Welcoming Christchurch library patrons

Have you relocated from Christchurch to Wellington? Are you keen to continue your use of libraries? From today, Christchurch City Libraries card holders are eligible for temporary Wellington City Libraries cards for up to 6 months membership.

We are also collecting library books that need to be relocated back to Christchurch, so if you have any items with you that you need to return to a Christchurch City Libraries branch, you’re welcome to bring these into any Wellington City Libraries branch and we will ensure that they’re returned to Christchurch City Libraries when the library is ready to receive them.

If you have Wellington City Libraries items in Christchurch, please contact either Nicky on 801 4055 or Elizabeth on 801 4058 for advice.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Christchurch library patrons”

  1. Thank you for your information regarding repatriation of Christchurch library books. What is the procedure for the reverse circumstance, namely Wellington library books that were in Christchurch but due to circumstances may no longer be retrievable?

  2. Thanks for your question, Ben. I have updated the blog post above with information for borrowers who have WCL items in Christchurch.

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