Put the kettle on: coffee and tea drinking traditions from around the world

putthekettleonLearn about different traditions and share your own!

  • Experience Gongfu Cha – Chinese tea ceremony at Johnsonville library: Wednesday 23 March (11am)
  • High tea – English tea tradition at Kilbirnie library: Thursday 24 March (10.15am)
  • Masala tea – Indian tea tradition at Karori Library: Thursday 24 March (7pm) and Tawa Library: Thursday 31 March, (7pm)
  • Fair Trade¬†coffee growers’ traditions at Newtown library: Friday 1 April (6pm)
  • Oromia – Ethiopian coffee ceremony at Cummings Park (Ngaio) Library: Tuesday 5 April (11am)

Further details can be found on the Wellington City Libraries’ event calendar


A big thank you to the Dutch coffee group for letting us eavesdrop on their recent session talking about their memories and customs. Check out this videoclip!

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