Libraries closed over Labour Weekend

You will need to get your weekend reading, listening and viewing sorted a little earlier at the end of October, as our libraries’ software system is due to be upgraded over the long weekend.

The closure is essential to the software upgrade running smoothly, says   Jane Hill, Libraries Manager.  “We realise this will be an inconvenience for some people who like to visit our libraries over a long weekend. However, we urge you to go along a week or two beforehand to take out any items you need for that time”.

Johnsonville, Newtown and Central libraries will close at 7pm on Friday 22 October, while other libraries will close at their regular Friday hours of 5.30 or 6pm.  Libraries will reopen again as normal on Tuesday 26 October. Online access to the catalogues, databases, downloadable audiobooks and customer library accounts will be unavailable while libraries are closed. However, customers will still be able to access all other parts of the library website, including this blog.  For people wanting to return items over the break, library after-hours return slots will be open.

Jane says libraries have taken into account items that would have been due to be returned over Labour Weekend : “we’ve reconfigured our system to make sure that these items will automatically become due for return on the Tuesday following Labour Weekend. This way – no one will be charged overdue fines because of the closure. Also anything already overdue won’t incur extra fines while we are closed. ”

More information on the upgrade will be posted on this blog and elsewhere on the library website closer to the long weekend.

3 thoughts on “Libraries closed over Labour Weekend”

  1. Good luck with your change over. The library I work at is doing a system upgrade the weekend before – fingers crossed we both have smooth sailing 🙂

  2. I’m glad the library was mindful of down times for its major changes for the least likely disruption (except for the poor installers) to people’s schedules. Thanks.

  3. Good luck with the upgrade and I hope all Staff who do have a long weekend have a great time. You, your efforts and the service you provide help make our lives fuller.

    Very best Regards,

    Rick Stephen

    (long time user)

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