Wellington City Libraries’ visit to Zealandia – Part 1

As part of our Summer in Wellington series, Wellington City Libraries have been visiting Zealandia – the Karori Sanctuary. This the first video of four, taking place outside the Visitor Centre, in the bag check area.


Want to know more? Check out these titles:

  1. Invaders, by Nic Vallance & Rod Morris (about pests in New Zealand)
  2. Know Your New Zealand…Birds, by Lynette Moon (Reference only)
  3. Know your New Zealand…Insects & Spiders, by John Early
  4. Know your New Zealand…Native Plants, by Lawrie Metcalf
  5. Know your New Zealand Trees, by Lawrie Metcalf
  6. The Chatham Islands: heritage and conservation
  7. Little Barrier island: New Zealand Foremost wildlife sanctuary
  8. Living like Ed, by Ed Begley, Jr. (dealing with sustainable living)
  9. Wasted: save your planet, save your cash
  10. Green Greener Greenest (dealing with being ‘green’ around the house)