Leadership Week 2010 is underway!

We have many books and resources at Wellington City Libraries that can inspire and inform you about all aspects of leadership.  Here are just a few that we’re highlighting for Leadership Week:

Blake : Leader; Leadership lessons from a great New Zealander by Mark Orams
Sir Peter Blake was one of New Zealand’s great leaders. But what was it about his leadership style that was so special? What made him inspire such respect and admiration, and how did he become so successful at assembling, managing and leading winning teams? Mark Orams examines Blake’s inspirational leadership stlye, combining his own experiences with wider observations, giving unique insights on a great leader.

Running with the rhinos by Christian D. Warrant
Based on the premise that there is a leader within everyone and using the rhino as an unlikely guide to leadership principles – symbolizing the vision, understanding, communication, power, endurance, conviction, support, heart, and, most important, balance that those desiring to be leaders must integrate into their lives.

Shackleton’s way by Margot Morrell & Stephanie Capparell
Leadership lessons from the great Antartic explorer, set against the thrilling survival story of the Endurance expedition.

Leadership jazz by Max DePree
Looks at the connection of voice (as the expression of one’s beliefs) and touch (demonstrating competence and resolve) as keys to good leadership.

Creating magic: 10 common sense leadership strategies from a life at Disney by Lee Cockerell
Ten practical, common sense strategies that can help all of us become outstanding leaders.

Winston Churchill, CEO; 25 lessons for bold business leaders by Axelrod, A
Shows how Winston Churchill’s leadership style can teach valuable lessons to help today’s leaders in facing formidable challenges and exciting opportunities.

The 7 secrets of leadership success by Deborah Tom & Major General Richard Barrons
A toolkit based on the modern military’s secrets to leadership, organisational development and strategy.

Getting a grip on leadership : how to learn leadership without making all the mistakes yourself! by Robyn Pearce and LaVonn Steiner
A practical leadership guide for business owners, managers and employees, volunteer and community leaders, teachers and students, and aspiring leaders