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  • Wellington Music: A Trip Through the Archives.
  • NZ Music Month is a good time to dive into local music and the WCL CD collection is an excellent resource to enable such endeavours. The general consensus from our ‘NZMM: Artists on Wellington Music’ series of daily posts seems to be that, for a small city, Wellington produces a lot of outstanding music and […]

  • Gig Review: Local DJs Coda & Heylady supporting ‘A Guy Called Gerald’…
  • It is no wonder that 2 of the most well-established DJs in New Zealand had the honor and right of playing along side legendary Gerald on March the 20th. Opening the night was Leon (aka DJ Coda), who rocked the space for an epic 4-hour set, providing a masterful collage of old and new fine […]

  • Minuit’s Final Fling
  • After 15 years Nelson band (although now Wellington locals) Minuit have called it quits, which is perhaps a too-abrupt phrase for what could have been a slow backing away from the spotlight, if the members had done as they originally planned. However, Minuit fans (myself included) are a loyal bunch, and the band were convinced […]

  • Artists on Wellington Music: Samuel Flynn Scott
  • A while ago we had the opportunity to talk to Samuel Flynn Scott of the Phoenix Foundation. Here’s what he had to say

  • Artists on Wellington Music: Alistair Fraser
  • In 2009 we talked to Wellington musician and taonga puoro craftsman (and librarian!) about The Woolshed Sessions project

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  • $5 Ornamental Fade-Ins

  • …Apropos of Nothing

    Angry Rabbit, 2008.

    Compilation of experimental electronic music by Aquaboogie (aka Stuart McDonald), adrien75, Fabian Tape (aka Pierre Omaar), Group Five (aka Andrew Loughnan), Jet Jaguar (aka Michael Upton), Filmic (Gareth Fletcher & Richard Sewell), Panoramica (aka Dan Smith), Tonto Ponderosa and Malty Media (Aquaboogie, Jet Jaguar & Jonathan Harker).

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  • Aaradhna

  • Accelerants

  • Actualities

  • Adi Dick

  • Age Pryor

    As well as producing his own original material, Age Pryor has been involved in many high profile collaborative projects including ‘Fly My Pretties’ and ‘The Woolshed Sessions’, and his music appears on a number of compilations including the Miramax feature film soundtrack ‘Eagle vs Shark’.
    Age is a founding member, musical director and executive manager of the wildly popular ukulele ensemble ‘The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’, and was studio producer for all 4 recordings made by that group.

    Age has toured the country extensively, performing solo, with his own bands, and as a session player for others including Anika Moa and Jess Chambers (including opening for internationals Fleetfoxes and K T Tunstall). Alongside his music, Age has also worked as a sound editor for film, television, theatre and installations. On the international stage, Age’s music has appeared on the HBO hit show Weeds and Age has worked at different stages with ‘Flight of the Conchords’, live in NZ and on their first and 3rd albums.

    ‘The Woolshed Sessions’ received 4 stars in the UK music magazine Q, and ‘The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’ has quickly become the people’s favourite in the international ukulele community. The songs ‘Funny Shadow’ and ‘I Don’t Want’ appeared in the cult classic feature film ‘Eagle vs Shark’ and feature in the soundtrack album released worldwide.

    “Pryor has firmly established himself as one of our best musicians”
    – Dominion Post

    Cover image

  • Alda Rezende

  • Alien8

    Alien8 are a Wellington 5 piece rock/hardrock band who have been around for a few years. During that time they’ve racked up more than a few gigs and have palyed almost everywhere in Wellington at some time. That said, you haven’t seen them on stage for a while as they’ve been putting all their focus into a long awaited self produced album, ‘Obey’.

    Cover image

    Two videos were made for ‘Obey. One for the title track, and one for another track called The Collector.

  • Alphabethead

    Solo project from Champion Turntablist David Morrison (AKA Alphabethead from ‘The All Seeing Hand’) who describes his music as ‘…adrift in the sonic cosmos, somewhere between the constellations of Hip Hop, Free Jazz and Experimental Rock.’

    Cover image









    Alphabethead mixes a selection of Flying Nun Record’s classic tracks in aid of the label’s 30th Birthday…

    A series of music video postcards set to music from home, with New Zealand based artists contributing unreleased tracks to the project. In 2015 The Renegade Peach Project ventured on a 3 month journey that began in Cambodia and wrapped in San Francisco. As we roamed, we captured hints of the streets, people, wildlife, food, and spirit of each locale before uniting our visuals with the submitted tracks. Each artist was asked to provide a time of day for us to film and a keyword or colour to help us capture the essence of their track. Alphabethead’s key word for the track was “Nocturnal” and we filmed on the Bangkok streets during the late evening.

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Amanda Maclean

  • Amps

  • Andrew Moore

  • Ariana Tikao

    NZ’s folk-world Maori songstress with three acclaimed albums, ‘Whaea’, ‘Tuia’ & ‘From Dust to Light’.

    Ariana is a unique performer and composer of heartfelt music in both Te Reo Māori and English. She draws on folk and pop styles with a strong emphasis on Māori chant. Although now living in Wellington, her music in inspired and influenced by her Māori ancestry and the dramatic landscape of Te Waipounamu – The South Island of New Zealand…

    Cover image










    ‘Ko te tatai whetu’ is a concerto for Taonga Puoro and orchestra by composer Phil Brownlee, the result of a collaboration with Ariana…



    A 2013 Music 101 interview with Ariana on taking inspiration from the writing of her tupuna, and her recent sojourn in France.


    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp.
    Profile courtesy of
    Concerto for Taonga Puoro courtesy of RNZ. Interview courtesy of RNZ.
    Used with permission.

  • Ashes of August

  • Audiosauce

  • Autozamm

  • Aviators

  • Baby Hitlers

  • Backyard Burial

  • Benny Tones

    Benny Tones is a Wellington based producer, DJ and Audio Engineer. He is the official Sound Tech for future soul band Electric Wire Hustle and has also set up his own professional audio engineering facility in Wellington – Organik Muzik Workz – where he has recorded and engineered for artists such as Pacific Heights, Solaa, Julien Dyne, Iva Lamkum, Harbour City Electric, Module and of course Electric Wire Hustle among others.
    Benny’s solo album Chrysalis will be released on Every Waking Hour Records in NZ in May 2010. It s the product of 4 and a half years work and serves as Benny’s reintroduction to the world as a producer and beat maker. The album features a diverse host of vocal and instrumental collaborators including Electric Wire Hustle’s Mara TK, Taay Ninh and Myele Manznaza, Fat Freddy’s front man Joe Dukie, Shapeshifter’s Devin Abrams & Sam Trevethick, Rio Hemopo, Isaac Aesili, LA’s Shihan The Poet, Adi Dick and many more.
    Benny’s exquisite production is the result of hundreds of hours clocked up in the studio over the years and perhaps an upbringing in an environmentally conscious commune in the beautiful Golden Bay area of of New Zealand.
    It was a natural progression from Djing that led him to start producing his own beats in 2002. He also moved to Wellington in 2002 to immerse himself in the scene and to learn as much as he could about audio production and the music industry.
    He participated in 2 short audio courses but is largely self taught. In 2008 he set up OMW and has quickly built up a reputation as one of Wellington’s best Audio Engineering facilities.
    Benny Tone’s 12″ EP will be released through Wonderful Noise Records Japan in April and the full length album will be available in New Zealand through Every Waking Hour Records May 2010.

  • Big water: The Best of Wellington Blues

    Big water: The best of Wellington blues / various artists
    Red Rocks, 2004.

    Big water / Darren Watson — Nobody but you / Cool Disposition — Class / Rick Bryant — Rocket to the moon / Pip Payne — Sip of your wine / The Windy City Strugglers — Down in the dumps / Marg Layton — Sittin’ on top of the world / The Windy City Strugglers — Kansas City / Dave Murphy & Darren Watson — Trouble then satisfaction / Marg Layton — She’s gone / Kayte Edwards & Alan Witham — I wanna be with you / Rick Bryant & Bill Lake — Teenage letter / Cool Disposition — Crocodile smile / Darren Watson — Cigarette machine / Dave Murphy.

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  • Black Boned Angel

  • Black Seeds

  • Bleakhouse

  • Brannigan Kaa

    Brannigan Kaa is probably the most popular recording artist on the Maori Radio Network – his 90’s classic Maumahara Noa Ahau (originally released on Tangiora 2) is always on most requested lists.
    Tracks from his 2001 debut album Taputapu continue to receive steady airplay and his vocal performances are a stand-out feature on the recent album Elena.
    In addition, Brannigan is currently receiving maximum exposure as co-host of the popular MAORIOKE SHOW.

  • Breakfast of Champions

  • Brooke Fraser

  • Brubeck

  • Bruce Brown

  • Capitalbase 1

    Capitalbase 1
    Capital Recordings, 2002.

    Phoenix Foundation — Mike Fabulous & the Jamboree Sound feat. Warren Maxwell — Super Drums Pro Series — Buda — Dub Connection — Raw Sugar — Nouveau Riche — Flash Harry vs. The Video Kids feat. Toby Laing.

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  • Carol Bean

  • Carousel

  • Cassette

  • Cattlestops

  • Chandeliers

  • Charlie ASH

  • Charmaine Ford

  • Cherry’s Gemstones

  • Chris Prowse

  • Connan and the Mockasins

  • Conrad Wedde

    The Phoenix Foundation’s keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist, Thomas Conrad Wedde’s influences include 70’s and 80’s films, Japanese minimalism and general pop fun. His debut album ‘Bronze’ from 2008 was recorded under the name ‘T.C Wedde’, with ‘Space Waltz’ following a short 6 years later. Among other things he & Luke Buda created the music to Until Proven Innocent (nominated for Best Original Music in General Television at The ‘Qantas Film and Television Awards’ 2009, ), and he co-produced Sophie Burbery/Little Bark‘s debut album, ‘Hope Is Rubbery’.

    Cover image









    Check out Simon Sweetman’s review of ‘Space Waltz’ at Off The Tracks.

    Cover/Text sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Cookie Brooklyn

    Cookie Brooklyn/Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs is one of the musical projects of
    Mark Williams, a local guitarist and Curator/Director of CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa – an arts agency that supports New Zealand artists working in the moving image through distribution, critical review and research. He is also involved in Tapioca Dragon, and he often pops up in different combos at the Pyramid Club

    You can but some Cookie Brooklyn (an archival project revisiting mid-90s home recording experiments and editing, revising, adding arrangements) here & some Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs here. These 1997-2001 home recordings drift more into the realm of experimental folk. Deconstructed melodic elements, spartan instrumentation (often just effected electric guitar and voice), fleeting clouds of buzzing dissonance, generous application of reverb, and some very detached and stream-of-consciousness-y murmurred and muttered vocals.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Cool Disposition

  • Cop Car

  • Crumb

  • Cyberphobe

  • D-Super

  • Dana Eclair

  • Daniel Beban

    Experimental solo work from Dan Beban, musician, sound artist, instrument maker and sound engineer, who founded the Frederick Street Sound and Light Exploration Society, and is the frontman for Orchestra of Spheres.

    Daniel Beban’s studies in Ethnomusocolgy have taken him from recording the voices of New Zealand to his travels in South East Asia…

    Cover image

    ‘Misconnections ‘ is described as: Radiophonic investigation of phone art, crank calls and wrong numbers…

    When Fred’s celebrated three years of adventurous music, Emma Smith spoke with Daniel Beban, and many of the artists involved…

    Orchestra of Sphere’s Daniel Beban and freak folky Alexander Tucker during a performance which takes over the grand foyer at the Wellington Railway Station…

    Friend and former student Daniel Beban recalls his first encounter with Jack Body and talks through some of his compositions…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Darklight Corporation

    Darklight Corporation sound like the bastard lovechild of Nine Inch Nails and Mudvayne, conceived on the couch of Slipknot and brought up by the Prodigy.

    Hard, heavy and industrial, Darklight Corporation still retain a pop-influenced simplicity. The guitar-based rock is injected with dance/electronica to create a sound that’s melodic but never fluffy. Accessible – for those who like music with a wrecking-ball riff.

    Darklight Corporation formed in early 2008 when Christchurch guitarist Chris Prenter met Brazilian frontman Fabio Santos and discovered, “a mutual love of everything heavy – including ourselves.” They started writing songs together and were soon joined by drummer Rhys Fuller and bass player Elliot Chao.

    Together the foursome recorded a nine-track album (including a sizzling cover of the Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up) which immediately caught the attention of The Rock FM and has been getting serious play on the Axe Attack.

    Host Paul Martin (The Axeman) sums them up best…”Darklight Corporation takes the bull by the horns and kicks its ass! Unafraid to tread new sonic ground they push all the right buttons and herald a dark and gritty new approach for grunty NZ music”.

  • Dave Murphy

    Cover image







    Dave Murphy is a finger-style, blues picking guitar legend and one of New Zealand’s best interpreters of the blues, and is well known as a key member of the ‘Red Dog Saloon’ Band, that was one of the hottest live performance bands around.

    In the 1980s Dave travelled through the Unites States meeting musicians and learning blues tunes from the originals like Eugene Powell and Sonny Boy Nelson. This experience gave Dave an insight into music that has kept him in touch with the heart and soul of the blues ever since.

    “Dave Murphy has to be NZ’s finest acoustic blues guitarist, with an earthy voice and a real feel for pre-war styles”.
    – Mike Garner, Blues News

    According to music critic Nick Bollinger “Dave is an icon in the New Zealand music scene” yet in his 35 years of performing he has never recorded an album. That is, until 2008, when some of his friends decided to change that.

    Producer Carol Bean arranged for Dave to visit Robbie Duncan’s Braeburn Recording Studio in Wellington to record some of his favourite tunes. By the end of the day Dave and Robbie had laid down a dozen tracks. Film maker Costa Botes, along with Carol Bean and Barry Carter, captured the session. Later, Costa interviewed Dave at the Botanical Gardens where he works as a gardener. In brief vignettes between songs, Dave shares his insights on music and the ups and downs in his life. The end result is a CD/DVD that showcases a vivid and unforgettable performance from a man who has blues music deep down in his bones.

    Dave Murphy: Yes That’s Me – Elsewhere review

  • David Chadwick

    David Chadwick is a writer and musician from the Kapiti Coast.

    David has been writing songs and playing music since the 1970s, as a solo performer and with various bands. His music is acoustic-based pop (with the occasional touch of blues).

    The Hard Edge was recorded at Audiosuite studios in Paraparaumu, and features David on acoustic guitar and harmonica, with fellow Kapiti Coast musicians Carylann Martin (keyboards and accordion), Lawrence Leitch (slide and elec guitar) Ross McDermott (elec guitar), and David’s son Toby Chadwick(elec guitar), and Wellingtonians Bill Gaynor (elec guitar), Jonathan Lewis (bass), and Rudy Garrow (drums).

    Musical history
    In the mid-1970s, David was part of Wellington-based folk trio Jade. The group played regularly in the capital and at folk music festivals and venues around the country. They also made a number of television appearances, including New Faces and the Max Cryer Show, and released a self-produced LP of British folk songs (and a couple of originals songs).

    He has continued to write and play music ever since, with bands and as a solo performer.

    In the mid 1990s, David recorded two programmes of original songs for Radio NZ, and some of these songs were released on Replay Radio as “Up Along the Coast”.

    He has also written a number of musicals and musical resources for schools and two of his songs have been included in “Kiwi Kidsongs”, a Ministry of Education’s resource for schools.

  • Dead Vicious


    Dead Vicious are a four-piece DIY political punk band from Wellington, New Zealand, formed in 2002. Their sound is classic punk rock with innovations. All songs are originals written by the band.



    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Dean Chandler

  • Deva Mahal

    Deva Mahal is one of New Zealand music’s premier female vocalists.

    Her voice has adorned a swagger of this country’s best soul and roots albums including Sola Rosa’s Moves On where she took the lead for single Redeemer as well as Rhombus’ latest, Future Reference where she teamed up with brother Ahmed Mahal aka. Imon Star.

    In the traditon of great soul/jazz artists Deva sings from places deep down to take the listener on high.

    She has recently completed a seven track EP recorded live in Wellington to a receptive crowd at Hope Bros.

  • Disasteradio

  • Distant Earth

  • Dominion Centenary Concert Band

  • Dunstan Rangers

  • Dylan Ware

    Folk/Rock. generally quiet, acoustic contemplations on a number of things. A New Zealand born songwriter based in Istanbul…

    Dylan Ware lived in Ngaio throughout his teenage years, attended Onslow College in Johnsonville, which is where he had his first and only flurry of guitar-lessons, and began writing his music & songs. Wellington, according to Dylan is pretty deeply ingrained in the old psyche of origin..

    “The green, labyrinthine, hilly streets and stone-stairways of the city suburbs, hanging out in Cuba St, beers in the bars…  My family later moved to Nelson, just before I was 20, as Dad shifted jobs from Radio NZ to a local station, but I’ve really always been fairly itinerant, both within and without NZ.  In the end it gets difficult to be tied to any particular city in terms of a “hometown”, but I generally identify Wellington as a prime contender…I’m currently writing, playing & singing in Istanbul, and nearing completion of my 3rd album, which is going to be a killer…”

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text courtesy of Dylan Ware. Used with permission.

  • Elena

  • Eru Dangerspiel

  • Family Cactus

  • Fat Freddy’s Drop

  • Fighting the Shakes

  • Flash Harry

    Flash Harry is Barnaby Weir (Sagitarius, Year of the Horse 1978 – half man, twice horse) the acclaimed singer-songwriter from The Black Seeds and Dub Connection.

    “Flash Harry has many different elements. It’s not genre specific, and therefore hard to pigeon hole. It has funk and electro, but also rock and dub flavours. It’s slick, but raw…What is it?…is it dance? dub? rock? pop?… who cares where you think it fits. It just does. It is Flash Harry.”

  • Flight of the Conchords

  • Flowz

  • Fly My Pretties

  • Footsouljahs

  • Ghostplane

  • Good Laika

  • Gowned and Bagged

    Gowned & bagged : Wellington youth compilation.
    Edge Sound, 2000.

    Contents :
    Infotratoz — Brady — Danny Brady — Manor Machine — Tripwire — V.B.F. — Alex Watson — Shakhan — Mrs Peacock — Deaf Terrorists — Izzy Froud — Mescalin — Brown Desire — Tourach — Common Culture — Catalyst — The Lamps — The Carnies — Tried For Treason.

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • Goya

    Cover image









    Lucas Donnell’s music takes its name from 19th century Spanish painter, Francisco Goya, whose dark imaginative work spanned romanticism, madness and the horrors of war.

    Inspired by bands such as The Gordons, Skeptics and Gang Of Four, Goya’s lyrics take aim at the inherent social-pathology of our consumerist lives…

    Cover used with permission.

  • Grand Prix

  • Grayson Gilmour

    Wellington multi-instrumentalist Grayson Gilmour has been channelling his existential musings into song since the early Y2Ks. He leads a threefold life as solo artist, film composer & ‘So So Modern’ synth-dude, attempting to balance an introverted, extroverted, contemplative, hedonistic & ecstatic type of musical schizophrenia… or just his general over-enthusiasm.

    Hailing from the murky swamps of Palmerston North, Grayson Gilmour began his solo recordings at the tender age of 16, with the 2002 release of ‘Abstract Arrival’, following it up with ‘Behind Locked Doors’, at age 18. His 2nd effort generated major interest on a national scale, with glowing reviews in various publications & great bNet radio play, despite Grayson never playing any solo shows to support these albums as he was too busy playing in other bands, such as the highly regarded ‘So So Modern’.

    Grayson Gilmour long awaited follow up to critically-acclaimed 2010 album ‘No Constellation’ was ‘Infinite Life’ released in early 2014 via Flying Nun. The first single, ‘Minus Times Infinity’ featured guest vocals from Claire Duncan (‘Dear Time’s Waste’). The song came complete with a video that has been included in the prestigious BBC Music Video Festival. Set in an Australian forest, the clip features Gilmour fighting and being torn apart by a dinosaur. The intense (but also, kind of hilarious) gore is subdued by the fact that director Jessie Taylor-Smith (who has directed videos for ‘Pond’ and ‘Dear Time’s Waste’) opted to meticulously hand-paint the colour into every frame (akin to the work of early 20th Century film makers Georges Méliès and Lumière brothers, according to the press release), lending a fairy-tale air to the whole thing. Check it out below and head over here to download ‘Infinite Life’.

    So So Shining Star – NZ Musician, 2010 (Vol:15, No:4)

    Nick Bollinger samples ‘You Sleep, We Creep’…

    Disasteradio vs Grayson Gilmour – NZ Musician, 2010 (Vol:15, No:9)

    2010 interview on the release of ‘No Constellation’…

    Indefinitely Talented – NZ Musician, 2014 (Vol:18, No:2)

    Cover image











    Grayson Gilmour Rip It Up article

    Click to read a larger version

    So So Modern band member Grayson Gilmour has a certain fascination with the whimsical exuberance of youth, or – as he describes it- ‘teenhood.’ On No Constellation, a record he describes as his, “fifth or sixth solo album,” Gilmour has created a decidedly cinematic indie rock sound world of wonder, magic and intrigue, a world which feels very much born of rich imagination. This makes sense because, while growing up in Palmerston North, music was Gilmour’s way out. “Music was such a big part of my teenhood,” he reflects. “In a way for me, it was escapism from small town New Zealand. I was listening to heaps of CDs from bands overseas, and going, ‘wow, they make such good records. I want to make records too,’ essentially – and I guess I just take that sort of view writing music nowadays too.” Having played piano since age five, Gilmour is fluent in all kinds of instruments (“guitar, drums, bass, whatever I could get my hands on”), and voice, which just might be his biggest weapon. He’s been releasing solo albums since he was in sixth and seventh form and has toured the world with his other band, So So Modern. The experience of travelling through music has afforded Gilmour the space to develop as an artist, and let his imagination run rampant. “When you’re on the road, you’re always displaced from any sort of sense of home or location or anything like that,” he states. “So, l guess you start perceiving things in a different light, and it gives way for a lot of new musical ideas to come up.” Based in Wellington, Gilmour divides his time between live performance, recording, music tutoring, working at a record store and sourcing sound . Having attracted the attention of Roger Shepherd’s newly rejuvenated Flying Nun Records for the release of No Constellation, Gilmour is definitely at an interesting point. “I guess I try not to-think about the historical significance of what being released on Flying Nun might mean, and just hope people will like No Constellation for what it is’, he concludes.”

    Grayson talks about Music Publishing in this 2011 interview…

    Janina Nicoll speaks to Wellington based composer and producer Grayson Gilmour ahead of his Wellington City Gallery performance under the alias ‘Siamese’.

    Live at The Transmission – Grayson’s second ever live solo performance – recorded at Bar Bodega, Wellington on 6 May 2006.

    Live set from ‘Infinite Life’ in the Music 101 studio…

    Grayson won the 2015 APRA Silver Scrolls Award for ‘Best Original Music in a Feature Film’ for his work on Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story.

    Heroine; Thief; We Believe; God; Lose the Battle, Win the War from the soundtrack to the film ‘Consent: the Louise Nicholas story’ – Grayson Gilmour (various instruments), Charley Davenport (cello), Tristan Carter (vln)

    Palmerston North musician wins silver scroll – Stuff, September 18 2015.

    The section featuring Grayson begins around 3 hours in…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp.
    Bio/Profile adapted from, Bandcamp & Bigflipthemassive.
    Interviews/Live sessions courtesy of RNZ.
    ‘Who’s Next’ profile sourced from Rip It Up, No. 335 June-July 2000. Used with permission.

  • Groove Assembly

  • Hannah Howes

  • Harbour City Electric

    Hailing from Wellington, Harbour City Electric are a live 7-piece band who have incorporated a diverse array of influences – ranging from Motown Soul and Funk to Hip-hop – to create their unique sound.

    Throwing synthesizers, tight horns, a kicking kicking rhythm section and world-class vocals into the mix, Harbour City Electric have crafted their own unique style, that can only be described as “Acid-funk and heavy break-beat soul”.

    Harbour City Electric was formed in late 2006 as a 5-piece jam-band for a weekly residency at Sandwiches, which recieved ‘Best Musical Offering’ at the 2007 NZ Bar Awards. Starting as a rotating line-up of some of Wellington’s finest musicians, players from The Black Seeds, Recloose Live Band, Solaa, Olmecha Supreme and Rhombus took the stage for nearly two years.

    After leaving the Sandwiches residency in early 2008, the bands membership took a more permanent shape, and the guys set their sights high. Harbour City Electric have since played prime-time slots at The Parihaka Peace Festival, Canaan Downs Festival, a headline show at ASB Gardens Magic, as well as support slots for a whole range of Top notch local and international acts.

    The band also play regular gigs at various Wellington night spots such as The Southern Cross, Bar Bodega, Good Luck Bar, San Fransisco Bath House and Sandwiches.

    2009 looks set to be a bumper year for Harbour City Electric, with performances at The Cuba St Carnival and a series of nation-wide tours. April sees the release of their first EP, with engineering by legend Mike Gibson, mixing by Benny Tones (Electric Wire Hustle, Pacific Heights) at Newtown’s Organik Muzik Workz and mastering by Kelly Hibbert at Elysian Masters, LA.

    The EP features guest singer extrodinaire Lisa Tomlins (Fat Freddies Drop, Recloose, Rhombus) and five superbly crafted original tracks.

  • Heavy Turkey

  • Henderwood

    Henderwood (Gillian Woods & Mark Henderson) is an indie-pop outfit from Wellington.
    A number of friends/producers were recruited to work on their debut ‘Here’s one we prepared earlier’. As Mark says: ‘We were a bit paranoid about songs sounding too similar from lack of production, so we got a whole bunch of people on board to do a song each. We didn’t use all of the material, but it was a great process, and we ended up with a much more interesting album.’

    The first song to reach the initial part of completion was ‘Impatient for Perfection’, produced by Campbell Kneale. Henderwood sent this to the B-net radio stations as an ‘industry test’, and it was play-listed by the majority of them nationally, with much enthusiasm. BFM were particularly keen on it, entering it on high rotate the day after they received it. This was all before the song had the final mix and mastering done. Henderwood’s album is literally stitched together in their trademark way. The artwork includes knitted and crocheted articles from both sides of the family, with the unique folded paper design held together with Mark’s late night stitching!

    Feedback on the song ‘Impatient for Perfection’..
    ‘Sounds good and edgy’ – Zane Lowe/BBC Radio 1
    ‘Received it, liked it (a lot), playlisted it. cheers!‘ – Troy Ferguson/95bFM
    ‘Adding Impatient to the playlist; destined for a good thrashing!’ – Andrew Fagan/Kiwi FM
    ‘I love the tune, it’s dope. expect to hear it on rotate very soon.‘ – Scott Nicolson/Radio Active 89FM

    Cover image

    The CD ‘Here’s one we prepared earlier’ is available from Slow Boat Records or Bandcamp.

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text from Henderwood. Used with permission.

  • Hi-Aces

  • Hikoikoi

  • Hinemoana Baker

  • HK Crew

  • Hollie Smith

  • Homefire Burning

    Picture a warm sunny summers day on the beautiful Kapiti Coast where the sea flows onto the land surrounded by untouched native forest. It was within this creative and peaceful surrounding where ‘Homefire Burning’ first formed together as a band and drew their inspiration.

    They burst on to the scene in early 2007 through performances at the prestigious ‘One Love’ concert in Wellington, and the International Peace festival, ‘Parihaka’ and they played live to air during New Zealand Music Month on Radio Active.

    Acknowledging the traditional Maori concept of the ahi kaa or home fire, the band members embraced their roles as mana whenua, the keepers of the flame, and invited all people to join them in stoking that fire to burn strong with the illumination of peace, knowledge and understanding. ‘Fire It Up’ was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by tko at STL Audio for Subculture System.

    Cover image






    RNZ Music reporter Andy Cummins interviews vocalist Matiu Te Huki on the message in the music of ‘Homefire Burning’…

    Cover/text sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Hot Club Sandwich

    Hot Club Sandwich began in the early ’90s when singer/guitarist Andrew London and pianist/bass player Terry Crayford recorded some songs for Radio NZ in the ‘Hot Club’ swing style popularised in the 1930s by gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli. Such a splendid time was had that a few gigs were booked with a variety of instrumental soloists providing the Sandwich ‘filling’.

    The turning point came about 10 years ago when London began writing whimsical songs about rugby fans, television evangelists, politicians, weddings, male insecurities, technophobia, youth culture, household appliances, pretentious socialites, coffee, and various other issues of concern to your average middle-aged, middle class Kiwi bloke. There are scorching improvised solos, finely-crafted three-part vocal harmonies, tight arrangements and infectious swinging rhythms. HCS have played Arts and Jazz festivals all over Australasia and have released eight CDs and a live DVD.

    Andrew London, Terry Crayford and James Tait-Jamieson talk about history of ‘Hot Club Sandwich’…

    Their 2004 album, Toasted, rated a four star review in Downbeat USA, and their songs have been used in feature length movies (Second Hand Wedding, No Petrol! No Diesel!) and year 13 Correspondence School English Courses. In 2010 they were flown by the New Zealand Embassy to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, to present a slice of Kiwi culture to an international audience. One of these shows represented their 1000th live performance….

    Cover image

    Cover image






    Cover/Text sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Huhu

  • Hummel

    hummel is Andy Cummins from Wellington. This is his second album to be released on Monkey Records following his self-titled debut in 2001.

    Like the first self-titled hummel album, mediochre consists of ‘live mix’ downbeat electronica, contrasted against live guitars and vocal songs. These are interwoven with spoken word and waves of incidental atmospherics to create an organic free flowing dialogue.

    mediochre continues hummel’s commentary on concealment of the human spirit. It explores the complex relationship between love, fear and silence.

    Andy is currently based in London where he is sometimes plays with Rhian Sheehan.

  • Illphonics

    The word “supergroup” is bandied around a lot with regards to Wellington’s infamous cough-incestous-cough music scene these days. Mostly, it must be noted, by music writers and TV presenters.
    On the other hand, how else could you describe a band comprising members of Fat Freddy’s Drop, Twinset, and Shapeshifter and former members of Trinity Roots and Police Lucifer?

    The band known as iLLphonics came about in response to the need for a Sunday night resident combo at Cuba Street’s famed Matterhorn bar & restaurant. To put in rough, almost blatantly incorrect, press-release terms it starts with a (dirty-rotten) core of drummer Otis Chamberlain aka artist/producer Mephisto Jones and his longtime friend and collaborator bassist Tyrone McCarthy, both formerly of the infamous Police Lucifer.

    Around their cat-gut & cow-hide centre, coalesced two musicians and a singer with two things in common: a bottomless depth of talent and nothing better to do on a Sunday night… Tehimana Kerr aka Jetlag Johnson of (moderately successful, you-may-have-heard-of-them) Fat Freddy’s Drop on guitar; Chris Yeabsley of Wellington’s hardest working band Twinset on keyboards; and the inimitable Hollie Smith on vocals, a solo star in her own right as well as a former part of Trinity Roots live band and guest singer on the forth-coming Recloose album “Hiatus on the Horizon”.

    The group set about recording their debut release at Mike Gibson’s respected Inca Studios in early 2005 with additional musicians from the Welly scene. Now finally the EP is available for public consumption, four tracks of new sound recordings!

  • Inkling

  • Iva Lamkum

  • Jacky Tar

  • Jacqui Keelan

    This soulful singer has an extensive range and finesse that puts her among the best female vocalists New Zealand has to offer.

    Jacqui is no newcomer to the music scene and has opened
    for a range of international acts, including Tina Turner,
    Dudley Moore and Peter Andre.

    She is also a judge on popular Maori TV show, Maorioke!

    Jacqui Keelan’s latest release is all about what’s real for women. The lyrics are all in te reo Maori, the funky rhythms and music seem to reach right into your heart, and the soulful voice that holds it together is sublime, transcending language to become something you can almost feel.

    This from Jacqui – “Wahine is a work that has been a lifetime in the making. It is born from personal experiences and observations. I believe that it will have a universal appeal for women.

    “The album is designed to take the listener on an
    emotional and spiritual journey. Each song has its own
    spirit and its own story to tell. And at the end of the
    journey, I hope that women will feel encouraged to find
    and exercise their personal power.”

  • Jazz-Tempered Trio

  • Jeff Henderson

  • Jess Chambers

  • Jesse Rivest

  • Jonathan Crayford

  • Julie Lamb

    Chances are if you’re involved in the Wellington music scene you’ve met Julie Lamb. During her 15 year music career the award winning, charting musician has written, performed and recorded original music; formed and promoted bands and choirs; and organised and directed multi-band music events. She’s even the Treasurer of the Capital Blues Club, Aro Creative and the Wellington Jazz Orchestra . In her down time you’ll find her in the crowd supporting other musicians.

    Julie has written and recorded three acclaimed albums – Most and Least (2008); Trippin’ the Light (2012); and When we Hang Out (2014) which debuted at number 10 on the New Zealand Music Charts. Gliding between rock, funk, blues and back again Julie puts lyrical twists to earworm melodies that stay true to her 70s style vibe. Her arrangements are painstakingly crafted; her songs clever, intelligent, impassioned and punctuated with humour and light.

    In 2011, in preparation for Trippin’ the Light Julie brought together a group of gifted musicians who have gelled into the standout 11-piece Julie Lamb Band. The core of the band – Julie, drummer Andrew Richardson, bassist Callum Hazlitt-Black and guitarist Dave Hadley have co-written many of the songs on When we Hang Out and continue to collaborate on new work. They are joined by Andreas Lepper on percussion, Damian Forlong on trombone, Geraint Scott on saxophone, Megan McCarthy on keyboard and Deb Rock-Evans, Emma Davey and Miranda Turner delivering backing vocals – each adding their own touches to the songs as they evolve.

    Is an 11-piece band overkill? Referred to as a “Wellington Festival favourite,” and most recently seen at the 2015 Island Bay and Kilbirnie Festivals, and the Southern Cross Garden Bar and Restaurant, the Julie Lamb Band has also pounded the stages of San Fran, the James Cabaret, Bodega and Fringe Bar. Further afield it has played King Street in Masterton and in 2014 performed 3 concerts and 3 workshops for the Spellbound Harbour Concert Series in Gisborne. The band will be touring the “bungee tours” with Mahinirangi Maika later this year and hitting the boards in Auckland in mid August.

    Cover image

  • Julien Dyne

  • Junica

  • Klezmer Rebs

    The Klezmer Rebs are an eight piece Wellington band that plays klezmer music, an engaging style of world/folk music born out of the Yiddish/Jewish culture of Eastern Europe in the 1800s and 1900s.Klezmer Rebs instrumentation includes guitar and mandolin, two violins, accordion, keyboards, trumpet, trombone, recorder and vocals. About half of the group members are Jewish, three are ex-Yanks, one Brit, and one anarchic Swiss clarinet player.

    Cover image

    Klezmer Rebs perform live for NZ Live in the RNZ Wellington studio, 2009.

    Profile sourced from Covers courtesy of Klezmer Rebs & Bandcamp. Live concert courtesy of RNZ. Used with permission.

  • Labcoats

  • Leila Adu

  • Little Bushman

  • Lorenzo Buhne

  • Luke Buda

  • Mama Tilly

  • MarineVille

  • Martin Andrews

    Martin Andrews is a singer from Lyall Bay, versed in the styles of many different musical genres. He also records under the name ‘Pisces’ & is a member of ‘The Polly Johnson Set’, a ‘gypsy punk vaudeville cabaret’ collective of Wellingtonian songwriters and performers.

    Cover image

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp/Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Marystaple

  • Matt Hay

  • Matty Warmington

  • Meech Brothers

  • Module

    Welcome to the world of Module, a world where classical meets futuristic, where man meets machine.

    Module is the Solo Project of Jeramiah Ross. A Multi Instrumentalist from Wellington New Zealand.

    Jeramiah has had years performing in the NZ music scene performing in such bands as Rhombus, Fly My Pretties and Along side label mate & good friend Rhian Sheehan.

  • Moon Whispers

  • Mr. Sterile Assembly

  • Murk108

  • Musical Island Boys

    The Musical Island Boys are a barbershop quartet based in Wellington, New Zealand. At present, we are an internationally acclaimed quartet in the Barbershop community, and arguably the best a cappella group ever to reign from the Southern Hemisphere.

    We began our musical journey together at Tawa College in 2002, as impressionable young men who, with encouragement, gravitated towards the craft of barbershop singing that we immediately fell in love with. Jeffrey, William, Matthew, and Marcellus, or affectionately known in the community as the “MIB”, have continued to challenge the stereotypes placed around young Pacific Islanders.

    We are a quartet with a visionary approach to all that we do, inspired and challenged to dream and set goals, motivated and committed to achieving them. We are steadfast in our learning and development, always striving to reach new heights in the art of barbershop singing.

    On the 3rd of July, 2010, the Musical Island Boys were announced the International 4th Place Bronze Medallists for the Barbershop Harmony Society. Subsequently, they achieved their goal of doing even better than they did last year, placing 10th in 2009.

  • Newtown Rocksteady

    Hailing from Newtown in Wellington, New Zealand, Newtown Rocksteady bring you their unique take on Rocksteady Reggae.

    Newtown Rocksteady may be a dance band but its all about the soul for the 12 strong group, aligning their collective musical powers to conquer hills and plunder valleys and almost always sweeping their audiences away with their sheer guile.

    But for here and now Newtown Rocksteady, with a collection of $300 microphones, has nailed down, recorded and independently released a slice of their sound. Get it before your friends think its cool!

    Track 1 & 3 written by Newtown Rocksteady, Tracks 2, 4 & 5 written by Andy Hoy & Newtown Rocksteady. Track 1 contains elements of ‘Ramble’ by Rico Rodriguez, Track 4 contains elements of ‘Climb Up on My Music’ by Sixto Rodriguez, Track 3 contains elements of ‘Earthquake’ by Jackie Mittoo.

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Hoy

  • Ngahiwi Apanui

  • Norman Meehan

    Norman Meehan began playing piano (reluctantly) at the age of seven but soon came to like it. He studied jazz in Wellington at the old Polytechnic and then pursued piano lessons in the States with players in Philadelphia, San Francisco and finally with Frank Carlberg and Paul Bley in Boston.

    He has led a variety of groups over the last decade, with his current line-up being one of the longer-standing ensembles.

    His earlier album, The Bells, was well-reviewed and like his new release, Modigliani, featured predominantly his own tunes.

    His compositional style has been influenced mainly by jazz musicians (John Schofield and Ornette Coleman spring to mind), but with the array of musicians on Modigliani, the influences are also from the world of rock and drum n bass.

  • Nouveau Riche

  • OdESSA

    OdESSA were a Wellington Garage Funk band from 2002 – 2009 that released 3 albums: ‘Oak Park Avenue’ (2005) ‘The Prize’ (2007) and the posthumous demo collection ‘Bring Me The Head Of Pepe Lopez’ (2010)

    They were known primarily for their electrifying live performances.

  • OE: Brazil

    A collaboration between six Wellington & NZ musicians and more than 70 Brazilian artists, recorded in Sao Paulo.

    Title: OE:Brazil.
    Publisher: LOOP, 2006

    Ka hoki nga mahara (Maaka Phat & Barbatauques) — Doa doa Bossacucanova mix (Alda Rezende) — Doin’ it for Brasil (Barnaby Weir & Clube Do Balanco) — Sampa soul (Hollie Smith & Zimbo Trio) — Samba Hurricane (Alda Rezende & Max De Castro) — Bela luz (Hollie Smith & Apollo Nove) — I’m not gonna back down (Barnaby Weir & Bid feat. Marcelo & Funky Buia) — The grind (P.Digsss & Instituto) — Embrace this place (Recloose & Funk Como Le Gusta featuring Tyna) — 2 4 1 (Maaka Phat & Barbatuques feat. P.Digsss) — Sunshine (P.Digsss & Drumagick).

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • Olmecha Supreme

  • Opening Notes

    Opening Notes, 2006.
    ‘A CD compilation and package given free to every baby born in the region. From July 2006 on, every family of a new Wellingtonian will go home with a carefully designed gift meant to celebrate the robust character, creative lives, and burgeoning music communities in New Zealand’s capital city.’

    Contents :
    Hinemoana Baker — The Phoenix Foundation — Kiran Aswani — Carousel — Mike Fabulous and the Jamboree Sound — Wellington East Girls College Small Choir — Fly My Pretties — Windy City Strugglers — Verona — Ghostplane — Oimecha Supreme — Vector Wellington Orchestra — Homeh Lazar — Rhian Sheehan/Rhombus — Elena — Oliver Mtukudzi, Whirimako Black and Jonathan Besser — Charmaine Ford — Ryan Prebble — Flight.

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • Orange Farm

  • Over the Atlantic

    Over The Atlantic is Nik Brinkman and Bevan Smith (Signer, Aspen, Skallander), who came together through shared involvement in a A LOW HUM compilation.

    In 2006 Over The Atlantic were signed to the prestigious USA Carpark/PawTracks family of labels before they’d even played a single show, demonstrating the strength of their first album, Junica. This meant they were label-buddies with Beach House, Dan Deacon, Animal Collective and Ariel Pink, among others.

    Over The Atlantic songs are written by Nik Brinkman and lovingly produced by Bevan Smith, two of the most intriguing musicians in New Zealand. Once writing and recording is finished, Brinkman hands the tracks over to Bevan Smith who then skillfully crafts the tracks into the final compositions you hear on record.

    From nomination for Best Unreleased Song at the Bnet Awards when he was just 16, to now, Nik Brinkman is emerging as one of the most important and innovative modern songwriters in New Zealand. Even his side-project Psychic Powers (with LA-based Alejandro Cohen) has been signed to uber-awesome USA label Geographic North with the promise of a glow-in-the-dark 12″ record scheduled for release before the end of this year.

  • Oy Azoy







    Oy Azoy are a Wellington-based seven/eight-piece playing an eclectic mix of music from many times and places. Blending klezmer with funk and Latin music, the band bring a vibrant and colourful musical mash-up.

    Oy AzoyNewtown Festival Website, 2017

    Formed in 2009, current band members include Josh Simon (tenor sax), Ayrton Foote (keys), Oscar Laven (trumpet/clarinet), Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (drums), Adrian Laird/Jacqui Nyman (bass), Emma Wollum (vocals/accordion) and Kaito Walley (trombone).

    Fair Day at Newtown, March 5, 2017

    Oy Azoy have played at the Island Bay Festival, Wellington Jazz Festival and Newtown Festival. Their debut EP, Drunk Lullabies, was recorded at Matrix Digital in 2015.

  • Paselode

  • Pearl

  • Pickups

  • Poultice

  • Radio Active 89FM : 25: Silver Selections

    Radio Active 89FM : 25: silver selections.
    Radio Active, 2002.

    A. Let’n off shots / Murk 108. Seek know more / 50Hz, feat. Ladi6. Flap-Jack heaven / Agent Alvin. Pressures / Audio Sauce. Rubini / Datsun Stereo. Restless / Mark de Clive-Lowe. 19c trumpet / Cuffy & Leon D, feat. Toby Laing. Summer tune / Soulboy. If I gave u th’mic / Sheelahroc. Distance / Rhombus, feat. Lotus. Sufferin’ blues / The Cherished Collective. Happy being free / One million dollars. Penile plesmograph / C.L. Bob — AA. Wipe me, I’m lucky / The Clean. John & Henry / Dana Éclair. Engine brakes / Letterbox Lambs. The boy with the aubergine hair / Minuit. Let me die a woman / The Phoenix Foundation. Littoral / Hummel. Remember / Rhian Sheehan. Nothing to be loved / Trinity Roots. Keep on pushing / The Black Seeds. Set on stun / Zuvuya. Reveal yourself version / Cornerstone Roots. Rogan Josh / The Black Seeds.

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • Radio Active 89FM Wellington Music Sampler

    Radio Active 89FM Wellington music sampler 2000.
    Radio Active, 2000.

    Weightless love / Das Technique Inferno — Bunny’s on the run / Sugarbug — Out there / Letterbox Lambs — Shine / Merryland Music Fountain — Daybreak / Marineville — Head or gut? / Twinset — Sense & cents / Trinity — Keep on pushing / The Black Seeds — The return of Prince Alexander / Overwash vs Megalon — Wairunga blues explosion! / Fat Freddy’s Drop — Liam, let it rain / Patio — Techsturised / Cuffy & Leon D. — Blue formations (Aspen remix) / Mandrake.

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • Random Acts

    Random Acts, an eight-piece polynesian band from reggae stronghold, Porirua, have been together for two years and come from the same roots as other great NZ reggae groups such as Sticks & Shanty, Dread Beat & Blood and 12 Tribes Of Israel.

    They have recently released their debut album Act 1.

  • Rebel Peasant

  • Rhian Sheehan

    A formerly Christchurch-based musician who now calls Wellington home, Rhian Sheehan was unearthed by LOOP Magazine’s cover CD series, presenting a pair of well received home recordings which layered organic instruments over computer-based beats and beds. With his debut album Paradigm Shift, Rhian unveils a broader view of his unique sound – acoustic melancholy meets synthesised soundscapes in an electronic mind meld, highlighted by guest appearances from vocalist Lotus, Christchurch all female hip-hop crew Sheelahroc, and a cast of guest musicians including Shapeshifter’s Devon Abrams and TrinityRoots’ Darren Mathiassen.

  • Rhombus

    Since forming in 2001, Wellington based Rhombus has forged a reputation as one of New Zealand’s most original and energetic live acts, selling out shows and festivals across the country and in Australia and Japan.

    Originally founded by musicians and producers, Thomas Voyce and Simon Rycroft, Rhombus features a constantly evolving collective of local talent. Vocalists include MC Antsman, MC Mana, Raashi Malik and Lisa Tomlins, while Darren ‘D’ Mathiassen plays the drums, Thomas Voyce plays bass / keys and Simon Rycroft is in control of the electronic beats and dubs. Rhombus management is led by DJ Koa.

    The unique Rhombus sound has put the band at the top of the New Zealand music industry having performed alongside the likes of St Germain (France), Fat Freddy’s Drop (NZ), Salmonella Dub (NZ), Michael Franti (USA), Dry and Heavy (Japan), Trinity Roots (NZ), Gomez (UK), Kora (NZ), Shapeshifter (NZ), Katchafire (NZ), and at New Zealand’s Big Day Out in 2003 and 2006.

    Along the way, Rhombus has picked up many awards to attest their talent, including New Zealand’s Most Promising New Act in 2002; Best Video, Best Electronic Album and Best Album at 2003’s New Zealand b-Net Music Awards and Best Aotearoa Roots Album finalist at the NZ 2006 Music Awards.

  • Richie Rhinestone

  • Rick Jensen

  • Riverblind

  • Robyn Kenealy

  • Roots Foundation sound system. Volume two, 2001 – a bass odyssey.

    The roots foundation sound system are legendary wellington DJs Mu, Lemon, Koa & Goosebump…

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • Rosy Tin Teacaddy

    For six weeks during 2010 Rosy Tin Teacaddy were exiled to New Zealand’s most volatile landscape; the Rotorua Lakes District. In the shadow of Tarawera, the mountain which unleashed a devastating volcanic eruption in 1886, Rosy Tin Teacaddy summoned the spirits and stories left buried under ash and mud.

    Overlooking Lake Tarawera, Billy and Betty plastered the walls inside their cottage with maps and memories, then embarked on expeditions; visiting relics, historical heroes, and trekking to what was once the eighth wonder of the world – the Pink and White Terraces. In their journeys they discovered the characters, news reports and legends that would fuel the imaginings of travelling back in time.

    By forging new interpretations of existing myths, the Wellington folk duo carved their own into this full-length album; All Mountains Are Men. Written and recorded entirely in isolation at the cottage by the lake, this new collection of songs extends Rosy Tin Teacaddy’s sonic palette by layering field-recordings, omnichord and cello on a bed of interlacing vocal harmonies and acoustic guitars. From an old-fashioned camera flash comes contemporary musical story-telling; cinematic and intimate.

    The single and accompanying video, Out of The Frying Pan and Into Fire, available now, features the folk duo in a make-shift cardboard cottage on the night of June 10, 1886. Rosy Tin Teacaddy wrote this song exactly 124 years after the eruption when they stayed up late and urged their imaginations to get carried away.

    Formed in 2007, Rosy Tin Teacaddy have built a reputation for narrative songwriting and lyrical craft coupled with wit and poignancy. Their debut EP, Blind Leading The Blind opened to audiences with a theatre-style show while their following full-length album, The Homeward Stretch, was recorded with multi-award winner Lee Prebble and released in 2009. It was warmly received by critics, punching above its weight, “Alt country, very lovely, folky, small, enchanting, meandering. It’s literally that fresh air – that smallness is just grand!” Manu Taylor, RNZ National.

  • Roy G & the BIVinators

  • Ryan Prebble

    Since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, Ryan Prebble has been playing music. Like many, he made his start on a tennis racquet eventually progressing to the guitar. He has captivated small audiences around NZ with his powerful voice and stonking rhythms performing alongside other artists such as ‘The Inkling’ and ‘The Chandeliers’. Previous bands include ‘Dubcheck’, ‘The Pyramid Scheme’ and ‘Spartacus R’. He was a member of the ‘Fly My Pretties’ band, has done session work  with ‘The Black Seeds’, production for ‘Harriet and The Matches’, as well as put his audio engineering studies to good use working in the studio of older brother Wellington record producer Lee Prebble. More recently he helms swampy blues rockers ‘The Nudge’….

    Cover image

    Ryan fronts up to Graham Reid’s Elsewhere questionnaire here….

    Ryan and bandmates playing at ‘The Transmission’- Radio New Zealand’s NZ Music Month event in 2006.

    Fly My Pretties 2009 RNZ session – Barnaby Weir, Tom Watson and Ryan Prebble perform Old Friend and talk to Kirsten Johnstone for Music 101.

    Profile adapted from Used with permission.
    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with Permission.
    Transmission & Fly My Pretties session used with permission of RNZ.

  • Sam Jenks

  • Samuel Flynn Scott












    In 2004, Samuel Flynn Scott, principle singer of The Phoenix Foundation formed a new band named Bunnies On Ponies, in order to try out some songs that didn’t fit with The Phoenix Foundation sound. After performing a few live shows around his hometown of Wellington, he released his debut solo album, The Hunt Brings Us Life, in 2006 via Loop.
    In 2007, Samuel Flynn Scott spent time writing and recording music for Taika Waititi’s film Eagle Vs Shark and for The Phoenix Foundation’s third album Happy Ending. In 2008 he presented his second solo album Straight Answer Machine. Leading his own band, Bunnies On Ponies, through Lee Prebble’s famous The Surgery recording studio in Wellington, resulted in a more oblique and grown up sound that deviates from indie quirkiness, instead communicating Samuel’s messages through creative pop music conventions. The album got some chins wagging with the Sunday Star Times complimenting Samuel and saying nice things like that he’s one of “the best young songwriters in New Zealand today”.

    Cover image









    Samuel Flynn Scott  performs songs from his debut solo album ‘The Hunt Brings Us Life’ at RNZs Music 101 studio…

    Samuel Flynn Scott and Lawrence Arabia (The Reduction Agents), along with with drummer Craig Terris (Cassette) join forces to tackle some tunes from their combined back catalogue in this Music 101 Session.

    Profile/Photo courtesy of Loop Records.
    RNZ session used with permission.

  • Sheba

  • Shenanigans

  • Shocking Pinks

    The Shocking Pinks hail from Christchurch and at one time featured ex-members of bands such as ‘The Brunettes’ and ‘Solaa’. These days however founding member Nick Harte has kept the name but gone it alone in Wellington…

    New Zealand’s Shocking Pinks, AKA Nick Harte, burst onto the scene in 2004 with the seminal dance pop record Dance the Dance Electric, which shared with the world Harte’s peculiar brand of uncomfortable dance punk intimacy. With dirty lo-fi production, sweet melodies, and unexpected aggression, Harte channels the demons of obsession and emptiness into darkly lyrical art.

    A long-term staple of New Zealand’s indie scene, Harte has spent the last 20-odd years playing in some of New Zealand’ most prominent bands (The Brunettes, Solaa, The Incisions, CM Ensemble, Hiatus). After releasing his first album in 2004 (which earned an 8.2 on Pitchfork) Harte was quickly signed to New Zealand’s historic Flying Nun label, which released Mathematical Warfare and Infinity Land in 2005. Shortly thereafter, Shocking Pinks landed an international deal with New York’s DFA label, first releasing a series of limited-edition vinyl 7” with remixes by The Glimmers, Deerhunter, and Eluvium, and then issuing the full-length album “Shocking Pinks” in 2007.

    While Harte did not formally release any music after 2007, they were years of great productivity, and also they were years of significant struggles. On February 22, 2011 a magnitude 6.3 earthquake tore through Christchurch, his home city. Three massive earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks later, with no buildings and no infrastructure left, Harte was eventually evacuated and forced to relocate to the city of Wellington and try to rebuild his life.

    After the destruction of his city and the diaspora of Christchurch’s vibrant youth culture, Harte used music as a therapy to deal with his isolation. Influenced by the cinematic structure of auteurs like John Cassavetes, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Nicholas Winding Refn, ‘Guilt Mirrors’ is a sprawling, haunting, beautiful, and at times violent and alienating trilogy, that is much less a curated “album” than it is a personal mix tape. Chronicling the loss, the love, and the limbo of the last 6 years, Guilt Mirrors was released in 2014 by Brooklyn-based imprint, Stars & Letters Records.

    Camp A Low Hum 2014 – Shocking Pinks
    Nick Hart talks about new album trio ‘Guilt Mirrors’, & why it took 6 years…

    Cover image

    Emma from Music 101 interviews Nick on ‘Guilt Mirrors’..

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Amplifier & Facebook. Used with permission.

  • Shot Band

  • Signer

  • Sing Songs

  • So So Modern

    This Wellington electro-punk band of merry young men blazed a trail through the underground from 2005, while building a strong fanbase – confirmed by their incendiary sets opening for CSS in 2007.

    Cover image

    So So Modern

    Kirsten Johnstone of RNZs Music 101 interviews ‘So So Modern’ guitarist/vocalist Mark Leong…

    Retro-Futuristic Campfire Ravings – NZ Musician, 2007 (Vol:13, No:6).
    So So Far, So Good – NZ Musician, 2010 (Vol: 15, No: 5).

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.
    Interview courtesy of RNZ.
    ‘Crude Futures’ review from Rip It Up, No. 334, April-May 2010. Used with permission

  • Sounds Like Newtown

    Compilation of Newtown artists – all proceeds to Newtown School and the Newtown Festival.

    Contents : Rio Hunuki-Hemopo — The Mantarays — The Eggs — The Constituents — Twinset — Newtown Rocksteady — Hikoikoi with Yasus Afari — Jessie James — Rosy Tin Teacaddy — The Pyramid Scheme — Roy G and the Bivinators — Spartacus R — The Phoenix Foundation — Little Bushman — Rebel Peasant — Good Laika.

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • Spartacus R


    Wellington-based psychedelic-progressive-rock six-piece, Spartacus R are more of a musical force than a band. Connoisseurs of fine instruments and life long friends, they have relentless energy for crafting new music; at times raw and wild, other times achingly beautiful, and always uncompromised to its core. Having refined their sound and gathered their beautiful gear for over six years now, Spartacus R have released two EPs, and two acclaimed albums (‘When the Fever Takes Hold’, 2009 and ‘The View’, 2011), and toured the country on several outlandish musical journeys.

    Ryan Prebble – Vocals, Rhodes, Gat (‘Fly My Pretties’, ‘The Nudge’).
    Shanti Costar – Vocals, Korg (‘Rhythm Hawks’, ‘Sons of Midas’).
    Tim Prebble – Bass (Luke Budha band, ‘Jesse James and the Outlaws’).
    Mataio Daniela – Gat
    Michael Kane – Drums, Percussion (‘Jesse James and the Outlaws’, ‘Silenzio and the Swift’).
    Benjamin James – Horns, Keys (‘Raggamuffin Children’).

    Cover image

    Photo & text courtesy of Loop Records.

  • Spook The Horses

    Cover image









    Spook the Horses are an atmospheric post-metal band. Their first release was 2011’s ‘Brighter’, followed by ‘Rainmaker’ in 2015. ‘Rainmaker’ saw the band move away from their previous dense trio of guitars and into the arid and spacious, with strings, horns and haunting vocals. The have supported many musical contemporaries such as The Ocean, This Will Destroy You, Sleepmakeswaves, Ulcerate and Kylesa…

    Music 101 correspondent Craig Hayes caught up with Spook the Horses’ guitarist Donnie Cuzens, and band frontman Callum Gay, to discuss the evolution in the band’s sound on Rainmaker….

  • Starcruzer

  • Stevie Starr

  • Stingfish

  • Strangers

    Strangers were a 5-piece group from Wellington, featuring current and ex members of ‘The Deadline’, ‘Damaged’, ‘Scab’, ‘Dial’, ‘Neon Bastard’ & ‘GSH’. In late 2007 they released their debut album ‘Weight’, which gathered much critical praise, and was voted “Best NZ
    release of 2007” by the readers of NZ website”. A relentless schedule of
    touring, saw them appearing at numerous festivals around the country including Punkfest and Hamtown Smackdown. They have opened for internationals such as ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan’, ‘Blacklisted’, ‘Ampere’ and ‘Born/Dead’ as well as completing a full Australian tour in April 2008. Their track Overborn (from ‘Weight’) was featured on the cover disc for US Magazine Terrorizer, which is circulated in large quantities throughout the world.

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Bio courtesy of Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Sugarbug

  • Sullen Moon

  • Tahu

    ‘Tahu’ combines Taonga Puoro (Māori Musical instruments) with waiata and classical guitar to create a unique combination of Ancient voices and contempory music soundscapes. The Wellington-based trio consist of Taonga Puoro
    practitioners, Henare Walmsley and Alistair Fraser and classical guitarist and composer Michael Hogan.

    The album skilfully layers the haunting and almost melancholic tones of Taonga Puoro with the light and joyful notes of the classical guitar – taking the listener on a journey through the ancient aural landscape of Aotearoa. The group’s unique blend of improvisation and composition also features contemporary and traditional Maori patere (chants), Waiata (songs), and karakia (prayers), which flow seamlessly over the music…

    Cover image






    Tahu on RNZs ‘Upbeat’, 2008…

    Live @ Adam Concert Room, Wellington, NZ 2008

    Cover/Text sourced from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Teeth & Tongue

    Cover image










    Teeth & Tongue is the moniker of Melbourne based, Wellington raised songwriter and musician Jess Cornelius. Armed with a drum machine, vocal samples and guitar, she weaves hypnotic songs through pared-back rhythms, percussion, layered vocal samples and bent-out-of-shape guitar lines through her songs of yearning and simmering discontent.

    Born in Ngāruawāhia, near Hamilton she lived there for the first 10 years of her life, then her family moved to Wellington when she was 11. Music was the one constant, and her parent’s record collection played a huge role in fuelling her desire to make music, and she entered a couple of local “battle of the bands” comps while at school. But it wasn’t until a move to Melbourne at 19 saw her tap into her musical potential.

    Formed in 2009, Teeth & Tongue continues to alternate between solo and band formats. Her debut record ‘Monobasic’ received critical acclaim from Australian media, and reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine, Triple J Magazine, Who Weekly and Yen Magazine.

    Her third album ‘Grids’, released in March 2014 by Dot Dash/Remote Control, earned an AMP Award nomination and four The Age/Music Victoria nominations and led to spots on Meredith Music Festival, Boogie and three consecutive national tours in 2014.

    Cover image










    The album was the catalyst for a new ‘Teeth & Tongue’ line up yet, to flesh out the ‘Grids’ sound live. ‘Teeth & Tongue’ has performed at SXSW and CMJ, appeared on Rockwiz twice, played the Falls and Laneway festivals, toured the USA and Europe, toured Australia with Vance Joy and Courtney Barnett, performed at MONA and the NGV, and once spent four weeks making an EP in public at the National Gallery of Victoria.

    In 2016 Teeth & Tongue released ‘Give Up On Your Health’ to universal acclaim.

    “Catchy guitar riffs, pervasive drums, and echoey vocals, it’s a little Le Tigre, a little B-52s (with a dash of Go-Gos) but, more importantly, it’s a whole lot of fun.” – Entertainment Weekly US

    “A new artist you need to know” – Rolling Stone USA

    “Like Radiohead, under-rate Teeth & Tongue albums at your peril.” – Herald Sun, ★★★★

    “Glacial keys and cracking drums that rise from echoing blank space like the best ’80s synth-pop.” – The Age, ★★★★

    “A masterclass in synth-laden rock…One of the most compelling albums of the year.” Beat Magazine Album of the Week, ★★★★.5

    Sydney Morning Herald, ★★★★

    “Totally upped the ante as far as bombastic, memorable 1980s nuances go.” -The Music, ★★★★

    “Give Up On Your Health broadens its sound with room-filling synths, percolating rhythms and gorgeously unfurling guitar lines.” -Rolling Stone Aus, ★★★★

    Teeth & Tongue: The 13th Floor Interview

  • Tehimana Kerr

  • Terror of the Deep

    Cover imageSince emerging in 2008, Wellington band Terror of the Deep have built up a solid reputation for their excellent live show and engaging ‘electric folk music’ and we thought it was high time we got the band on record about their origins, latest release and international recognition… The band initially started in 2008 when Oliver Dixon (guitars/vocals) started playing songs with his then next-door neighbour Mason James (guitars/vocals) and a drum machine, which progressed onwards and upwards into what they are today, with Taipua Adams (bass/vocals) joining the band in 2009, William Daymond joining in early 2010, and late last year Tom Watson joined on keyboards.

    Is there a story behind the name?

    From what I’m aware of it’s loosely based on the title of the 1995 computer game XCOM: Terror from the Deep. It sometimes backfires as I have encountered a few people who had assumed that we are a metal band because of the name.

    For people who haven’t heard you, how would you describe your sound?

    We were asked this exact same question when we were interviewed on National Radio a few weeks back and Oliver replied with the term “Electric Folk Music”, which I think sums up our sound almost perfectly. Lyrically our songs do tend to tell stories rather than being deliberately abstract or obtuse and musically we are generally based around traditional song structure, as opposed to sonic noise landscapes or fresh funky beats.

    If you had to name a few main influences, what would you say?

    I’d say that our primary influence is the craft of a well-written song, irrespective of any musical genre or specific bands. In terms of lyrical subject matter, many of our songs deal with taking a bad situation and turning it around into something positive.


    RNZ interview with drummer William Daymond about making a 1970s-inspired prog rock concept album..

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Undertheradar. Used with permission.
    Interview courtesy of RNZ.
    Photo courtesy of William Daymond.

  • The Body Lyre

    Wellington act ‘The Body Lyre’ formed in 2009 after vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Rhydian Thomas’ band Strangers broke up. Rhydian had been involved in the local hardcore and metal scenes, and his (now defunct) record label Actionman Records released Hamilton hardcore. ‘The Body Lyre’ (after lines from Rimbaud poems) began as his solo project before he recruited vocalist Ana McGowan. For their debut album ‘Escape Songs’ (their EP, ‘December Marches’, was released in 2009), The Body Lyre expanded to six, including former ‘Family Cactus’ member Graeme Cumak, Angus Winter, Callum Gay, and Tim Shann – all of whom have been in other local bands. Debut album ‘Escape Songs’ was a work in progress, recorded in a shipping container fitted out as a studio, with tracks appearing monthly over a year.

    At the end of 2010, all twelve tracks were due to be released on as a book/cd package and vinyl LP on Mole Music. Unfortunately we had major delays with the production of the album, but it was finally released in April 2014 both as an LP and a CD/Book package; around three years after we finished recording it. The LP was released concurrently with the ‘Blood/Work’ 7″…

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Bio courtesy of NZ Musician. Used with Permission.

  • The Cook Strait Social Club





    A Wellington super-group!…..

    Barry Saunders of ‘The Warratahs’.
    Samuel Flynn Scott from ‘The Phoenix Foundation’.
    Julia Deans of ‘Fur Patrol’.

    Barry Saunders grew up in Taranaki and Canterbury. The sound track to his childhood was his parent’s records; mostly country, in the vein of Hank Snow, Hank Williams, The Tumbleweeds and folk records such as the Kingston Trio. He left for the UK in the mid 70s, and spent 3 years playing the Irish and country circuit, and also a brief stint with pop music in Australia. In 1986 in Wellington he formed the now legendary band ‘The Warratahs’, whose albums have chalked up nearly 100,000 sales, and has released a slew of successful solo albums…

    Samuel Flynn Scott performs and writes songs with ‘The Phoenix Foundation’. In 2006 he released his first solo album ‘The Hunt Brings Us Life’, which received excellent reviews and from which the single ‘War over Water’ was nominated for best pop song at the B-net awards. Another solo album followed in 2008, and after a break he recently revived his solo career in 2014, with an album under the ‘Bunnies On Ponies’ moniker. He has also made music for television, theatre and film, including editing and composing music for the soundtrack of the Miramax feature film ‘Eagle vs. Shark’ directed by Taika Waititi.

    Julia Deans was the voice and front person for the band ‘Fur Patrol’, the band that brought you the number one single, ‘Lydia’ to the crunching rock stomp of ‘Precious’ from ‘Collider’. Self produced EP ‘Long Distance Runner’ produced the single ‘Hand on an Anchor’ which was in the NZ top 25 airplay charts for the 10 weeks. Their final album ‘Local Kid’ was released in 2008, and since then Deans has released her first solo album, ‘Modern Fables’ and joined up with fellow musicians Jon Toogood, Shayne Carter, Tiki Taane and Ladi6 as ‘The Adults’.

    ‘The Cook Strait Social Club’ played mall to medium sized venues the length of New Zealand in September 2007, in a series of intimate acoustic 3 hour show that were one of the year’s musical delights. They didn’t release an album, but did record the live session below for Radio New Zealand…

    Live from RNZs Christchurch studio, ‘The Cook Strait Social Club’ played some songs before kicking off their NZ tour – From ‘New Zealand Live’, Friday 14 September 2007

    Photo & text adapted from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • The Gracious Deviants

    The Gracious Deviants are an acoustic collaboration between musicians Darrel Greaney and Pete Edge. They formed in 2005, having first met at high school in Palmerston North, and have gone on to perform at a range of events, including CubaDupa, the Manawatu Jazz Festival and the Island Bay Festival.

    The Gracious Deviants’ repertoire is based primarily around original material: “songs about relationships, about love at every stage from the unrequited to the happy couple, from the first spark to the dying embers.” They released their self-titled EP in 2007 and the follow-up Blue Skies & Thunderclouds in 2011.

    REVIEW: The Gracious Deviants and Tommy PickettWellington Live Music, May 31, 2007

    Thanks to Daniela Fuenzalida Photography for the above photo.

  • The New Zealand School of Music Big Band

  • The Phoenix Foundation

    Six piece Wellington band The Phoenix Foundation were formed in 1997 by Samuel Flynn Scott (vox/gat), Luke Buda (vox/gat/keys) and Conrad Wedde (gat/keys).

    Having jammed for a couple of years, recorded This Charming Van and releasing the China Cove EP in 2000, they were joined by Richie Singleton (drums), Will Ricketts (percussion) and Tim Hansen (bass) in 2001. Songs begat songs until The Drinker, which received special attention from the Bnet radio network and went on to win Best Unreleased Song at the 2002 Bnet Awards.

    Other ‘hotcuts’ Blue Summer and an early mix of Let Me Die A Woman also received significant airplay, with Blue Summer becoming the second most played song on New Zealand alternative radio in 2002.

    The Phoenix Foundation recorded their debut album Horsepower during the winter of 2002 with Lee Prebble (The Black Seeds, Trinity Roots) at The Surgery in Newtown, Wellington. The gruelling late nights and scurvy resulted in one of the most acclaimed New Zealand albums of the 2003.

    Horsepower was the only album to be nominated for ‘Best Album’ at both the Vodafone NZ Music Awards (aka the Tuis) and the Bnet Awards. It was also voted the ‘Best NZ Album’ of 2003 by and was the only New Zealand album selected in The Listener’s ‘Top Ten Albums of 2003’ by Nick Bollinger (Listener/Radio NZ).

    The video for the album’s first single Let Me Die A Woman was made by esteemed video director/producer Richard Bell (One Collective) and went on to win the ‘Knack Award’ at the 2003 NZ Music Video Awards. The follow up video for Going Fishing, also directed/produced by Richard Bell, again went on to win the ‘Knack Award’ at the 2004 NZ Music Video Awards as well as ‘Best Cinematography’ at the 2004 Handle The Jandal Awards.

    In 2004 Horsepower was released in Australia on Remote Control Records (The White Stripes, Badly Drawn Boy, The Pixies) and, following a quick tour of ‘the lucky country’, received strong reviews and radio play on Triple J and RRR.

    In May 2005, The Phoenix Foundation released Pegasus through Festival Mushroom Records. The 11 track album was again recorded and produced by Lee Prebble at The Surgery in Wellington and featured new bass boss Warner Emery. The first single Hitchcock reached the top spots on the New Zealand Alternative Charts and stations. The video for Hitchcock was directed by esteemed New Zealand producer Rueben Sutherland and is set for release in February.

    The band recorded the original score to the Taika Waititi film Eagle vs Shark in early 2006. The film was released world-wide on Miramax at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. Following this success they also provided the score to Waititi’s 2010 film, Boy.

    The Phoenix Foundation signed a deal with US label Young American Recordings to release their records. The first American release was Horsepower, released March 13th 2007.

    They released Happy Ending, their third album, in New Zealand in September 2007. This release was a switch from the Festival arm of Warner Music Group to Flying Nun and featured the singles Bright Grey, 40 Years and Bleaching Sun.

    The material The Phoenix Foundation collected between Happy Ending and Buffalo was large enough to release the Merry Kriskmass EP in December 2009. It included songs that, according to the band, wouldn’t fit in to the atmosphere of their then soon to be released LP.

    The Phoenix Foundation’s fourth album, entitled Buffalo, was released in New Zealand on 26 April 2010. For the first time in the history of the band, their album was released on vinyl and as digital download together with the The Do Son EP.

    Warner Emery left the band during the recording of Buffalo on amicable terms. He was replaced by Tom Callwood, who had previously provided double bass on the Merry Kriskmass track Forget It, and cello on Happy Ending.

    At the end of September, The Phoenix Foundation announced signing a record deal with UK record label Memphis Industries, which saw them release the award winning album Buffalo on January 24, 2011.

  • The Pyramid Scheme

    “I’ve never played with a band like this before [smiling] … they’re good.”
    Brian Borcherdt

    “Anyone for voodoo, possession and strange beasts?.”
    Jeff Harford – MOUNTAIN SCENE

    “Break out your turbans for this one people!”
    Martyn Pepperell – RIP IT UP

    The Pyramid Scheme summon and gather the ancient primal energies of a world beneath, whipping and taming the savage rhythms found below into new vortices of tornadic proportion. In beat and pulse, warp and weft, the Scheme struggle against the beast of their own sound – barely contained. Wave upon wave, swell upon swell, the complex rhythms of the deep emerge howling from the heaving forces under their spell; a steady and sustained explosion of sound boiling over the dance floor. Drums, congas, percussion, bass, MPC, multiple vocals and triumvirate guitars pitch and toss its inhabitants beyond the realms of reason. Rapacious percussions, peppered licks and diving bass cast a seething maelstrom below, while above, salvos of voodoo guitar erupt amongst billowing vocal harmonies…

    OSAKA SILENZIO – Six String – Midrange Howls
    DAVID ‘DAVID RANDALL PETERS’ PETERS – Swollen hands – suggestive vocal seasoning – Cat-Gut Guitarre
    RYAN ‘DANCE’ PREBBLE – Percussive ambush – Throaty Growls – Minor Blues

    Cover image

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text from Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • The songs of Kurt Weill

    The songs of Kurt Weill.
    Braille, 2007

    Arranged and performed by Janet Roddick, David Donaldson, Steve Roche, David Long, Jeff Henderson and Chris O’Connor.

    Mack the Knife — Bilbao song — Pirate Jenny — Speak low — Ballad of the soldier’s wife — As you make your bed — Alabama song — Mandalay song — Surabaya Johnny — Solomon song — Lost in the stars.

    When you click on the link ‘Albums by this artist’ below, you will then need to change the search type under ‘New Search’ to ‘Keyword’ to pull the access this item on our catalogue.

  • The Upbeats

  • Thomas Oliver

    Thomas Oliver best known for his flagship band, The Thomas Oliver Band, whose debut album “Baby, I’ll Play” was awarded “iTunes New Zealand’s Best Blues & Roots Album of 2011”, is also internationally recognized as one of the leading players of the Weissenborn lap-slide guitar. His dynamic solo acoustic performances will lead you on a journey venturing between Roots, Rock and Blues.

    Thomas has supported a legion of distinguished artists including Cold Chisel, Xavier Rudd, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, George Thorogood, Tom Jones, Cold Chisel, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Gin Wigmore, and The T.O.B.’s recent summer tour with Jimmy Barnes saw Thomas personally invited to play his signature lap steel with Jimmy Barnes himself.

    Thomas has also developed a reputation as a vocalist in Drum & Bass, having collaborated with some of the most respected producers, including Black Sun Empire, Rido and Concord Dawn, and boasting releases on prestigious labels, including Goldie’s own Metalheadz.

    2013 will see a number of releases for Thomas Oliver, including the release of the first full-length, all instrumental, all Weissenborn album, titled “Beneath The Weissenborn”.

  • Thought Creature

  • Timothy Blackman

    In 2002, Lower Hutt native Timothy Blackman relocated to Dunedin where by day he studied geography and environmental planning. By night he would write, record and perform introspective and often isolated pop songs inspired by artists such as Daniel Johnston, Jandek, Elliot Smith, Smog, Johanna Newsom, Neil Young and Sufjan Stevens.

    Timothy Blackman’s first solo release came as a result of a reclusive two-week period in 2006 in which ‘Giraffes, Wharves And Sinking Sand’ was written, recorded and released. The album was described as “scratchy acoustic brilliance” (Salient) and “promising” (Pavement) with the track, ‘Pigeon In The Vampire’ spending 8 weeks on the Radio One top 11. This success saw Tim invited to play at the Bnet Live to Airs and perform on Dunedin’s own Channel 9 for May Music Month celebrations.

    However, since his solo projects began in 2006 Blackman has also operated from Dunedin, Auckland, Berlin (Germany), Portland, Oregon (USA) and Melbourne (Australia), and released four albums (two EP’s and two LP’s) on the Home Alone Music label. ‘I’ve Never Lived’ was recorded in his East Berlin apartment in December 2009 with Tom O’Halloran, and recent releases include the EP ‘This Country’ (produced by Lake of Urbantramper) in 2013, and 2014’s ‘Something’.

    He currently runs the Wellington Home Alone label with Brooke from French for Rabbits and Lake from Lake South/Urbantramper.

    Timothy Blackman – Alive and Kicking – NZ Musician, 2010 (Vol:15, No:8)

    Cover image

    Grant Smithies reviews Modern Sprawl.

    ‘When You Find That Love’ from the This Country EP…

    Cover/text sourced from Bandcamp & Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Tommy

  • Tommy Ill

    Hello, my name is Tommy Ill, and I am a rapper from Wellington. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now. People seem to like it. I don’t rap about guns, drugs or bling. I’m more likely to rap about girls. Girls and drinking. Girls, drinking and phone bills.

    In 2007 I put out an EP called Toast And Tea Kettles. It did really well; two of the songs got nominated for bNet Awards (Best Hip Hop Track and RadioActive Song of the Year). My song Bill Cosby made it into the top 10 on almost every bNet radio station in the country.

    My trusty sidekick Buck Beauchamp and I play a whole bunch of shows, and really good looking people come to those shows. They dance and clap. It’s quite a lot of fun. We usually play with indie or electro bands as their crowd seem to like us more than the more traditional hip hop people. I’ve made live guest appearances with many bands including So So Modern, Cut Off Your Hands, Holiday With Friends and Heat Like Me.

    Legal Money Mike from Auckland rap group The Unscene once told us that we were the only rap group he’d ever seen piggy back each other into the crowd and then tackle an audience member. I’m quite proud of that. Peaches once told me I sounded like Beck, but I didn’t believe her. Lovefoxxx from CSS begged me to come to Auckland with her so she could see me do my guest rap with So So Modern again. Then she poured Jagermeister in my beer. It was a good day.

    Three EPs in, prolific MC, Tommy Ill, is a svelte yet metaphorically obese young man – his proverbial belt had to be stretched yet again to make room for his most recent release: his self-titled, debut LP.

    Having already released Toast & Tea Kettles (Empathy Recordings) in 2007, Matchsticks (LOOP) in 2008 and Come Home Mr. Ill (LOOP) in 2009, the alternative rapper from Wellington has earned a reputation for haphazard live sets and humorous tales that document the foibles of your average, slightly awkward fellow with Dionysian-leaning tendencies. Such a unique and inventive approach has always gained Tommy Ill attention.

    Never far from mischief, Tommy Ill, has also lent his wayward talents to others over the years, making a number of guest appearances on other artists’ tracks – including most recently Bandicoot’s single Pretention Blast Gold and 47 Diamantes’ Armageddon.

    Other highlights include his nationwide tour in support of Tommy Ill and playing really fun live shows like at Campus A Low Hum, The Big Day Out and Homegrown.

  • Toni Huata

  • Trei

    Stylistically inhabiting a musical landscape populated with driving jump-up drum breaks, angular melodic synthesiser patterns and driving pulse-like bass lines, as a musical entity TREi is a genuine composer and artist.

    An individual capable of easily dispelling the knob-twiddling computer programmer connotations far too often associated with the more throwaway aspects of dance music.

    Given this, in the space of what counts as four short years behind the consoles as a DJ and a producer, TREi has risen to the upper echelon of drum and bass in New Zealand. Resultantly, his music production and DJ skills are now raising eyebrows in all the right places across the globe. Or to call a spade a spade – on an international scale, a new force to be reckoned with has emerged in drum and bass.

    In 2006, TREi released his first 12″ Catscratch/Big Mouth on Random Recordings, and has since accumulated a substantial catalogue of releases on a diverse mixture of labels. Of particular note was the highly anticipated release of Day Away on Black Sun Empire’s Obsessions Label and breakthrough track Valium Express (w/Dose & Menace) on Commercial Suicide which featured in Andy C’s Cover mount CD for Mixmag’s December 2007 Edition.

    With upcoming releases on Critical Music, Shogun Ltd, Commercial Suicide, Samurai Music, Incite Recordings, Syntax Audio, Revolution Recordings and Marky’s Innerground all receiving massive worldwide support and his debut album set for release in 2009; TREi’s going frequent flyer – watch this one rise.

  • Trinity Roots

  • Twinset

  • Tyson Smith

    Tyson Smith is a guitarist, singer, songwriter originally hailing from Manuka Bay on New Zealand’s east coast, though his last decade of musical meanderings has taken him from Christchurch to the Caribbean, Central America, New York, Europe and most recently Wellington where he’s currently based.

    Initially starting out on homemade polystyrene guitars and miming along with Money For Nothing for unsuspecting family friends he began learning on the real thing at age 9. It wasn’t long before he was regularly making the 100km journey to Christchurch for lessons as well as performing duets with his sister, flautist Tamara Smith.

    Tyson relocated to Christchurch for his final high school years and to attend the CPIT Jazz School, continuing to immerse himself in the local music scene. In 2003, after performing around Christchurch in various ensembles ranging from pseudo-flamenco duos to 8-piece funks bands, Tyson decided it would be a good idea to invest in a cheap Tuxedo and fly to New Orleans. Over the next 3 years he could be found performing in showbands afloat the Caribbean or Mediterranean, or soaking up influences in Central America, Cuba or The States. During a few months in New York he took lessons from some of the city’s top guitarists including Mike Stern, John Abercrombie, Wayne Krantz and Ben Monder.

    Since relocating to NZ’s capital Wellington in 2006 he has been busy working on his own original music as well as performing for productions in both TV and Theatre and for artists such as singer Hollie Smith. He has also recently been playing guitar and banjo in Mundi, a world music group lead by his sister Tamara.

    Tyson Smith and Moog aficionado Ed Zuccollo play songs from ‘The Hollow Tree’ for an RNZ session…

    Cover image









    Nick Bollinger reviews ‘The Hollow Tree’ on The Sampler

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text courtesy of Amplifier. Used with permission.

  • Urbantramper

    Cover image

    Founded in 2001, ‘Urbantramper’ were Lake McKenna (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard), Phil Jones (bass, Bvs, keyboard/computer) & Andy Hoy (drums/samples), a 3 piece ElectricUTOPIA band. ElectricUTOPIA is an aural representation of unrealised dreams. It’s the soundtrack to the future we forgot; idealistic pop for the wireless.

    The band underwent various incarnations since their inception. Their two self released albums, ‘To The Future On Foot’ (2004) and, ‘The Treeninja Always Gets Through’ (2005) secured them a loyal underground following throughout New Zealand, with both albums receiving airplay on B-net, commercial and Government owned radio. A compilation of Urbantramper’s albums was the bonus CD on the June 2006 Low Hum tour.

    ‘Tokon & The Colours’ followed in 2007.

    RNZ’s Kirsten Johnstone interviews Lake on the release of ‘Tokon & The Colours’…

    ‘Ride And Rise Toward’ & ‘The Workers’ Album: All that is solid melts into air’ were released in 2009.

    ‘Internet Freedom is Love’ was released in in 2012. Examining features of the modern world- high-speed connections, emoticons, and ‘the sharing of sentiment and ideas across vast distance’. Lake talked with Kirsten Johnstone of RNZ about some of the songs…

    Urbantramper’s last full album was ‘Tomorrow We Leave Here’ in 2013. The last piece of music from the ‘Urbantramper’ moniker was a 2013 single featuring Brooke Singer from ‘French for Rabbits’. However ‘Urbantramper’ continues on as Lake South…

    Some songs from ‘Rise and Ride Toward’ live in the studio…

    Some text courtesy of Amplifier. Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Vaughn Roberts

  • Verona

  • Video Kid

  • Village of the Idiots

  • Vorn

    Jonathan Swift was born at No. 7, Hoey’s Court, Dublin, seven months after his father’s untimely death. Most of the facts of Swift’s early life are obscure, confused and sometimes contradictory. There is a great mystery and controversy over Swift’s relationship with Esther Johnson nicknamed “Stella”. Many hold that they were secretly married in 1716. This however, is not his Bio. It is the Bio of Vorn.

    Vorn was born at Tauranga Hospital, Tauranga, in 1977, nine months after his father won big on the Melbourne Cup. Most of the facts of his life to date are obscure, confused, and unremittingly dull. He has recorded and produced four albums.

    Normal the Normal Normal (1999)
    “… a great grinding grandpappy of an album it is too. . . returns self-indulgence to its rightful place at the top of the desirable qualities list”.
    -Chris Knox

    Not Quite As Good (2001)
    “Vorn has made a mountain out of his molehill …despite the flakey quality, beautiful passages, poignant lyrics and layered detail emerge miraculously through the gloop.”
    -New Zealand Musician Magazine

    Thunk! (2006)
    “…truly deserves the title of genius . . . if you like alt-pop, your mission for this year is to find this album and fall in love – ***** ”
    – Lyndon Walker, Rip it Up Magazine

    Vorn and the (2008)
    “… somewhere between The Beatles’ Abbey Rd album and a soundtrack from a David Lynch film… If you’re looking for a fresh pop album that scoops up every musical genre you can think of and sprinkles them across 14 tracks this one would be worth a look.”
    – Jim MacLane, Pulp Magazine

    Vorn’s Modern Classics (2009)
    “The title Vorn’s Modern Classics has all of the self-deprecating irony that you’ll find in this record; and yet, like his songs, there’s a lot of truth in it too. By my reckoning, Vorn has made a modern New Zealand Classic, whether he meant to or not.”

    Vorn currently abides in Wellington, with his collection of instruments and some rather iffy recording gear. He is an Aries, and thinks High Voltage was easily AC/DC’s best album, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

  • Warren Love

    Cover image

    Love’s performance career began in repertoire theatre. He has worked under the direction of Neil Totty a former musical director of Mercury theatre and with screen and television writer Graeme Tetley, co-writer of Vincent Ward’s Vigil and of Mr Wrong.

    In the 80’s Love was a regular at the Tahora Acoustic Music Festival and folk festivals around the country. An economic slump in 1987, his floating mortgage rate going through the roof, Love followed his musical interest and his needs and went busking.

    1996 – 97 he was contributor of the Busker’s Beat column for the NZ Musician magazine. Troubadour Luke Hurley saw Love busking in Auckland. He put in a good word for him with Karen Q owner of the Temple Bar & Venue on Queen St. For three years Love organized the Temple’s jam nights.

    This gig and venue were significant to people like AJ Bell, Donna Dean, Paul McClaney (aka Gramsci), gospel album nominee Alistair Brown and singer songwriter Jordan Reyne. Love paid some dues accommodating a new wave of NZ singer songwriters by organizing the Temple’s packed out sixteen-week Acid Test songwriters’ competition. This competition had a long six-year life.

    At the Temple he also promoted his Cruel Swamp showcases for A J Bell (best NZ folk album in 1997) and Donna Dean, who went on to work with acclaimed American alternative country balladeers Russell B Smith and the Amazing Rhythm Aces.

    Returning in 1999 to his hometown Wellington Love started to get attention for his own work from seasoned musicians. In 2000 formed the Warren Love Band playing at Wellington’s The Space, Te Papa, Bar Bodega, at the Wellington Folk Festival and The Bluegrass Society and was a popular solo performer at Indigo venues’ Acoustic Lounge sessions.

    In 2003 began the recording of his first album at Braeburn Studio, joined by NZ’s top musicians in the genre. It would go on to be nominated ‘Best country music album’ at the NZ Music Awards 2006/7 and be described as a “classic”. Radio NZ said, “the vocals are magic – there’s a warmth and immediacy to warren love’s singing that makes me . . . want to hear more.”

    Elsewhere review of Warren Love Band.

    As of 2015 a new album was on the way with the working title ‘Somebody’s Darling’…

    Cover/Text sourced from Amplifier & Bandcamp. Used with permission.

  • Wellington Heads

  • Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

  • Wellington World Choir

  • Weta

  • Wild Bill Ricketts

  • Woolshed Sessions

  • Zombie Prom Queen