What’s new at Central Library?

qratcentralIf you’re passing the front window you’ll see a display which advertises our new catalogue.  But this one is a little different – it uses a QR code to enable you to easily visit the site on your (web-enabled) phone. But what exactly are QR codes?

Well – they are small black and white squares (like a crossword without the clues) which you photograph with your cellphone. Your phone cleverly translates it into an URL and takes you to a webpage. Here’s how you do it:

1. Make sure your cellphone is able to even do it! Look at this list or even just Google your phone’s brand and ‘QR code’.
2. Find some compatible software to download to your cellphone. Not all software will work on all phones. Again, check sites like this one.
3. Install the software according to your phone’s instructions
4. Start the application, take a photo of a QR code, and be amazed.

Charges may apply. See your cellular phone provider for more details!

Where else can you find QR codes?  At the moment at WCL you can see them in the Teens area at Central Library, but you might also find them in books or magazines in Wellington, on advertising flyers, or even on the street. Want to explore them more? You can even  make your own QR code.