires), there’s a growing family of Pride and Prejudice mashups:

Continued stories and sequels (often featuring P & P characters that someone thought deserved more)

You may have done this yourself at some time, briefly, in your head.

Darcy Diarises

  • Mr Darcy’s diary, Maya Slater (large print)
  • Darcy’s diary, Amanda Grange (large print) – Amanda Grange also wrote Mr Knightley’s Diary and Edmund Bertram’s Diary.

Placing P&P in an updated, mostly chick-lit context

Two mysteries

Graphic Novel!

On the screen, big and small

Why? Why? Some literary criticism