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  • The Eighth Note: Ras Judah & Culture Embassy Band
  •                     ‘The Eighth Note’ is 8 quick Questions with Wellington Musicians. A chance for us to catch up with people & see what they’re up to, or introduce you to a new musician/band and their music. Up next is Ras Judah who is the head of […]

  • The Eighth Note: Elliot Vaughan
  •                     ‘The Eighth Note’ is 8 quick Questions with Wellington Musicians. A chance for us to catch up with people & see what they’re up to, or introduce you to a new musician/band and their music. Today we interview performer and composer Elliot Vaughan.   Who […]

  • The Eighth Note: Owlet Nightjar
  •                   ‘The Eighth Note’ is 8 quick Questions with Wellington Musicians. A chance for us to catch up with people & see what they’re up to, or introduce you to a new musician/band and their music. Today’s guest is Tim Key, guitarist for Newtown Rocksteady, who has […]

  • New Album: Del Thomas
  •                     ‘New Album’ is where a band or artist answers some questions about their latest release. Up next is Del Thomas, who has just released his 3rd album ‘Changes Coming’. When/where was the new album recorded? It was recorded during May-Aug this year at my home […]

  • The Eighth Note: George Young
  •                   ‘The Eighth Note’ is 8 quick Questions with Wellington Musicians. A chance for us to catch up with people & see what they’re up to, or introduce you to a new musician/band and their music. Today’s guest is Electronic Soul singer George Young, who has just […]

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  • American French Fries

    ‘Escape to this’ is a collaboration between Christchurch, New Zealand (now Vancouver) indie pop duo The Response and Wellington (now Auckland) based instrumental math rock outfit American French Fries. The EP is an experiment in merging of styles and personalities and the result is pure aural delight.

    Cover image

    Text/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • 31 Days in Wellington

    Cover image

    Title: 31 days in Wellington : the album.
    Publisher: [The artists], [2016].

    Zoe Elliott and Tim Vaughan-Sanders are the couple that have created 31 Days In, where they spend 31 days in one location on 31-day months – painting a new artwork each day. Last year they spent August in Barcelona, October in Western Australia and March in Wellington – Tim’s home town. The Wellington project was extended to include 31 tracks from local bands and musicians, who submitted a track which gets paired to their art for that day to raise funds for food rescue organisation Kaibosh.

    Red is for the Cuba / Andrew Laking — Sojourn / Glass Vaults — Who they say you are / A Girl Named Mo — Magic cocaine / Maple Syrup — An additive identity / Shuedet — Cannibal Jack / Wellington Sea Shanty Society — Warrior / Israel Starr — Sweet kisses/Silver flowers / Fraser Ross — Together forever / The Polly Johnson Set — Eighties game in a nineties arcade / Jet Jaguar — There’s a devil creeping up on me / Finn Johansson — The drop / Chris Tse — Jack of no trades / Daniel McClelland — Chase me too / Chambres — Dance / yosh.

    Seashells / Echo Beach — Battered old ship / LOST BiRD — A blow upon a bruise / Étienne de Silhouette — Ocelot / Cosimo — Los caminos de la vida / Carlos Navae — Uranus / Terror of the Deep — Universe / Kat McKenzie — Shine / Towers — Overland / Rosy Tin Teacaddy — Dead man walking / Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band — Sun set strip / Full Moon Fiasco — Lean / French for Rabbits — When you find that love / Timothy Blackman — Binge drinking & DH Lawrence / Lake South (feat. Nadia Reid) — Desert of the real / Electric Wire Hustle — Coastline / The Andy Gibson Project.

    From B-Side Stories, a blog that celebrates the unsung heroes, rebels and enthusiasts who shape the fabric and flavour of Wellington.

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  • A sound Like No Other

    A sound like no other.
    The Society for the Promotion of a Fantastic Way of Life, 2014
    Milky Joe: Compiler, mixer.

    Intro: Hold that action Katya — Ballah Playah Gnar – See ya dad, see ya mum — All Seeing Hand – Lying dead, with a bar of soap — Interlude #1: A completely new musical language — Orchestra of Spheres – Eternal C of darkness — The Blueness – Lady blue — Nick Guy – Hill — i.ryoko – Future window II — Interlude #2: In your wildest dreams — Jet Jaguar – One of the perks of the position — Orchestra of Spheres – Fingerweg — Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs – Is there logic in pop? — Interlude #3: There is no manual for this kind of job — The All Seeing Hand – Xioa ma — Interlude #4: A fish shaped machine was floating to the ground — The Golden Awesome – Blue — Terror of the Deep – Model train village — Montano – Undertones (High Harbour’s acacia mix) — Mr. Sterile Assembly – Stella — Orchestra of Spheres – VASBM (Milky Joe’s long slow immersive mix) — John White – Ashes grey.

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  • A. J. Crawshaw











    As a well-established Kapiti based writer and singer, A.J. Crawshaw has spent years recording music for a collection of other artists, as well as capturing his own complex sound through live performances and talented lyrical creations. Recognised for his distinct style of writing, which is fused with flavours of acoustic folk and heavy alternative rock routes, AJ layers his work with multiple instruments and vocals. AJ’s songs are set with themes that are always honest, often brutal, but always expressing an element of hope, recording many of the components of the songs himself, then arranging them with an aim of an almost orchestral musical style. AJ also works closely with his live band to best capture the acoustic rocky undertones in his tracks.

    AJ is also an integral part of the Kapiti music scene. He created and curates an ongoing series of showcases for locals artists called The Local Scene. Each gig features a lineup of 8 of the best original music acts on the Kapiti Coast, starting with acoustic acts then into the full bands later in the night. Hugely popular, tickets usually sell out – a reflection of the myriad of diverse talent just up the Coast from Wellington.

    The Long Road
    First Single. Semifinalist selection for the International Song Writing Competition. Semifinalist Selection for the Unsigned only Song Writing Competition 2013







    Phoenix Burning 2015
    An Ep about Losing and Winning and restoring hope.








    In light and shadow 2017
    In Light and Shadow is an collection of songs about the beauty that can be found in both the darkest and lightest parts of our lives and how we need to accept life as it comes. The songs were recorded on real instruments in AJ’s studio, creating an earthy acoustic vibe. Featuring: Aidan Corlett on drums and percussion Tamsyn Corlett singing on “Love the Changes” Charles Davenport playing cello on “Better Day” Kapiti Chamber Choir singing on “Ever” Megan McCarthy singing on “Always” Mastered by Geoff Duncan.

  • A.U.R.A

    A.U.R.A is Albert Williams (Albert Mikolaj), an acoustic/folk singer-songwriter. His sister records under the name Vera Ellen.

    2018 new Single G.I Wonder from the upcoming album ‘Secret Intelligent Light’

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.


    Wellington musician Abid Rahman, aka ABRZY, released his first album in 2011, before putting his music on hold while finishing his university degree. In 2016 he released a range of new singles and videos, including “Summer Up” and “Dear Lord”. He has opened for artists including Kid Ink, Tinie Tempah, Lil Yachty and Bliss n Eso.

    ABRZY’s motivation for music comes not only from his childhood in Bangladesh but also the difficulties he has experienced as an immigrant in New Zealand. He has described how “the hunger I saw in artists and the grind is something I could really relate to for life. Hip-hop was the only medium that fully helped me vent my emotions.”

  • Adore: 1996

    ‘Adore, 1996’ is the moniker of Daniel Johann Lines, who has also released music under his own name as well as the name ‘Salvia Palth’. Following his past nine self-recorded albums, ranging from more acoustic inspired sounds to drone, & ambient sounds, ‘Adore, 1996’ moves in directions that incoparate shoe-gaze, electronica & Hip-Hop. After a series of singles debut album ‘World Anti​-​God Freedom X’ was presented as ‘a collection of hip-hop symphonies that shamelessly embody the post-millennial generation; self-indulgent, cold, whimsical – and most importantly, completely obsessed with the past…’

    Cover image

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Ainslie Allen

  • Al Fraser

    Under the wings of Richard Nunns, Brian Flintoff and Hirini Melbourne, Alistair Fraser began playing and crafting taonga pūoro 17 years ago. His facility with Taonga Pūoro has enabled him to play with a diverse group of artists & collaborations (The Woolshed Sessions). A recent project involved taoka pūoro that reside in the collection of Okain’s Bay Māori and Colonial Museum, Banks Peninsula.

    Cover image

    Alistair talks to RNZs Wallace Chapman about the Okains Bay project…

    Recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate and breathe life into the ancient instruments collected in Aotearoa by European explorers, which have been lying dormant in museums in the United Kingdom. He joined RNZ in the studio armed with an arsenal of taonga, and a looping pedal, to play a live session, and talk a bit more about his project.

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Alan Downes

    Alan Downes is a singer and writer of original New Zealand songs. He spent 50 years living and farming inland from Napier and now he is having a look at city life in Wellington, trying to retrain his hands to play a guitar and writing a swarm of stories he is calling songs. With memory being a fickle thing, he has recorded his songs as a CD so he can remember how they go.

    Nick Bollinger reviews the unreconstructed Kiwi country of Alan Downes’ ‘The Best’ for ‘The Sampler’….

    Nick Bollinger reviews local vernacular balladry from Alan Downes’ ‘Moving On’..(Begins at 10 minutes 30…)

    Cover image

    Cover image

    Text/Covers sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Alan Hughes

  • Alex Holden

    Alex Holden is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist living in Wellington New Zealand. He is a rock musician but likes to draw inspiration from various musical elements while retaining a Rock & Roll style.

    ‘Songs from the Carpark’ is the first studio album by Alex Holden and draws together various elements of rock to create a diverse piece of music. Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Nunnery and Bannister Ave Productions Wellington, Apollo Music Studio, and Eden Records Auckland NZ between October 2015 and March 2016.


  • Alex Staines










    Alex Staines with Guests is a performance art collaboration between poet Alex Staines and guest composers, musicians and artists. Staines’ most recent album, Time of the Archons, was released in July 2017, and has been described as “transgressive/dystopian themed poetry with piano and electronics.” Composer Brad Jenkins sees the work as suggestive of landscape: “‘Motes’ is the surface of Mars – dense, depopulated. Other tracks feel located in a subterranean vault.”

    Staines’ previous album, Seclusion Data, is also a volume of poetry, following on from Warning: Poems and The Slow Road to Gore. Guests on Seclusion Data include Steve Wolf, Guy MacGibbon, Brad Jenkins, Colin Kaldenbach and Aaron Frater.

    New Face for Wellington PoetsNewswire, April 12, 2011

    Staines developed his ‘energetic’ performance style in the eighties, based on his love for all things punk. His first published volume, a double act with fellow poet Mike Eager, was described by Tony Beyer in the Evening Post as “aspiring to and achieving some almost ecstatic moments of bad taste”.

    The Slow Road to Gore – a Travelogue NoirSalient, March 15, 2004

    Eager and Staines met in 1988 at the founding of the group Poetrycorp, a sort of attack-dog perfomance poetry troupe. Other Poetrycorp personnel included Apirana Taylor, the late Andrew Kovacevich, the late Simon Williamson, Fa’afetai Ta’ase, Nikolien Van Wijk and Paul Dagarin. Poetrycorp toured widely, and attained what these days would be called a “cult following”.

    Staines’ video short, The Voice of Foxton, screened at Antimatter Underground Film Festival in Canada in 2002, as well as film festivals locally.

  • Alexa Casino

    Instrumental bedroom chillwave pop…Releases so far include the EP ‘e-songs’ & the album ‘No Words’, both 2015..

    Cover image

  • Ammp

  • Andrew London Trio

    The Andrew London Trio play an eclectic range of original songs and covers in a variety of styles ranging from 1930s swing to cool ’60s ‘latin lounge’.

    Songwriter/satirist Andrew London, well-known for his involvement in popular trio ‘Hot Club Sandwich’ and Kapiti country rockers ‘The Cattlestops’, explores middle-class obsessions and taboos in songs about rugby fans, television evangelists, weddings, male insecurities, technophobia, youth culture, household appliances, pretentious socialites, coffee, parenthood, and various other issues of concern to the average Kiwi.

    Woodwind exponent and songwriter Nils Olsen contributes with jazz-influenced saxophone, clarinet and flute, and more introspective original songs that provide a contrast to London’s characteristic levity. Olsen’s past projects include albums with C.L Bob, one of which was awarded a Tui award for jazz album of the year and various contributions to ‘Hot Club Sandwich’ albums.

    The trio is completed by bassist Kirsten London, also active with Kapiti-based quartet Henpicked, who have released several albums of original material, and featured at music festivals throughout NZ.

    From RNZs ‘NZ Live’ Andrew London, performs with duo Legal Tender, aka Ian Campbell and Moira Howard, before a 2012 tour as ‘The Tails of Tennessee’…

    Cover image









    Bent Horseshoe Cafe was an iconic Kiwi music venue nestled in the foothills of New Zealand’s central North Island Tararua mountain range. Seating a maximum of around 60 people, audiences were encouraged to be respectful and attentive as they were treated to intimate shows by mostly acoustic musicians from all around the World. Jazz, blues, country, folk and similar genres were represented. This album was culled from a two hour show performed by The Andrew London Trio in late 2013.

    Cover image

    Cover image






    Covers/Text sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Andy Gartrell









    A regular on the streets of Wellington with his acoustic, looping pedal, Andy Gartrell adds his own flare to a variety of pop songs. His debut EP Get Back Up was released in April 2017, reaching 1000 plays on Spotify not long after.

  • Anxiety Club

    Anxiety ClubCROP

    Anxiety Club is an alternative rock/country/grunge band who describe their music as a pinball rumble between Ryan Adams and The Smashing Pumpkins. Members include drummer Chris Hill, guitarist Cam ‘Dusty’ Burnell, bass player Matt Coplon and singer Kevvy Fitz.

    Anxiety Club released a live EP in September 2016 and played their debut gig in February 2017.

    Anxiety Club live!

    We are live and in full technicolour this Friday 17th Feb at MOON 1! Also starring Frank Burkitt and Secret Life of Plants!

    Posted by Anxiety Club on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

  • April Fish

    Avant garde, proto-punk anarchist musical duo from Wellington. Katie Morton handles the vocals & various keyboards, with John Costa the head of ‘guitariness’…
    They both also play in the The Klaus Vermillion Quartet.

    Cover image

    Text/Cover used with permission.

  • Arcades

  • Ariana Tikao

    NZ’s folk-world Maori songstress with three acclaimed albums, ‘Whaea’, ‘Tuia’ & ‘From Dust to Light’.

    Ariana is a unique performer and composer of heartfelt music in both Te Reo Māori and English. She draws on folk and pop styles with a strong emphasis on Māori chant. Although now living in Wellington, her music in inspired and influenced by her Māori ancestry and the dramatic landscape of Te Waipounamu – The South Island of New Zealand…

    Cover image










    ‘Ko te tatai whetu’ is a concerto for Taonga Puoro and orchestra by composer Phil Brownlee, the result of a collaboration with Ariana…



    A 2013 Music 101 interview with Ariana on taking inspiration from the writing of her tupuna, and her recent sojourn in France.


    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp.
    Profile courtesy of
    Concerto for Taonga Puoro courtesy of RNZ. Interview courtesy of RNZ.
    Used with permission.

  • Athuzela Brown

    Now defunct ‘dream-folk’ duo consisted of twins Haz & Charlotte Forrester. Haz now records under the moniker ‘A Hum of Voices’ while Charlotte records under the name ‘Womb’…

    Cover image

    RNZs Shaun D Wilson speaks to the Forresters about growing, and making music, together and apart.

    CALMING DEITIES & SACRED SPACES, 2012 – an exhibition of art and sound by Georgette Brown, Thomas Lambert, Charlotte Forrester, Haz Forrester , i.ryoko & Phobe Pachter. Video by Lucy McCallum.

  • Aureate

    Lo-fi, experimental, synth side-project from sound composer Jason Wright…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Ayn Randy

    Ayn Randy are a “dynamic and driving” punk band whose debut, self-titled album was released in August 2017. Their music has been compared to L7, Devo and The Wipers, as well as recent Wellington bands such as Unsanitary Napkin.

    Band members Liz, Tanya, Bonnie and Kitt have described their music as a mixture of sarcasm, silliness and an examination of the sexualisation of wealth. Music producer/reviewer Craig Hayes also noted this, highlighting Ayn Randy’s combination of political consciousness and sense of fun.

    Ayn RandySix Noises, August 8, 2017

    Ayn Randy performed at NOW 2017, as well as Onslaught 12 in August 2016.


    UTP catches up with Wellington 4-piece punk band AYN RANDY during a practice sesh ahead of their August 5, 2017 tape release.

    Posted by Up The Punks on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

  • BAB85

    World influenced sample/beats. References everything from Phillip Glass’ ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ to Dutch synth-rock…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Bakers Eddy

    Young rock group from South Karori who, in their own words, ‘…subscribe to Dave Grohl’s philosophy, that bands are made by practising in the drummers garage, not discovered on some TV show…’.

    Cover image

    Formed in 2009 high school years at Onslow College. Inspired by the sounds of 90s/early 2000s rock, Ciarann Babbington (guitar/vocals), Jamie Gordon (drums/backing vocals), and twin brothers Ian and Alex Spagnolo (bass/backing vocals, guitar/backing vocals) practiced together relentlessly and soon made an impact in the local scene, winning 1st place in the Wellington Youth Battle of the Bands in 2013, and 3rd Place National Battle of the Bands 2014. In that time, they’ve performed extensively around New Zealand alongside the likes of Curlys Jewels, ‘Gentleman Callers’, ‘Setting Fire to Stacey’, ‘Armed In Advance’ and ‘The Black Trio’, winning themselves fans from Auckland to Dunedin along the way, recorded with respected London music producer Asa Bennett, and work-shopped songs with the legendary Dave Dobbyn at Wanaka’s Yami Sounz Summit. Online, Bakers Eddy’s infectious single ‘Something Outside’ has racked up over 16,000 plays on SoundCloud.

    After coming 3rd in the 2014 Battle of the Bands competition the band was reluctant to compete again, until they saw that a 10 date tour of Europe was the top prize. The 2015 event was the 20th anniversary of the competition, and also the biggest national final in its history with 44 bands competing. Where did they come?





    The band also won recording time at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios, a global radio promotion campaign that will see their music delivered to 250,000 radio stations, and a received a mixing desk.






    Cover sourced from Amplifier. Text sourced from Bakers Eddy. ‘Battle Of The Bands’ winners sourced from Rip It Up, No. 375, August 2015. ‘Plastic Wasteland’ review sourced from Rip It Up, No. 376, September 2015. Used with permission.

  • Balkanistas

    Balkanistas is an exuberant group of 20+ Wellington musicians putting their own twisted spin on Eastern European Balkan music…

    Winners of the People’s Choice award to play at WOMAD 2014, Balkanistas have delighted and enchanted audiences everywhere with infectious dance rhythms, and an irresistible blend of gypsy sounds. Formed in 2013, and comprising 20 plus members, the Balkanistas’ impressive lineup features accordions, violins, clarinets, brass, percussion, bass, vocals and bouzouki. Balkanistas have featured at the Newtown and Aro Festivals, the Weta Digital Christmas extravaganza, have a regular monthly spot at the iconic Meow, as well as other venues throughout the city. An encounter with the Balkanistas guarantees you a good time, as many of our loyal followers will attest!

    With an energetic mix of overlapping musical origins including brass band, gypsy virtuoso and traditional themes, material can reappear as ska and disco interpretations or just plain flat out dance! With strident and rhythmic brass, dashing accordions and wailing melodies on voice and violin, this new Wellington group are ready to blow out the winter chills…


    Nick Butcher, Arts Correspondent at RNZ caught up with Andreas Lepper, percussionist and leader of the band just before they were to play at WOMAD. Andreas & some other band members explained why the Balkanistas are so numerous, and how they came to be…

    Cover image









    RNZ’s, Lynda Chanwai-Earle, attends the Balkanistas rehearsals in June and met some of the key players in the band…
    The Balkanistas – Songs from the heart – from ‘New Zealand Society, Wednesday 3 June 2015’…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Photo courtesy of Balkanistas. Used with permission.

  • Ballah Playah Gnar

    Ballah Playah Gnar is the new duo project of Wellington dwellers Reece McNaughten (of Big Flip The Massive and West Coast Bullies) and William Sklenars. Both former jazz school students and out-of-towners (McNaughton is from Napier and Sklenars is from Taranaki) the two originally connected over half a decade ago.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Profile courtesy of Reece McNaughten.

  • Band Sensations

    Band Sensations are an experimental art sound glitterbang band who perform live approximately once a year. Band members Amos Mann, Sian Torrington and Creek Waddington describe their music as “diverse mini-atmospheres with ecologies of sound, action and words.”

    Improvisation plays an important role in Band Sensations’ music, with notation used only as a starting point during performances. Sian Torrington has contrasted this with her early musical experiences, including several years of compulsory piano.

    Richard Haynes, Waka Atea, Band SensationsSound Explorers, September 11, 2014

    Creek Waddington also samples Band Sensations as part of their solo work, currently available on SoundCloud. Band Sensations’ latest production, ‘Free Range Harriet’, was recorded live at Pyramid Club and released in March 2017.

  • Barnaby Weir

  • Batrider

  • Battle-Ska Galactica

    It’s all about the Ska…

    Formed in 2009, Battle-Ska Galactica is on a mission to bring the joys of high energy, good-time ska music to the people of Aotearoa. Comprised of some of Wellington’s finest musicians Battle-Ska Galactica blend old-school Jamaican style ska with UK rude boy ska, rock, reggae funk and blues to create a new ska sound, one that could only have come from New Zealand. With their debut album “Everybody’s got an opinion” released in 2012, Battle-Ska Galactica have stamped their mark on the NZ Ska scene. The Album presents the band at their raw best, with big hooks, catchy choruses, blazing solos a range of firmly held opinions, all underpinned by an infectious ska groove.

    Cover image









    BATTLE-SKA GALACTICA preforming at Wellington Music venue & bar The Rogue & Vagabond last night in the city. Saturday 30th July 2016…

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Beach Boy

    Finn O’Brien – aka Beach Boy – is a Wellington rapper whose work has been described as the “epitome of uniqueness” and “intriguingly beautiful”. Over the past three years O’Brien has released a range of music, including his EP Beach Boy Songs and the recent singles ‘Kickin it Today’ and ‘Clink-Clink’.

    Meet the Charismatic and Alcoholically Inclined Beach Boyi-D, August 3, 2015

    O’Brien is also known for his music videos and production, working with artists including Hunter Goodman, Bugs and Joe Larson. In July 2017 he played in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin as part of Scuse Me Tour II.

  • Beastwars

    Cover image










    Wellington sludge metal four-piece Beastwars abide by one steadfast maxim: Obey the Riff. Described as “a mongrel mix of Kyuss, Neurosis, and the mighty Godflesh…” (NZ Herald) and playing “heavy tunes for heavy times” (ALARM), the Wellington-based sonic soothsayers utilize the chaos that engulfs our world as ammunition for their defiant howls into the abyss.

    When drummer Nathan Hickey met guitarist Clayton Anderson they dreamed of forming a band that melded their two biggest musical influences, Kyuss and The Cult. Soon after Hickey and Anderson formed a three-piece instrumental band with bassist James Woods. At their first show singer Matt Hyde was there, evidently singing along in the crowd. Soon he was in the band…After 5 years of gigging & building a solid fan base their dreams finally came to fruition with the release of their 2011 self-titled album, which went on to receive glowing reviews, and invited musical comparisons to Soundgarden, Mastodon, and Unsane, amongst others.

    Meet Beastwars – Stuff, May 13, 2011

    Cover image


    The album also gained recognition for Nick Keller’s cover design, winning the 2011 New Zealand Music Award for Best Album Artwork or Packaging. The band received a nomination for best New Zealand Rock Album at the same ceremony, but ultimately lost out to Ignite. The album was also shortlisted for the 2012 Taite Music Prize.

    The album ‘Blood Becomes Fire’ followed in 2013, to plenty of rapturous reviews, both locally & overseas.

    Cover image









    Matt Hyde and Nathan Hickey tell us why we should ‘obey the riff’, on their new album Blood Becomes Fire.

    Anatomy Of A Song: Beastwars ‘The Sleeper’

    Trevor Reekie reviewing Beast Wars second album Blood Becomes Fire for The Sampler on RNZ National, May 2013.

    Live at Auckland’s Kings Arms, Auckland on 22 November 2013…

    Third album The Death of All Things arrived in 2016, along with the announcement that the band was going on an indefinite hiatus.

    Beastwars on hiatus after NZ tour – NZ Herald online Apr. 26, 2016

    Music 101’s Zac Arnold caught up with Nathan ‘Nato’ Hickey and Matthew Hyde to find out how much truth is in a name…

    Beastwars/Ceasefire? – NZ Musician Magazine, April/May, 2016

    Verse Chorus Verse: Beastwars
    Beastwars drummer Nathan Hickey on the title track from the band’s triumphant new album – The Wireless

  • Bella Kalolo

  • Bhakti Shakti

    Some funky electronic R&B/dance to meditate to..

    Kirtan, as revealed by the ancient yoga texts of India, is the easiest yet most sublime form of meditation in this age of conflict and mass distraction. This process was first introduced 500 years ago by Shri Caitanya, the original “kirtan yogi” and divine incarnation of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Pleasure. He predicted that His blissful process of self-realization would be introduced in every town and village in the world, and this prophecy was later fulfilled by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder-acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

    Bhakti Shakti would like to dedicate this album to Srila Prabhupada, who sacrificed everything so we could “chant and be happy.” All proceeds from this album go to Bhakti Lounge – The Heart of Yoga, our non-profit community yoga centre in Wellington, New Zealand – please give from the heart and enjoy.

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Big Flip The Massive

    Solo project of Reece McNaughten (West Coast Bullies/Will & Reece). Insulting
    drum/laptop chaos.

    Cover image

    A series of music video postcards set to music from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project. In 2015 The Renegade Peach Project ventured on a 3 month journey that began in Cambodia and wrapped in San Francisco. As we roamed, we captured hints of the streets, people, wildlife, food, and spirit of each locale before uniting our visuals with the submitted tracks. Each artist was asked to provide a time of day for us to film and a keyword or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. Big Flip The Massive’s key words included “erratic/glitchy/grimey/dirty/chaot­ic/frantic” and we mainly filmed on location in abandoned buildings, an abandoned US spy base and an deserted swimming pool to try to capture those elements. We filmed both during the day and the evening, and played with the speed of the clips to conjure an unsettling feeling in the viewer.

    Test courtesy of Reece McNaughten. Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Bill Hickman

    Bill Hickman has been making music in Wellington for over a decade and in 2010 released his debut EP ‘Ghost Of Smoke’. Self-described as “folkie with a chip on his shoulder”, Hickman’s alt-country songs with attitude move from heartrending to badass with ease, utilising warm, smoke-infused vocals and soulful acoustic guitar.

    Hickman has opened for renown country artist Gillian Welch at all three of her sold-out shows in Wellington and was a member of ‘The Shot Band’, ‘The Hobnail Boots’ and covers mainstays ‘King Lazy’, having formerly fronted high energy rock bands like ‘Fat Mannequin’ and ‘Speedo’.

  • Bird/Bones

    Bird/Bones, is the solo project of writer, producer, guitarist, & vocalist Simon Lind. He describes his first album ‘Never Learnt to Swim’ as the following:

    Recorded in the space of an hour and a half with no budget whatsoever. The songs range from some of my very oldest music (the waters, siren song), to stuff that I wrote about half an hour before recording and just kind of tossed some chords in as I recorded (pretty much everything else), to a cover of Natasha Khan’s absolutely gorgeous Seal Jubilee. This is a sad little acoustic dream folk album about love, loss, and near-death experiences, to name just a few things. It’s also one of the few times that I’ve made something that I’m kinda proud of…

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Black Spider Stomp

    Black Spider Stomp are a five piece from Wellington, New Zealand specialising in traditional Gypsy Swing Jazz original compositions in the style of Django Reinhardt and early swing jazz classics.

    The talents of these five virtuosic musicians are combined to create a wealth of highly polished original repertoire featuring blazingly swift swing, deep sultry ballads, old-world waltzes and foot-stomping shuffles. They also play vibrant re-imaginings of classic jazz by Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhardt and many others. Constantly evolving and releasing new material, Black Spider Stomp are definitely one of the most exciting gypsy jazz entities to come out of New Zealand.

    Cover image

    Cee-lo Stomp by Black Spider Stomp from the album Gypsy Fever, an album which showcases the rich East European/Balkan/klezmer music scene in New Zealand and Australia.

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp & Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Blood Knight

    Formed early in 2015 ‘Blood Knight’ quickly released their debut demo in February. Three songs in length, it’s a short pummelling of Black/thrash metal….

    Cover image

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Borderline

  • Brockaflower

    Cover image









    Brockaflowersaurus-Rex & The Blueberry Biscuits, or known by their fans as Brockaflower, are a monster nine piece contemporary Neo-Soul, Experimental, Hip- Hop collective that traverses through soundscapes, hard hitting hip-hop grooves and soulful vocals.

    Inspired by the beats of J Dilla, the funk of Sly and the Family Stone, the soul of D’angelo and hip hop of The Roots the Wellington based band was formed in 2009 by members Pat Stewart – MPC / Synth operator and bassist, guitarist Ashton Sellars and drummer Thomas Friggens. Steamy jam sessions culminated in the additions of a three piece horn section, Lorenzo Pradel – Alto Sax / MC, Blair Clarke – Tenor Sax / Flute and Gareth Thompson-Darling –Trombone, and a killer line up of emerging soul vocalists, Estere Dalton, Zoe Moon Mahal and Louis Baker.

    Regularly playing to heaving sell out audiences in Wellington, Brockaflower sold out 2 tours to Auckland in 2012, played a New Years slot at La De Da and had the largest ever turnout of over 3000 strong at Wellingtons Botanic Gardens in 2013. Featured in the ‘Who’s Next’ section in ‘Rip It Up’ magazine following an underground release of their self-titled live EP released in May 2012 the band were tipped as ones to watch.

    Brockaflower released their 11 track debut studio album ‘Build It’ in 2013 followed by a tour around New Zealand including playing Rippon and Splore festivals. “The album will capture the high energy of the party that happens live on stage at every performance” says Friggens, prior to release.

    Following ‘Build It’ Brockaflower released the single ‘Conversations’ in 2015, which was recorded at the Bluebarn in Wellington. April 2016 saw single the premiere of single ‘Where are you from?’ followed by a ‘Single release/Farewell’ gig at the San Fran as the band went on a hiatus. A new album though has already been recorded and will follow soon …

    Cover image_










    by Martyn Pepperell

    Brockaflowersaurus-Rex & The Blueberry Biscuits
    On the surface, a band named Brockaflowersaurus-Rex & The Blueberry Biscuits sounds like it would be a very silly band; perhaps even a novelty act. However, when witnessed performing live on stage, regularly to full houses, this Wellington-based, nine piece contemporary soul collective’s name aptly expresses the scale of their ambitions. Early in June, I met up with eight of the band members in central Wellington. A mixed bunch, sporting dreadlocks, afros and beards aplenty, it’s hard to not compare them to Fat Freddy’s Drop, especially in light of a band configuration which includes a horn section, an MPC drum machine and several richly voiced singers of both the male and female persuasions. That’s probably an unfair, somewhat reductionist reference point though. Thinking back to their beginnings as a three-piece, drummer Thomas Friggins reflects. “It started in a flat that used to be a halfway house, and still kind of was,” he laughs. “We’d practice in a big cold basement with a really horrible PA, an awesome stage and bottles all over the floor, left from parties years gone by.” At that stage just jamming with MPC/synth operator and bassist Pat Stewart and guitarist Ashton Sellars, as time went on, they expanded their ranks. Drawing from their social circle and stints at Jazz school, they brought in a horn section (Lorenzo Pradel, Blair Clarke and Gareth Thompson-Darling). Alongside this came a trinity of soul vocalists, Estere Dalton, Zoe Moon Mahal and Louis Baker. Dividing themselves into departments (horns, vocals, rhythm section), they initially created their music from sprawling jam sessions driven by the phrase, “Let it build”. Slowly paring the songs down to their core essentials, between performances to packed houses around Wellington and a three-song live EP, they’ve built themselves a solid local following. By the time you read this, Brockaflower will have made their Auckland debut and spent two weeks in Wellington’s Blue Barn Studios, recording a new EP. Thomas chuckles, “We’d like to make some stuff that is a bit more radio friendly. Maybe.” From there, there is talk of a move to Germany and plans to hit the summer festival circuit. Regardless, with nine people on stage, it’s always going to be fun. “Even without a crowd we always have a party,” says Louis.

    Profile courtesy of Amplifier. ‘Who’s Next’ from Rip It Up, No. 348 Aug.-Sept. 2012. Used with permission.

  • BrownHill

    Cool reggae band from Lower Hutt…

    After individually harnessing their musical abilities through strict church upbringings, BrownHill released their self-titled EP in 2011 and found an immediate audience with reggae fans all over the world.

    The support continued to flourish when BrownHill performed with reggae sensations JBoog, Spawnbreezie, Katchafire, Three Houses Down, 1814, George ‘Fiji’ Veikoso and stole the show at the Pasifika Festival.

    Debut album ‘First Love’ was released in 2013…

    Cover Image

  • Bryn van Vliet











    Bryn van Vliet is a multi-instrumentalist who is based in Wellington. Appearing primarily on the Saxophone, Bryn also performs on the Flute, Clarinet, Guitar and Vocals in Wellington and across New Zealand. His interests span across most genres as his associated acts include but are not limited to: Tunes of I, Rodger Fox Big Band, Chocolate Thunder, Clube do Choro. Bryn not only performs with these acts, he is also an avid composer and songwriter, providing original material and arrangements for these groups and his solo ventures.
    His debut EP was released in August 2019.

    RNZ Nights, Sofa Session – Bryn van Vliet, August 2019

  • Bulletbelt

    Cover image

    Bulletbelt has been striking fear into New Zealand audiences since 2009. The Wellington based band crafts tunes that draw from black metal’s vicious realms, with cutthroat and meteoric traditional metal, torrents of thrash, and biting second-wave punk all added in to sharpen the razor. Accordingly, fans of Bulletbelt range from patchvested veterans to kvlt aficionados and gutter punks, and the reason the band holds that crossover crowd transfixed is simple: Bulletbelt adheres to metal’s fundamentals, and its unbridled enthusiasm for the genre’s essential aesthetic strengths is obvious. Bulletbelt is aggressive and impassioned, and in 2012 all of that was captured on its ferocious debut full-length, ‘Down in the Cold of the Grave’. Recorded at STL Audio, on the studio’s vintage SSL 4000G console, and featuring the artwork of award winning NZ artist Nick Keller, ‘Down in the Cold of the Grave’ featured seven tracks of battering aural punishment and drew strong reviews at home and abroad.

    Cover image

    In 2014, Bulletbelt returned with its highly anticipated new album, ‘Rise of the Banshee’. The release is one of the most triumphant metal albums ever released from New Zealand’s shores. It features a more intricate, expansive and savage sound from Bulletbelt, and includes the band’s first recordings with powerful new vocalist Jolene Tempest. Tempest joins a crew of New Zealand metal stalwarts, including whirlwind bassist Tim Mekalick; guitarists Ryan O’Leary (exBackyard Burial) and Ross ‘Rots’ Mallon (Pervertor); and former Karnage and Demonic drummer, and current sticksman for ‘Red Dawn’, Steve ‘Cleaver’ Francis.

    On ‘Rise of the Banshee’, the band holds back none of its myriad influences. Along with the wickedly baleful vocals of Tempest, the album features the punked up thrash attack of “Deathgasm”, blackhearted anthems like “Murderer’s Collar” and “Minnie Dean”, and a blitzkrieg cover of “Sniper” (originally performed by NZ metal legend The Nod). Rise of the Banshee also features classic metal cover art courtesy of cult New York illustrator Scarecrowoven. Bulletbelt has toured Australia and New Zealand and played numerous support slots with visiting international acts, including Sepultura, Psycroptic, The Black Dahlia Murder, Impiety, Bolzer, Tragedy, Rotten Sound, Midnight, Municipal Waste, Ringworm, Paul Dianno, and Primate.

    Bulletbelt is:
    Steve ‘Cleaver’ Francis – Drums
    Ross ‘Rots’ Mallon – Guitar
    Tim Mekalick – Bass
    Evan Short – Guitars
    Jolene Tempest – Vocals

    “Bulletbelt rejoice in metal of all forms, and pour their adoration carefully into their own sparkling concoction of black, thrash and trad metal.”
    – Ave Noctum

    “Bulletbelt create acidic and biting tunes that never go out of style; digging into what makes metal so intrinsically visceral to this day. The band is a reminder of the deep-rooted joy to be found in forthright and bloodthirsty underground metal that cuts straight to the heart.”
    – Metal Bandcamp

    “Bulletbelt make breakneck bitter tunes… think Norway’s Craft and Aura Noir at the tail end of an evening’s drinking and knife fighting.”
    – PopMatters

    2013 RNZ interview with the band on their debut album & their place in the local metal scene…














    Music 101 interview with new vocalist Joelene Tempest, Ross and Steve on Bulletbelt version 2.0…

    Cover sourced Bandcamp. Promo material courtesy of Bulletbelt. Interviews courtesy of RNZ. Used with permission.

  • Bunnies On Ponies

    SamuelScott2‘Bunnies On Ponies’ are a band formerly known as ‘Samuel Flynn Scott & The B.O.P’ or just Samuel Flynn Scott… but really it’s…

    Samuel Flynn Scott (songwriter, vocals, guitars, keys) – Samuel has spent most of his recording career working with his band ‘The Phoenix Foundation’. He has also performed/recorded with ‘Fly My Pretties’, ‘Flash Harry’, and ‘The Boomshack’ as well as recording music for numerous film, tv, dance and theatre projects.

    Craig Terris (drums, vocals) – Craig has been involved in a number of much loved bands including ‘Cassette’, ‘Hell Is Other People’ and ‘Bacon Foot’. His 2012 solo debut album was ‘Bleat your heart out’.

    Tom Callwood (bass, vocals) – Tom has played bass with many different jazz and blues outfits. He is a renowned improviser on the double bass but spends most of his time locking down big grooves of ‘Little Bushman’.

    Cover image









    RNZ interview from 2014, where Samuel Flynn Scott talks about reviving ‘Bunnies on Ponies’ and promo’s the first single ‘Castle Van Halen’..

    Music 101 interview with Sam Scott & BOP at the Surgery Studio. He talks about how the time spent listening to 90s grunge after a back injury led him to write & record the new BOP album over the course of a week…

    Grant Smithies reviews ‘Bunnies On Ponies’ on ‘Nine To Noon’…

    Photo/Profile courtesy of Loop Records.

    RNZ interviews used with permission.

  • Cell Block 4

    Spacey, alternative, experimental Electronica…

  • Chambres

    ‘Chambres’ are an electronica/synth-pop duo consisting of Wellingtonian Lucy McCarthny (vocals) and Milan born/Auckland based producer Gregorio, who records under the moniker Hunter Constellation.

    Their debut 8 track EP ‘Neon Noon’ is fun Shoegazy pop. Gregorio cites M83, Neon Indian and Phantogram as influences. Featured on LOOPs 2nd mixtape, the band are current working on a second EP, which is coming out on LOOP.

    Cover image

    New EP ‘Rings’ released on Loop, Nov. 2015.

    Cover image









    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp/Loop. Used with permission.

  • Chi/dren

    ‘Chi/dren’ is the moniker used by Morgan Utting for his experimental, instrumental, post-rock…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission…

  • Choirboy

  • Chris Armour Quartet

    The Chris Armour Quartet is the musical project of Wellington musician, performer and teacher Chris Armour. Armour has been teaching and playing professionally since 2010, honing his skills not only through gigging at bars, clubs and restaurants but also via New Zealand bluesman Darren Watson and jazz guitarist Leigh Jackson.

    Armour has gone on to perform with a wide range of local artists, including Vincent Vega Trio, Wayne Mason and Dave Murphy, and has played at the Nelson Jazz Fest, Wellington Jazz Fest, Cuba Dupa and the Summer Gardens Magic series. His “nuanced and dynamic song-focussed approach” has made him one of the most in-demand musicians in Wellington.

    Tele-Porter by Chris ArmourThe Sampler, August 22, 2017

    In August 2017 the Chris Armour Quartet (consisting of Armour as well as drummer Richard Te One and bassist Steve Moodie) released Tele-Porter, an album with its genesis in a stolen guitar:

    In late 2013, Chris had his prized Telecaster stolen after a night of gigging. News of his misfortune made it all the way to Boston, Massachusetts and soon after Chris received an impossibly generous gift from an acclaimed blues musician; a guitar with an uncanny likeness to his stolen Telecaster, emblazoned with the custom decal ‘Tele-Porter’.

    Tele-Porter has been described as an album that shows the “fine variations a good guitarist can make, even within a restricted palette; from the biting tones of the title track to the hummier, jazzier sound he uses for the tune he calls ‘One For T1’.” Armour’s next album will have a more experimental approach, aiming to create evocative, emotional soundscapes.

  • Chris Hurn

  • Christ Boy










    Christ Boy is a Wellington-based musician/songwriter. He describes his music as “doom folk from the southern pit – the fires of Lumsden – spinning airy citadels out of our innards like Keats.”

    In June 2016 Christ Boy released his debut album Abundance, and recently played at San Fran as part of “Eyegum Wednesdays”.

  • Churlington










    Churlington are a four-piece punk/post-punk/hardcore-punk band based in Wellington and Fielding. Original band members Daniel Brown and James Cartwright met in the collective Horsefight, where they played in several different bands and line-ups.

    Churlington have gone on to release five EPs since September 2015, as well as a split EP with fellow Wellingtonians Starving Millions. Their latest album, The Andy Anderson EP, was released on May 5th, 2017.

    Fresh Talent: Churlington – NZ Musician (April/May 2016)

    Live performances have also been a focus for Churlington, modelling themselves on bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan. Brown describes this as creating an atmosphere that feels “a little unsafe, as if anything could happen.”

    Churlington EP Review – (September 22nd, 2016)

  • City Oh Sigh

    Cover image









    ‘City Oh Sigh’ are a quartet of trained musicians that carefully craft soulful songs, capturing audiences with their softness and beauty. The band combines unique instrumentation with subtle elements of folk and minimalist pop to emerge with a sound that is both difficult to categorise yet warmly familiar.

    Fresh Talent: City Oh Sigh – NZ Musician, June/July, 2011 (Vol:16, No:4)

    As a relative newcomer to the Wellington music scene, City Oh Sigh had already had a number of successful shows under its belt, including support slots for sonic explorers The Books and K Records Mirah. Lead singer, songwriter and cellist Kate started writing her own songs after a stint playing with several bands (Ladybird, Blackbelles) across NZ, Australia, America and Europe. On returning to NZ, Kate teamed up with old friends, Sarah (rhodes) and Catherine (guitar, vocals, trumpet) and started writing songs with themes of love and loss, friendship and loneliness.

    ‘City Oh Sigh’ released their first EP, ‘Like A Light’ in 2011, with debut album ‘Fragments Fine’ arriving in 2014. ‘City Oh Sigh’ are part of the Home Alone Music collective.
    “Together they sculpt drum-free compositions riddled with closely intertwined melodies and emotional warmth” – Rip It Up Magazine.

    RNZ’s Emma Smith catches up with Sarah, cellist Kate Uhe and guitarist Catherine Hanahin – From RNZ National Music, 2011

    City Oh Sigh – All Tied Up In A Bunch – NZ Musician, February/March 2014 (Vol:18, No:2

    Live in session at RNZ, 2012

    ‘Sometimes’ official video

    Nick Bollinger on ‘Fragments Fine’…

    Hinterland by City Oh Sigh, live at St. Peters Hall, Paekakariki, July 2012

    Some text courtesy of Amplifier. Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Coco Favre

    Coco Favre was born and raised in Switzerland into a very musical family. Multi-talented, she started off as a dancer at the age of 9 and became lead singer of her first band by the age of 13. She performed as a singer/hip hop dancer in many countries, including Europe, Mexico and North Africa.

    Coco has worked as a session singer in Geneva, Switzerland and New Zealand and danced at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York and taught American Jazz Dance to young students in Lower Hutt and is currently a vocal tutor, under the wing of acclaimed singer David Feehan.

    Coco has been in numerous bands all over the world, including The Frosted Penguins, Deborah, Clave Latina and The David Feehan Band and hot 6-piece local covers band Mocha Choco Latte. Multi-linguistic, Coco not only speaks French, Spanish, German and English but she also sings in those languages.

    Cover image









    Introducing… Coco Favre Review – NZ Musician, June/July 2015.

    Coco released a new single in 2016 ‘Heart of an Angel’. Available from CD Baby.

    Cover image

    Heart of an Angel’ is my first original song, written by my beautiful daughter Kira who was only 10 years old at the time. She was too shy to sing it herself so she played it on the guitar humming the melody to me. I loved it instantly and could hear that this was going to be an amazing song. Kira and I worked on re-writing the original lyrics and structure and my husband Andy played guitar on the recording, along with Tony Strong from Soundfarm who produced the song. It was such an amazing journey…’


    Cover/Text used with permission of Coco Favre.

  • Concrete Mellow

    Electronica side-project from sound composer Jason Wright…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Connan Mockasin

  • Corbin

    Corbin is a University student who makes electro-pop/indie-pop music for fun. ‘Drive’ his second free EP, serves to compile all the songs he has casually worked on for the last year. With a gear upgrade, he has another EP coming soon…

    Cover image

    Text/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Cosmonauts

    This Wellington trio are a World mash up of Russian folk, 19th century Balkan pop, and Italian chanson. A tasty fusion of folk songs, ballads & a homage to their Grandmother’s Borsch…

    Cover image

    Text/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Cotton Daisy Backstep










    Cotton Daisy Backstep are an old-time string band. They describe their music as “murder ballads, lonesome laments, farm humour, and tub thumping dance tunes” in the spirit of Appalachian fiddlers such as Lester McCumber.

    Current band members include Helena Triplett Faust (banjo/fiddle/vocals), Naomi Middleton (guitar/vocals) and Ruby Solly (bass). Past members and collaborators include Nick Bollinger, Eddy Abraham, Sylvia Carlyle and Liz Merton.

    Cotton Daisy Backstep formed in 2014 after Faust and Middleton played together during the ‘Up the Mountain’ tour supporting Andy Fitzgibbon, a visiting fiddler from West Virginia. They have performed at local venues and square dances around Wellington, playing both traditional and original songs. Mainly Acoustic has described them as evoking “that old 78 bacon-frying sound no book-learning can give.”

  • Craig Elliott

  • Craig Terris


    RNZ interview with Craig, where he talks about moving from the drum kit to centre stage…

  • Crash-Scan

    5 piece post-industrial metal act…

    Cover image

  • D Burmester and The Blind

    D Burmester & The Blind is a local alt-country/bluegrass band with Daniel Burmester on Guitar/Vocals, Graeme Cummack on Bass, & Tom McGrath on Drums. As Daniel tells it…

    If I try to think what D Burmester and the blind are about, this story comes to mind: It was a brisk but sunny morning when we left Wellington city bound for Auckland. Fifteen minutes south of Taihape the car slowed to a crawl and knowing little about what could be wrong, we pulled over to give the old road warrior a rest. The instruments came out and a ten minute break turned into an hour of playing songs with little thought about the smoking vehicle. The car however was beyond the ”quick stop” repair and the next hour was spent driving down the highway at 20kph until we arrived in Taihape.

    We had a chat with a local who gave us a car to continue our drive to the big smoke. The show was amazing, singing, dancing, laughing, drinking, all the things that come with foot stomping country chaos. With a few hours sleep it was time to return the borrowed car and await our rescue (our car would take another week to fix) . After being picked up, one minute south of Taihape, a car pulled in front of us leaving both cars written off. Now we had two wrecked cars in a small town, 230km away from home. Luckily the next rescue mission was successful and our close friends and us made it home with only a few scratches and bruises. It wasn’t so much over coming the obstacles that makes this a story worth telling, it was that everyone agreed it was worth it! This is D Burmester and the Blind…

    In session for RNZs ‘Music 101’…

    Fresh Talent: D Burmester And The Blind – NZ Musician, 2015 (Vol:18, No:9)

    Cover image









    Samuel Scott catches up with Daniel, the ‘D’ of D Burmester and The Blind, to discuss their new album, Alright, Goodnight, how bands are supposed to release music these days, singing American music in a New Zealand accent…

    Cover soured from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Daniel Boobyer

    Wellington based alternative blues artist and songwriter Daniel Boobyer carries an age-old message of love and the frailty of human emotion and friendship in his often introspective sound which he self-described to be akin to that of a 2000-year-old hurricane caught in a blues musical. His latest release is 2014’s ‘Invasive species’ for which he designed the art work himself…

    Cover image










    Crazy Eyes – The Elsewhere review

    Cover image










    Dan’s piece for Graham Reid’s Elsewhere blog on being old school and making a vinyl record…

  • Daniel Johann

    Lo-Fi indie music from Daniel Johann Lines, whose nine self-recorded albums, ranged from acoustic inspired sounds to drone, ambient work, and more before he moved on to release under the name ‘Adore, 1996’.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Dave Lisik

    Canadian composer and trumpeter, Dr. David Lisik teaches jazz composition, arranging and theory at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington.

    Dave’s diverse portfolio of compositions and arrangements includes 350+ works for jazz orchestra, small jazz groups, wind ensemble, orchestra, electro-acoustic combinations, chamber groups, and instrumental and vocal soloists. His Dave Lisik Orchestra featuring Tim Hagans released a debut CD in early 2010 entitled Coming Through Slaughter inspired by the novel of the same name by Canadian author Michael Ondaatje, based on the legend of early jazz cornet player, Buddy Bolden.

    Dave’s music has been performed and/or recorded in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe by outstanding musicians including Tim Hagans, Donny McCaslin, Luis Bonilla, Matt Wilson, Marvin Stamm, Bill Mays, Carl Allen, Kirk Whalum, the Ron Paley Big Band, the Memphis Jazz Orchestra, David Spencer, the Winnipeg Brass Quintet, UNI Faculty Brass Quintet, University of Northern Iowa Jazz Band One, University of Memphis Jazz Orchestra and many university, high school and middle school concert and jazz groups.

    Before moving to New Zealand, Dr. Lisik was Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies at LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee where he created the African Drumming Ensemble (LOCADE) and the LeMoyne-Owen Records label, producing four CDs of student work.

    As a trumpeter, Dave has performed as a member of the Jazz Orchestra of the Delta, Dave Lisik Orchestra, Ron Paley Big Band, Memphis Jazz Orchestra, Memphis King Beez, New Memphis Hepcats Jazz Orchestra, Bill Shepherd Big Band, Powerhouse Rhythm and Blues Band, Nightlife Blues Band, and jazz orchestras at the University of Northern Iowa, University of Memphis, University of Mary, and University of Manitoba. His other freelance trumpet work includes the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra, Bismarck Symphony Orchestra, the Metropolitan Brass Quintet, and many solo performances.

    The Dave Lisik Quintet has released two CDs, Hurricane Ophelia (2008), and Bono In The Temple (2007), and has made many appearances in Memphis (TN), Tunica (MS), Winnipeg (Canada), Waterloo-Cedar Falls (IA), and Bismarck-Mandan (ND) including the Jazz Winnipeg Festival.

    Dave completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Composition with a Jazz Emphasis at the University of Memphis where he directed jazz ensembles, small jazz groups and taught Jazz Pedagogy, Jazz Ensemble Techniques, Jazz Ear Training, and Jazz History.

    From 1998-2003, Dave was Director of Bands at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate in Winnipeg, Canada where his ensembles were awarded 12 Gold ratings at regional music festivals, 2 National Gold Awards and a Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award. The Murdoch MacKay jazz program released 3 CDs: Ty’s First Jordans (2000); Silence (2002); and Close the Lights When You Leave (2003).

    Dave received a Master of Music degree in Jazz Pedagogy from the University of Northern Iowa in 1998 and was a performing member of UNI Jazz Band One which included performances at the Montreux and North Sea Jazz Festivals, two CD releases: Games (1998); and Conversations (1997) garnering two of Dr. Herb Wong’s IAJE Blue Chip Jazz CD Awards and a Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award for College Big Band. Dave also received three outstanding soloist awards at the Elmhurst College Jazz Festival in Chicago, and two MTNA state composition championships.

  • Dean Ward

    Dean has been a singer songwriter since the early 70’s and is based in Waikanae, on the Kapiti coast. His style is easy-listening country. He has been a member of a number of bands – ‘The Mandelz’, ‘The Fabulous Kiwis’, ‘Two Face’, and ‘Fools Gold’. Some of his notable songs are the very first video on TV3 called “Take Control” about over fishing, He is also noted for Sir Edmund Hillary memorial song ‘Hillary 88’. ‘The Kiwis’ are currently a two piece duo doing local clubs and recording new songs every week for a new album..

    Cover image








    The official Memorial song dedicated to Sir Edmund Hillary. The song was composed and performed by ‘The kiwis’ (George Watson & Dean ward). The video was shot in front of the Beehive and features ‘The Kiwis’ and the children from Levin east school….

  • Del Thomas

    Del Thomas is the moniker of Scottish rock n’ roller Deryck Hope who settled in Wellington in the mid-90’s.

    Cover image

    Del Thomas has been playing guitar since he was a young kid, having watched the Beatles, Stones and Kinks on TV. In the early 70’s he was bitten by the singer songwriter bug and his record collection was filled with Cat Stevens, Sutherland Brothers and Richard Thompson albums. Then he heard Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits and Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard album and he discovered the blues. From there, his interest in a wide range of styles expanded, ranging from The Eagles, Poco and Lynyrd Skynyrd to Bonnie Raitt and Ry Cooder but the roots of his interest remained in the blues and folk and alt-country.

    Having played with a few covers bands in Scotland, when he moved to NZ in 1995 one of the first things he did after arriving in Wellington was to start a band which would allow him to develop his playing and song writing skills. Glass Onion was the name of the group and, for a band playing original pop/rock, they were reasonably successful, releasing a 4 track EP in 1997 (which got a fair amount of play on several Wellington radio stations as well as supporting acts such as Collective Soul, The Exponents, Midge Marsden and The Muttonbirds.

    After ‘Glass Onion’ folded, Del spent some time working on more originals which sadly, never saw the light of day – but may do someday, as they remain good songs. In 2002, he put together a blues based covers band with John Barrett, a recent arrival from Adelaide. The Pukekos – with various lineups over the years – played extensively around Wellington and were a pretty good band, even getting a slot on TVNZ’s Good Morning programme in 2005. Then followed a 3 year stint with another covers band, SilverLine, and more recently Del put together Manalishi, a band paying tribute to the blues of early Fleetwood Mac and Peter Green. This band continues to gig occasionally around the blues clubs and summer festivals and always goes down well with any crowd. Once again, Del is playing the music that first inspired him to pick up a guitar.

    Having sent a couple of demos of these songs to Roger Marbeck at Ode Records, he received enough positive feedback from Roger to back up the audience applause whenever he played the songs at gigs to convince him to do some serious recording and get the songs out to the world. So, in February 2013, Del, along with drummer, Mo Phillips, bassist, George Barris and keyboard player, Bob Smith, went into Del’s home studio and laid down the basic live tracks for the songs featured on ‘Driving Home Alone’. Del added a few extra guitar parts and backing vocals before polishing up the mixes. The end result of their efforts can be heard on Del’s debut ‘Driving Home Alone’.

    NZ Musician review of Driving Home Alone.

    Cover image








    ‘Shifting Sands’ followed in 2015. In Del’s word’s: This is my second solo album, featuring a mix of new and old songs that have been rediscovered and reinvented after several years of being forgotten. I’ve also found myself going more back to my roots of country rock and singer/songwriter styles of performing so while some of my blues roots show through on tracks like Jimmie’s Jive, Rocking Horse and It Ain’t Natural, The Best Version of Me and Finnen Haddie are very much in the style of the music I grew up listening to in my teenage years. But there’s still something for those of you who prefer a rockier sound…

    NZ Musician review of Shifting Sands.

    Cover images & Text courtesy of Amplifier & Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Diana Rozz

  • Distant Earth

  • Double Ya D

  • Downer Buzz

    7 tracks of rungus-noise-punk hailing from South Wellington. The debut 12″ from Downer Buzz is out on 12″ vinyl is out now. Contact or download from Bandcamp.

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Dreams of the Dead

    A mix of Alternative-rock & old-school Metal…

  • Duo Alias

    Duo Alias are a live techno/DJ duo comprised of Maxi Boost and Feedback (aka Seb Pepping and Ross Dutton). They released their debut album Learning Curve in 2014, with subsequent tracks appearing on Construct Digital and the industrial label Raven Sigh. Their 2017 album Second Sight was released on the Irish label Variance.

    Duo Alias run the monthly podcast Keep Weird on Fnoob Techno Radio as well as regularly hosting the weekly show Raving or Behaving on Radio Active. In December 2017 they supported UK artist Perc in Christchurch.

    Getting The Lowdown On Duo AliasUnder the Radar, June 23, 2017

  • Eb & Sparrow

    Cover image









    With an edge that harks back to old time jazz and blues singers’ Ebony Lamb of Eb & Sparrow has led her band of talented men on a musical journey that began in 2010. Eb & Sparrow is a genre-defying, five-piece folk band that has been gaining attention across the country from city bars to folk clubs, festivals to house concerts. Lamb has worked tirelessly at her craft with a band that has grown organically around her. Lap-steel, trumpet and electric guitars swirl colourfully above solid and sensitive rhythm playing, moving effortlessly between a country shuffle, a Tex-Mex croon, and a hazy hooning workout. They have supported Rodriguez, Pokey LaFarge, Beth Orton, Wagons, Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams, The Warratahs, Anika Moa, Tami Neilson, and Aldous Harding.

    Ebony Lamb – Song writer, lead vocals, guitar
    Bryn Heveldt – Lapsteel, guitar, vocals
    Nick Brown – Drums, vocals
    Jason Johnson – Bass, guitar, vocals
    Chris Winter – Brass, bass, guitar, vocals

    Fresh Talent: Eb & Sparrow – NZ Musician, June/July, 2013 (Vol:17, No:7)

    Introducing: Eb and Sparrow

    Eb & Sparrow’s debut 2014 album was self-titled, self-released and self-assured. The 10 song collection was built on – but far exceeds – their three preceding EPs as it takes the band’s paradoxically woven nature to new heights. These songs are proudly soaring and grounded, dark and bright, dreamy and direct, country and Spanish, 1850s and 1950s, delicate and propulsive, all the while lamenting and laughing.

    Cover image









    Eb & Sparrow was recorded by award-winning Lyttelton producer and sound genius Ben Edwards (The Eastern, Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams, Doprah, The Tiny Lies, Aldous Harding, The Unfaithful Ways, Luckless) at The Sitting Room studios.

    Eb & Sparrow – Wearing All Those Clothes – NZ Musician, October/November, 2014 (Vol:18, No:6)

    NZ Live, 2014 – Eb & Sparrow

    “In these post-modem times, it’s easy to be suspicious of throwback folk music with vaudeville era aesthetics. Eb & Sparrow suggest not a yearning for an imagined brighter past, but a desire to participate in a simpler, more humanistic way of life.” – Martyn Pepperell, Vanguard Red Magazine.

    Eb & Sparrow



    “EB & SPARROW: SHINING LIGHT – Ebony Lamb on Men, Music & Life – TIM GRUAR
    Continuing their haunting journey into the depths of Americana, folk and sweet gloaming, Wellington based Eb & Sparrow return this month with a new album, Son/ Son. I met up with composer/ singer Ebony Lamb at the appropriately named Home café in the National Library. It’s a place surrounded by heritage, perched on the site of an ancient river that flows directly into the harbour. The connection to nature, the land and to people is very strong here. And so is this new work. The striking, upbeat, cartoon-like cover by Grimoire is a bright juxtaposition to Lamb‘s often-brooding vocals and her bands uniquely understated but very catchy melodies. The album starts with memories of small town New Zealand – ‘Kimbolton‘ – where Lamb’s family chose to spend the Christmas holidays. “It’s the Rhododendron capital of the Country. It‘s really an old lady flower, sort of a reminder of past times, when these little towns used to be destinations. We spent the summer down by the local river, and in hammocks and running on the grass – even sheep in the back garden!” It’s the perfect Kiwi summer – as portrayed through a Vaseline- smeared lens of golden light and happy memories. The last time we talked Lamb told me about her endless car trips back and forth to the Bay of Plenty to visit her sick father. Lamb was raised by her solo Dad and they had a strong connection, which is not only evident when she speaks but in her songs, too. ‘I Want You’ features the ominous lines, ‘I went through my father’s things. He passed away three years ago. He was a huge influence on me, growing up. His music collection and his collection of philosophy books. Such a great wealth.’ The song, she tells me, is more than just about her father, it‘s about the wanting of a man. Strong love, safe love. holding tight, comforting. In a different way, the song ‘Coward Son’ is Lamb’s challenge to love a man for who he is, and for that man to be proud of himself, to be strong. ‘’I‘m saying you don’t have to be frightened. You don’t have to be a soldier. We should accept men for who they are, not change them into something they aren‘t. And that goes for men who are a bit dark, difficult, as well.” Men are prominent in Lamb’s life. Her band features some of the country’s most talented and experienced players. Chris Winter infuses a delicious, soulful, Latin trumpet, like Calexico, into many of the songs – when he’s not playing guitar or bass, that is. He also adds a unique tone, with a melaphone to (the ghostly ‘Liberator’). Jason Johnson, who has a background with the Auckland Boys’ Choir, lends his pipes to many of the harmonies scattered across the new album. Bryn Heveldt’s lap-steel is a reminder that at the heart this has a folk/ Americana feel, and drummer Nick Brown keeps everyone on beat. Also giving voice to the ambience on this record was one prominent player: a vintage 505, time worn Selmer brand amplifier, which “creates guitar warbles and distortions. Making these finely crafted tunes more timeless and slightly ethereal.” Contrasted with Lamb’s haunting vocals, which slide along between Margo Timmins, Cat Power and Gillian Welch, it’s the sound ofa band that’s used a whole year, she tells me, to design their own aural architecture. But also very prominent on this album is producer Brett Stanton (Phoenix Foundation, The Surgery).”I’ve known him for two or three years and he‘s a good bench mark of what is good music.” Lamb tells me that he recently relocated to the small Hawkes Bay beach town of Te Awanga, where the band converged to take over his parents’ house to record Lamb talks fondly about her time there, with the band spread out into different rooms, leads connecting each like an umbilical cord to Stanton’s control desk set up in the master bedroom. “We’d also tried to record on the balcony, before the competing cicadas completely took over the evenings. It’s a beautiful place, in the middle of this tranquil olive grove.” Eb & Sparrow’s last album was made in Lyttelton’s The Sitting Room, home of groups like ‘The Eastern’. While the connections with the Southern music scene are still there, Lamb was determined to make the next record in the North Island. “It was easier to travel to the Bay, not so far to go but also the vibe was different this time. So we made it over three separate sessions. We had less time but I had a very capable and energetic band. So we made all of it, except ‘Little Hands’. I made that with Tom Healy (of Tiny Ruins)’ Lamb tells me the title is an amalgam. A reference to the many males in her life, it’s also a reference to the sun. “It’s about enlightenment. You have to be in the dark, to find the light. The sun is the ultimate light.” The album is a collection of new material and material that has finally found its way ~ like ‘Mother Mary’, which Lamb says is an old song that the band brought back to life. “By adding some violin, we were experimenting. Because we’d not done the song for a while it felt that we could experiment. The song goes from a quiet nothing to a huge building tension.” Other songs were almost inventions of their environment, like ‘Mighty Wind’, which features a recording of a rattling cutlery drawer. Brett’s parents might still be counting the silver after that session. Nonetheless, the final result shows Eb & Sparrow has grown both from the road and from working with each other. They’re about to go on tour – so there’s a chance to see that for yourself.”

    NZ Live, 2015 – Eb and Sparrow before their national tour promoting their new album Sun/Son


    Continuing their journey into the depths of Americana, Wellington outfit Eb and Sparrow continue with Sun/Son – a reference to the many men in Singer Ebony Lamb’s life – father, bandmates, lovers – and to enlightenment, to
    coming out of the darkness. It’s a solid collection of alt-country: holidays in the Rhododendron Capital (‘Kimbolton’), tumble- weed loneliness (‘I Want You’), challenges to masculinity (‘Coward Son’), meandering contemplations (‘A Mighty Wind’) and the occasional deep-dive wig-out (‘Mother Mary’). The striking, upbeat cover by Grimoire is a bright juxtaposition to Lamb’s brooding vocals and her band’s understated, often achingly soulful playing, authenticated by a vintage Selmer amplifier which slightly distorts these finely crafted tunes, making an album that-sits well on the turntable and even better amongst the straw on a bar room floor. TIM GRUAR


    Profile courtesy of Homealone. Covers used with permission. ‘Eb & Sparrow: Shining Light’ from Rip It Up, No. 377, Oct. 2015, ‘Sun/Son’ review from Rip It Up, No. 376 Sept. 2015. Used with permission.

  • Eggs

  • Electric Wire Hustle
















    Developing their own sound and twist on modern hip hop, psychedelic and soul Electric Wire Hustle’s unique sound challenges genre boundaries and preconceptions. The music of New Zealand’s EWH reaches forward while referencing key points of music’s past. Thick drums and percussion layered with synth lines, hints of the Fender Rhodes and nylon stringed guitars have your neck snapping while your ear cranes to the evocative vocals of Mara TK.

    Cover image


    Since forming in 2007 EWH have experienced an outstanding response to their music. Their strong live show has seen them perform all over the world and at notable events such as the UK’s Glastonbury, The Big Chill and Barcelona’s Sonar festival. In 2010 EWH were noted as the “CMJ Highlight” by The Revivalist / Okayplayer after their performance at the New York festival as part of their debut U.S. tour.



    Electric Wire Hustle: Hustling up an MPC – NZ Musician, Oct/Nov, 2009 (Vol:15, No:3)

    RNZs Sam Wicks speaks to Electric Wire Hustle about their own forays into futuristic psychedelic soul.

    Their debut self titled album released internationally on BBE Records and Every Waking Hour in New Zealand has received love from many of the world’s top DJs and selectors including; BBC Radio 1 DJs Benji B who selected the track ‘Chaser’ as a top track of 2009 and Gilles Peterson who selected the track ‘They Don’t Want’ as a top track of 2009 and featured it as the opening track on his infamous Brownswood Compilation – Bubblers 5.

    Cover image










    On Foreign Soil: Electric Wire Hustle – NZ Musician, Oct/Nov, 2010 (Vol:15, No:9)

    Electric Wire Hustle at Rhythm and Vines, 2011.

    Electric Wire Hustle talk about making music with their biggest fans – their parents. Mara TK who’s the son of Billy TK, and father and son percussionists Myele and Sam Manzanza, talk about their family concert that will premiere at the Nelson Arts Festival, 2012

    With their debut self-titled album Electric Wire Hustle achieving cult status: a number one song on Hype Machine, five-star reviews from the likes of Okayplayer, and BBC Radio support from Gilles Peterson and Benji B secured them unwavering support internationally; their heavily anticipated second album, Love Can Prevail, saw release in 2014, and the stellar reviews continued, along with a nomination for the Taite Music Prize. The Aeons EP was released in 2015…

    Music review with Nick Atkinson – Featuring Electric Wire Hustle and Mara TK.

    Electric Wire Hustle – Love Can Prevail, Director’s Cut.
    Mara TK and Dave Wright join in the RNZ studio to talk through a tasting plate of cuts from their sophomore release.

    Cover image










    Following the release of ‘Love Can Prevail’, the band’s nucleus Mara TK and Dave Wright talk to Sam Wicks about their evolving lineup and sound.

    The Mixtape – Electric Wire Hustle
    From Music 101’s Mix tape season, Electric Wire Hustle’s David ‘Taay Ninh’ Wright and Mara TK share the songs that inspire and influence them.

    Cover image










    From ‘The Sampler’ on 01 Sep 2015: Aeons by Electric Wire Hustle – Melody Thomas assesses the new EP from soultronica duo Electric Wire Hustle

    Mara TK and Taay Ninh in session for Music 101, performing two cuts from Aeons.

    Cover image










    Anatomy of a Song – Electric Wire Hustle’s Golden Ladder

    2016 saw the release of third album ‘The 11th Sky’ on LP, CD and digital via New York label Bastard Jazz Recordings (World) and Loop Recordings (New Zealand). Expanding on their psychedelic-soul sound, ‘The 11th Sky’ continues the surreal storytelling of last years Aeons EP, which also featured Kimbra and Deva Mahal on vocals. The brand new album is described as “David Lynch meets Motown” by frontman and producer Mara TK, and indeed, a sense of the otherworldly is present here within EWH’s layered electronic production and Mara’s soaring vocals. Tracks like “Go Slow” walk into the genre-fog amongst drum machines and synthesizers. Meanwhile “I Light A Candle” with it’s piano, chopped vocal samples, towering strings and 808s strikes right at the heart of soul music.

    Cover image










    Verse Chorus Verse: Electric Wire Hustle
    Track-by-track: Electric Wire Hustle dissect their new album The 11th Sky – The Wireless

    Nick Bollinger traces the latest steps in the sonic and spiritual journey of Wellington’s Electric Wire Hustle.

    Electric Wire Hustle: Ready For The 11th Sky – The 13th Floor

    Text/Covers courtesy of Amplifier, Bandcamp & Loop Records. Photos courtesy of Loop. Used with permission.

  • Emma Davey

    EmmaMaking her first recording at 2yrs old Emma hasn’t stopped singing since and has enjoyed performing for over 18 years in bands, choirs, musicals, public and at private functions. Emma has been performing and working with David Feehan since 1997 when she was invited to join the David Feehan band, performing at the Tauranga Jazz Festival and Martinborough Wine and Food Festival for a number of years.

    Emma performed at the 91ZM Carols by Candlelight in 2000, 2001, 2002 in Wellington and Whangarei. In 2000, Emma performed at the Coca Cola Christmas in the Park which was televised nationwide. Emma was also a founding member of the trio ‘Disco Divas’. The group performed together for 9 years at corporate and private functions throughout New Zealand.

    She now also sings with the Balkanistas, a Wellington based Balkan big band and counts preforming at WOMAD (2014) and WOW (2014) as highlights, and finds time to sing backing vocals with the Julie Lamb band. When not performing Emma is coaching vocals privately, and at Whitireia Polytechnic.

    Cover image

    Emma fronts up to Graham Reid’s famous Elsewhere Questionnaire here

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp & Emma Davey. Used with permission.

  • Emptyman

  • Entrails

    Hardcore band from Wellington on the ‘Negative Collective’ label…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Estère

    Estère is a girl with an MPC she likes to call Lola. She produces her songs with Lola, mostly at home in her pyjamas. Estère plays/records a mixture of bass, synth, drums, vocal harmonies, keyboard, whistles, kazoo, desk tapping and anything else that might take her fancy then layers her production with pulsating rhythms and evocative melodies that adhere to the genre of Electric Blue Witch Hop.

    Estère with the song ‘Cruel Charlie’ from RNZs ‘Introducing’…

    Since obtaining Lola in March 2012, Estère has played a large variety of live performances in cities and festivals through-out New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Europe. These include Jeonju International Sori Festival, Ulsan World Music Festival, Aarhus International Music Festival and Melbourne Let Them Eat Cake. Estère has also opened for a variety of international artists, including Erykah Badu, Morcheeba, Baths, Ikonika and KT Tunstall. In 2014 Estère released her debut self produced album via bandcamp.

    Fresh Talent: Estere – NZ Musician, 2013 (Vol:17, No:6)

    In 2013 Estère also embarked on the Red Bull Prodigy collaborative project with Washington D.C/ New York Producer Oddisee, which saw them spend two weeks together in a studio writing music. They subsequently released three songs: ‘Flashlight’, ‘Curtains Down’ and ‘Noon’.

    Cover image






    Cover of the Tiny Ruins song ‘Me At the Museum, You in the Winter Gardens’…

    She is also part of the collective YoungGiftedandBroke & is a member of the Wellington supergroup ‘Brockaflowersaurus-Rex & The Blueberry Biscuits’ AKA Brockaflower

    Estere at Roundhead Studios…

    Cover image










    Estère and her MPC Lola share insights into their debut album with RNZs Emma Smith from ‘Music 101’…

    EstereCrop60[Transcript] “I am a child of culture clash,” explains Wellingtonian Estere Dalton. “My dad is originally from Cameroon in Africa, but he got a lot of his upbringing in France. My mum is from New Zealand. I grew up with her, but I have gone over to France a few times to see him and my family there. It’s really interesting seeing the different approaches on life and conflicting ideas people can have on things. But at the same time, it has made me who I am.” At 20 years of age, Estere is a competent singer, beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist. “I can play my own loops at home, but I couldn’t play piano at a gig,” she admits. Currently juggling anthropology and philosophy studies at university with singing in emerging Wellington nine-piece ‘Brockerflowersaurus Rex and The Blueberry Biscuits’, Estere unveiled two solo songs in August – ‘Cruel Charlie’ and ‘Culture Clash’ both released to rapid local acclaim. Recorded in her bedroom using Logic Audio on her laptop, Estere created the bulk of the songs with her new friend Lola, an MPC IOOO Sampling Production station. “l’ve been wanting to make friends with something like Lola for a long time,” she chuckles. “I thought it was really cool, the idea of being able to make music yourself, and control the dynamic, different elements, instruments, etc.” Mining a soul-tinged modern beat music sound, both ‘Cruel Charlie’ (a song about an imaginary ex—boyfriend) and ‘Culture Clash’ (Estere’s personal exploration of her cultural identity) hinge on loose limbed shuffling drum rhythms, experimental approaches to melody, warm rolling bass and scorching vocal performances. An easy and reductionist view would be to compare her to the likes of Erykah Badu. Considering Badu, a personal musical heroine (alongside other heroes such as Paul Simon, Grace Jones, Nina Simone, David Bowie and Little Dragon), Estere isn’t too put out by that kind of analogy. She does, however, make it clear that her influences lie closer to home, acknowledging Electric Wire Hustle’s Mara TK, Sheba Williams, Imon Starr and Deva Mahal. While musing on an initial response which has seen her music hit playlists and charts on student radio stations across the country, Estere is thankful, but measured. “I was really surprised and complimented that people seem to like the songs. It’s a nice motivator. I’m like ‘OK, sweet. I’ll keep the music coming.”

    RNZs Melody Thomas visits the place Estere makes her music – her bedroom – to find out more about her creative process…

    A series of music video postcards set to music from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project. In 2015 The Renegade Peach Project ventured on a 3 month journey that began in Cambodia and wrapped in San Francisco. As we roamed, we captured hints of the streets, people, wildlife, food, and spirit of each locale before uniting our visuals with the submitted tracks. Each artist was asked to provide a time of day for us to film, and a keyword or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. Estère’s key word for the track was “Flicker” and her selected colours were maroon and gold.

    ‘New Species’ Remix EP, 2015
    Cover image










    Anatomy of a Song – Estere’s Culture Clash
    RDU’s Spanky Moore takes a look at ‘Culture Clash’..

    Estere talks to RNZs Kathryn Ryan about being a woman in the very male dominated world of beat-boxing, and breaking barriers as she goes…

    On Foreign Soil: Estère In Africa – NZ Musician Magazine, June/July, 2016.

    Tour Diary: Estère in Africa

    Photo gallery

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp & Facebook. ‘Who’s Next’ sourced from Rip It Up, No. 349, Oct-Nov 2012. Used with permission.

  • Eva Prowse

  • Eversons

  • Faber

    Faber has been described as “pioneering a new generation of sound within the culture of hip-hop.” His music, including collaborative projects with artists Sub9K and Kewl Nast, have aimed at introducing a greater level of experimentation to the New Zealand hip-hop scene.

    Faber released his debut EP All Jokes Aside in 2016, and worked with fellow Wellingtonian George Turner on the music video for ‘Waterfall’. Faber is also a member of Pastel Embassy (alongside Yhaz and Po$h Thotty).

    Wellington’s Faber Drops Video for ‘Waterfall’Under the Radar, October 12, 2017

  • Fagan and the People

  • Falcon Lake

    Singer-songwriter with an elektro/acoustic blend…

  • Fazerdaze

  • Flite

    Once upon a time, FLITE was know as AGITATOR. It all began with Ed Zuccollo’s synthesised fingers in a small cave on the South Coast of Wellington. Nikita Tu-Bryant’s guitar riffs, vocal melodies and lyrics met his match and then there was AGITATOR. AGITATOR started out as these two playing with different drummers in a live setting (Riki Gooch, Reece McNaughten, Myele Manzanza, Cory Champion, Alex Freer, Rick Cranson – to name just a few). But as these things go, Rick Cranson met their match and is now and forever will be, THE drummer for them.

    Single ‘Mariana’s Trenchcoat’ was released in September, 2014 and AGITATOR made the leap and changed their name to FLITE.

    Cover image

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Flix Rose











    Flix Rose is a Wellington based singer/songwriter (originally from Whangarei) who accompanies her humorous lyrics with both guitar and ukulele. Specialising in Alternative Indie Folk, with a mix of covers and her own original work. She has performed at the Meridian Gardens Magic, The Wellington Folk Festival, The Island Bay Festival, and supported artists such as Anika Moa, The Nukes, and Chicago artist Anna Fermin.

    In 2014 she was the first recipient of The Joan Prior Award, as award set up by Acoustic Routes to encourage young acoustic performers in Wellington. She recently co-wrote the end credit song with up-and-coming composer Liam Reid and sung for Humans: A Short Documentary which WON BEST NZ SHORT at Doc Edge.

    Debut album ‘Like Birds’ was released on CD in February 2019, as well as Apple Music & Spotify.

    Flix Rose performing “I Won’t” at Sofar Wellington on March 1st, 2016.

    Let no man steal your thyme. by Flix at Alistair’s Music, Jun 2019.

  • Flourish the Vision

    Wellington hip-hop artist Flourish the Vision aims to “bring oneness through music with a diverse understanding.” He released the EP Supreme Scent in August 2016 and the follow-up REAL in January 2017. Flourish the Vision has also released a range of music videos, available via Facebook.

  • French For Rabbits











    ‘French for Rabbits’ are a sweet and dreamy, nautically themed dream-folk duo, named on a whim whilst pondering Lapin and whether it was indeed the correct French word for rabbits. Originally from Christchurch, French for Rabbits consists of vocalist and pianist Brooke Singer, who previously played in the much-loved ‘Ragamuffin Children’ folk band and the shoegaze outfit ‘The O’Lovelys’, and guitarist John Fitzgerald.

    Originally from Waikuku Beach near Christchurch, Brooke & John moved to Wellington, where they formed ‘French for Rabbits’ with locals Ben (Bass) & Hikurangi (Drums). Since their formation in February 2011, they have sightseen and performed their way around New Zealand twice, attempted to release an EP in October 2011 (but got sidetracked), and released their first music video for ‘Claimed by the Sea’ in January 2012, followed by their debut EP released through the Wellington collective ‘Home Alone Music’, which is also home to Urbantramper, Timothy Blackman and City Oh Sigh.

    French For Rabbits – Dreaming of Folk – NZ Musician, 2014 (Vol:18, No:6)

    Their debut LP ‘Spirits’ was released in 2014 on Lefse Records, and on the diligent indie label Home Alone Music. The release coincided with an extensive tour in October – November 2014, where the opened for Danish chanteuse Agnes Obel in some of the most beautiful concert halls through Europe.

    Brooke & John Fitzgerald share some stories from touring around Europe…

    RNZ Gallery
    Adventures in Musicland: French for Rabbits in Europe.
    Tour Diary…

    Cover image









    Nick Bollinger reviews ‘Spirits’…

    Brooke, John & Ben Wood on RNZs ‘NZ Live’…

    Live from Auckland venue, The Wine Cellar, 2014…











    The bands second album ‘The Weight of Melted Snow’ was released to local & international acclaim in 2017, with the band touring throughout the country in support.
    Atwood Magazine
    NZ Musician Magazine
    2019 saw them secure an overseas release of the album with US label Muscle Beach Records. An extensive US tour followed, which included an appearances at SXSW. Highest Hill was a new (digital) only track from the international release of ‘The Weight of Melted Snow’.

    RNZ Music seesion in August 2019, featured a new song called ‘The Overflow’.

    French For Rabbits’ 13th Floor Video Session, 2017

    Live Orcon Room, Aug 2019

    Profile adapted from Amplifier. Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Interviews/Live sessions courtesy of RNZ. Used with permission.

  • Fuyuko’s Fables

    Formed in a fallen tree in the woods of Mount Cook by three former New Zealand School of Music students, Fuyuko’s Fables (pronounced Foo-You-Ko-S) cut their teeth playing shows with Wellington and New Zealand music luminaries such as Glass Vaults, Seth Frightening, Urbantramper, and most recently opening shows for the talented Shenandoah Davis (Seattle).

    Their first self titled EP, released in 2011, was warmly received; labelled “The best debut e.p. of 2011” by Einstein Music Journal, featured on’s daily download list as well as the’s winter hibernation mix, and described by as “a band that creates dreamy folk compositions with the combination of well arranged instrumentation and harmonious vocals.”

    Expanding into a five piece allowed them to create a more unique and intricate sound. The group has also been known to bring in a little extra help from some of Wellington’s most talented musicians. Fuyuko’s Fables desire to document this more complex sound, coinciding with one of the members temporary departure abroad, led to the group recording their second EP, ‘Everybody is Weird’ in 2012.

    Ex-drummer Al Green now records as Groeni.

    Cover image









    From RNZs ‘Introducing’…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Gamer

    Movies like ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Total Recall’, & old episodes of ‘Logan’s Run’ seem to be key reference points for this fun 80s electronic/action movie/Sci-Fi soundtrack/Synth band. Formed in Wellington. Now based in Melbourne…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Gatherer

  • George Turner

    George Turner is a musician and artist who has been described as the emerging face of Wellington’s pop scene. Turner previously recorded and performed as Max Worth, with Issy Beech of Noisey noting the shift from synth to post-punk in his latest work.

    Turner released Thank You for Your Time in March 2017, recording and producing the EP himself while based in Eastbourne. Influences include Black Marble, Blood Orange and Arca, with Turner describing the EP’s themes as based around alienation and the internet.

    Talking Stage Presence and Art Practice with George TurnerNoisey, April 14, 2017

    As well his work as a musician, Turner also studies fine arts, and has created multiple videos for his current and previous work. He also produced the video for ‘Waterfall’ by experimental hip-hop artist Faber.

    George Turner is Your New Favourite Avant-Pop ArtistF**king Young, November 14, 2017

  • George Young

    George Young’s music has been described as a mix between James Blake and Fat Freddy’s Drop. Young released his debut single ‘Greatfall’ in May 2017, following it up with his debut EP Aside in August. His single ‘Drifter’ was chosen as a Radio Active Hit Pick in July 2017.

    Young has supported a range of New Zealand and international acts, including Louis Baker, Thomas Oliver, Sky Canvas and Tunes of I. He also performed as part of the 2017 Kaibosh Food Rescue fundraiser.

    Active Live: George YoungRadio Active, May 26, 2017

    New single coming out this Friday! Then I'm playing a show on the 8th of July! I would love to see you there <3

    Posted by George Young on Wednesday, 28 June 2017

  • Ghost Who Walks

    Ghost Who Walks (aka musician Sam Fowles and his band ‘The Ghost’) is a Wellington-based funk, rock and blues band known for their soaring leads, funky riffs and soulful vocals. Their mission statement is “to make music that moves the body and touches the soul”.

    Ghost Who Walks was a finalist at the 2016 Battle of the Bands and released the single “Vertigo” in 2017. “Vertigo” has been described as “so groovy and funk driven, you can’t help but get a little boogie on while listening”, and was mixed and recorded by Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios.

    Single Review:, February 28, 2018

    Ghost Who Walks has performed throughout Wellington over the last 18 months, including a residency at Leroy’s, the 2018 Aro Fair and a Sunday Session at the Little White Rabbit.

    Active Live: Ghost Who WalksRadio Active, December 15, 2017

  • Ghostwriters Collective

    Ghost Writers Collective

    Ghostwriters Collective is a curated group of musicians, artists and producers who use the site as a platform to present songs without having to label them. These songs can be singles, collaborations or instrumentals.

    Writers can use their full name, pseudonym or remain anonymous for each track. All artwork is created by the site, saving artists from having to create new artwork for each release.

    Ghostwriters Collective Frees Artists from Label ConstraintsNoisey, February 16, 2016

    The collective is also created for the purpose of having a fast output of songs; an innovative way to release music without having to finish another nine songs for a full length album. Over time, the Ghostwriters’ catalogue will expand to become a go-to site for interesting new music, available for purchase or streaming.

    Interview: Strange Stains + HarrisUnder The Radar, June 1, 2016

  • Girlboss











    Dreamy low-fi pop.
    Lucy Botting (vocals, guitar)
    Darian Woods (guitar)
    Douglas Kelly (bass)
    Olivia Campion (drums).

    Christchurch native and well known music blogger Woods approached Botting on the street one day to take her picture for his new ‘street fashion’ focus, a meeting that led to them beginning to make experimental pop music together. They signed to Lil’ Chief Records as Wet Wings, who were part of an indie scene that attracted the attention of some prominent Pitchfork aggregated music blogs in a pre-streaming era. Moving to Wellington they released the album Glory Glory in 2011, but the music project became mothballed when Woods headed overseas in 2014.

    Coping with the pressure of full time work as an early childhood teacher Botting would listen to music to de-stress, and with the rise of the streaming revolution would send playlists to Woods, who was still overseas. Already a seasoned vocalist and keys player, Botting was inspired by new music DIY paradigms and began learning guitar and recording some demos. She came across the term Girlboss, liked its assertive connotations, and used it as an alias when she uploaded the song ‘Miss Doubtfire’.

    Not long afterwards, Woods returned to Wellington from the US, and excited by Botting’s music, he offered to help expand it into a band. Some low key releases and a lot of local gigging, with Douglas Kelly (bass) and Olivia Campion (drums) fleshing out the live sound, led to the debut EP ‘Body Con’ which was released in 2018 by boutique local label Ball of Wax. New track ‘Bully’ was released in July of this year.

  • Glass Vaults

    Glass Vaults are led by core members Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce. The pairs’ songs hypnotically migrate between subtle electronics and pulsating percussion that serves as a rich textural veneer to Larsen’s haunting yet sentimental vocals.

    Cover image









    “Best known for their succinctly titled Glass EP (downloadable free from their bandcamp page), Wellington duo Glass Vaults – Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce – write and perform emotive music that places an equal premium on infectious rhythms, gorgeous synthesiser and guitar textures, driven by Larsen’s haunting, clear vocals. Both trained designers, Larsen and Pierce accompany Glass Vaults’ washed out soundworlds with hazy dreamlike artwork and live visuals, creating a product that is perfectly pitched in the dynamic between look and sound. As Pierce explains while we relax in a pub in Newtown, Wellington, “We believe strongly in the power of image as a communicator of ideas. It can actually be as enjoyable as making the music, making the whole package communicate.” Both lifelong musicians, the two began working together after meeting at university in Wellington. Connecting with a notoriously underground, yet internationally known local producer by the name of Bevan Smith (of Signer), they found their fledgling arrangements being stretched out into lush, fully realised universes of textural sound. Releasing an EP of material for free in an effort to, as Larsen puts it, “get the music to as many people as possible,” Glass Vaults found themselves connecting with likeminded musical souls across the planet, including JUKBOXR Records from the US, who late last year pressed their EP up in a limited run of 500 immaculately packaged 12” vinyl records. Working to create, as Pierce states, “A piece which was a full package, where each song was represented within that package as opposed to a series of individual songs.” Live, ‘Glass Vaults’ really come into their own. With Larsen on keys, guitar and vocals, and Pierce working on synthesisers, samplers and drum machines, both bashing out semi-tribal rhythms, and the odd appearance from Smith on guitar – the music stretches out with a studied emptiness not unlike the live performances of post-dubstep figureheads James Blake and Jamie Woon. Don’t lump them into that world though; Glass Vaults arrived at this point on their own and they look set to take things somewhere completely different”.

    RNZ interview with Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce from Wellington based ambient electronic duo

    Debut album, ‘Sojurn’, released in September 2015 is described by the band as ‘… lush psychedelic folk. They are songs of celebration, environment and love.’ But it here on LP, or CD. Or on Bandcamp.

    Cover image









    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Interview courtesy of RNZ.
    ‘Who’s Next’ sourced from Rip It Up No. 341, June-July, 2011. Used with permission.

  • GOLD

    GOLD is a 19 year old sample based remix DJ from Wellington. He was taken through a crash course on how to make beats in primary school and self taught himself when he began secondary school. He used to show his friends his music in school and they seemed to enjoy it so he started uploading them to Soundcloud. GOLD’s music currently has no face but he seems to enjoy the mystery and it is now part of his sound. His most popular work is his remix of Hippie Sabotage’s “Riding Solo” which is also a remix of NJOMZA’s song of the same name. After releasing two previous free album’s Affirmation (Bandcamp) and 220 (Soundcloud), he is currently working on an instrumental EP that will also be free for download.

    D ≡ A D Σ N D was his previous handle on Bandcamp.
    Cover image

    Bio courtesy of GOLD.Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Gold Medal Famous

    Avant garde pop from Wellington. Signed to Powertool Records, Auckland.
    Started in July 2008. Members: Vorn, Tamsin, Chris. GMF have played in Dunedin, Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. The have released four albums ‘The Invisible Hand’ (2008), ‘100 years of rock’ (2011), ‘100% Pure’ (2013), their latest (2014) ‘Album of national significance’, as well as several EPs.

    Cover image

    Cover image

    Covers/text courtesy of Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Gordon

    Wellington alternative grunge-rock band ‘Gordon’ released their first album ‘The Power of Birth’ in 2012. Album #2, ’All means all’ followed in 2014. The line-up for the second album featured Lars Von Espy on vocals/guitar, Joe Fogarty on lead guitar, Jason Aitofi on bass and new boy Allan Anthony on drums, who brought mojo and technique to Gordon’s back-line. They expanded on the proggy elements of their sound with an aural wallop that is punctuated by dreamy soundscapes.

    Cover image

    Video for “Knob News” from the album ‘The Power of Birth’. Shot in Wellington and Wainuiomata.

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Graeme James

    Graeme James

    Graeme James started out playing violin as a seven year old with the desire to become a classical concert violinist. He pursued this goal throughout high school, as well as playing fiddle and singing in his family’s folk band. It was while at university that he started learning other instruments, the most significant of which being the acoustic guitar which enabled him to start writing and playing his own songs.

    However, it wasn’t until he bought a loop pedal in 2010 that everything started to come together. In desperate need of some cash to repair his car while on holiday, Graeme hit the streets of Gisborne for his first ever loop pedal busking session and the response from the public was so positive he was back on the road in two days.

    Graeme James: Wellington folk musician off to a flying start with Tui nomination – Stuff, December 21, 2016.

    A major breakthrough came later that summer in Queenstown, busking to crowds of 200-300 people. This started to gather what would become a large, loyal and global fan base. On the recommendation of a fellow street performer Graeme decided to record an album of these quirky covers. The self-released album Play One We All Know was released in 2013 followed by Play One We All Know Vol. II in late 2014. Both cover albums have sold thousands of copies.

    Graeme had always written his own songs, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he began performing them live and his original material was met with immediate interest from fans. His first single “Alive” was released in late 2015 and ended up placing second in a major international song-writing competition and has gone on to accumulate nearly 2 million streams on Spotify.

    Wellington singer Graeme James met wife-to-be while busking – New Zealand Herald, September 23, 2016.

    His debut original album News From Nowhere released in September 2016 peaked at number three on New Zealand album chart and number 26 on the Top 40 album chart. It was also a finalist in the NZ Music Awards 2017 Folk Album of the Year. A collection of songs written while touring the length and breadth of New Zealand, the album drew inspiration from the beauty and immensity of Aotearoa’s famous landscapes, and is intensely visual in its writing and sound.

  • Groeni

    ‘Groeni’ was originally the solo moniker of Alexander Green. His first self titled EP was released in 2012, after moving to Melbourne. A move back to NZ in 2013 saw him reconnect with two friends from music school (James Paul & Mike Isaacs) with a desire to start playing live. Back at home Al continued to write by himself, the new material picked up by the German label/distribution combo Project: Mooncircle for release in early 2015.

    While retaining the melancholic / dark-pop quality of his previous EP, ‘Hewn’ further explores UK bass music from a south west pacific perspective. Using elements of lo-fi mixed with clean production and resampling field recordings and digital synths through tape players and old microphones, Groeni creates an intimate and eerie atmosphere.

    The three were still writing new songs, or trying to rework older material for a live context, which led to the song-writing collaboration that is new EP ‘Hinde’ in late 2015.

    Cover image









    Groeni, with Rearing, from the self-titled EP…

    New Zealand’s Groeni Expands on Signing With Project: Mooncircle, The Hewn EP, Mount Taranaki and More – Sound Colour Vibration on February 6, 2015

    Martyn Pepperell brings in new music from Kadhja Bonet and Groeni…

    The Groeni Interview –

    New EP ‘Hinde’ released October, 2015. Self-released as opposed to their previous release on MoonCircle, it was available via Bandcamp but is now on Spotify here.

    Cover image







    Groeni open up to RNZs Melody Thomas about being unblokey and their strategies to overcome their lack of stage banter…

    Groeni/The H Isn’t Silent – NZ Musician Magazine, Feb-Mar, 2016

  • Group Five

    One of the original members of the Wellington based ‘While You Were Sleeping’ collective, as ‘Group Five’ Andrew Loughnan in his own words – “does abstract instrumental beats and stuff…”, and also DJs a bit…

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Guidance

    Coming out of the creative melting pot that is Wellington, a breath of fresh air emerges on it’s infamous winds and one way streets… We are GUIDANCE, a pop-ternative band with big aspirations and an eclectic sound. Our music fuses elements of rap, pop, soul, funk and electronica, mixed together with a healthy dollop of peace, love and positive change…

    Cover image

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission…












    Tastefully mixing the new with the old, the H4LF CĀST crew create soulful Reggae/DUB grooves and dangerously bouncy Hip-Hop beats that will entrance the listener. Entwining his ancestral wisdom, frontman, Nikau Te Huki, delivers powerfully conscious lyrics with a psychedelic, shamanistic twist – alongside Louisa Williamson, George Maclaurin, Keanu Te Kawa, Jason Rapana and Jo Jenkins.

  • Hans Pucket

    Hans Pucket are twins Oli and Callum Devlin, Christchurch born & now Wellington based. Their music is a mix of alternative psychedelica & garage punk rock. So far they have released a self titled album in 2014, and recently completed a six date nationwide tour in support of their forthcoming new EP titled ‘Jalapeno’.

    Cover image









    Hans Pucket, with their song ‘Fight For Fun’ from the self titled debut…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Hardheartedheartbreakers

  • Heavy Chest

    Heavy Chest cover

    Heavy Chest is the project of Wellington musician and photographer Andre Smith. In October 2015 Heavy Chest released his Acoustic EP, and has gone on to produce the soundtrack for the 2016 short film The Metamorphosis Of Thomas O’Grady.

    In March 2017 Heavy Chest opened for New Zealand musician Mitch James as part of James’ nationwide tour.

    Heavy Chest are right here in the Orcon Live Room, July 2019.

  • Helen Dorothy

    England-born singer-songwriter Helen Dorothy is a recognised performer in the New Zealand folk scene. Acoustic music lovers have remarked on her ability to “take everyday events and spin them into absolute gems of songs”. Her material, often inspired by the natural world, is supported by innovative guitar playing. “Helen Dorothy writes beautifully-crafted, intelligent songs rich in memorable imagery” (fRoots Magazine, January 2014).

    The making of her 2009 debut CD ‘The Going Away’ was about cleaning out the attic, so to speak, to make room for fresh material. “Dorothy is an acoustic folk artist in an honest sense…her songs are left to speak for themselves, providing tales and observations, thoughts and commentaries. The reward from these ‘alone’ kind of albums comes in the sad, thought-provoking and beautiful places they take you to” (NZ Musician magazine 2009).

    Her artistry has matured into a second collection of originals. Described by UK’s fRoots Magazine as “a modest release containing real song-writing talent”, her second collection of originals ‘Watching Ghosts…and Other Songs’ was released in September 2013.

    Helen Dorothy mostly performs in the Wellington region, but has also toured New Zealand’s folk clubs and appeared as a festival guest performer. Her material has also featured on the UK’s premier folk magazine podcast Folkcast and the prestigious fRoots Radio playlist.

    Cover imageCover image








    Profile courtesy of Amplifier.

  • Hex

    Cover image










    Pagan metal…Feminine energy capturing the power of Mother Earth. Beautiful melodies and dual harmonies atop a sludgy sound of heavy drums and doomy metal riffs. ‘Hex’ are Liz Mathews on drums, GG Van Newtown on guitar and Kiki Van Newtown on bass, and first began in 2013 with the single ‘Witches of the Hex’, but went on hiatus for a couple of years to concentrate on family. First EP ‘Calling to the Universe’ was released in May. As the band say:

    Birthed from a musical lineage that spans classical to folk to punk to metal, these three sisters reflect the chaos approaching post-capitalism, with heavy drums underpinning intricate guitar riffs and dual vocals. Using archetypal images to methodically move between harmony and discord, each song is a spell.

    RNZ’s Jeremy Taylor checks out the ‘spooky’ sound of Hex…(Begins at 22 minutes)

    Undertheradar interviews Kiki Van Newtown, Hex bassist and vocalist on what Hex is and how it all came together…

    Live Photos: The Kills – Shed 6, Wellington

    Supporting The Kills in Wellington, 29 July 2016

  • Hiboux











    Hiboux are a five-piece industrial post-rock band. Their music has been described in It DJents as “epic post rock, full of great melodies and uplifting moments.” Members include Lester Litchfield, Declan Bailey, Tom Doesburg, Duncan Nairn and Bern Stock.

    Hiboux’s debut album, Command the Earth to Swallow Me Up, was released in March 2017. Each song took several months to write, with tracking and production taking place at Tsunami Studios and Snuffleupagus Studios.

    Album Review: Hiboux – Command The Earth To Swallow Me UpWill Not Fade, March 23, 2017

    Prior to the album, Hiboux also released the four-song EP Night Flights, as well as opening for both Tortoise and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

    Hiboux – Command the Earth to Swallow Me UpMerchants of Air, March 7, 2017

  • Hobnail











    Folk-rock band ‘Hobnail’ traces its origins back to 1995, and the trio ‘The Hobnail Boots’, with Rob Joass on guitar and vocals, Jo Moir on fiddle and vocals, and Gwyn Reynolds on saxophone and percussion. By 2001, after releasing 3 albums to great reviews and a growing audience ‘Hobnail Boots’ took a break as work & family commitments took priority.

    After releasing a compilation of tracks from their first 2 albums in 2004, the band returned to playing in 2007, recruiting Caroline Easther on drums and recorded ‘The Fortune Horses’, which was hailed as the best of their career, and nominated for best folk album at the 2008 NZ music awards.

    Touring and festival appearances continued as often as life allows, and then in 2011 Rob started work recording what he thought would be a solo CD, but which led the way to a new incarnation of the band as just ‘Hobnail’. ‘Baggage’ was released in 2012 to great reviews, with the title track being nominated as a finalist for Best Country Song at the 2013 NZ Music Awards.

    Cover image










    Performing on New Zealand Live, Aug 2012

    2015 was Hobnail’s 21st birthday, and they chose to mark their “coming of age” with a ‘best of’ album “String Things” and national tour.

    Wellington folk-rockers Hobnail today celebrated their 21st birthday, and a new album, with a foot-stomping session on NZ Live.

    Covers/profile used with permission.

  • Hugo Sissons

    An indie/acoustic singer-songwriter, Hugo Sissons also experiments with photography and poetry. His work is inspired by feelings, experiences, and imagination.

    His first EP ‘Autumn Leaves’ was written and recorded in 2014 as a 16-17 year old bright-eyed, daydreaming, & marks a time in his life when he was exploring new and exciting emotions, feelings and experiences. Since then he has released 2 further EPs, ‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’ & the latest ‘Bring Me Home’ both from 2016.

    He also released an EP in 2015 with a friend, Carissa Corlett, called Amateur Astronomers, which they worked on together. That is on Bandcamp under the name ‘Amateur Astronomers’ as well as on Soundcloud.

    His most played covers on Soundcloud are ‘I don’t Wanna Talk About It’ by Rod Stewart, and ‘Days Like This’ by Van Morrison.



    Cover image used with permission.

  • Hussies

  • i.ryoko

    ‘i.ryoko’ is the moniker of Thomas Lambert. The latest album, ‘Opening’, was created predominantly in early 2014 when Thomas was the Artist in Residence at the Audio Foundation in Myers Park, Auckland. Further arrangement and recording done at SCHQ, Newtown, Wellington. He is part of the Sonorous Circle label collective & is also a member of ‘Skyburial’, Perpetual Balance and Seth Frightening. Other past involvements include The Enright House and A Flight to Blackout.

    Samuel Scott speaks to Sonorous Circle artist and founder Thomas Lambert about his label’s adventurous aims.

    Cover image

    Thomas Lambert tells of the making of his debut I.ryoko album at the Audio Foundation HQ in Auckland..

  • ills Winter

    ‘Ills Winter’ is folktronica or ‘electronica witchrock’ performed by Elizabeth de la Rey, who previously recorded with husband Emile as the duo Porcelaintoy. Beginning in 2013 with the single ‘Howling toms’ the EP ‘Icings Lust’ came out in 2014, followed by the singles ‘Unravel’ in 2014, & ‘Not Ours to see’ in 2015.

    The first full length album ‘Duchess of Whispers’ was released in March 2016, mixed by her husband & collaborator Emile & mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios. Elizabeth describes ‘Duchess of Whispers’ as follows:

    This album tells of an artist’s journey, a story that starts when she fades to anesthesia. At first alone, she encounters revolutionaries, faces her demons, meets her kindred, finds revelation within the depths of the cat’s soulful stare, proclaims her strength, writes an urgent dance-letter, has sweeping visions, rides a camel with Oberon, feels somehow changed but can’t quite place her finger on it and possibly needs a hug and a cuddle after all that adventuring.

    Cover image










    Bravery & Bravura – NZ Musician Magazine, Vol. 19, No.3, Oct/Nov. 2015, Pg. 37

    Ills Winter







    Who’s Next: Ills Winter
    Rip It Up 359, March 2014.

    How did you first get in to music?
    Apparently I used to make up tunes and sing along to the car engine whenever we went anywhere. I gradually moved on to instruments, song-writing and singing. I was also lucky enough to marry a man who helped me realise the artistic freedom of electronic music.

    Was there anything that made you decide to start doing music seriously, or did it just sort of occur naturally.
    Music has always been a part of the way I think and a place of comfort for me, but I really started focusing on it when I was a teenager. It’s still kind of weird having to think of it as a business, but it’s never been just a hobby.

    How do you describe your sound?
    It’s kind of sexy folktronica mixed with a bit of unplugged grunge.

    Where does your inspiration for this sexy folktronica come from?
    From some old memories and quite a feminine longing to say, “Fuck it here I am; soft, strong and flawed.”

    What about on an emotional level?
    My music is edgy, dreamy and a little sad sometimes. I sing from this yearning place in my soul… I don’t know why I’ve always been so emotional. I often sing about other people and I love connecting with people; it’s fascinating and inspiring.

    Tell me about the writing/recording process for your recently released EP Icings Lust?
    The piano track ‘There are no words’ was recorded when I’d just got home from the hospital. I was all drugged up and couldn’t sing or talk because I’d had surgery on my neck and was told I might never sing again (thyroid cancer). I shut my eyes and forgot about my worries for a while. The other songs I sat down with a pen and paper before recording them properly

    How has being sick affected your music?
    I haven’t been able to perform for a year and I couldn’t talk or sing for a few months – that was pretty frustrating. But I just feel more determined than ever now.

    And how did you get involved with Wellington’s The Performance Arcade?
    I was invited to play at The Performance Arcade last year with Porcelaintoy and this year as Ills Winter. I have this fucking awesome live setup so I’m looking forward to it. I have a bunch of new tracks I’ll be playing this weekend and they’ll be up online soon too.

    It’s obviously been a real journey for you over the last year, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt musically?
    To let go of worrying what people might think of my lyrics. For a while I had started censoring myself because I was worried people might think that each song defined me. But each song is its own individual moment and it nothing can ever define you forever

  • Into Orbit

    Experimental rock duo of guitar (Paul Stewart) and drums (Ian Moir) whose sound contains aspects of post-rock/metal, polished prog, ambience & drone. Full-length debut album CAVERNS was released in 2014…

    Cover image











    Interview: Into Orbit – Undertheradar, 2014.

    Music 101 correspondent Craig Hayes talks to drummer Ian Moir and guitarist Paul Stewart to discuss the lengthy creative process behind ‘Caverns’…

  • Intolerance

    Grindcore metal from Lower Hutt…

    Cover image

  • Jack Hooker

    Jack Hooker is a musician / composer based in Wellington. Jack has a diverse range of musical interests and outputs, ranging from loud, abrasive and epic electronic music to instrumental acoustic guitar music. As a composer, Jack has an interest primarily in writing fixed-media electronic works. Jack has had compositions performed in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Indonesia and Europe, and has collaborated with major composers and groups including John Psathas and Strike.

    As a performer, Jack is in a diverse range of musical acts, including a solo instrumental guitar act, drone/trance act ‘The Shocking and Stunning’, and Gamelan groups Padhang Moncar and Taniwha Jaya, among others. With these projects, Jack has toured throughout New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia and has performed at festivals including Homegrown, WOMAD, Rhythm and Alps, Camp a Low Hum and the Yogyakarta International Gamelan Festival.

    Jack has been awarded the John Young Award for Electroacoustic Composition (2010) and the Indonesian Gamelan Prize (2010). As a solo artist he has released ‘Stones & Drones’ (2011), and the EP ‘Harbour Light’ in 2013. He has also recorded the experimental piece ‘Vela’ written for Pyramider (Tesla Coil) and fixed audio, which was first performed 20th September 2013 at ‘Forks in Sockets – an Electric Spectacle’, The Atrium, VUW School of Design, Wellington.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Profile courtesy of Jack Hooker. Used with permission.

  • James/Cook

    Cover image









    ‘James/Cook’ was the music project of Qedric James, who engineered, mixed, and produced this acoustic based album. He is now part of the indie-rockers ‘The New Brides’.

    Over a few days during the November of 2011, at a beach house on the beautiful Taranaki coastline of the West coast of New Zealand, A handful of microphones captured the raw beginnings of these tunes. With the addition of Cello, Saxophone, Flute, Piano, and other instrumentation these songs have succeeded in retaining the fresh ambiance of the ocean…

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Janina

    Pop, rock and folk with tinges of electronic and classical elements. Janina Hanify sings and plays guitar, clarinet and saxophone adding Theremin to create organic electronic beats, fusing the old with the new.

    Since completing her Bachelor of Music and English Literature degree at Victoria University, Janina released her EP ‘Mercy’ in 2004 with cellist Francesca Mountfort. Following her stint as a reporter at Capital Times, she headed to America. In San Francisco, Janina played live to air on ‘beat poet’ Diamond Dave’s show after he heard her perform at an open mic evening, then she moved to London, where she lived for four years working for Trinity College of Music and Classic FM. Janina gigged regularly with London-based Kiwi cellist Rebecca Turner before deciding to take herself home to produce her own album

    She moved back home to Wellington from London in 2008 to record and produce her album ‘The Original Ending’, engineering and producing the album herself, alongside brother/musician Stevie Starr, with mixing and mastering by Auckland based producer and VNZMA 2009 Tui Best Engineer Andrew Buckton (Midnight Youth, The Dukes). First single and music video ‘Intentions of a Reluctant Artist’ in the shop window of fashion store Rex Royale on Cuba Street. Surrounded by cupcakes, mannequins and TVs, Janina sang about the precarious relationship an artist can have with following their musical intentions within a musical industry which can at times feel like it takes more interest in the marketing surrounding an artist rather than the music itself.

    ‘Janina’s voice is beautiful, moving, and wonderfully rich in colour. She has a voice that the ear loves, and she can do that very rare thing, sing something and make you feel it in a special way…highly imaginative and creative writing, and just great music.’
    NZ composer John Psathas on ‘The Original Ending’, 2011.

    Cover image









    JANINA: The Original Ending – New Zealand Musician, June/July 2011.

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Jason Wright

    Jason Wright is a Wellington-based composer and sound artist working across dance, theatre, film and installation.

    A graduate of the New Zealand School of music, Jason holds a Master of Music in Sonic Arts and Composition. Creator and curator of the Low Noise Exhibition series, Parliament 2013, Toi Poneke 2015; these group shows also featured his latest sound works Installation for Inward and Outward Facing Speaker Cones and Black Series. Some of his other recent sound installation work includes, Jukebox at the Adam Art Gallery 2011; Interview with Mute, Matchbox Gallery 2012; a collaborative installation When Bertha Sings, Nyco Chocolate factory 2013; Black Series II, The Auricle 2015 and sound design for Muscle Mouth’s multi-media installations Tiger and Another Garden at Enjoy Gallery 2015

    Working with dance, Jason has composed music for Manu Reynaud’s debut work, Strive, Footnote Taster Series 2013; Claire O’Neil’s Just Bet/ween Us, Choreo-co 2015. As well as composing, he performed in Luke Hanna’s debut duo eye, produced by Brothers & Sisters Collective, featuring in the Fringe Festival and Tempo Dance Festival 2014. A key collaborator with choreographer Ross McCormack, Jason created the music for SEX, Footnote Dance 2012; Rahui, Unitec Dance Showcase 2012; Area, Unitec Dance Showcase 2015, Visions of Salome, M1 Contact Dance Festival Singapore 2015 and Preface: Homage to a Risk, NZSD 2015.

    Sonic artists preview Wellington’s Low Noise2 exhibition of Sonic Arts taking place at Te Poneke Gallery…

    As a part of dance-theatre company Muscle Mouth, Jason produced scores for AGE, New Zealand Festival 2014 as well as Muscle Mouth’s latest acclaimed production Triumphs and Other Alternatives, 2015. Upcoming work includes scores for Shu’s Song by by Capital E National Theatre for Children and Muscle Mouth production The Weight of Force premiering in the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2016.

    Cover image









    Jason talks about choreographer Luke Hanna on his new show Eye.

  • Jay Knight

    Wellington beatmaker associated with the Young, Gifted and Broke collective…

    Cover image









    RNZ’s Aleyna Martinez caught up with the Jay Knight and his 19/94 collaborators to talk about Aotearoa’s new wave of hip-hop…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Jessie James and the Outlaws

  • Jhan Lindsay










    A Wellington based musician, composer, teacher and Independent Marriage Celebrant. Jhan has studied Jazz at NZSM and is a registered teacher who has taught for a number of years in Wellington schools. She is currently working on her second album which will be released at the end of 2016, while teaching voice and music in schools in Wellington and Wairarapa. As an Independent Marriage Celebrant Jhan has written and performed a multitude of diverse marriage services throughout Aotearoa.

    Jhan Lindsay/Household Essentials – NZ Musician Magazine, Feb/Mar, 2016

    Jhan Lindsay performing “Lay Me Down” at Sofar Wellington on June 28th, 2016

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Jim Essef

    Wellington musician Jim Essef launched his double single ‘It’s Not Overly Impressive​’/’​In The Mares’ in May 2016, supporting Soda Boyz during the Wellington leg of their national tour.

    Essef is a former member of the indie/alt rock band Wellington Poetry Club. Their EP When They Meet was released in October 2015.


    Posted by Jim Essef on Thursday, 7 July 2016

  • Joe Blossom

    Sonic Piano Pop. Originally from Waituna, now based in Wellington.

    While ‘Joe Blossom’ formally began his solo music career with his debut album ‘Nocturnes’ in 2011, Sean O’Brien has been making independent music in Wellington and the Manawatu since the 1990s where he kicked off with bands ‘The Livids’ and ‘The Sentimental Plastic’.

    He’s released a number of albums; featured on Flying Nun’s ‘God Save The Clean’ tribute album; played The Big Day Out; supported acts such as the ‘3ds’, ‘So So Modern’, ‘Wing’, David Kilgour, ‘Die Die Die’, ‘Cut Off Your Hands’, ‘Superette’, ‘Diana Rozz’, ‘Over The Atlantic’ and ‘The Chills’. He also played bass with ‘Cortina’, and performed at four out of five Camp A Low Hums

    Cover image










    First single from the album ‘Nocturnes’. Directed & Edited by Simon Wilson.

    Joe Blossom and Duncan Sarkies : music and demolition
    Sean O’Brien has recorded and performed with a number of various bands since the 1990s. He currently performs as Joe Blossom, and released his solo album debut, Nocturnes, and he will accompany author, screenwriter and performer Duncan Sarkies for The Demolition of the Century at the NZ Festival.

    Tyger Tyger – Joe Blossom (Official Video)

    A series of music video postcards set to music from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project. In 2015 The Renegade Peach Project ventured on a 3 month journey that began in Cambodia and wrapped in San Francisco. As we roamed, we captured hints of the streets, people, wildlife, food, and spirit of each locale before uniting our visuals with the submitted tracks. Each artist was asked to provide a time of day for us to film and a keyword or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. For “The Breaking” we were given the keywords “nostalgia” and “abstract” and we were asked to capture the city under the evening sun, in the twilight.
    AIRBORNE \\ A7 – Joe Blossom “The Breaking”

    NZ Musician Magazine, June/July, 2016 – Joe Blossom: Flower Power

    Grant Smithies on the new Joe Blossom release (begins at 12.50…)

    New album ‘All of the Above’ 2016…
    Cover image










    All Of The Above by Joe Blossom – Nick Bollinger delights in the existentialist groove-pop of Welllington’s Joe Blossom.

    Covers used with permission.

  • John Niland

  • John The Baptist

    ‘John The Baptist’ were an energetic four-piece band. Their music blended elements of folk, rock, country, and pop into a distinctively natural voice with an approach to song-writing from the view of an ensemble rather than four individuals. More inspired by rather than subscribing to any of the musical traditions they drew on.

    In 2009 Shaun and Michael relocated from Hawkes Bay to Wellington where, after a night sharing cheap beer and good music with David and Thomas, a duo became the four-piece. Before they’d barely developed a small cache of songs, the band received keen interest and a rapidly growing audience. During those first few months the band recorded the songs that were later released on their self-titled EP in May 2010.

    In 2011 the band took a step back from their previously relentless gig schedule to begin their second recording. They produced a five-song EP with the help of Surgery Studios, STL Studios (both in Wellington), and Masterdisk in New York, entitled ‘The Great Mountain Haul’ which was released early November 2011.

    The band have enjoyed many memorable shows, a few highlights included: a show at the Mussel Inn in Takaka over Easter weekend 2012; ‘The Great Mountain Haul’ EP release show 2011 at the Garden Club complete with brass section; Campus A Low Hum 2010; the August 2010 national tour; and the self-titled EP release 2010 which saw ‘Mighty Mighty’ turned into a barnyard with stacks of hay bales.

    Carving their own space in the New Zealand music landscape since 2009, the band won audiences with a sound that drew on many traditions while adhering to none. What set their shows apart from many others, was the diverse range of demographics represented and united in that same energetic release. It was the ability to access human commonality that truly made this folk music.

    ‘John The Baptist’ disbanded in 2014. They reflected on their time together on a final Facebook page: ‘The band formed, as many do, with a handful of friends sharing cheap beers in an over-priced and under-maintained flat in Wellington. None of us could’ve anticipated the warmth of interest we would receive in the live music scene. With little more than a week between our first assembling and our first gig, the band took off at speed. Since then, our ramblings have taken us up, down, and around New Zealand, meeting awesome people and inspiring locations time and time again. These experiences are dear to us and will continue in fond memories and how they have shaped us personally as a result…’

    The band was:
    Shaun Blackwell – Guitars/Banjo/Vocals
    Michael Keane – Banjo/Guitars/Vocals
    David Beacham – Bass Guitar/Vocals
    Thomas Friggens – Drums

    Cover image









    RNZs ‘NZ Live’, 2013…

    “CATCH THE SUN” (Live @ Radioactive Studios)

    “THOUGHTS OF THOUGHTS” (Live @ Radioactive Studios)

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text courtesy of John The Baptist. Used with permission.

  • Jon Lemmon









    Jon Lemmon is an electro-pop singer/songwriter whose work explores community and inclusiveness. His 2016 single ‘When it Came Along’ was funded through crowdsourcing, while his 2011 album Demos/Sketches was released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 licence.

    Lemmon’s music has also received funding through NZ on Air Music, and has featured on Indie Shuffle, with Jason Grishkoff describing ‘Somewhere Else’ as a song that pulls off “the perfect duet”.

    Lemmon, who grew up in Los Angeles, has previously worked as a sound engineer, as well as in visual effects at Weta Digital.

    Video Premiere: Jon Lemmon ‘When It Came Along’The Wireless, February 23, 2016

    [Day 14] Relief song is part of a series I'm doing of writing, recording, and releasing a song each day.Video footage:

    Posted by Jon Lemmon on Tuesday, 21 June 2016

  • Jonathan Crayford

  • Julia Deans

  • Junica

  • k2k












    k2k AKA Katherine Anderson, is an emerging Wellington based producer and a graduate from the Red Bull Music Academy.  Along with creating funky house music, she co-produces the NZ dance broadcast ‘Scenery: New Zealand’ and throws parties with the Auckland collective, Inky Waves. Her music has pop and house influences, and includes samples of old RnB acapellas.

    Her debut EP “Sugar” will be out January 2017 on the Wellington house & techno label, Margins. The first track “We Down For,” is below.

  • Kayleb Duckett










    Kayleb Duckett is a Newtown-based musician. His most recent album, Twins, was released in March 2017 through independent record label Dippy Cow Recordings.

    Twins is a mixture of psychedelic pop, saxophones and synths, with Noisey’s Jennifer Park labelling the album a fusion of “the Beach Boys and Connan Mockasin crammed in a small Wellington apartment.”

    Kayleb Duckett’s Lounge Is a Portal Into his Experimental Psych Pop WorldNoisey, March 27, 2017

    Duckett describes the album as more experimental than his previous work, as well as a collaboration between his flat and the wider community – including an erhu-playing neighbour.

  • Killing Bear

    Cover image










    ‘Psychedelic, futuristic music from the past from another planet’, Killing Bear are a 4 piece band from Pukerua Bay, that have been together since 2010 in various formations, as a solo project, a two-piece,  a three-piece and now a four-piece.

    Cormac met keyboard vocalist Zack Dredge at college and after they left school they decided to start a band and needed a drummer so they looked up the ones advertising on the rock shop website, which led to Tia Beaufort joining the initial band.

    It started as just Cormac performing the songs by himself acoustically or to a backing track accompanied by videos. After a while he got tired of the ridged conformity or the backing track and Tia expressed interest in playing the drums again so they started doing shows, and at the same time they started recording the album in Cormac’s studio, in his parents basement.

    When the CD release was looming they decided that the live sound should reflect the recordings better or more accurately, so they approached ex-band member Zack Dredge (who primarily was a guitarist) to play the keys and he said yes.

    ‘Wild Beasts’ was released in 2010, followed by EP ‘Rebirth’ in 2011, and 2nd album ‘The Vine Of Souls’ in 2013. The band’s membership shifted over time and circumstance and is now a 4 piece comprised of:
    Mr Tony Breese: DRUMS VOCALS
    Mr Liam Hanley: BASS
    Mr Cormac Ferris: GUITAR VOCALS
    Mr Lachlan Ferris: KEYS

    Cover image










    UndertheRadar Interview – Killing Bear

    ‘Before’ performed live at Mighty Mighty, Wgtn, NZ on the 15/02/13.


  • Kirsten Te Rito

    Over the last decade, Kirsten Te Rito has toured and recorded with some of Aotearoa’s leading musicians, recorded with bands such as ‘Wai’ and ‘Little Bushman’, and been seen on stage as part of musical theatre productions like Miss Saigon and The Lion King. Her first solo album ‘Te Rito’ (meaning the root or growth point) reflected on her own journey of self-discovery as an urban wahine. From the realities of being a mum at 17, the loss of loved ones to suicide, to surviving it all and making it out the other side.

    “When I was six my parents bought me a piano and I would play on it for hours, pretending to make up my own songs. I’ve always had a strong pull to music, and loved playing old R&B and soul records that belonged to my big brothers. Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Donny Hathaway and Michael Jackson, they all have become artistic inspirations for me.”

    For her debut album, Kirsten co-produced and collaborated with her husband and top pianist James Illingworth, award winning Maori music producer Maaka McGregor and Maori language expert Dr. Joe Te Rito and it featured Wellington musicians Tyna Keelan (The Nok), Rio Hemopo (Trinity Roots), Darren Mathaissen (Hollie Smith), and Andy Mauafua (Bella Kalolo).

    Kirsten and James Illingworth talk with RNZs Kirsten Johnstone on the release of her first album…

    2015 saw the release of sophomore te reo Māori album ‘Āiotanga’. The 11 track album features a flood of catchy tunes again co-written and produced along side her husband and pianist James “Illkeys” Illingworth.

    “We really wanted to showcase the Māori language in amongst our style of music, with groovy fat beats, lush vocals, samples and synths”…


    Cover image






    From RNZs ‘Te Ahi Kaa’ Kirsten & James talk about recording the EP ‘Common Ground’ in their lounge…

    RNZs Yadana Saw talks to Kirsten & James about their sophomore effort and the process of bilingual songwriting…

    Covers/Text sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Klezmer Rebs

    The Klezmer Rebs are an eight piece Wellington band that plays klezmer music, an engaging style of world/folk music born out of the Yiddish/Jewish culture of Eastern Europe in the 1800s and 1900s.Klezmer Rebs instrumentation includes guitar and mandolin, two violins, accordion, keyboards, trumpet, trombone, recorder and vocals. About half of the group members are Jewish, three are ex-Yanks, one Brit, and one anarchic Swiss clarinet player.

    Cover image

    Klezmer Rebs perform live for NZ Live in the RNZ Wellington studio, 2009.

    Profile sourced from Covers courtesy of Klezmer Rebs & Bandcamp. Live concert courtesy of RNZ. Used with permission.

  • Lake South

    Lake South is the solo project by Lake from Urbantramper. He has released two singles and is working on a full length album…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Lauren King

    Cover image









    Lauren King is a composer based in Wellington. She has composed music for over thirty visual media projects, including short films, documentaries and video games, and has worked with a variety of directors and production companies in New Zealand, Australia, US and the UK. Lauren writes music for a diverse range of screen projects, and strives to bring a fresh but accessible musical voice to the table.

    Lauren King: Inscape – NZ Musician review, Dec./Jan. 2016

    Lauren’s screen credits include ‘Half Life 3: Unannounced’ (Fence Post Productions – 2014), ‘The Winter Boy’ (Pounamu Pictures – 2010) and ‘Time for Change’ (James Cunningham – 2010). Alongside her screen work, Lauren has also independently released two EP’s ( ‘When Ponyfish Collide’ (2012), ‘Moments’ (2015), and recently her first solo album ‘Inscape’ in 2015.

    Text courtesy of Lauren King. Covers from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Lex French

    New Zealand-born jazz trumpet player Lex French has been described as “the leading local voice on the instrument”, making his name as both an instrumentalist and educator. He is a sought-after composer and arranger, and has recently been commissioned to write works for string quartet, jazz orchestra and massed trombone choir.

    In August 2016, French relocated to Montreal, Canada, where his most recent engagements have included playing with Joel Miller’s Dream Cassette, lead trumpet for the National Jazz Orchestra of Montreal, the Christine Jensen/Lex French Quartet, the Modern Organ Quartet featuring Jim Doxas, Mark Nelsons Sympathetic Frequencies and the Lex French/Marie Fatima Duo.

    French also has substantial experience in musical theatre, and has worked with international agencies Barry and Fran Weissler Productions and Really Useful Group, among others. He has released two albums as a leader: The Cut (Rattle, 2014) and Prevent The Future (Wizard Tone, 2017) featuring Australian guitarist James Muller.

    Trumpeter Lex French Mixes Up a Wide Range of Musical Styles Stuff, February 12, 2016

  • Lilah

    Drone/Experimental duo ‘Lilah’ are Louis Reeve, Jo Cain and drummer Christian Williams who released their first S/T album in 2014.

    Cover image

    ‘Big Oh’ – Produced and Directed by James Crane

  • Little Bark

    Little Bark aka Sophie Burbery is in love with synthesizers, electronic beats, melodic hooks and gnarley guitars. She directs, writes and produces everything herself, aligning with a different co-producer for every project. Born and bred in New Zealand (spending most of her time in Wellington until she moved to Auckland in 2013) she’s been compared to Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Lykke Li to name a few. Her songwriting is full of vivid imagery and strange happenstances. Burbery first came to attention with the release of her debut ‘Hope is Rubbery’ in 2011.

    In the spirit of Outkast’s celebrated Speakerboxx/The Love Below, Burbery split the album into two EP’s, each side created with a different producer. On Hope is Rubbery Burbery presented two distinct musical personas (one side Sophie Burbery, the other Little Bark) with Radio NZ describing it as; ‘Curious, fantastical songs…like falling through clouds”.

    Her second release, USB (Unique Sonic Broadcast), has been Co-produced with collaborator Stef Animal (The Golden Awesome, Mestar), the synth-based album is laid out like a film soundtrack with a mixture of synth pop songs interspersed with lush instrumentals. Little Bark performs with a 4 piece band, featuring 2 synthesists, a drummer (using a Simmons electronic kit), bassist and vocals.

    Little bark

    RNZ interview with Sophie about ‘Little Bark’ album USB, her synth collection, and her love of all things Phil Collins.

    Profile courtesy of Sophie Burbery.
    Interview courtesy RNZ.

  • Lontalius

    Lontalius is one of the stage names of 18 year old underground Wellington sensation Eddie Johnston, who also records under the moniker ‘Race Banyon’, and has been an active participant in the local live scene since his early teens…

    Cover image









    The Mixtape: Eddie Johnston AKA Lontalius/Race Banyon

    02072015150118.CROP-0001“Over the last four years, Eddie Johnston has become one of the more recognisable young musical talents within Wellington’s DIY underground, both online and offline. A singer, guitarist, keyboardist, beatmaker and bandleader, he expresses himself through two key musical projects: the guitar/Casiotone drone-rock of Lontalius, and the astral laptop electronica of Race Banyon. “With Race Banyon I feel like I have an empty canvas,” he says. “If I feel an emotion, I can put it into music in any way that I choose. With Lontalius my own taste with that kind of music conflicts with me trying to put feelings into music. I will stay away from chord progressions that feel cheesy to me, or even guitar sounds that sound overused.” While his electronic music as Race Banyon has given him a sense of emotional freedom, it was his early releases and performances as Lontalius that got him noticed. Opening spots for Glass Vaults, Dear Times Waste, Liam Finn and The Eversons soon followed. One thing that has stayed off the radar is the fact that, even though Johnston has been on the live scene for nearly five years, he’s a sixteen year—old high school student. “When I first started releasing music, Blink from A Low Hum told me to not push the age thing too far,” he explains. “I’ve tried to stick with that. I think another thing that has kept my age from becoming a gimmick is that I’ve always associated myself with people four or five years older than me.” Raised in a musically fluent household, Johnston started playing guitar at age eight, discovering the music of The Beatles, Crowded House, Liam Finn and The Mint Chicks. In turn this lead him to more experimental rock landscapes. In recent months however, his ears have shifted more towards pop, R&B, hip—hop, house and footwork. In particular he praises Drake and The-Dream. “I feel like I‘m singing The-Dream songs in my head 24 hours a day,” he admits. “He has an incredible ear for melody.” A member of nationwide beat collective Keroscene Comic Book, in 2013 his focus has been Race Banyon. Through a series of EPs and remixes, he’s been catching ears nationwide and finding a deeper sense of music, “I’ve never been this happy about my music before,” he enthuses.”

    Lontalius live in session, 8 Oct. 2015
    Before heading to New York’s CMJ and Red Bull Music Academy in Paris Eddie spoke to RNZs Emma Smith about the songs and impending adventures…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp.
    The Audience profile sourced from Rip It Up, No.354, Aug-Sep 2013. Used with permission.

  • Lord Echo

    New Zealand producer and multi instrumentalist Lord Echo (aka Michael August/Mike Fabulous) has been flexing his dual-mastery of 60’s production techniques and modern dance floor aesthetics for over a decade now, through a flowing blend of boogie-laced Funk, disco-primed Reggae, futuristic Soul, and timeless African rhythms….

    Cover image









    ‘Lord Echo’ talks about music and his recently released album in the 2011 RNZ interview…

    ‘What Is That Feeling’ – Live at ‘On The Floor’ Unit, Tokyo 2014…

    ‘The Mixtape’ with Mike Fabulous…
    Mike compiles a C60 of his favourite tracks & talks about the new ‘Lord Echo’ album Curiosities

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.


    Cover image










    Formed in 2012 folk duo LOST BiRD are Ali Whitton (guitar and voice) and Oliver Vetter (violin and voice). Ali excavates his heart into the songs, and Oliver covers them with whiskey-soaked violin lines…

    From Ali:
    My aim this year was to make an album and, without thinking too hard about it, I was going to launch a kickstarter campaign. But I started to realise that I needed a more step-by-step process that took the audience along with us. We’ve made two quality recordings of some (hopefully) good songs. We’ve got some awesome New Zealand artwork which you can buy prints of. The songs will be for sale for the next three months, after which they will be put onto Spotify, iTunes, and all other major outlets. All proceeds from your support on Bandcamp will go back into recording more songs for you…

    Ali meets RNZs Charlotte Graham for a laid-back acoustic set and a chat about leaving the whirlwind of London for a life in the New Zealand outdoors…

    From Martin Andrews BSide Stories blog/podcast Ali discusses his Celtic origins in England, the influence of the notorious Wellington weather on his songwriting and the difficulties of maintaining a working life while following your heart in the arts. Also features three live performances of as yet unreleased LOST BiRD songs.

    Cover used with permission.

  • Louis Baker

    Cover image











    With an astute eye for lyrical detail, a rich vocal tone that harks back to classic Motown-era soul and a direct and expressive guitar style, singer-songwriter Louis Baker was one of the most promising new talents to emerge in recent years. After wowing audiences as opening act of choice for The Thomas Oliver Band, and as part of new generation super-group Brockaflowersaurus-Rex & The Blueberry Biscuits, Louis moved into the spotlight as a solo artist.

    Prizing the intimacy and immediacy of performing solo with his guitar, Louis sings openly and honestly about his life, exploring the big themes – love, loss and a life unfolding – all the while keeping the energy and interaction front and centre for his audience. He has opened for both legendary locals Hi-Tek, & Fat Freddy’s Drop and incredible Chicago brass band The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Around this time he was accepted to attend the 2012 edition of The Red Bull Music Academy in New York City.`

    Louis Baker has been chosen to attend the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy in New York city. He plays live in the studio.

    Along with solo work, Louis was also part of ‘Vanilau, Maxwell, Baker’, a Crosby, Stills and Nash styled group with Mark Vanilau and one of Baker’s heroes, Warren Maxwell, who personally invited him to join the group. “I was truly floored when I first heard him sing. His voice is a conduit for pure emotion and the maturity of his songwriting completely contradicts his age. There is a soulful path written already for this gifted minstrel.” – Warren Maxwell.

    After being selected for the 2012 edition of The Red Bull Music Academy in New York City, Baker’s 2014 EP was recorded in a North London studio with Andy Lovegrove, the producer behind Breaks Co-Op and Supergrass. One of those songs ‘Back on my Feet’ was a finalist for the 2014 Silver Scroll…

    Wellington singer/songwriter Louis Baker joins Emma Smith in the studio for a taste of his debut E.P. Louis Baker, and tells of meeting producer Just Blaze, and the hook that got away…

    From NZ Live in 2014, Louis joins Simon Mercep for a chat and a few songs before he embarks on short tour of Australia…

    In 2015, as part of the ‘Pukeahu National war memorial’ opening ceremony Louis played his song ‘Love’ which has been a project two years in the making. No less than 500 people attended the memorial’s official opening ahead of the ANZAC centenary commemorations. You can find out more about the opening here. In 2016 Louis was chosen to participate in Auckland’s SongHubs. SongHubs brings three of the world’s best songwriters to Auckland and teams them up with some of our most promising home-grown talent for five days of intensive song-writing. Louis can be seen in photographer Amanda Ratcliffe’s photo essay here.

    Louis Bakercrop70-0001

    Who’s Next
    by Martyn Pepperell

    23 year old Wellington soul singer and guitarist Louis Baker has that classic Kiwi air. He’s one of those relaxed, earnest bros with a smile for
    everyone. Blessed with a richly toned voice known to make grown men cry, an astute eye for lyrical detail and competent guitar chops, in 2013 Baker is really coming into his own. A member of both local nine piece soul ensemble Brockaflowersaurus Rex 8: The Blueberry Biscuits and Vanilau-Maxwell-Baker (with Mark Vanilau and Warren Maxwell), this summer he has also been busy on stages playing solo or with his small band. Capping off a year which saw him secure management, get accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy and start recording with respected New Zealand producers like Benny Tones, Paddy Fred and Julien Dyne, Baker is in a good place. “Things have changed for me in a big way over the last year,” he reflects. “I’ve seen the potential within myself and realised I could really and truly go well if I choose to.” Having been active on the Wellington circuit for a few years now, opening for acts like The Thomas Oliver Band and playing low-key sessions at The Southern Cross Garden Bar, Baker finally found the direction he needed when he connected with his manager, Cushla Ashton of Ashton Road. “Before I met Cushla I was just doing a lot of small gigs that weren’t necessarily achieving much for me,” he admits. “I’ve started to learn a lot more now, and learn a lot faster.” Deservedly catapulted into the position of opening for the likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, plus playing with Vanilau and Maxwell, Baker has been placed directly next to some ofthe key local musicians who inspired him in his late teens. In the process he’s beginning to form his own philosophies on creativity. “I think the most influential, unique people in our history have always been those sort of people who can’t put something down,” Baker muses. Through his fledgling successes, he’s also realising how much he has left to learn. “I’m becoming wise to the fact that I don’t know anything, which I think is one of the wisest things you can realise in your life”

    Louis Baker returns to RNZ’s studio in Wellington, two years after his last visit to share some new music…

    Cover image

    In mid 2016 Louis began to drop hints that some new music was on the way, songs written and recorded with new friends and collaborators, and which reflect new experiences. First up seems to be ‘Rainbow’, written in New Zealand, recorded at Red Bull Studios in London with The Nextmen’s Brad Ellis…

    Louis acknowledges the early influences of albums like Fat Freddy’s Drop’s Based on a True Story and Home Land and Sea by Trinty Roots, as he discusses with Nick Bollinger…

    Profile adapted from Amplifier. ‘Who’s Next’ from Rip It Up, No. 351 Feb-Mar 2013. Used with permission.

  • Lucid Effect

    The Lucid Effect (AKA Declan Ramsay) is layers of sound, interweaved together, creating a cacophony to tell stories both tall and short. Armed only with his voice, a guitar, and a loop pedal, Lucid Effect makes walls of sound that engulfs the listener.

    Originally from New Plymouth Declan put out his first EP when he was just 17. Moving to Wellington his first release under the Lucid Effect moniker was the 2012 EP ‘Shakes & Shivers’. ‘I Came From A Dark Place’ followed in 2015 along with a North Island Tour.

    Response to ‘I Came From A Dark Place’:
    “Majestic music with great fidelity and sentiment.” –
    “A suprise delight all round.” – NZMusician

    Cover imageWellingtonMusicBlog2_

    Lucid Effect performing “So Long, Anywhere” at Sofar Wellington on June 1st, 2016

  • Ludus

    Cover image










    Emma Bernard, a classically trained pianist, creates beautiful ambient/downbeat electronica under the moniker of Ludus. Emma is one of the current wave of electronic producers who have grown up with electronica and are ensuring the culture of creativity continues to bloom. We invited Emma to take part in an email interview, which you can read on our Blog.

  • Mac & Tire


    ‘Mac & Tire’ describes his first album as…
    ‘A collection of exported files from last year – mostly in unfinished states released as is – not even mastered and volume normalised. This is all about letting go of who I was – including all the embarrassing phases. These tracks were made in all sorts of circumstances, late into the night-gone-morning, drunk off my face and with silly restrictions. I’m proud of some and others are just hilariously bad…

    Cover image

  • Malignancy








    Malignancy are are two-piece black metal band. They describe themselves as “a band that uses black metal as a jumping off point, but is just as equally filled with elements of shoegaze and Eno-style ambient soundscapes.”

    Their debut EP Lost was released in March 2017, and was awarded Best Black Metal Cover in March by BDP Metal. They cite Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice, Cobalt, Darkthrone and Burzum as major influences.

  • Malty Media

    Electronia/ambient side project of Jet Jaguar. On the Angryrabbit label…

    Cover image

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Maple Syrup

    Cover image










    Maple Syrup are a grungy garage 4-piece made up of:
    Jerry Ramirez (Guitar Vocals), Vera Williams (Guitar,Vocals), Tarquin Smith (Drums) & Lukas Jury (Bass). Vera Ellen released a solo album previously (the great Monte Casino) and Maple Syrup began as a folk duo with just her & Jerry, before morphing into a rock band that more suited the material they were writing. Debut EP ‘Ace and Gab’s Honeymoon’ was recorded at Tsunami Studios in Levin after winning some free recording time…

    Fresh Talent: Maple Syrup – NZ Musician Magazine February/March 2016.

    Ace & Gab’s Honeymoon EP – Review, New Zealand Music Magazine online

    Kick Out The Jams: Maple Syrup

    Cover used with permission.

  • Mara TK

    The son of Maori psychedelic rock legend Billy TK, over the last few years, Mara TK, has, through his work alongside acclaimed Kiwi future soul trio ‘Electric Wire Hustle’ and a bevy of globally towering musical talents, proven himself to be a singular force for modern music.

    Cover image









    NZ Live – Mara TK and Billy

    Fluent in voice, guitar, bass and beat machines, outside of his aforementioned band, Mara TK has been blessed to both work in the studio with and perform next to ‘Eru Dangerpsiel’, ‘Wild Bill Ricketts’, ‘Ommas Keith’, ‘Muhsinah’, ‘Jake One’, Julien Dyne and others, in the process forging an artistically idiosyncratic (and highly in-demand) reputation within the worlds of future soul and modern beats.

    Hollie Smith talks to RNZ about collaborating with Mara TK on her third album ‘Band of Brothers Volume 1’…

    Signed to BBE records as part of ‘Electric Wire Hustle’ and a previous Red Bull Music Academy Alumni, it would be easy to artistically paint Mara TK into a Future Soul and Modern Beats shaped pigeonhole. However, as his stellar psychedelic folk performances at the 2009 edition of ‘Fly My Pretties’ tellingly revealed, artistically speaking, Mara TK is so much more.

    As a continuation of this urge, working alongside his father and a band he has dubbed ‘Data Hui’, Mara TK explores an ultramodern blues, country and folk referencing cosmic soundworld which found expression on their debut group album ‘Taniwhunk’. Driven by an investigation of the theme of “Maoris in space,” ‘Taniwhunk’ is a sci-fi re-appropriation of the navigation techniques of the first Maori settlers of Aotearoa, as re-imagined through a bilingually futurist space exploration lens.

    From RNZ’s ‘Te Ahi Kaa, 2008
    Mara TK lived one of his fantasies when he recorded with Om’Mas Keith at the Red Bull Academy in 2007.

    Cover image

    Mara TK previews his performance of The Collective Prophet at City Gallery Wellington…

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Matiu Te Huki

    Paekakariki Memorial Hall 2011

    Matiu “The Hook” Te Huki is known for his amazing vocal skills and energy, his ability to powerfully connect with, hold and lift a crowd whilst either fronting a band, or as a solo artist. Matiu intuitively nurtures a deep connection with his audience creating the energy that opens portals of paradise.

    Matiu has a back ground in traditional Maori performing arts, theatre and fronting great bands with his powerful yet smooth, unique voice. He has performed with the likes of ‘Fat Freddies Drop’, ‘Rhombus’, ‘Pitch Black’, ‘Tiki Taane’, ‘Anika Moa’ and many more of New Zealand’s top artists. Matiu was the founding member of the popular NZ roots band Homefire Burning and ‘My Golden Soul’, as well as being part of the hip-hop/roots collective Basscamp.

    As a singer songwriter, the soul stirring messages in Matiu’s music are positive, inspiring and unifying. His music has a strong Maori flavour using haka, chants and traditional Maori instruments. The music itself is soulful roots with grabbing grooves, deep dub with beautiful bass, funk and a bit of hip hop. His performing name “The Hook” relates to his ingeniously created melody hooks and crafted bass lines that stick with you long after the song finishes.

    Cover image

    Cover imageCover image








    Cover images/Text sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Matt Langley

  • Matthew Pickering

  • Mauricio Molina

    Mauricio is originally from Mar Del Plata, Argentina, but has been based in Wellington for the last couple of years. He can often be found playing at the Wellington Night Market on Cuba street…

    As Mauricio says: I´m a musician and also the producer of my own songs. Through them, not only my thoughts and my sensations, many of them of social nature, but also personal issues find their way. Therefore, the melody and the message behind each of the songs are crucial, because they attempt to honestly express my feelings…

    Cover image


    I Only Ask Of God / Solo Le Pido A Dios from Mauricio Molina on Vimeo.

    Interview with Mauricio with Terry Shore from Wellington Access Radio, where he talks about his music and plays a couple of songs in the studio…

  • Melting Faces

    Epic psychedelic heavy blues rock, soaked in delay and trippyness make up the soundscape that is ‘Melting Faces’. Members: Jesse Betham-Walsh, Blair Clarke, Daniel O’brien, & Ben Lovell…

    Cover image

    From RNZs ‘NZ Live’…

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Mermaidens

    Dreamy alternative three-piece band composed of duel vocalists and guitarists Lily & Gussie, along with with Abe on drums. Melds elements of stoner rock with surf music and dreamy pop. Dreamsurf?

    Beginning in 2014, they recorded an EP ‘O’, followed by a single, and played shows in both Wellington & around the country. They spent the last part of 2015 on overseas trips, but before then had recorded live the basic tracks for a debut album ‘Undergrowth’ at Blue Barn Studio in Newtown, the new home of ex-Munki engineer James Goldsmith.

    Cover image










    Mermaidens/A Tangle Of Vines – NZ Musician Magazine, Feb/Mar, 2016

    Mermaidens with their song Stoner Battles from their EP ‘Bones’…

    Cover image










    New album ‘Undergrowth’, released in March.

    Verse Chorus Verse: Mermaidens
    Mermaidens give us a track-by-track rundown of their new album, ‘Undergrowth’ – The Wireless.

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission


    An explosive Cocktail of sultry, soul-infused rock. Based in Lower Hutt, MERRIN’s music uses strong sensual vocals and raunchy kick-driven grooves to gently pull you in before thrusting you into a twisted web of seductive aggression – but it’s more than that. They also function as covers band ‘THE INITIATIVE’ and are the vessel through which Karl, Charlie, Lisa, Dan and Richard come together: To Create. To Laugh. To Share. To Dream.

    To understand MERRIN’s essence is to know Karl and Charlie. After the twists her life had taken, Charlie was already disillusioned with the world when the death of her father drove her to the edge. But somehow, something long-since buried burst to the surface, a need to live and create music. Armed with a newly re-awakened desire to pursue, Charlie left the only life she knew .

    From an early age, Karl’s been in and out of hospital for various and multiple life-preserving surgeries but he doesn’t let that define him. In fact, you wouldn’t even suspect. With a genuine zest for life that emanates from every pore in his body and energy to rival that of the energizer bunny, Karl’s passion for music was just beginning .

    November 2011 saw the first incarnation, with Lisa Tagaloa (Bass) and Brendan Candy (Ex drums). Three months later they were in the studio recording forthcoming debut EP “Don’t Forget to Breathe” and during post-production, Daniel Murray (Guitar) was brought into the fold. After a year full of firsts, highlights and learning curves, 2013 found the family complete with Richard Maxwell Jnr (Drums).

    2015 saw the band opening for 90s Alt-Rock legends ‘Everclear’ (check out their experiences here) and the release of ‘Angerfist’, the first single from their new EP ‘Colour Five’ due to be released in September 2015.

    The Courage to leave a past fraught with darkness meets the light of a fighter determined to live. This is the spark that ignited the dream, and the basis of MERRIN as it is today…

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Meth Drinker

    ‘Meth Drinker’ have been playing raw, aggressive, disturbing Sludge/doom metal since 2010 inspired by classic sludge bands from the 90′s like Grief, Noothgrush, Corrupted, Iron Monkey, Eyehategod and Dystopia. They released a debut self-titled LP in 2011 and a split 12″ with fellow New Zealand Sludge band ‘Open Tomb’ in 2012. The self-titled 12″ was re-released by Raw Birth Records in 2012. They had a successful tour through Europe in 2013 with US band ‘Graves at Sea’ and released a 7″ and split 12″ with British Sludge band ‘Moloch’.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Mike Hogan & Christopher Hill

    Mike Hogan is a New Zealand born composer and musician.Mike has had a lifelong career in music, working in composition, performance, theatrical production, music video production, recording engineering and production and musical event management. Mike has received international recognition as a composer through performances and recordings of his works by leading New Zealand performers.

    ‘Dark to Light’ features the Solo Classical Guitar compositions of Mike Hogan, performed by Christopher Hill. All of the tracks on this album were recorded mixed and mastered by Lee Prebble at The Surgery Studio, Wellington NZ, between September 2013 and June 2014. Christopher played a Simon Marty Classical Guitar.

    Gunter Herbig form RNZs ‘Upbeat’ introduces ‘Matariki’from Mike & Christopher’s new recording…

    Cover image









    Gunter Herbig preview’s ‘Dark to Light’…

    Dark to Light reviewed in NZ Musician.

    Cover/Text courtesy of Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Mike Ruckus

    Mike Ruckus (AKA Rucky Ducky / RKYxDKY / RurrkaDurrka / Rucks LeBucks) is a full Time Button Pusher, Record Sampler, DJ. Or as Mike says ‘…essentially just another beat maker living at home…’.

    The last few years have seen Mike Ruckus get heavily involved with the local Hip Hop scene taking on the job of DJ for local rap group Mad handsome’s live shows and holding down a club residency at local hot spot ‘Good Luck’ for the last 3 years and a regular at the legendary drinking hub ‘Matterhorn’

    With sets that include anything James Brown, classic party raps, disco, the latest club bangers and anything in-between everyone is sure to have a good time getting down while Mike Ruckus is behind the decks.

    2014 brought along with it a swag of fresh original productions out of the studio that has been getting some recent attention, with a classic soul sample flips and heavily chopped drums…

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Mikey Jamieson

  • Miles Calder & The Rumours

    Cover image









    Miles Calder & The Rumours are a five piece alt-country band based in Wellington. Melding energetic country with heartfelt folk, Miles’ songs exhibit raw honesty and eloquent storytelling. The Rumours’ arrangement and performance of the songs offers a captivating and diverse Americana sound.

    Miles Calder & The Rumours formed in late 2011 and have since been regularly gracing the stages around Wellington. In March 2013, the band was lucky enough to be one of the last artists to record in the iconic Surgery Studios in Tasman Street, Wellington. With Ryan Prebble at the helm they recorded seven tracks live over two days. The resulting debut EP, The Crossing Over, was released in 2013.

    “All you locals longing for the next Ryan Adams tour should be following Miles Calder & the Rumours. Their alt-country ballads triumphed…” – Capital Times

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Mister Owl

    Alternative goth rock with a bit of humour thrown in…

    Cover image

    Text/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Mitch Alderlieste

    Mitch made the move to Wellington early 2015 to pursue a career of being a professional musician as both a band member and acoustic soloist.

    ‘Coming from quite a rock orientated background I have now found a particular style that best defines me as a musician and songwriter. Blending elements of intimate, emotional pop ballads and powerful atmospheric rock, my music is inspired and developed by what we all know and love but focused and delivered from a fresh, new perspective.Coming from quite a rock orientated background he has now found a particular style that best defines him as a musician and songwriter. Blending elements of intimate, emotional pop ballads and powerful atmospheric rock, his music is inspired and developed by what we all know and love but focused and delivered from a fresh, new perspective.’

    Cover image

    Covers/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Mo Blishen

  • Module

    Welcome to the world of Module, a world where classical meets futuristic, where man meets machine.

    Module is the Solo Project of Jeramiah Ross. A Multi Instrumentalist from Wellington New Zealand.

    Jeramiah has had years performing in the NZ music scene performing in such bands as Rhombus, Fly My Pretties and Along side label mate & good friend Rhian Sheehan.

  • Momentum

    Downbeat drum & bass/electronica, exploring the frequency spectrum one beat at a time. Momentum is a Jekyll and Hyde producer and DJ. The Hyde side: Gutter-crawling bass-heavy sonic mayhem. The mysterious Dr Jekyll: Sky-high heart-rending grooves…

    Cover image

    Text/cover sourced from Facebook/Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Montano

    Shanan Holm (Octif) and Michael Upton (Jet Jaguar) are this ambient music duo, whose music is mostly sourced from a field recording per track.

    Shanan Holm & Michael Upton have been writing electronic music for more than a decade, meeting when both contributing tracks to Obscure’s ‘Skankatronics’ compilation in the mid-‘90s.The name came from a sign on the buzzer of Shanan’s Melbourne flat & suits the location-based concept behind the project ~ a fully collaborative effort with all tracks written together in the same room at the same time.

    Cover image

    Profile sourced from Bandcamp & Used with permission.

  • Moses

    Cover image










    MOSES are a 6-piece band offering up a unique brand of Ambient-Psychedelia. Formed in late 2014, releasing a string of singles and their acclaimed debut EP in 2015, before signing with ‘Half A Cow Record’s in Australia – 2016 has seen a second successful EP, a debut album release and national tour. Having featured on blogs all over the world, MOSES will be releasing a second album in early 2017.

    Their second EP, released via ‘Half A Cow’ Records in Australia, took their unique brand of ambient-psychedelia in a new direction – Channelling pioneering folk-rock artists of the late 1960s such as Neil Young and The Band in a collection of more natural, but none-the-less ethereal sounding songs.

    Cover image










    PREMIERE: Let MOSES heal you with their warming stew of swirling psych –

    The balance of the lead instruments switched, with Daniel Wylie’s modulated lead guitar taking a more ambient, back-seat approach to Louisa Nicklin’s droning saxophone. The vocal harmonies of Teyler Hayes and Anthony Lander also took a more prominent, upfront role in the new EP – Conversing an overriding concept of finding contentment in adversity and loss.

    MOSES toured throughout New Zealand in March 2016, with a self-titled full-length album released in late 2016.

    Moses: Dictated Emotions – New Zealand Musician Magazine

  • Mountain of Cake

    Alternative lo-fi….

  • Mus-Time

    Melodic underground hip-hop…

  • Muszeo

    Muszeo, the moniker of local soundtrack composer Martin Hunter, is all about the synths… Muszeo’s work focuses on intertwining beautiful synths with transitional orchestral sounds of the soundtrack/cinematic/game genres..

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • My Chameleon

  • My Dear Watson

    My Dear Watson is the musical project of songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Simon Watson. Watson released the EP Promises in October 2017, recording with songwriter/producer Geoff Duncan in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Several tracks on Promises were initially part of Watson’s Sketchbook series, beginning as vocal and guitar-only demos before being developed. Watson has described this as “practicing in public” – a process he also used in 2010 when he released a song per fortnight.

    My Dear Watson’s music has been described as “combining rock licks, folk-like sensibilities and outright eccentricity… a melting pot of sounds both melodic and experimental.” He has performed with artists including Sunbird7, Jim Wisp, Jake Stokes, Hault and Retrospect.

  • Myele Manzanza

  • Nailgun

    Hardcore Lower Hutt punk band…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Neon Bastard

  • Nicole Andrews

    Nicole is a self-taught pianist from Portland Oregon, now based in Wellington New Zealand. Her self-produced debut album, In the Shallows, is a collection of introspective songs with echoes of Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Massive Attack…

    Nicole’s piano driven compositions and haunting vocals are showcased alongside beautiful and intriguing arrangements of strings, organ, drums, synth, distortion and more. The result is a raw and truthful album that challenges you to explore your own inner darkness.

    This self-produced album was made with the support of Creative New Zealand, features the work of well known New Zealand musicians and was featured as the Album Preview of the Week on Radioactive FM. Recorded and mixed by Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios. The Steinway Piano parts were recorded at ‘The New Zealand School of Music’. Mastered at Munki Studios by Mike Gibson.


    Cover image











    Video for the single ‘Whisper’…

    NZ Musician review of In The Shallows….










    Nicole Andrews performing “Pixelated Roses” at Sofar Wellington on June 1st, 2016

    New album ‘A Stranger’ was released in May 2018.

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp/Nicole Andrews. Used with permission.

  • Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men

    Cover image









    Spooky’s music is described as mystical and mesmerising, many tales sung through melodies and pulses – a natural accompaniment of storytelling through music.The roots are primarily folk, branching out to the likes of blues, jazz and soul. Folk with a slight quirky twist.

    ‘Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men’ is one of the musical projects of Nikita Tu-Bryant, lead singer of FLITE.

    Recorded “live at Happy” in 2011, one of the last recorded shows at Happy Bar before it had to close down.

    Nikita Tu-Bryant: Recording with Rangi – NZ Musician Magazine, Aug./Sep, 2016.

  • Niko Ne Zna

    Niko Ne Zna are New Zealand’s very own Balkan Gypsy brass extravaganza. Playing original music and music from the gypsy-soaked Balkan States, Niko Ne Zna’s music is full of hypnotic melodies and wild infectious rhythms. The band consists of some of New Zealand’s finest instrumentalists who come from a wide array of musical backgrounds. Two trumpets, saxophone, bass and tenor trombones, sousaphone, percussion, Balkan bass drum (tapan) and snare drum produce a cocktail that will make your ears rise to attention and your feet move in a frenzy.

    Formed in Wellington in 2005 comprising trumpet, saxophone, accordion, trombone, sousaphone, drums and percussion, Niko Ne Zna are a truly authentic ensemble, who roam about the audience while playing, encouraging dancing, singing, clapping and stomping all night long. The music of Niko Ne Zna is high energy with dark undertones and sexy gypsy style. They are a class act with exotic tunes, fantastic grooves and exciting musicianship.

    They have done some very exciting performances including 13 shows in September-October playing to up to 5000 people each evening opening for the World of Wearable Arts at the TSB Arena Wellington. They are also a staple of the New Zealand Festival circuit having played at Nelson Arts Festival, Taranaki Arts Festival, Splore Festival and the Wellington Jazz Festival to name a few. They also have three songs featuring on Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement’s vampire hit movie ‘What We Do in The Shadows’.

    Cover image










    RNZs ‘The Sampler: Gypsies’ featuring Niko Ne Zna…

    Cover image








    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp, Facebook & Amplifier. Review sourced from Rip It Up – No. 352, April-May 2013. Used with permission.

  • Nok

  • O and the Mo











    New band, whose debut single ‘Flying Man’ was released in May. Originally a duo they have now expanded to a four piece.

  • Onono

    Onono is the project of Wellington-based multi-instrumentalist Jono Nott. Originally from Blenheim, Nott has spent the past six years playing in a range of bands, including Hans Pucket, Red Sky Blues and Uncle Dave. In 2016 he toured with Nelson—and now LA-based—duo Broods, playing at the Staples Center.

    In December 2016 Onono released their debut album Bad Posture, recorded at the Truby King Studio. The album includes contributions from musicians Patrick Hickley and Audrey Banach-Salas. In July 2017 Onono released the follow-up single ‘The Gardener’.

    Lo & Behold have described Onono as a “woozy spiral of fuzz-laden guitars and mellow vocals held together by Jono’s trademark understated yet deliciously groovy drumming.” Their songs are primarily constructed around instrumentation, with the lyrics unfolding from a single, catchy line.

    My Space: OnonoLo & Behold, November 28, 2016

    Interview: OnonoSalient, May 1, 2017

  • Opal House

    Opal House

    Formed in 2013, Opal House (formerly Towers) are an award-winning indie pop band from Wellington, New Zealand. The five-piece, made up of Sam Cotton, Jesse Finn, Steffan Paton, Connor Scott and Kenyon Shankie, describe their signature sound as blending elements of folk and synth and electro pop with a focus on their dual vocals, soaring cinematic percussion and rich harmony.

    In 2015 the group performed on prime-time comedy show 7 Days, won national awards for song-writing and vocal prowess and featured in a 12-part live video series for Stuff. They also opened for Australian acts Sarah Belkner and Dean Ray.

    Towers on the Rise for Success – Stuff, October 12, 2015.

    On Saturday 6 August Opal House released their debut EP Brontide at Wellington institution Bodega. Described as a nostalgic dreamland, Brontide explores a visceral narrative of loss, touching on wasted youth and fear of a life lived unfulfilled.

    NZ Music Month: Towers Perform Lorde’s Royals – Stuff, May 8, 2015.

    The group’s first professional effort was recorded and produced in Australia’s Gold Coast at Loose Stones Studio – a modest outfit bearing hefty credentials, with artists such as Matt Corby, Broods, Dead Letter Circus, Guards of May and Jarryd James having graced its halls.

    Producer and studio head Matt Bartlem mixed the record and Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound mastered the record. Opal House are returning to Loose Stones Studio in October of 2016 to record their second EP after enjoying themselves so much the first time around.

  • Orchestra of Spheres

    Psychedelic electronic disco rockers who emerged from the Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society/Pyramid Club scene in 2009 and soon established a cult- like following in New Zealand. Playing house parties, dance parties, DIY shows and opera houses, the Spheres built a reputation for musically and visually ecstatic live shows.

    ‘Jazz Footprints’ interview with Daniel Beban on Ethnomusocolgy, managing FREDs & building instruments for ‘Orchestra Of Spheres’…

    Orchestra of Spheres returned in 2013 with their second full-length album, ‘Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music’, a surreal road-trip through a hyper primal, fuzzed-out, synth laden, garden of Eden. Recorded in Italy in September 2012, in the midst of an epic 70+ gig European tour, this album captures the band as a live, hot, dynamic unit … a futuristic bunga-bunga party band for 22nd century boom-boom cults!!

    Cover image









    David Morrison (Alphabethead from ‘The All Seeing Hand’) talks with fellow sound explorers ‘Orchestra of Spheres’ on their new album ‘Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music’…

    Live at ‘Freds’, Frederick St, Wellington, 2009.

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Interviews & concert courtesy of RNZ. Used with permission.

  • Oscillate

    ‘Oscillate’ is the moniker of Conor Coleman, a solo, instrumental progressive metal/djent artist from Wellington.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Outsiders

  • Oy Azoy







    Oy Azoy are a Wellington-based seven/eight-piece playing an eclectic mix of music from many times and places. Blending klezmer with funk and Latin music, the band bring a vibrant and colourful musical mash-up.

    Oy AzoyNewtown Festival Website, 2017

    Formed in 2009, current band members include Josh Simon (tenor sax), Ayrton Foote (keys), Oscar Laven (trumpet/clarinet), Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (drums), Adrian Laird/Jacqui Nyman (bass), Emma Wollum (vocals/accordion) and Kaito Walley (trombone).

    Fair Day at Newtown, March 5, 2017

    Oy Azoy have played at the Island Bay Festival, Wellington Jazz Festival and Newtown Festival. Their debut EP, Drunk Lullabies, was recorded at Matrix Digital in 2015.

  • Paddy Fred

    Electronic soul beats…
    Paddy Fred’s debut EP release, ‘Laminate’, features guest performances from Estere & Lisa Preston, among others…

    Cover image

    Paddy Fred with his song ‘You Belong’ featuring Louis Baker. From RNZ ‘Introducing’, 2013…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Paperghost

    ‘Paperghost’ is the ambient textures of Zach Webber, who is part of the Sonorous Circle label.

    Zach is also an artist whose drawings are featured on Sonorous Circle. He has also been a member of Fanucman and has drummed on occasion for Craig Elliot. Guest musicians on ‘The Teledermatologist Handbook’ include Grayson Gilmour (Siamese, So So Modern), Reece McNaughten (West Coast Bullies, Will & Reece) and Heather Barnes (Foxcore).

    2015 release ‘Signal Fingers’ included Grayson Gilmour who added some abstract vocals to Cartoon Villian Mantra, and featured samples from friends Craig Elliott on electric guitar, Heather Barnes on cat wrangling noises, Reece McNaughten on drums & Thomas Lambert on electric guitar.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Sonorous Circle. Used with permission.

  • Paraiyar

    ‘Paraiyar’ is the electronica solo project of guitarist William Braddell. A mix of industrial & dark ambient…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Pathways

    DJ/Producer from Wellington…Dubstep/DnB/Bass/44.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Pervertor

    Pervertor was formed in the year of the pervert 2001 under the monicker ‘Cereberus’ whilst members previous band Christian Combustion was still an active force. The lineup consisted of Carnage on guitar/bass, Necroar vokills and Aaron Clitmaco on the drums (the latter completely lost the plot and went Hari Krishna). 4 rehearsal tracks were recorded, 2 of which are still currently in the setlist. Parts of the other 2 were butchered accordingly to make way for new material.

    There was years of inactivity but after vocalist Necroar returned from a 2 year stint in the UK in 2008 things kicked off again with the addition of Shaun on guitar and Rots on drums. Our first live venue assault was in January 2009 (asides from the venue gigs there was a number of party gigs we played also). After nearly a year of hiatus due to members being abroad in Europe the band officially started rehearsing as an entire entity in November 2011. Pervertor played Rites of Abomination fest in February in Auckland alongside Impetuous Ritual, Grave Upheaval, Diocletian, Witchrist, Corpse Feast, Sabbatic Goat & Blood of the Moon.

    Perversion awaits!!

    Cover image

  • Pete Hayes

  • Phantasticus

  • Phantasy Gang

    60’s tinged indie folk-pop…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Phone Sex Robots

    The Phone Sex Robots are Muice, Cam and Dan: We play some fun pop punk. Enjoy.

    Cover image

    You can buy their demo cassette here.

    Cover image









    Covers sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Plum Green

    Melodramatic pop folk rock & goth…

    Born in a squat in Brixton, growing up in New Zealand (Aro Valley) and presently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Plum Green combines elements of folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock with her dark lyrical prose. With a focus on crafting intimate live shows her performances are striking and uplifting. Plum’s musical releases have been described as a collection of dark textures with lyricism containing intriguing subject matter. Described as luscious, dark and deeply literate, Plum Green’s music and lyrics have always had this mix of youthful wisdom, naïve worldliness, a corrupt innocent, which makes them heady and intriguing. Plum has released three E.Ps – Plum Green, The Red, Karma) and the album Rushes.

    Plum and her band recently finished recording a full-length album at the all-analogue Sound Recordings studio in Castlemaine. They have released the first single from this album ‘Baby Bird’, and named the album Sound Recordings after the studio they recorded in. Baby Bird is available now as a digital single, as well as a 7” record which includes the b-side ‘Little Black Pain on Bandcamp. Sound Recordings will be released in February 2019 on a variety of digital formats on the internet. Physical sales (CDs) of ‘Sound Recordings’ will be released in New Zealand in February with two performances in the major New Zealand cities of Wellington (2nd Feb at Meow w Waterfalls + The Deadbeat Dads) and Auckland. Plum and the band also have plans for a second European tour in 2020.

    Plum Green – The Devine Miss Plum – NZ Musician Dec/Jan. 2013 (Vol:17, No:4)

    Cover imgae









    PLUM GREEN : The Red EP – NZ Musician, April/May 2011.

    Plum Green: Rushes – The Elsewhere review & The Elsewhere Questionnaire.

    Interviews and live sets from ‘The Wireless NZ’

    Plum Green














    Covers sourced from Bandcamp. Some text from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Porcelaintoy

    Porcelaintoy is a richly evocative and innovative musical collaboration between Elizabeth De la Rey(vocals/guitar/piano) and Emile De la Rey (electronics).

    The Porcelaintoy sound assimilates a number of eclectic musical traditions (from industrial pop to trip-hop to neo-classical romanticism) around the commanding, sultry voice of singer Elizabeth De la Rey to build contemporary, lush pop soundscapes that they can call their own

  • Postures

    The Postures formed in 2006 and play primitive, thrashy, noise rock with the odd melody thrown in.

    Their track The Strain has been garnering a fair amount of play across the bNets.

  • Race Banyon

    ‘Race Banyon’ is one of the stage names of 18 year old underground Wellington sensation Eddie Johnston, who also records under the moniker ‘Lontalius’, and has been an active participant in the local live scene since his early teens…

    Cover image









    02072015150118.CROP-0001“Over the last four years, Eddie Johnston has become one of the more recognisable young musical talents within Wellington’s DIY underground, both online and offline. A singer, guitarist, keyboardist, beatmaker and bandleader, he expresses himself through two key musical projects: the guitar/Casiotone drone-rock of Lontalius, and the astral laptop electronica of Race Banyon. “With Race Banyon I feel like I have an empty canvas,” he says. “If I feel an emotion, I can put it into music in any way that I choose. With Lontalius my own taste with that kind of music conflicts with me trying to put feelings into music. I will stay away from chord progressions that feel cheesy to me, or even guitar sounds that sound overused.” While his electronic music as Race Banyon has given him a sense of emotional freedom, it was his early releases and performances as Lontalius that got him noticed. Opening spots for Glass Vaults, Dear Times Waste, Liam Finn and The Eversons soon followed. One thing that has stayed off the radar is the fact that, even though Johnston has been on the live scene for nearly five years, he’s a sixteen year—old high school student. “When I first started releasing music, Blink from A Low Hum told me to not push the age thing too far,” he explains. “I’ve tried to stick with that. I think another thing that has kept my age from becoming a gimmick is that I’ve always associated myself with people four or five years older than me.” Raised in a musically fluent household, Johnston started playing guitar at age eight, discovering the music of The Beatles, Crowded House, Liam Finn and The Mint Chicks. In turn this lead him to more experimental rock landscapes. In recent months however, his ears have shifted more towards pop, R&B, hip—hop, house and footwork. In particular he praises Drake and The-Dream. “I feel like I‘m singing The-Dream songs in my head 24 hours a day,” he admits. “He has an incredible ear for melody.” A member of nationwide beat collective Keroscene Comic Book, in 2013 his focus has been Race Banyon. Through a series of EPs and remixes, he’s been catching ears nationwide and finding a deeper sense of music, “I’ve never been this happy about my music before,” he enthuses.”

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp.
    The Audience profile sourced from Rip It Up, No.354, Aug-Sep 2013. Used with permission.

  • Rapture Ruckus

    In a market flooded with bands it takes something extra special to grab your attention these days. Rapture Ruckus are one of those rare groups that are cutting through the noise and connecting with people all over the world using their catchy blend of rock and hip-hop.
    Perhaps the first real display of this magnetism in action came at New Zealand’s renowned Parachute Music Festival. There, fronted by talented producer/songwriter Brad Dring, they won the hearts of over 25,000 people and went on to break the festival record for Highest-Selling Debut Act.
    Parachute Music were quick to see the potential and sign Rapture Ruckus in 2004, and over the past six years the band has continued to gather an increasing following through extensive touring (U.S, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and Australasia) and the release of three albums out of their native New Zealand. In 2007 their album I BELIEVE received critical acclaim at the NZ Music Awards, winning the award for Best Christian/Gospel Album.
    International attention followed in the form of BEC Recordings, who signed the band in late 2009 and has partnered with them in their self-titled debut U.S. release. The six-track album is America’s first taste of the signature sound that is Rapture Ruckus. From the crowd-pleasing choruses of pop anthems ‘Tonight’ and ‘No Matter What’ to the bold declarations of ‘I Believe’, this record showcases the band’s ability to write songs that will stick in your head for days.
    The first single to be released in the States, ‘Hold On’, was written by Dring in response to some close friends who were facing cancer, depression and a marriage falling apart. The song speaks of clinging onto God’s promises regardless of our situations and circumstances. Dring admits to being overwhelmed by the number of emails sent in from people saying they desperately needed to hear that message of hope: in our darkest hour sometimes all we need to do is just hold on and trust that God will come through for us.
    Now based out of Nashville, TN the reputation of Rapture Ruckus is growing almost as fast as their fan-base as they tour throughout the States. Attending a Rapture Ruckus concert highlights one of the truly special things about this group – their ability to break through restraints or barriers and really engage with people. Dring is the band’s creative mastermind and is known for his perfectionism. Every element of their live show has been carefully considered. As a result you are treated to a dynamic performance where every light, special effect, graphic or lyric draws you in and allows you to really hear the messages being delivered. That, says Dring, is the ultimate goal.
    So what is Rapture Ruckus? Big stadium-ready choruses. Raw honesty and passion. Songs that are captivating audiences all around the globe.

  • Raw Collective

    ‘Raw Collective’ are a 9-piece Hip Hop big band initially started in Wellington with Jack Cromie, Raw Deezy (Evil Mule), & Pauly Lowe (Blvd. Nights). With their own recording studio, producers, beat makers, audio engineers and a string of musicians their aim is to create thoughtful and fresh hip-hop in the studio, backed up with an impressive full band, live showTheir sound combines elements of Funk, Jazz, and old school Hip Hop. After forming in early-2014 they spent the year traveling around NZ honing their live show, and releasing music. First was their debut Wise Horizons (6-track EP), and then the single Coins (Memories) with accompanying music video which eventually gained #1 on for 2015. Their debut full-length album is set to drop by the end of 2015…

    Cover image

    ‘All I Know’ – Live in the studio….

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp & Raw Collective. Used with permission.


  • Ready Sett











    Based in Wellington, Ready Sett began working on material in early 2014. Anj Barton (vocals and guitar) and Tim Gau (drums) drew inspiration for their songs from early White Stripes and Black Keys recordings. After a burst of gigs following their emergence, they released their debut EP in December 2015.

    Mid-2016 saw Olivia Campion taking over as drummer and backing vocalist. Anj and Olivia bonded over their love for punk, indie and riot grrrl groups of the ‘90s, which led to the creation of fast paced, pop-punk styled tunes. The duo’s songs reflect their feminist consciousness, coming to life through simple pop hooks, crushing guitar riffs and irreverent humour.

    Check out this cheeky vid of our new song, thanks MOON 1 for having us on friday! #technologyaintmyfriend #irony

    Posted by Ready Sett on Saturday, 20 August 2016

  • Red Dawn

    Late 2008, Aided By The World Wide Web Of Propaganda, It Began… Within Minutes A Sound and style Was Emerging. Several Sessions Later, More Strangers Were Introduced. Some Stood, Some Fell. The Resulting Sound Has Been Described Within The Realms Of The Big Four And The NWOBHM With A Modern Original Edge. Solid Driving Drums, Monstrous Blasting Beats Flanked By Solid Grooving Guitar Riffs And Supersonic Melodies, Thunderous And Tight Basslines Met With Melodically Malevolent Vocal. February 2010 The Line Up Was Set And The First Gig Was Played. April 2010 The debut Single, ‘The End Of It All’ Was Recorded At STL Studio’s, Wellington. ‘The End Of It All’ Has Received Attention Both Locally And Internationally.

    April 2012 brought a change in vocals, furthering the melodic trend; the lineup solidified in March of 2013 with an extreme dual shredder guitar attack. ‘Ironhead’ was recorded and produced at STL Studios, mixed by Masterdisk in New York, and has achieved rave reviews in pre-production. With a release date of November 2013, and aided by the Wacken Foundation, Red Dawn are primed to take their unique sound beyond the shores of New Zealand.

    Red Dawn are:
    Steve Francis, Drums
    Andrew MacGregor, Guitars
    David Wong, Bass
    Dan Hayston, Guitars
    Ed Hintz, Vocals

    2013 RNZ interview with Red Dawn. They discuss why listening to Iron Maiden is more important than anything you’ll ever learn in school, and why operatic vocals are ‘killer’.

    Cover image

    Steve Francis features in this 2014 RNZ piece on the history of New Zealand Extreme Metal.

    Profile courtesy of Red Dawn. Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Rei

    Rei is a 21 year old Hip Hop artist. His music is a mix of dancehall reggae, hip-hop & rap.

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Reuben Bradley

    Jazz drummer Reuben Bradley’s career over the past ten years has been focussed on the role of sideman for a multitude of fantastic musicians.

    Over that time he has developed a vision which, with his 2010 album Resonator, he has now realised.

  • Ria Hall

  • Rogernomix

    ‘Rogernomix’ are a D-beat/ crust/ fast-punk band from Wellington, New Zealand. Heavily influenced by 80s Swedish D-Beat punk bands. ‘Rogernomix’ formed in 2009 out of the ruins of Wellington fast-punk band Shortlived and Auckland’s The Wrongmen.

    After a series of EPs & 7″ releases, ‘Rogernomix’ are planning a split 12″ LP coming out for the Australia / South East Asia May 2016 tour. With 7 new ‘Rogernomix’ tracks and 6 tracks from fellow Wellingtonian’s Bonecruncher, due for release on May 5, 2016.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text courtesy of Upthepunks. Used with permission.

  • Rootlife

    A mix of ambient drone, bluesy folk, and experimental noises…

  • Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band

  • Ross Royce

    Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist originally from Wellington, and now based in Melbourne.

    Ross Royce debuted on the Australian and New Zealand scene with his 7-track c.d “Get it Together” and followed it up with his debut album “Life Worth Living”. Ross Royce has been to the U.S twice which included performances at the prestigious ‘South By South West’ music festival in Austin,Texas in 2009 and a headlining performance with his band at the famous Whiskey a GoGo in Los Angeles in 2010. To date they have had airplay on 32 U.S college radio stations as well as key alternative radio stations Worldwide!

    The Ross Royce song ‘We Can Win’ was recently featured on ESPN College Football “Plays Of the Week “. Also the Ross Royce song ‘Life Worth Living’ was featured on the show “Combat Hospital” (‘Triage’ Episode-12) in Canada and the U.S in 2011 , the show averaged 1.5million viewers in Canada and 3.94 million viewers in the U.S.

    The Ross Royce song’s ‘Mrs.Vain’ and the instrumental of ‘Life Worth Living’ will be featured on an upcoming U.S Movie to be released in early 2016. The song ‘Life Worth Living’ will be featured on a 2nd U.S movie to be released late 2015. Ross Royce new E.P ” Dreams of a Common Man” produced by Stuart Stuart who produced the Sheppard song ‘Geronimo’ which is going up the charts Worldwide including the U.S Billboard top 50!

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Ross Royce

  • S A Reyners

    S A Reyners is a singer-songwriter operating largely as a one-man band. In melding dynamic guitar lines with similarly detailed lyrics, Reyners’ melodic hooks are equal parts ambitious and literate. Featured on BBC Introducing in 2014 with ‘The Other Way’, Reyners has shared the stage alongside a diverse range of writers, from Mark Morriss (The Bluetones) to Elliot Lurie (Looking Glass). Stefan describes his upcoming 2015 ‘Saturday Afternoon’ EP as ‘…cheeky, playful and melancholic story songs with a retro sound’.

    Cover image

    Text/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Salvia Palth

    ‘Salvia Palth’ was the moniker of Daniel Johann. All instruments were played Daniel except drums on tracks 1, 2, 6, 8, and 10 which were played by Ike Zwanikken who currently performs under the name ‘Eskimo Eyes’.

    Cover image

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Sam Jenks

    Wellington big band Jazz….

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Sand Band

    Jay & Liam try to make as much noise as possible. Get your Shards out. Have yourselves a nice beach dance party.

    Cover image

    Text/cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Sea Mouse

    Sea Mouse is the latest project of musician Seamus Johnson, described on as a combination of Jack White and Led Zeppelin, with a touch of Alexei Sayle. Band members also include Scott Maynard (bass) and Thomas Friggens (drums).

    In July 2017 Sea Mouse released their debut, nine-track album, with recording taking place at Park Road Post (mixed and engineered by Toby Lloyd and mastered by Mike Gibson).

    Sea Mouse Newsletter, August 22, 2017

    Sea Mouse have also been noted for their powerful live performances, being described in Cerebral as a “rock band powerhouse”. Johnson’s past bands have included Paperscissors and Elston Gun, supporting international acts such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Helmet and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

    Sea Mouse and Nation @ San FranCerebral, January 14, 2017

  • Secret Knives

    Shoegaze pop. Their last music release was 2012’s ‘Black Hole’ EP, but they played recently at the 2016 Newtown Festival.

    Cover image









    Grant Smithies checks out a succession of messy bedroom studios to check up on the works of three of the nation’s finest home producers, including a remix from Ash “Secret Knives” Smith…

    Newtown Festival


  • Seth Frightening

    Indie Gothic/noise-folk artist Sean Kelly (Seth Frightening) has been a regular feature in the underground Wellington scene since 2010. The music of Seth Frightening is complex and varied but also focused and direct to the point of rawness. His music tells stories full of shifting, clouded characters and evasive narratives…

    Seth Frightening – Ugly Sounds Of Undeniable Beauty – NZ Musician, 2014 (Vol:18, No:5)

    RNZs Emma Smith talks with Seth about his 2012 album ‘Don’t Worry (Heat Death)’ released on Thomas Lambert’s Sonorous Circle label…

    Cover image











    RNZ live session following the release of ‘But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters…’

    ‘Bury’ from ‘But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters’ (2015)

    bFM Bombathon: Seth Frightening

  • Sheep, Dog & Wolf

  • Sheeps

    Sheeps are a Wellington-based progressive, psychedelic post-rock band. Band members include Dean Blackwell (electric guitar, vocals), Blain Fitzpatrick (bass guitar), Grace Baker (acoustic and electric guitar), Simon Blackwell (electric guitar) and Thomas Friggens (drums).

    Sheeps have played several gigs in 2017, including opening for Opium Eater during their Ennui album release and performing at the ‘Nevertheless’ Rape Crisis fundraiser. Band member Blain Fitzpatrick has also produced the multimedia Laniakea, which screened at the Roxy in October 2017.

    This is going to be us tomorrow night (Thursday 25th May) at Valhalla with John, If You're Out There and Pale Lady.We're on at 8:30pm sharp.Baaahh

    Posted by Sheeps on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

  • Shogun Orchestra

  • Short Girls

    Short Girls are a 4 piece punk band from Wellington, New Zealand. We shine like a sprinkle of pop-punk glitter on top of a pile of gritty dirt. There are no short girls in the band, only ugly tall dudes. Sorry about that.

    Their 2014 album was recorded live over one day at the Toi Poneke Arts Centre.

    Cover image

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Sing Songs

  • Skank Attack

  • Skymning

    Downtempo electronic meets ethereal instrumental lo-fi textures…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Slept Through Winter

    Indie folk/pop/rock.

  • So Laid Back Country China

    Reverb drenched atmospheric stoner country/canyon rock. Alt-country foursome fronted by Michael Keane, guitarist/vocalist, Harriet Ferry on keyboards & vocals, Kane Tippler on drums & James Bennet on bass. The band began playing & writing together around 2011 and released their debut EP ‘Winter’ in 2012. A new version of ‘WINTER’ arrived on cassette & MP3 in 2014, and a full length debut, ‘With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon’, followed in 2015.

    RNZs Emma Smith talks to co-vocalists Harriet Ferry and Michael Keane about how they came to work together…

    Cover image










    From RNZs ‘Introducing’ here’s ‘Stilldown’, from their EP ‘Winter’…

    Grant Smithies on So Laid Back Country China’s ‘With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon’ from ‘New music’ on ‘Nine To Noon’…

    So Laid Back Country China: Calmly Armed – NZ Musician August/September 2016

    Cover image










    New album ‘Sin Cristales’ released in 2016…

    Verse Chorus Verse: So Laid Back Country China
    So Laid Back Country China breakdown their new album Sin Cristales – The Wireless

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Sophie Burbery

    Little Bark aka Sophie Burbery is in love with synthesizers, electronic beats, melodic hooks and gnarley guitars. She directs, writes and produces everything herself, aligning with a different co-producer for every project. Born and bred in New Zealand (spending most of her time in Wellington until she moved to Auckland in 2013) she’s been compared to Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Lykke Li to name a few. Her songwriting is full of vivid imagery and strange happenstances. Burbery first came to attention with the release of her debut ‘Hope is Rubbery’ in 2011.

    In the spirit of Outkast’s celebrated Speakerboxx/The Love Below, Burbery split the album into two EP’s, each side created with a different producer. On Hope is Rubbery Burbery presented two distinct musical personas (one side Sophie Burbery, the other Little Bark) with Radio NZ describing it as; ‘Curious, fantastical songs…like falling through clouds”.

    Her second release, USB (Unique Sonic Broadcast), has been Co-produced with collaborator Stef Animal (The Golden Awesome, Mestar), the synth-based album is laid out like a film soundtrack with a mixture of synth pop songs interspersed with lush instrumentals. Little Bark performs with a 4 piece band, featuring 2 synthesists, a drummer (using a Simmons electronic kit), bassist and vocals.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.
    Profile courtesy of Sophie Burbery.

  • Spartacus R


    Wellington-based psychedelic-progressive-rock six-piece, Spartacus R are more of a musical force than a band. Connoisseurs of fine instruments and life long friends, they have relentless energy for crafting new music; at times raw and wild, other times achingly beautiful, and always uncompromised to its core. Having refined their sound and gathered their beautiful gear for over six years now, Spartacus R have released two EPs, and two acclaimed albums (‘When the Fever Takes Hold’, 2009 and ‘The View’, 2011), and toured the country on several outlandish musical journeys.

    Ryan Prebble – Vocals, Rhodes, Gat (‘Fly My Pretties’, ‘The Nudge’).
    Shanti Costar – Vocals, Korg (‘Rhythm Hawks’, ‘Sons of Midas’).
    Tim Prebble – Bass (Luke Budha band, ‘Jesse James and the Outlaws’).
    Mataio Daniela – Gat
    Michael Kane – Drums, Percussion (‘Jesse James and the Outlaws’, ‘Silenzio and the Swift’).
    Benjamin James – Horns, Keys (‘Raggamuffin Children’).

    Cover image

    Photo & text courtesy of Loop Records.

  • Starving Millions

    Hardcore punk….

    Cover image


    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Strange Stains

    Strange Stains

    Strange Stains is the project of musician and artist Cooki Ami. Ami first started making music while based in Australia, with her early work focussing on live performance. She describes her recent music as taking on a sadder, darker feel, with Under the Radar describing Strange Stains as conjuring a mood “somewhere between the soundtrack to an 80s horror movie and a lullaby.”

    In April 2017 Strange Stains released Bogan Atmosphere, including a limited edition tape release. The tapes were produced through Dubbed Tapes, recording over old tapes of “over-represented men music, like the Eagles, Phil Collins, Sting, etc.”

    Ami has also performed in the rock opera Death and the Mermaid, produced by fellow Wellingtonians Hex, as well as starring in Hex’s music video for ‘Page of Pentacles’. In August 2016 she visited Japan as part of an artists’ residency.

  • Sunken Seas

    Formed from the smouldering remnants of post punk band Tiddabades, Sunken Seas have undergone an incredible shift in style. Where the former band were more the headiness of the dance-punk era, Sunken Seas have brought the sometimes underlying broodiness to the forefront with this new venture. It’s more cold, more industrial, it’s almost the antithesis of what Tiddabades became noted for. The trio have shared bills alongside the likes of Die! Die! Die! (NZ), Wooden Shjips (US) and legendary punk poet John Cooper Clarke (UK)…

    With a sprawling, dissonant undertone throughout their debut full length release, Wellington three piece Sunken Seas charted their atmospheric sound with incredible depth with Null Hour, released through MUZAI Records from June 28th 2012. Having already generated great interest upon the release of singles “High Rise” and “Paid Your Price”, both gaining heavy rotation on alternative radio across New Zealand (and topping both the 95bFM Top Ten and chart), Null Hour continues the ideas set in place by Ryan Harte, Luke Kavanagh and Craig Rattray – a venture into audible space and resonance.
    A long term effort, Null Hour was painstakingly recording “piece-by-piece” throughout 2011, omitting tracks along the way (at one point scrapping everything bar “High Rise”) and re-working jams in the confines of Munki Studios, under the guidance of James Goldsmith and Darren Maynard. With mastering duties undertaken by Mike Gibson, their indelible marks on Null Hour have helped to craft a masterful sonic exploration through the realms of space-rock. ‘Null Hour’was nominated for the 2013 Taite Music Prize.

    EP ‘Cataclysm’ their second release harkens on the temperament of the band; possibly even the general mood of a nation post-GCSB. Over the course of that time, events have conspired not only the shift the dynamic of their sound, but the dynamics of the band itself. Recording, mixed and mastered by the highly regarded Nick Roughan, the challenge met by the group was to expand on what was already an atmospheric series of songs the album presented. Queue more vocal work from Ryan Harte, a dense, cacophony wall of guitars from Luke Kavanagh and an industrial-like timbre from drummer Craig Rattray – marking his last piece of work as a member of Sunken Seas. The result is twenty-plus minutes of foresight into Sunken Seas’ manifesto for their future album.

    They are currently working on a second full-length album, to be released sometime in 2015..

    Cover image

    Profile adapted from & Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Supermodel

    Wellington-based band Supermodel is the most invigorating melodic rock act to emerge out of NZ.

    The pop-rock quartet released their highly acclaimed debut album To The Mountains in August, led by charismatic lead singer/songwriter Mark Hanify.

    Mark’s lead guitar work and powerful vocals flow effortlessly alongside his younger sister Rose Hanify’s angelic voice, complimented by their rock solid back-line: Michael White on bass and Tony Kemp on drums. Their lush backing vocals accompany Mark’s melodies, which shift from crooner to Freddie Mercury in a heartbeat.

    Live, they are not to be missed. The four-piece create thick harmonies that move the soul, drawing devoted fans and large crowds to their shows. Having opened for the likes of Midnight Youth, Gin Wigmore, The Feelers, Frankie Stevens and Dane Rumble, Supermodel can entertain any crowd – from humble pubs in Whanganui to the cavernous TSB Arena in Wellington.

    And they are not afraid to entertain crowds of up to 15,000+ at outdoor events. Supermodel packed out Toast Martinborough and scored slots for popular national festivals including Rhythm ‘n Vines and Homegrown this year.

    Internationally, Supermodel are making waves. They packed out the historic 100 Club in London last year after a three-week stint at Modern World Studios in the Cotswolds. The album was recorded by respected Welsh producer Greg Haver (Opshop, Manic Street Preachers) and features hit singles Blondie, The Walk of Shame, Send Me Dreaming, and their next hit song Want To Move.

    With influences including The Beatles, Queen, Muse and The Strokes, and an extensive album release and tour on the cards, Supermodel is heading for the top.

  • Swiss

  • Tenderizers

  • Tessa Quayle

    Tessa is currently living, singing and teaching in Wellington. She is an accomplished singer with her own unique flavour of various jazz styles, including a refreshing approach to ‘scat’, which can regularly be heard live around Wellington where she performs with the ‘Tessa Quayle Quartet’. Tessa is a vocal tutor at the New Zealand School of Music in the Jazz programme, and directs the vocal ensemble. She also teaches voice privately at her studio, covering technique, performance and style, and runs periodic singers’ workshops at ‘St Andrews on the Terrace’.

    After realising that Jazz music was her true passion, Tessa headed to the Christchurch Jazz School where she studied jazz singing and graduated with a Diploma in Jazz Studies in 2001. During her studies, her talent was recognised and she gained the first and third year scholarships. She was also part of a select group chosen to tour the South Island performing to universities, schools and a variety of other venues. In her ‘down-time’, Tessa sung in various concerts and gigs around Christchurch, and also performed in the Christchurch, Queenstown and Nelson Jazz Festivals.

    At the completion of her studies, Tessa moved to Wellington to expand her musical horizons. She immersed herself in the Wellington music scene beginning with a performance in the Wellington International Jazz Festival with top Wellington artists and frequent gigs in various bars and other venues. It was while in Wellington that Tessa was selected as vocalist for the New Zealand Youth Jazz Orchestra which toured the lower South Island, and sung in the Wellington Youth Choir.

    In 2006, after having a taste of ‘abroad’ singing in Australia with guitarist Dave Smith in bars and private functions, it was time for Tessa to head to the UK, basing herself in London as a ‘Supply’ Teacher. From there she travelled and began making her mark as a jazz singer around Europe. As well as performing in various jazz clubs in London, including the ‘606 Club’ (with the Ronnie Scott’s Legacy Band), ‘Octave’ and ‘Spice of Life’, she performed in the Hythe International Jazz Festival in 2006 and jammed at the Wrexham International Jazz Guitar Festival in 2007.

    Along her travels Tessa was also fortunate enough to sing alongside saxophonist Pat Crumley at the ‘Sunside’ Jazz Club in Paris and was given the opportunity to perform in Scotland and Barcelona Jazz bars. During her time in London, while performing in various localities and teaching music in London Secondary schools, Tessa also studied privately with Tina May and Anita Wardell, two of the top jazz singers in the UK.

  • Tessa Rain

    Tessa Rain is a New Zealand singer-songwriter best known for her collaboration with Fly My Pretties. She wrote the songs Carrier Pigeon and Smoke Me from The Return of Fly My Pretties, and Mauri from A Story.

    Tessa has also collaborated with Age Pryor; together they released the album Homerecordings. The song Funny Shadow from this album was written by her and was later featured in the film Eagle vs Shark.

    Rain has also made appearances as a harmony singer and has contributed to several popular recordings, including Jess Chambers and the Firefly Orchestra, Age Pryor’s Shanks’ Pony and City Chorus, and Ryan Prebble’s Fruits.

    “Her music is very delicate, intimate and ethereal, but incredibly powerful.”
    – Ryan Prebble

  • The All Seeing Hand

    The All Seeing Hand are collaborators in conversion. Sound shapes minds, and the amalgam of turntables, throat singing and drums holds potent persuasive powers. The Turntables provide a dense weaved fabric of sounds and create a subliminal future from the carcasses of redundant songs. The Throat inhales your spent breath and mumbled words, and exhales harmonic rich vocals; while you struggle to hear the language your synapses are firing new paths. The Drums resonate with your heart, then beat it irregular; while your chest collapses with pounding toms, your brain pulsates with frantic snares.

    Alphabethead recalls how a Camp A Low Hum jam formed the foundations of the band…

    The All Seeing Hand is comprised of: David Morrison (AKA Alphabethead – masterful Turntablist gestated in the Hip Hop battle scene before branching into every direction at once, working everything from orchestral gamelan and Inuit folk music to post-punk and electronica into his compositions), Jonny Marks on vocals (a true sonic explorer, traditionally-trained Mongolian throat-singer and high-energy front-person), and Ben Knight on drums (schooled in the energy of DIY punk and hardcore, tightly binding the whole sound together with driving rhythm that is equal parts chaos and precision).

    The All Seeing Hand – Attack Of The Drones – NZ Musician, 2013 (Vol:17, No:9)

    Cover image









    AllSeeinghand[Transcript] “The genesis of cosmological Wellington party band The All Seeing Hand can be traced back several years, when drummer Michael Knight (often Hygiene) drunkenly bonded with veteren turntable scientist Alphabethead. Relaxing in a cafe on Cuba street, Knight reflects with a cheery grin, “We were outside Watussi Bar down Edward Street and we had a discussion about my girlfriend’s artwork. Good times.” Two years ago, out of pure mischievousness, Teen Hygiene spontaneously joined Alphabethead on stage during a renegade show at Camp A Low Hum “…almost giving the sound guy a hernia,” Knight laughs. The following year they revisited the collaboration, but this time on the roofofa bike shed, under sweltering sun. Having had such a good time playing together, Knight and Alphabethead started jamming regularly, leading to an improvised performance at a post-EQNZ fundraising gig for Christchurch. “It went really well, so we decided to do it again, and again, and again,” Knight explains with a happy chuckle. Bringing church choir-trained atheist vocalist St Cosmos into the mix, they began to decorate their soundworld of frantic drums and sludgy drone textures with Latin Gregorian chanting. “We thought it was a fitting style,” Knight enthuses. With Alphabethead fixated on, as Knight puts it, “The idea of taking industrial assembly line sounds and recreating them in an uplifting and beautiful context,” the band took his thoughts as a mission statement, working towards the cybernetic song cycle enclosed on their self-titled debut album. Recorded by Knight’s high school friend Vanya at his warehouse studios in Lyall Bay, Wellington, he says the record was “the easiest recording session I’ve done in my life.” Tracked live over three hours (“Vanya set up the recording gear, went out to dinner and left us to it”), the only hitch was a close call with fire. “Alphabethead put his shirt over a lamp to dim the lights. Halfway through the session the room started filling with smoke, and I saw his shirt glowing.” Coupled with astral artwork painted in oils by local artist James Flynn, the total package has a endearingly cultist feel to it. Working live with visual projection artists, giant backdrop screens and elaborate props, the trio are creating quite the experience. “We really like playing music that has a strong effect on people,” Knight concludes.”

    Rhys Morgan talks to ‘The All Seeing Hand’ on the chaos and calculation behind their second album ‘Mechatronics’…

    The All Seeing Hand’s Jonny Marks takes RNZs Sophie Yana-Wilson and Emma Smith through a master class in throat singing…

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. ‘Who’s Next’ sourced from Rip it Up, No. 346, April/May 2012. Used with permission.

  • The Bent Folk

    Dick Whyte, Helen O’Rourke and Rupert Hunter are ‘The Bent Folk’, an improvised alt-country-folk-pysch-blues-noise-rock family, working under a funk ontology. Although Dick, Helen and Rupert are the core cast, they have a revolving door of guests and close relatives. People who have also played in The Bent Folk Family include Charlotte Forrester (Athuzela Brown, Womb), Finn Johansson (Johnsonville City Nights), Dave Prendergast (Bad Edison), Theo Taylor (Toucan Stubbs) and Alison Hobbes.

    Cover image









    ‘Spare The Rod’ recorded by Finn Johansson at Helen’s house and his home studio in Karori. ‘Maggot Brain’ recorded in the practice space on a shitty laptop mic. Limited edition 10″ lathe released on Ilk Ither records.

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

  • The Business Ink

    Sandman + matherBe = The Business Ink…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • The Dancing and Drinking Society

    Wellingtons very own 1920’s and 30’s era New Orleans Swing Blues Band. Featuring:
    Nils Olsen – Clarinet, Tenor Sax
    Daniel Yeabsley – Bass Sax, Hi Hat
    Adrian Jensen – Guitar, Banjo, Kick Drum
    Mat Enright – Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet

    Cover image









    From RNZs ‘NZ Live’…

    Review – The Dancing And Drinking Society: Remember The Days – NZ Musician, 2015 (Vol:18, No:9)

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • The Doubtful Sounds

    ‘The Doubtful Sounds’ are Matt Cawte – Guitar, Bass, Vocals; James Noble – Bass, Guitar, Vocals; and Rick Barr – Drums, Vocals

    The Doubtful Sounds are true to their guitar pop roots, with good melodies, strong leading harmonies and an ever present rhythm that proves to be the foundation of the band. Sure, they attempt a little bit of shoe-gazing, but this is only to bring greater breadth to their repertoire with well crafted chord changes and some unexpected twists.

    Matt and James carry a strong understanding of their Flying Nun laden history with them on their journey, yet they don’t let that weigh them down. Instead it’s simply a building block to which they add a dynamic depth that might be more associated with ‘The Lucksmiths’ (Australia), ‘Math and Physics Club’ (USA), ‘Frightened Rabbit’ or ‘Broken Records’ (both of Scotland).

    Long in the making, ‘The Pop Album’ their 2012 debut album and sets them clearly on their course. In preparation for ‘The Pop Album’, James (based in Wellington) brought songs steeped in Mutton Bird-esque storytelling (Colonel, Arctic Ocean) while Matt (based in Auckland) lends songs reflecting feelings of love, loss and hope (She Swoons, I’m Running, Sleep). When they collaborate, the best in both comes out – Red Sky, Good Keen Kiwi and No 1 Line (more a poetic tapestry than a song).

    Pebbler Records UK said: Names like The Clean, The Bats or Tall Dwarfs still have a very good reputation today. the Doubtful Sounds are from Auckland/NZ and play their jingle-jangle sound which reminds me on the good old Flying Nun days. This new Edition 59 release is pure Independent Pop.

    Vollwert-Records Berlin said: A wonderful 6-track EP by The Doubtful Sounds from New Zealand which reminds us on the good times with Flying Nun Records in the 80s.

    Cover image









    The Doubtful Sounds: The Pop Album – Graham Reid, Elsewhere.

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp & The Doubtful sounds. Used with permission.

  • The Emptys Response

    Jamie Scott Palmer’s passion for music began early in life, receiving piano lessons from age seven and an electric guitar for his 14th birthday. He has had a range of teachers and studied a variety of instruments, all adding up to create the cinematic, psychedelic sound of his current music.

    Palmer has been in a number of bands, performing on TV shows and stations including C4, Nightline and Tonight. As well as New Zealand, he has also performed in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England.

    Album Premiere: A Sea-Spell EP by Dreams are Like WaterThe Big Takeover, August 31, 2017

    Palmer released his first album in 2011, going on going on to release a total of 11 albums and eight EPs, including Caffeine and Painkillers in 2017–recorded while on painkillers due to a clavicle injury.

  • The Golden Awesome

    The Golden Awesome are a 4-piece band from Wellington. They play loud shoegaze music and feature former members of Mink, Cloudboy and Mestar

  • The Gracious Deviants

    The Gracious Deviants are an acoustic collaboration between musicians Darrel Greaney and Pete Edge. They formed in 2005, having first met at high school in Palmerston North, and have gone on to perform at a range of events, including CubaDupa, the Manawatu Jazz Festival and the Island Bay Festival.

    The Gracious Deviants’ repertoire is based primarily around original material: “songs about relationships, about love at every stage from the unrequited to the happy couple, from the first spark to the dying embers.” They released their self-titled EP in 2007 and the follow-up Blue Skies & Thunderclouds in 2011.

    REVIEW: The Gracious Deviants and Tommy PickettWellington Live Music, May 31, 2007

    Thanks to Daniela Fuenzalida Photography for the above photo.

  • The Jac

    The Jac features some of NZ’s finest musical talent, with members of The Troubles, Rodger Fox’s WJO, the Richter City Rebels and even the NZSO! Inspired the writing of some of the world’s foremost jazz musicians, including Joshua Redman, Miguel Zenon and Dave Douglas, the Jazz Collective’s 4 horn, 4 rhythm instrumentation (trumpet, alto, tenor, trombone, guitar, piano, bass & drums) combines the textures, power, range, and versatility of a big band with the intimacy, playfulness and interaction of a small group. With the release of their debut album NERVE on Rattle Records The Jac is opening a new page in the book of original NZ music

    The Jac started out as a rehearsal band for students and tutors at the NZSM jazz school in Wellington, transcribing and performing charts by New York and San Francisco composers. Before long they began writing and performing their own music, and Nerve is the result, a suite of intelligent, dynamic compositions for jazz octet.

    Describing themselves as a ‘small big band’, The Jac is a tight eight-piece ensemble that performs with attitude and intensity. “That’s one of the cool things about the group,” says Callum Allardice. “We sit halfway between a combo and a big band, which allows us to draw from both.”

    The band tackle styles and grooves rarely associated with large ensembles. Improvisation is integral to each piece, written into the work rather than separated from it, and their sound encompasses a wide palette of colours and textures. It’s uncommon for jazz ensembles to play music as highly arranged as this, but smaller size allows for more intimacy and interaction.

    “There’s tension and energy in our music, and an emotional element that seems to resonate with people,” says Jake Baxendale. “It’s technically difficult and requires lots of rehearsal, but we’re aiming for as much simplicity and directness as possible.”

    Cover image









    A live studio performance of “The Heist” by Callum Allardice; this composition features on The Jac’s upcoming album “The Green Hour” Performance…

    From RNZ’s ‘Jazz Footprints’ – ‘The Jac’ featured in the Wellington Jazz Festival, 2014 (Begins around 10 minutes in).

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Facebook & Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • The Kugels











    The Kugels are a Wellington based klezmer band featuring three former NZSO members and a top NZ composer. The Kugels are bass player Jacqueline Norden, woodwind specialist Debbie Rawson, Ross Harris on accordion and violinist Robin Perks. They specialize in a mixture of ancient traditional tunes and freshly composed ones by the band’s accordionist Ross Harris.

    [Full profile to come]

    From RNZ’s Upbeat, Sep 2016

    The Kugels on the road, RNZs Upbeat, August 2019
    Wellington-based klezmer quartet The Kugels are setting off on a tour of the regions for Arts on Tour New Zealand, taking their music to 20 venues from Stewart Island to the Coromandel. RNZ’s David Morriss talked with Debbie Rawson and Ross Harris about the upcoming tour, and got to see one of Debbie’s instruments, the pocket-sized Maui Xaphoon, up close.

  • The Mantarays

  • The Miti’s

    Cover image









    The Miti’s are a family affair, consisting of Sonny Miti & his sisters Tiana & Justina. Based in Cannons Creek, they have been singing together for over ten years and have won numerous Gold Guitars at the annual New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards in Gore. You can buy a copy of their album at Langi’s Island Styles in the Hutt.

  • The New Brides

    Founded in 2011 ‘The New Brides’ are an indie-rock group. in their own words…

    Wedding-crashers rejoice! Their name may evoke pristine scenes of bouquet-landscapes and nuptial-chamber chastity, yet the songs produced by Wellington Indie-rockers The New Brides contain the same essential rock ‘n’ roll swagger and teenage-angst as London’s The Clash and New York’s The Strokes. Whereas Wellington’s residents have become accustomed to the swirling sounds of the ambient shoegaze genre, The New Brides conjure a raw sonic energy that captures the capital’s blue-collar music scene set against a colorful backdrop of melancholic lyrics about love, loss and drugs…

    Cover Image

    Cover image











    ‘Calculation’, Live at San Francisco Bath House, Wellington New Zealand, 12 July 2013

    Cover image/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • The No Problemos

    no problemos

    Hailing from the Kapiti Coast, just outside of Wellington city, The No Problemos are no strangers to the NZ hip hop scene. Since releasing their self-titled debut album in January last year, the group has released two more full albums, ‘Peace of Mind’ in September 2013 and ‘Somethin’ Real’ in February this year. They also have three music videos under their belt and a fourth under way for the single Move On, thanks to a wildcard grant from The Audience.

    While their line-up as performers appears to be relatively solid, The No Problemos like to refer to themselves as more of an “open collective where anyone can come and throw their two cents in”. This philosophy has given birth to collaborations with the diverse likes of Raiza Biza, Illbaz, Blaze The Emperor, KVKA, HCW and Isaac’s father Phill Simmonds on mandola, to name a few.

    Originally started as a four-piece garage band playing “lots of unsuccessful gigs”, until about two and a half years ago, they expanded into the nine-piece they are now and began diversifying their sound.

    “It really naturally progressed into hip hop,” explains Frank Ramsden Bradley. “We used to just do raps in the van down at the beach and it kind of grew from there.”

    Elements of their early days remain though, as they have stuck with the live band made up of Josh Church, Tim Calkin, Mickey Poppy-Lees and Doug Coombs who play the beats originally written by Calkin. With the gang of MCs which includes Isaac Simmonds, Frank Ramsden Bradley, Riki Katae, Josiah Laracy and Ants Ransley added to the mix, the thick Kiwi accents and lyricism further compound that uniquely NZ sound, a fact the group is well aware and equally proud of.

    “It’s awesome that there’s this whole new energetic wave that’s been flowing through for a few years now, it’s on a new level that’s completely separated from anything in the past. It pushes for peace, experimentation and positivity rather than the cliche stuff you would get in the late ’90s or early 2000s. We’re developing a really philosophical sound in the country right now.”

    The honesty in their music extends to a general attitude towards their musical career too. Asked about future plans, Poppy-Lees answers that they’ve got to have patience.

    “We want to keep growing nationally at the moment, there’s areas throughout the country to push our music before we necessarily take a big gamble overseas. This is a learning process for everyone. We’re figuring out how to take those steps and make those gambles when the odds are stacked more in your favour.”

    The No Problemos have four very well produced CDs for download on a “pay what you want” basis….

    something real

  • The Nudge

    The Nudge are a fresh form of innovative blues and roots.

    Singer, and principal songwriter Ryan Prebble is the swampy bluesman. His gritty tone and brutal blues vocals are laced with messages of social values, personal freedom and the ways of love. James Coyle produces savage tones on a vintage organ, that effortlessly swirl around like a Leslie Cabinet,with warm low frequency modulations of keyboard bass that will crisp any crust. Add to the mix the solid thunderous, tribal, uniquely funky jackhammer beats of Iraia Whakamoe, and you have The Nudge.

    Formed initially from Ryan Prebble wishing to expand what was originally a solo project. Elements of blues were naturally there, however with the addition of Coyle and Whakamoe, The Nudge has come to find their sound far more psychedelic and hypnotic. The three have paid dues in bands such as ‘A Hori Buzz’, ‘Newtown Rocksteady’, ‘Hikoikoi’, ‘Spartacus R’ and ‘Tropical Downbeat Orchestra’, and channel influences ranging from Blind Lemon Jefferson, James Brown, Al Green, to Pink Floyd, Bjork and Can. To date The Nudge has delivered blistering performances to punters from the Catlins to Auckland, and opened for Little Bushman, The Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties.

    The Nudge in the Music 101 studio…

    Cover image




    From RNZ’s ‘NZ Live’ here’s a live session from ‘The Nudge’…


    RNZ music reporter Melody Thomas visits the practice room of ‘The Nudge’ as they work out how to approach covering the Silver Scroll winning song ‘Everything To Me’…


    From the APRA Silver Scroll Awards, held at the Auckland Town Hall on Thursday 13th September 2012, ‘The Nudge’ performed Stephanie Brown’s (Lips) winning song “Everything to Me”.

    Profile sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. Interviews/Live sessions sourced from RNZ. Used with permission.

  • The Scrussian

    Bass, drums & yelling, loud, fast, noisy, confusing, cathartic punk from Jack Mells.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • The Sendam Rawkustra

  • The Shocking and Stunning

    The shocking and stunning are Jack Hooker (synth/sampler) & Sam Lovrich-FitzPatrick (drums). They create dense, trance-inducing music which lies somewhere between dance/noise/drone. The shocking and stunning have been performing since 2010. They’ve released six EPs, a single, scored a documentary, collaborated with Tourettes and Name UL, toured a lot throughout New Zealand and Australia and have played a bunch of cool festivals.

    Cover image









    “Musically focused on the intersection between drone rock (think: Sunn 0)), Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and wonky beat music (like Flying Lotus or Onra), Wellington two-piece ‘The Shocking and Stunning’ are “A rock band exploring electronic sensibilities,” according to synthesiser player jack Hooker. Assisted in his journey through sound by drummer Sam Lovrich-Fitzpatrick, as ‘The Shocking and The Stunning’ the two have released three limited run EPs, 2010’s ‘The Shocking and Stunning Statement’ and 2011’s ‘I’ve Them Them’, ‘They Were Cunts’ and ‘Camp’ EPs, all of which awe with their hypnotic trance inducing rhythms and thick layering. Both originally from Christchurch, they became friends five years ago at a small 250 person high school. “There were only a handful of people doing music there,” Lovrich-Fitzpatrick explains, while I share conversation and drinks with the bearded, long haired duo at a cafe on Cuba Street in Wellington. Having steadily practiced together in different forms since, they didn’t step out into the live arena until a couple of years ago. As a result, their fully fleshed out soundworlds impressed almost instantly, once inspiring me to describe them as sounding like a ‘Clams Casino’ covers band after a stellar performance at a dingy death metal bar in Wellington’s red light district. Describing their interests outside of music as “partying” Hooker is three years into a sonic arts major at the New Zealand School of Music, Lovrich-Fitzpatrick on the other hand, works for Mojo coffee as a barista. Somewhat improvished or jammy in their songwriting approach, the two never consciously decide between practice and writing sessions, instead opting to just jam out together on a regular basis, letting the ideas form as they may. “I won’t write any riffs to bring to Sam, but I will work on some new patches for my synthesiser, so I can bring new tones to the music,” Hooker explains. Recording all their practice/jam sessions, songs emerge through reflection and repetition, bringing a studied depth to the music. “We like to take it past the point of a fun song and try and get immersed,” he says. “We strive for that intensity of sound, that physicality where you can get lost in it.” And with interest growing around the country, as well as in Australia and America, it really feels like it’s only just a matter of time. An often disregarded truism, quality can attract quantity.”

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Bio courtesy of Jack Hooker.
    ‘Who’s Next’ sourced from Rip It Up, No. 346, April-May, 2012. Photo by Christopher Andrews
    Used with Permission.

  • The Superhelix

    The Superhelix is a London based alternative rock band fronted by Tony Wilson, an award winning Singer Songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand. The Superhelix are proud to announce the online release of the EP “Sex is a Weapon” available now on iTunes and all good online stores. The EP was written and recorded in London. Doug Rimington is the bands bassist and does the videos!

    Cover image




    You can buy ‘Sex is a Weapon’ on NZ iTunes here & Tony’s solo album ‘Time In Space’ here.





    Check out Tony’s solo album ‘Time In Space’ on Spotify…

  • The Wellington City Shake-‘Em-On-Downers

    A Wellington take on the vintage stylings of Dixieland jazz & New Orleans swing..

    Brew up some bathtub gin and get togged to the bricks! The Wellington City Shake-’Em-On-Downers are the Strait city’s most swinging septet, with tunes that take you back to scintillating nights at the speakeasy. The Shake-‘Em On-Downers have thrilled audiences and startled wildlife from Waiheke to Milford Sound, with energetic and iconoclastic interpretations of vintage jazz classics. As well as standards from the New Orleans and swing songbook, they also perform raging new compositions inspired by the era. Described as ‘hot Dadaist swing’, the Shake-’Em-On-Downers will serve you up a spicy gumbo of musical treats!

    Cover image









    Just Take That Streetcar That’s Goin’ Uptown – NZ Musician, 2015 (Vol:19, No:1)

    Wellington City Shake-‘Em-On-Downers – R.H.F.D. (‘Tain’t No Sin To Party) Live on Good Morning, Nov. 2013

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Atrwork by David Peters and Brodie Nel at Aeroshop. Text sourced from Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Tiger Meet Lion

    Wellington rock…..

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Tin Syndrome

    The Tin Syndrome was one of the truly original New Zealand groups of the early 1980s; popular in its home town of Wellington, where, along with a small handful of other groups of the time, it had a defining influence on the evolution of the capital’s sound.

    Distinct from Dunedin, Auckland or Christchurch, Wellington developed the
    more experimental, avant-garde scene it still has today; and from a rock perspective The Tin Syndrome was an early leader in that movement.

    The group utilized the high energy of the punk/new wave aesthetic as a
    vehicle for intense songs with busy arrangements and a “more is more” ethos, attracting a dedicated following, including many musicians among its number.

  • Tomorrow People

    Wellington based eight-piece Tomorrow People are purveyors of what they describe as ‘sunshine reggae’. Focused on providing a mid-tempo sound that, while clearly reggae-centric, adds touches of dancehall ragga to its colour. It is a sound built around strong vocals, soothing harmonies, catchy hooks, aggressive ragga raps, and feel good riddims (rhythms).

    Together, the 8-piece band of mixed descent (Maori/Pacific Island) have decades of experience in the music industry, citing previous careers in hip-hop, R&B, gospel, funk and soul. Taking their name from a Ziggy Marley song, Tomorrow People live up to the futuristic allusions it casts, having built their fanbase via Facebook and tracks uploaded to YouTube.

    Predominantly marketing online has allowed the band to preview unreleased songs for their fan base, and they have had an overwhelming response to date. Their listenership picks up numbers by the day. 2011 sees the band record their debut album and hit the road to play shows nationwide.

    Tomorrow People gather their musical influence from Jamaican and Hawaiian artists alike. Combined with their roots in NZ music, they bring a sound that is clean, laid-back and easy on the eardrums.

  • Tunes of I

    Introducing award-winning ensemble Tunes Of I, one of Wellington’s most expansive new musical talents. A product of the Capital’s famed New Zealand School of Music, the band hasn’t wasted any time since their conception in 2011, earning themselves a head-turning reputation and various accolades, all fed from two EPs and an exploratory live show which has seen them secure some of the country’s most notable summer dates.

    Trading in a collective of dub, soul, funk and psychedelia as seamlessly as many of their homegrown antecedents, the band was originally conceived as a trio in 2011. A number of lineup changes has led to the expansion of Tunes of I into a full six-piece ensemble, comprised not only of the traditional guitars, vocals, drums and bass, but with the added touch of the saxophone and trumpet to complete the lineup.

    In 2012, already cemented as an essential live entity in the Wellington scene, they took out the top prize for Wellington Battle Of The Bands and finished as runners up in the National Battle Of The Bands race. The band were then asked to perform at the Waiata Maori Music Awards ceremony in Hastings, where they were bestowed with an Emerging Artist award, much to the band’s disbelief as they took to the stage for a stirring version of their song How To Say No.

    With a solid lineup now adding a muscular sonic backbone and deeper lyrical rhetoric, Tunes Of I sought to encapsulate a more refurbished sound and representation of their reputable live performances. Having recorded with the likes of Warren Maxwell (Trinity Roots, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Little Bushman), Charlie Bronson and Adam Ladley (Blue Barn Studios) and Lee Prebble, the band now have two major releases under their belt: their self-titled debut EP Tunes of I from 2011 and the more recent release T.O.I. in December 2013.

    And while their musical prowess – achieved while juggling university studies – is impressive in itself, their live show repertoire presents yet another tick in the right box. The boys have perfomed nationwide including at Wellington’s Summer City and Tora Tora Tora in the Waiarapa, alongside the likes of Warren Maxwell, MC Imon Starr and Spartacus R.

    The band will look to spread the word around the rest of the country in the coming months and have targeted an overseas tour as a next big goal. Expect big things.

  • Tys

    Lo-fi underground hip-hop.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Uber Driver











    Uber Driver is a DJ/Producer playing a range of genres spanning techno, bass and beyond who gigs regularly at Club 121. Following the success of an early project (released as Far Too Kind), Soundcloud demos and an official remix of Jack Panther’s Heartbreakers, 2019 saw the release of debut E.P ‘.​.​.​Arriving Soon’ via Auckland label Heat Rockers Records, a dance floor focused EP touching on a range of influences within electronic dance music.

  • Unreal

    Symphonic power metal….

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Unsanitary Napkin

    Unsanitary Napkin

    Unsanitary Napkin is a Wellington-based punk band that addresses issues of power and inequality from a feminist perspective. Members include vocalist/guitarist Hannah Salmon, bassist Rupert (of Downer Buzz) and drummer Ben (of Rogernomix).

    Unsanitary Napkin released their self-titled, six-song EP in April 2016 through Zero Style, recording and mixing the songs at Scumbag College. Their debut album, Patriotic Grooves, was released in November 2016.

    UTR Premiere: Unsanitary Napkin – TrumpholeUnder the Radar, November 2, 2016

    The album, including the single “Trumphole”, was written during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, with the band describing Patriotic Grooves as a “tiny token of solidarity to the many many nice people in the US who are seriously having to deal with the possibility of a giant fascist racist misogynist clown coming to power.”

  • Venter Loqui

    Rickety but atmospheric folk-pop fictions. Venter Loqui is the laptop-pop project of 17-year-old Theodore Holmstead-Scott, which he describes variously as indie neofolk or doomy folktronica.

    Cover image

    Text/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Vera Ellen

    Nineteen year old Wellington multi-instrumentalist. Her impressive, layered, 2015 debut album ‘Monte Cassino’ is available via Bandcamp & iTunes. Her brother also records under the name AURA.

    Cover image

    As of 2016 Vera is a member of grungy 4-piece Maple Syrup.

    A short documentary about the music & experiences of Wellington artist Vera Williams (inc. Maple Syrup, Gaol Bait & Vera Ellen).

    Cover used with permission.

  • Vesicant

    Vesicant is a two-piece black/death metal band who take their name from the blistering effect caused by chemical weapons such as mustard gas. The band first formed in 2013, releasing the two-track demo Edict the following year. Their debut album, Shadows of Cleansing Iron, was released in July 2017.

    Vesicant describe Shadows of Cleansing Iron as “set around certain elements of the Great War, and by subtext around the parallels of a deeper nightmare world”. These themes have been echoed by reviewer Brian Krasman, highlighting how the album “zeroes in on the pain and suffering sustained by those who went to fight battles for their countries.”

    Vesicant: Shadows of Cleansing IronSwirls of Noise, July 24, 2017

    In July 2016 Vesicant also supported black metal band Inquisition during part of their New Zealand tour.

  • Victoria Ferry











    Writing music since age 10 and growing up surrounded by jazz, folk, and R&B, Victoria Ferry has formed her own genre in Wellington’s music scene. Her debut solo EP was released in June 2019. She also helms the band Ferry, Like a Boat. Her older sister plays in drone ‘Canyon rock’ band So Laid Back Country China.

    In the RNZ studio for a Sofa Session ahead of her EP Release at The Third Eye – Tuatara’s Temple of Taste.

  • Voe

    Experimental, folk grunge psychedelica. ‘Voe’ is the moniker of Rhys Stannard, a Wellington based Producer/Artist who has also done some recording with Rhys Baker and Mermaidens.

    Cover image









    Voe & Pam – Album Review: Paradise

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Volcana

  • Voodoo Circus

    A mix of progressive rock & experimental blues…

  • Wai

    Tuhia te hā o te reo Māori ki te rangi, e kaha ai te mapu o te manawa ora, e rekareka ai te taringa whakarongo, e waiwai ai te karu mātakitaki

    Let the Maori language be heard on the airwaves. Thereby causing the heart to leap with joy, the ear to appreciate it’s eloquence and the eyes to moisten at its impact.

    WAI are a five piece maori electronica roots band based in Porirua – Wellington, Aotearoa.

    It has always been their dream to create new and innovative music that sounds like where it originates from and take it to the world. WAI perform entirely in the Maori language and utilize a Maori style of presenting their music not only in the structure and fusion of their music but also in the delivery of their show.

    In the year 2000 the group released their first album WAI – 100%. In 2010 they released their second album WAI –

    WAI have created Maori Electronica Roots World Music from traditional Maori song structures fused with electronica. They incorporate mono tonal vocal constructions, organic natural beats and rhythms (human breaths, insect and bird sounds), indigenous percussion (poi), and action sounds (body slaps, foot stamping and hand clapping) with contemporary jungle, funk, reggae, hip-hop and deep house grooves.

    WAI has shown that the Maori music tradition is universal and has a rightful place not only in New Zealand music, but also in world music. WAI has also shown that despite the language of the lyrics, Maori music can be enjoyed and appreciated by people the world over.

    Totally unlike anything heard before, anywhere in the world, WAI is a breathtaking and inspirational expression of original Maori Waiata (music) performed in Te Reo Maori (language).

    WAI is refreshing music, flowing with emotion, rich with soulful melodies, beating with complex rhythms. Music of such spirit can only come from profound personal events.












    WAI.TAI are a Maori-World fusion collective featuring members from Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin & NP. They have headlined at all the major folk festivals in Aotearoa, and their first EP ‘Hoea’ has surpassed half a million plays on Spotify. WAI.TAI merges both original contemporary and traditional music from right here in Aotearoa, with music from all over the world, and infuses Te Reo Maori seamlessly into and across the music.
    WAI.TAI is a collective of musicians under the direction of Robyn Kamira who writes and arranges the songs and tunes in Te Reo Maori and English. The line-ups vary and musicians for each concert are selected from around the country to ensure that the best mix of instruments and styles come together for the occasion. ​The range of iwi affiliations amongst musicians include Te Rarawa, Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Tamatera, Te Ati Awa, Ngapuhi and many more. Their international affiliations include American, English, Rarotongan, Israeli and more.

    [Full profile to come]

  • Waterfalls

    ‘Waterfalls’ is the solo project of Wellington musician Amber Johnson. Her deconstructed modal pop music balances a strong melodic sensibility with hypnotic, ostinato cycles and invocations of mood via her exploration of analog synthesisers and processed flute and vocal timbres. Eschewing standard pop-song structures, Waterfalls’ compositions instead weave through movements creating impressionistic atmospheres and crystallising emotional states . Lyrically Waterfalls is similarly concerned with conveying mood and tone over storytelling and her distilled lyrics are realised as self-help incantations, idiomatic assertions of self-worth, emotional release valves and cautionary chants revealing the moments of clarity borne from nocturnal reflections on love, power and pain.

    Cover image










    Radio One 91FM, special in-studio guest: Waterfalls


  • Wellington Sea Shanty Society

    Cover image
    New Zealand’s Most ‘Sea Worthy’ Shanty Group have been belting out traditional sea songs from Aotearoa, France, Spain, the UK and more, for more than two years. Sailors and landlubbers from across the country have been battered by the rousing chorus of this two-man tempest of pure shanty. The W.S.S.S believe that ‘a shanty shared is a shanty savoured’, so they pass out shanty song sheets to one and all so people can sing along. The W.S.S.S comprise Vorn Dont le Père Etait Marin, from the indie pop band Vorn, and Lake Davineer, from the electro pop band Urbantramper. Vorn is on squeeze box duties, while Lake strums the git-fiddle. Rousing harmonies and raucous foot-stomping abound! They also perform as a 4 piece with drums and violin…

    RNZ talks to Wellington Sea Shanty Society member, Lake…

    In 2013 the W.S.S.S made waves with their first album – the Sunday Star Times called it “probably the best dance album of the year”. In 2015 the group releasee a new collection of spume-filled anthems: NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL SEA SHANTIES Vol II. Vol II sees the band exploring their NZ heritage and showcases the salty songwriting talent of Vorn and Lake. The album features 5 original songs that ‘shantify’ the stories of NZ historical figures such as Sam Parnell (credited with establishing the 8 hour working day in NZ), ‘Young Nick’ (supposedly awarded 5 gallons of rum by James Cook for sighting the promontory that would be named after him), and early European ‘Pakeha Maori’ Jacky Marmon (‘Cannibal Jack’) and George White (aka Barnett Burns). With the translation of French classic ‘Le Corsaire Le Grand Coureur’, the South Pacific remix of ‘All For Me Grog’, and reworking of sealing classic ‘Blood Red Roses’…

    RNZ reviews the W.S.S.S…

    Cover image











    After a recent national tour performing songs from their debut album ‘Now that’s What I Call Sea Shanties Volume 1’. Nick Atkinson welcomed Vorn and Lake into Radio New Zealand’s Auckland Studios for a live session…

    Nick Bollinger seta sail with the W.S.S.S FOR Volume 2…

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp & W.S.S.S. Used with permission.

  • West Coast Bullies

    The West Coast Bullies are known for their technical command of samples and instruments, their rhythmic approach to improvisation and composition, and their work in contemporary ignorant music theory. They have created a musical system with classifications and graphics-based language that embraces a variety of traditions and genres while defying categorization of its own. In their EP Sluhm-Guhl-Yuhn (2013) popular music forms deconstruct footwork, jazz, drill and bop with new music resources, creating a true hybrid genre.

    Cover image

    They recently performed The Phoenix Foundation’sJohn Dylan, Bob Lennon at The Silver Scroll Awards 2014…

  • Wet Wings

  • What Noisy Cats

    Indie Country folk-rockers ‘What Noisy Cats’ write country/folk influenced songs and then infuse them with a healthy dose of rock and atmospherics to make them, well, just a little bit noisy.

    They have been around for about 5 years. They released an EP in 2010, and have a just released their full-length album ‘A Different Ocean’. Some of the members are also in Tiger Meet Lion.

    What Noisy Cats are:
    Patrick Whatman – drums, percussion, piano, hammond, rhodes, acoustic guitar, vocals
    Luke Marlow – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, piano, rhodes
    Jake Walwyn – electric guitar, slide guitar
    Vincent Waide – bass, taurus bass pedals, mandolin, percussion, vocals

    Cover image



    What Noisy Cats mix alt-country and noisy rock guitar, and the result is a well—cooked grainy swagger that can’t fail to somewhat resemble some of Neil Young’s more amped- up moments. The Wellington group still have that debut
    album freshness on A Different Ocean, and not having anything in particular to live up to, they allow themselves enough room to experiment on tracks like ‘In The Morning’, a minimal, ambient mood-piece and ‘The Meadows’, which leans towards fuzzy, introverted shoegaze territory. Helmed by two different writer/singers, Luke Marlow and Vincent Waide, What Noisy Cats never allow themselves to sink into a comfy alt-country rut, and the album has the added benefit of having been captured in all its dynamic glory, complete with some very intense climaxes. The only real caveat is the singing, which sounds uniformly a little unsure of itself. But then, that’s the Kiwi way. GARY STEEL


    What Noisy Cats talked about their influences, how the name of the band came about and where they get their inspiration from.

    Text courtesy of ‘What Noisy Cats’. Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Review courtesy of Rip It Up, No. 377 Oct. 2015. Used with permission.

  • WHIM


    WHIM is the solo project of singer/songwriter Deanne Krieg. Krieg studied jazz at Victoria University’s School of Music, and cites Bjork, Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Portishead as some of her early influences. More recently she has been involved in a range of projects, including Ida Lune, The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and WHIM.

    WHIM’s debut EP, Hiraeth, was released in October 2016, and the song “Alpine Metaphor” was featured on Indie Shuffle in January 2017. Her music has been described in Lo & Behold as a “hypnotic, intoxicating sound.”

    Interview: Fresh Talent: Deanne Krieg – NZ Musician, 2016 (Vol:19, No:9)

    Interview: My Space Within – Lo & Behold, March 22nd, 2017

  • Will and Reece

    Formerly known as Ballah Playah Gnar, Will and Reece is the duo project of drummer/producer Reece McNaughten and double bassist/electronics guy Will Sklenars. According to they’re two of the most entertaining characters currently active within the wider Wellington music scene.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Profile courtesy of Reece McNaughten.

  • William John Philipson

    William John Philipson is a Wellington-based composer and sound designer who recently collaborated with singer Lily Jackson on the EP Lily Jackson & William Philipson.

    Lily Jackson & William Philipson was produced and recorded at Philipson’s home, with the vocals improvised by Jackson. Philipson has described how this improvisation led to the emergence of several different styles and genres, reinforcing the EP’s themes of “change, transition and progression.”

    In 2015 Philipson also released Umbilical Chords, describing it as “The emotional journey of a robot named FRED who is slowly being converted into an iPod.” He was also a member of the progressive rock and metal band Mechanical Gardens.

  • Willy Moon

  • wolfcrossing

    Wolfcrossing is a brother/sister duo band, featuring Tasha’s classical soprano vocals, paired with Adam’s folk punk driven melodies, creating a unique balance between contemporary pop and DIY band music. Even though, Tasha is based in the United States, while Adam is living in Wellington, they created their most recent record, “if things will get better”, through the countless exchanging of emails, which focuses on the theme of depression and the process of recovery.

    Cover image

    Text courtesy of Adam/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Womb

    ‘Womb’ is the moniker of neo-folk artist Charlotte Forrester, who was previously part of the now-defunct duo ‘Athuzela Brown’ with her twin brother Haz, who records under the name A Hum of Voices. ‘Womb’ is one of the artists on local label Sonorous Circle and her 2015 debut EP was mixed & mastered by label-mate Sean Kelly (AKA Seth Frightening).

    RNZ’s Shaun D Wilson interviews The Forrester twins for a recent series on Musical Siblings

    From RNZs Introducing series…


    Read the interview with Charlotte & video director Tristan Joseph Brooks at The Wireless.


    Cover image









    Charlotte with her sister Georgette Brown on drums and brother Haz on guitar, both of whom also created the stage setting, with projections by Erica Sklenars/Lady Lazer Light:

    Interviews and live sets from ‘The Wireless NZ’

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Sonorous Circle. Used with permission.

  • Yayné

    Yayné is a Wellington-based neo-soul singer, known for her wide-ranging vocal styles and powerful stage presence. Born in Christchurch and previously based in Auckland, Yayné’s debut was the 2012 TEMPA Records-released ‘Dreams’ with Truth, followed shortly after by ‘I Belong’.

    Her debut solo EP, Simple Pleasure, was released in February 2017. She describes it as an album that “plays on the two sides of pleasure; that which we so often yearn for” and “the darker side… the kind of pleasure that is simply in our human nature to chase, but isn’t always attainable without leading us astray into situations and complications we hadn’t anticipated.”

    Yayné ‘Cocoon’Base FM, May 9, 2016

    Yayné’s music has been played on BBC Radio 1Xtra and Rinse FM, as well as throughout the US, and she has performed in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Nottingham, San Francisco, Denver, and in Croatia at Outlook Festival. She has also collaborated with such artists as Raiza Biza, Rizvan, Melodownz, Tom Scott and Kamandi.

  • Yoots

  • Zach Ready

    “Got the heart of a Lion, that think the Heart of a man” – Zach Ready
    Aotearoa hip-hop/rap, debut EP ‘The Greatest Joy’ 2014…

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    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Zelphium

    ‘Zelphium’, A.K.A Leon, is all about gaming, vlogs, reviews, How-To’s, and EDM.’Game’ is the first EP to be released by gaming group, BLiP Crew. Made completely by Zelphium using Studio One…

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    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.