Masterchef cookbooks to check out!

Who hasn’t been watching some version of Masterchef over the last year?!  I just wanted to let the fans know about some of the Masterchef cookbooks we have in our collection.

Syndetics book coverMexican food made simple / Thomasina Miers ; photography by Tara Fisher.
Masterchef actually began on British TV  in the nineties and many contestants have gone on to work in the food industry.  One former winner is Thomasina Miers, who became a chef, opened a restaurant and wrote this cookbook – and if you like Mexican food you’ll really enjoy this book!  While you may have to hunt about to find some of the ingredients, the wonderful recipes and flavours make it worth the effort.  It also explains all the ins and outs of Mexican food and cooking so you’ll learn how to put an authentic Mexican meal together.

Syndetics book coverComfort food / [Greg Mehigan] ; food photography by Dean Cambray.
My favourite Masterchef TV show is the Australian version.  This book is from one of their judges, Gary Mehigan – one of Australia’s top chefs and restaurateurs.  In this book he covers all his favourite home-cooking recipes, but with fancy, chefy twists.  There’s wonderful photography too!
We also have the first Australian Masterchef winner Julie Goodwin’s book.  (Adam, the second series winner, is expected to publish a book in May – I’m keeping my eye out for it).

Syndetics book coverMasterChef New Zealand : the cookbook : volume one / FremantleMedia.
And of course, we have the book from the New Zealand Masterchef which screened last year.  All the contestants, and the judges, have contributed recipes and so far this book’s been quite popular.

I have to admit though, that my favourite competitive cooking show is Top Chef.  So for all those other Top Chef fans out there – you haven’t missed out!  The library has this show covered too!