Science Fantasy writer David Eddings dies

Science Fantasy writer David Eddings has died aged 77. Born in Spokane, Washington State in 1931 he studied Middle English at University. After a short time in the army he spent a period working on missile development. His first novel, a contemporary adventure titled High hunt, was published in 1973. He changed to science fantasy after seeing the continual reprintings of Lord of the Rings, then in its 73rd reprint. He became one of the most popular writers of his chosen genre, with each new book reaching the top ten best seller lists. Nearly all his work was in series form, which allowed a deeper character and story line development. These series began with the Belgariad series, with the first book, Pawn of Phrophecy published in 1982. This series was followed by the Malloreon, the Elenium, the Tamuli and the Dreamers series. The Younger Gods was his last novel in the Dreamers series published in 2006. The only stand alone science fantasy novel by David Eddings was The Redemption of Athalus published in 2000.

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  1. David Eddings, I will miss dearly! I read the elenium, Belgariad and the tamuli! He inspired me to write, and I wanted to meet him….I will miss his writing, was he going to try writing Western? Or….was the Dreamers the last – which I also read and enjoyed extremely-massively!
    I will miss you, but will soon join you in 60 or so years…may you be the best fantasy writer ever!

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