What you can do online on our website: find and reserve magazines

Below is a presentation on how you can find and reserve magazines, on our website, with the new version of our online catalogue:

Presentation Transcript

  • Would you like to search and reserve magazines? Click on “Catalogue Search”.
  • Click on “Search Catalogue”.
  • You can search for magazines just like books – try a Title browse, Keyword or Title keyword search.
  • You can restrict a Keyword search to magazines using the format term ‘qmagazine’, e.g. ‘gardening qmagazine’. It will bring up all of our gardening magazines and none of the books.
  • To find a particular magazine, select the type of search you’re interested in in the drop-down menu. Type in the title/ keyword. Click on “Search” .
  • Click on the title of the magazine you were looking for (highlighted in blue)
  • Click on the +/- icon to expand or collapse the lists and check availability. If you want to reserve a magazine, click on the “Place a reserve” next to the issue you’re interested in.
  • Type in your library card number in the first box. Type in your last/ family name in the second box. Click “Enter” .
  • Click on the library of your choice to highlight where you want to pick up your magazine. Check the “Holiday reserve” box and select a date if you don’t want your reserve active immediately. Click on “Place a Reserve” when your choice is made.
  • Click on “View my account” to check on you reserve and/ or delete it.
  • Click on “Reserves” to check on your reserves.
  • “ Cancel checked reserves” is currently unavailable for magazines. Please talk to a librarian or email us at: enquiries [at] wcl.govt.nz to get your reserve cancelled should you wish to .