Message from Joris de Bres

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Earth People project, the reports and photos are fabulous! I only managed to get to two events – Newtown and Pataka – but have enjoyed reading about all the others. Now that this has spread to all┬áthe libraries in Wellington, Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti, Hastings and Waitakere, here’s hoping it will go totally national next year. Something to talk about at the librarians forum at the NZ diversity forum in August this year. We’re also hoping that libraries in the Wellington region will be able to showcase some of their multicultural services or have a community multicultural event on the weekend of the forum 22-23 August, and we’re hoping for similar involvement from councils and museums and galleries, so that the region can go abuzz with diversity…

Thanks again to everyone

Joris de Bres

Race Relations Commissioner