Don’t knit up your brows.

Amazon link.Are you new to knitting? The Chicks with sticks guide to knittingby Nancy Queen and Mary-Ellen O’Connell is aimed at the novice knitter. Inside you’ll find 30 simple patterns combined with step-by-step instructions so even a first timer can finish a project in a few hours. Impress your friends with your new skills!

Finding knitting patterns in larger sizes can be difficult. Sharon Bant has filled this gap with her book Knitting goes large. Have a browse and discover 20 patterns that will suit all occasions and all seasons.

Kay Connors’ and Karen Earlywine’s collection of nine authentic 1930’s patterns are made using reproduction fabrics. Their beautifully presented book, Link to the 30’s, will show you how to create an heirloom to be passed onto future generations.

See something that catches your eye? Have a browse through theses titles and more across topics that include vintage knitwear, handmade books, crochet and canvas work via this month’s Craft Recent Picks.