Troubled by your baby’s taste in music?

Rockabye Baby U2If you are a proud parent of a baby you may be becoming all too familiar with the wonderful world of music for babies and other small people, and it may be driving you a bit mad.

Never fear! While your baby is still at the captive audience stage, and before he or she starts expressing musical preferences (The Wiggles, again and again and again), you can treat them to lullaby renditions of your favourite rock bands, thanks to the Rockabye Baby! CDs in the children’s CD collection.

Are you into classic rock and metal? There’s Pink Floyd, Metallica, AC/DC, U2 or Queen, for example (yes, there’s a lullaby version of ‘We will rock you’).

If you’re a punk or alternative purist you may shudder to hear there’s also The Pixies and The Ramones (‘I wanna be sedated’), and for people who like things a bit more current there’s also Coldplay or Radiohead (no surprises).

These are all one week issue, and free on a child’s card.

Wellington City Libraries has a large collection of lullaby (and other music) CDs for children. Have a look the next time you’re in the library, or have a look on the catalogue here for a selection.