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What is RSS?

What is RSS?

RSS, or 'Really Simple Syndication', is a way of streamlining the process of accessing content online. Rather than having to check your favourite websites all the time for updates, with RSS the content comes directly to you - all you have to do is subscribe to a site's RSS feed in a feedreader.

Wellington City Libraries provide RSS feeds for our frequently updated information. This includes blog posts, events, and new books, DVDs, CDs and more.

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You can log in with your library card details to view a tutorial from our Lynda.com database:

Finding and subscribing to RSS feeds

How do I use RSS?

You'll need a tool called a feed reader (also called 'news aggregator'). Feed readers collect and collate all the information from your RSS feeds and present it to you in a readable format, in one place.

They also offer easy methods of adding feeds, so you can manage your content.

An example of a popular online feed reader, is Feedly

Feedly - a feed reader

Our favourite feeds

RSS feeds can be addictive! To get you started, here are just a few New Zealand-oriented feeds. Try them out and see what you think:

  • Radio New Zealand
    Receive news updates from Radio New Zealand or choose to subscribe to podcasts of Radio NZ programmes.
  • New Zealand Herald
    Choose to subscribe to news items about entertainment, sport, politics, world news, health, environment, business, etc. from the NZ Herald website.
  • Stuff.co.nz
    Stuff.co.nz offer a number of feeds on different aspects of the news - the top stories RSS link is at the bottom of every page.
  • Wellington City Council
    Get updates from Wellington City Council. Choose to subscribe to feeds of 'Your views', 'Latest news', 'Open consultations', or 'Current ePetitions'.
  • Te Papa
    Te Papa offer RSS feeds for their blog and podcasts. Scroll down their homepage and look for the RSS icon.

Book search RSS feeds

Did you know that you can create RSS feeds for your library catalogue searches? This is great for keeping up to date with all the new books we buy on topics that interest you.

Our Easyfind catalogue, offers this functionality.

RSS iconLook for this icon in the top right hand corner of your search results, click on it, and choose your preferred option for subscribing to your feed.

Easyfind Catalogue

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