Mata Ora – Celebrating Maori Celestial Navigation

With Hekenukumai (Hector) Busby, Jack Thatcher and Hoturoa Barclay Kerr

Celebrating celestial navigation, the event Mata Ora highlights and pays tribute to the courageous deep sea voyaging explorations of Maori using the sun, moon and stars as they sought new lands.

Today there is a revival of oceanic navigation by the stars underway throughout the Pacific ocean and you can join leading star navigators Hector Busby, Jack Thatcher and Hoturoa Barclay Kerr for a special evening sharing their knowledge and firsthand experience of Maori celestial navigation.  Hear their stories of blue sea navigation using the ancient waka hourua (twin hull sailing vessels) as they traverse the history of Maori seeking out new lands that resulted in the discovery of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Ngā kanohi o te rangi – the eyes of the sky.

Thursday 26 November, 7-8pm  –  Central Library (65 Victoria Street)

All welcome and free – just come along on the night.

To find out more about Mata Ora check out the four day event Mata Ora – The Living Knowledge from 25-28 November, organised by the Society of Maori Astronomy, Research and Tourism.  Mata Ora 2009 is proudly supported by UNESCO.

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    could you please attach our website and also acknowledge our organization: The Society for Maori Astronomy Research & Tourism Trust when advertising our guest speakers and Mata Ora event. Thank you.

    Toa Waaka
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