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  • From The Archives: Rip It Up – Smokin’ In The Boys Room: Darren Watson Interview
  •                 [Transcript] SMOKIN’ IN THE BOYS ROOM: Darren Watson Interview NICK BOLLINGER Formed in Wellington in mid-1986, Smokeshop have earned their reputation as New Zealand’s number one blues band. They have toured the country regularly and extensively with a show that has all the class and panache of […]

  • The Eighth Note: Darren Watson
  •                   ‘The Eighth Note’ is 8 quick Questions with Wellington Musicians. A chance for us to catch up with people & see what they’re up to, or introduce you to a new musician or band and their music. Today’s guest is Darren Watson. Who are you? Tell […]

  • Jet Jaguar EP Release Party at Caroline
  •   It’s a mystery just how Karori based electronic producer Michael Upton, aka Jet Jaguar, has remained such a well-kept Wellington secret for what is now two decades. Since 1996 he has released four albums as Jet Jaguar, two albums as his Montano side project and over a dozen EPs and remix collections featuring remixes […]

  • New library ‘Wellington’ music releases on CD: Shihad – Killjoy (20th Anniversary)
  • Every month, Wellington City Libraries acquires new CD’s for its large, broad, eclectic collection, and Wellington music is no exception. We regularly inspect local music websites, trawl music vendors latest releases and check out independent labels like Flying Nun, Arch Hill, Rattle and Lil’ Chief for the latest in Wellington and New Zealand music. So, […]

  • Gig Review: Local DJs Coda & Heylady supporting ‘A Guy Called Gerald’…
  • It is no wonder that 2 of the most well-established DJs in New Zealand had the honor and right of playing along side legendary Gerald on March the 20th. Opening the night was Leon (aka DJ Coda), who rocked the space for an epic 4-hour set, providing a masterful collage of old and new fine […]

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  • 50Hz

  • Andrew Fagan

  • Banshee Reel

  • Barry Saunders

  • Bilge Festival

  • Bill Lake

    Bill Lake arrived in Wellington from Canberra in 1967, bringing with him an extensive knowledge of country blues styles and formidable skills on guitar, harmonica and vocals.
    Over the years Bill has also developed in to one of the country’s best singer-songwriters. He has also fronted some of Wellington’s most loved bands such as the Pelicans the Living Daylights and his current vehicle the Laconics, as well as the Windy City Strugglers.

  • Birchville Cat Motel

  • Blown away : a selection of Wellington recordings.

    Radio Active, [1998].

    Vanessa / Relish — Rock’n’roll station / Breakfast of Champions — Rotten seed / Hustler — Gasp /Beaker — Letterbomb / Brubeck — Land of the long white lie / Police Lucifer — Patton man / Wretched Skinny — Pollen / Seven — Stitches and beer /Cattle — Chill pill / Gamut — Pinhead / Debris –Tunnel vision / Poultice — Pack ya things and go /Pussywillow — Wash / Svelte — Ultragarrit / Return of the Wahlbergs — The nightrider’s theme / The Hasselhoff Experiment — Off the hook or bust / Big Blue Blanket — Pump action / Kingpin’s Bitch.

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  • Breathe

    Five guys from Wellington, five different musical backgrounds, five different individual strengths, five guys who just wanna celebrate their collective love of music, join forces to write some songs.

  • Bryce International Airways

  • c. l. bob

  • Charlotte Yates

  • Continuum

  • Darren Watson


    No-one plays the blues like Darren Watson. Over the better part of three decades he has developed a style that, while touching on all of the greats who inspired him, is personal, powerful and identifiably his own. Watson gained national fame in the 80s as the young front-man and guitar-slinger for ‘Chicago Smokeshop’. The band made two albums, had several radio hits, opened for numerous international blues legends and toured tirelessly, earning Watson a place alongside the likes of Midge Marsden, Hammond Gamble and Rick Bryant as one of this country’s best blues interpreters.

    Bugged By The Blues – NZ Musician, 2015 (Vol:18, No:7)

    Since Smokeshop’s demise he has made a series of solo albums, which show his development as a musician and songwriter. In 2009 he took 1st place in Nashville Nashville’s prestigious International Songwriting Competition for ‘All Going Wrong’ from his album ‘South Pacific Soul’. He has shared stages with a long list of music legends – including Jimmie Vaughan, Billy Boy Arnold, Koko Taylor, Robert Cray, Doctor John, George Thorogood, Emmylou Harris, Eric Burdon, Tony Joe White, Keb Mo, & Mavis Staple’s guitarist Rick Holmstrom.

    ‘All Going Wrong’ has made the finals of the prestigious International Songwriting Competition…

    Moments Like These – NZ Musician, 2009 (Vol:15, No:1)

    For the album, ‘Saint Hilda’s Faithless Boy’, he has returned to his core business – the blues – with a clutch of classy original songs and the hottest band in the land. However, the live-in-the-studio recording is not the album Watson first set out to make. Like so many musicians these days, he had built up a home studio and, over the past few years, become proficient at making his own recordings, playing every instrument himself. The results were impressive, and the original one-man-band version of this album was scheduled for release last year.

    Standing Up For The Blues – NZ Musician, 2003 (Vol:10, No:6)

    Then two things happened. A song from Watson’s previous album, ‘South Pacific Soul’, was featured in a well-known television soap opera, bringing a small but timely windfall, while a new band of old colleagues assembled around the guitarist and began to perform some of his latest songs. Drummer Richard Te One and keyboardist Alan Norman had both worked with Watson in ‘Smokeshop’, while bass player Elliotte Fuimaono (Southside Of Bombay) featured on South Pacific Soul.

    As Watson’s new group – which he named The Real Deal Blues Band – conquered crowds in the Capital, the guitarist realised an even better record could be made if he simply took his current combo into the studio and performed the songs, the same way they played on stage. ‘Saint Hilda’s Faithless Boy’ was the result. Watson wrote all the songs but one: a bold acoustic reading of the Willie Dixon/Otis Rush classic ‘My Love Will Never Die’. The rest ranged from shuffles to funky grooves, urban blues to country-soul. But it is all infused with Watson’s deep feeling for the blues.

    Darren Watson and Matt Langley join Music 101 host Kirsten Johnstone in the studio to perform live…

    ‘Introducing Darren Watson’ is the long-awaited follow-up to Darren Watson’s critically acclaimed 2010 album ‘Saint Hilda’s Faithless Boy’. Recorded by Andrew Downes and Watson over the last year or so, then mastered by Munki Studio’s specialist Mike Gibson, it features ten new performances from Watson and a core band that features ex-members of legendary blues band ‘Chicago Smoke Shop’, ‘The Warratahs’, and ‘Southside Of Bombay’.

    The album features eight new original songs that span the gamut of ‘blues’ styles. There are also two songs penned by Wellington-based songwriter Bill Lake (‘Mammal’, ‘Pelicans’, ‘Windy City Strugglers’) including the beautiful, introspective masterpiece ‘Thought I’d Seen It All’. Here it is given a sparser, more intimate treatment by Watson than the almost breezy original feel on Lake’s 1996 album ‘Home Truths’. There’s also a rocking version of ‘I Wanna Be With You’, surely now a NZ blues standard, having also been covered on record twice by the venerable Midge Marsden.

    ‘Introducing Darren Watson’ is anything BUT your typical bar-room blues album. You won’t find long, drawn out guitar solos for their own sake, and while Watson certainly tips his hat to the great Stax, Hi, and Chess productions of the 60s, you won’t just find a re-tracing of the great blues music from the past. What you get is original, engaging Kiwi rhythm & blues. Tight, intelligent writing. Great playing. Real performances.

    Nick Bollinger reviews Darren’s latest album on ‘the Sampler’…(Begins around 13 minutes in)

    Cover image

    Cover image

    From RNZs ‘Upbeat’, June 2015. Darren talks to Eva Radich about his current tour and plays some songs live in the studio…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text sourced from Amplifier, Bandcamp & Darren Watson. Used with permission.

  • David Downes

  • Desert Road

  • Dread Beat & Blood

    From the diverse Jayrem label comes this Wellington based band who, with their strong Pacific/reggae rhythms and influences, push indigenous rights to the fore.

  • Emulsifier

  • Fat Mannequin

  • Fur Patrol

  • Gamelan Padhang Moncar

  • Gamut

  • Glass Onion

  • Harry Death

  • Hasselhoff Experiment

  • Head Like A Hole

    The Head Like a Hole Story in About 200 Words by Nigel Regan

    When I was 15 I met Booga Beazley at school and as he was the only other person there that liked Heavy Metal we hit it off and decided that when we left school we were going to start a band and kick everyone’s ass. The only problem was that Booga couldn’t play an instrument.

    Anyway school’s over, Booga’s at art school in Auckland and I’m in Wellington working and playing in various cheesy bands. So I meet this guy Mark Hammill (later to become the Hidee Beast) and he plays the most kick ass drums I’ve ever heard in my life. Ironically Booga was present at the first jam I had with Mark being down from Auckland on holiday.

    So about 6 months later Booga shifts back to Wellington and I suggest that we start this band we’d always talked about with Mark playing drums ( the band Mark and I had been in had just fallen apart). And as he hadn’t bothered to learn an instrument yet I said “Well you’ll have to sing then.” So Booga comes along and belts out a rendition of War Pigs so we could see if he could sing. He couldn’t but he was a fast learner.

    Then a couple of months later Andrew Dunro comes along as he’d met Mark at a party and was interested in playing bass for us. Andrew was a punk guy as opposed to our musical diet of metal but it made for a good combination. And he looked really cool when he turned up with hair down to his ass and his black leather jacket which he’d painted Sister’s of Mercy on. Thus Head Like a Hole was born.

    Later we were joined by
    Thomas Watson ( for Double Your Strength album) and Mike Franklin-Browne took over on drums (for Are You Gonna Kiss It Or Shoot It? album).

    Anyway, the point of this story is not to cheese you out but the fact that here’s (Blood on the Honkey Tonk Floor album) 15 songs taken from four albums plus a CD of covers that we recorded along the way. We never planned or imagined at the beginning that any of this was going to happen. We just wanted to play music and have fun. doesn’t everyone? We think there’s some pretty rockin’ stuff on here, we hope you do too.

    And now, 2010, what happens when a band that makes a name for itself as “the best live act of the 90s”, releasing five eclectic, rockin’ albums and touring Europe and Australasia implodes in a mess of drugs, bitterness, backstabbing and other bullshit rock’n’roll clichés?

    Well in America they would probably go to rehab, turn to god, then appear on Oprah, with tell-all shocking tales – while promoting a new album! 

    No. One member disappeared to small town New Zealand in a haze of depression, doodles and drugs. Another studied, shacked up, had twins born on 6.6.06 and moved to the country. Leaving one (who never even had a drivers license) training to fly helicopters and the other two continue to make music – going down very different paths.

    Ten years later, the past behind them, the guitars are strapped on, the amps plugged in; time to give it another bash. A nationwide tour appears hugely successful, with a promise of cash to record songs written over the years apart – however the profits slip in to even slipperier hands and a reunion tour leaves them even further in the red.

    Still it’s the passion that rises. Older, hairier and none the wiser, something magic happens…add a riff-wizard on second guitar. A new album is started, potentially the best of their careers. There is only hard self-earned money funding it, no record company, a part-time manager/friend – and with members across different cities there is a whole lot of air travel and angry employees left in the wake.

    The songs come together and when the band hits the studio and hears the first chords blasting through the speakers…there’s a look and a smile. That’s what it’s all about, right? You play rock’n’roll because it runs in your veins, makes you feel alive.

    Consider yourselves warned: Head Like a Hole is back. With a vengeance. Need more proof? Check out the new single Swagger of Thieves.

  • Hobnail Boots

    Cover imageFormed in 1995, The Hobnail Boots, started life as a trio: Rob Joass on guitar and vocals, Jo Moir on fiddle and vocals, and Gwyn Reynolds on saxophone and percussion. Despite their beginnings in Irish bars, they were never a stereotypical bar band, and with a preference for playing originals and an eclectic selection of cover versions they quickly widened their scope.

    1996 saw the addition of a rhythm section, the release of ‘Deboot’, and touring through NZ. At this time Gwyn left to study in Germany and his place was taken by multi-instrumentalist Hamish Graham, who Rob had met while engineering a recording session for one of Hamish’s many musical projects.

    1998 saw the release of ‘Training at Altitude’, an album which earned them great reviews and invitations to play festivals both at home and abroad. Tours of North America and showcase gigs in Europe followed. The release of ‘On With The Show’ in 2001 bought more great reviews and a growing audience, but professional development and career goals had to take a back seat to the bigger picture as Jo and Rob, by now married, took time out to focus on raising a family.

    Occasional touring and festival appearances continued through the early 2000’s, and in 2004 they released “Hindsight”, a selection of tracks from their first 2 CD’s which were by now out of print. 2007 saw a return to active service. The kids were a little older, Hamish returned from his big OE, and the fabulous Caroline Easther was recruited on drums. Together with Rob and Jo and guitarist/singer Bill Hickman they recorded ‘The Fortune Horses’ which was hailed as the best of their career, and nominated for best folk album at the 2008 NZ music awards.

    Cover image








    Nick Bollinger reviews Hobnail Boots album ‘The Fortune Horses’ for The Sampler.

    From NZ Live, 2007, The Hobnail Boots talk about their music and the latest album ‘The Fortune Horses’ & play some songs…

    Performances at the Norfolk Island country music festival, and many festivals around New Zealand followed (including the Golden Shears in Masterton, Moonshine Festival in Gore, Taurangas Blues Brews BBQ’s, Taste Martinborough, and the Wellington, Auckland and Canterbury Folk Festivals). A concert at Wellingtons Paramount Theatre was filmed by acclaimed director Costa Botes, and was released on DVD in 2008. The last few years have seen touring and festival appearances continue as often as life allows. In 2011 Rob started work recording what he thought would be a solo CD, but which led the way to a new incarnation of the band as just ‘Hobnail’…

    Cover imageCover image





    Profile/Covers courtesy of Amplifier & Hobnail.

  • Hum Hum

  • Iwi

    IWI are a rōpu who formed over 15 years ago to promote te reo Māori, kaupapa Māori and positive messages to our people through the use of waiata.

    We come from a strong reggae, hiphop, RnB background and we still show those influences today. We’re experimenting at present in other genres like the blues and some alternative stuff which is evident in our new album, Te Kawa Tuarua!

    Today the crew has a combination of old and new blood. The youngest is turning 15 years and the oldest in the band has just hit the big 50! Keelan Ransfield, Kimo Winiata and John Grace are three OGs from IWI with three new members, sisters Manawahine & Johanna Tango (Ngā Puhi) and Chris Wilson (Ngāti Hinerangi).

    We have been on a journey over the last 18 months creating and recording our latest project, Te Kawa Tuarua including numerous practices to ensure future tight live performances.

  • James Warwick Walmsley

    James Warwick Walmsley is a guitarist and singer who plays keyboards, and is a dab hand with things like programming synths and audio engineering.

    He started playing piano when he was a kid but moved on to guitar as a teenager. Totally obsessed with playing, he was mostly self-taught though did have some lessons with Jim Hall on the finer points of lead guitar.

    James started playing professionally when he was 17 in Christchurch with 80’s band Louie And The Hotsticks, a very high-energy mix of R&B, ska and latino covers and originals.

    He has been in a few rock and blues bands in Wellington, including A Forced Landing – a blues band with Dave Knowles on guitar – and a Kiwi covers band called Bliss with Aaron Nonoa on bass.

    While playing in more pub-oriented bands James started experimenting with synthesizers and recording. He was commissioned to write the soundtrack for a planetarium show at Carter Observatory, and that music was then further developed into the Journey To The Centre Of The Galaxy album. He went on to do half a dozen or so more soundtracks at Carter, working with Richard Hall who did the script and visuals.

    He wrote the music for the opening of Stonehenge Aotearoa and put together a band to perform it. The Christchurch Wizard was there as the MC and presiding Druid. The music was also performed at the Fringe Festival and at Soundings Theatre.

    Currently James is rehearsing a new classic rock and blues band called Venus And The Flytraps playing guitar and keys. The group also features Meredith Bean on vocals, James Shanks on drums, Charlie Robinson on guitar, Sean Dolan on bass and me on guitar and keys.

    Influences include David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Beethoven.

  • Jet Jaguar

    ‘Jet Jaguar’ was born and raised in Wellington. Taking his name from a Godzilla movie, Jet Jaguar has been making music since 1991, when he was inspired by a friend’s Mum’s midi setup! In real life he is downbeat electronic producer Michael Upton, releasing under this name since ’96. Also part of Montano, Malty Media, and more…

    Cover image

    Text/Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.
    Profile adapted from Used with permission.

  • Jordan Reyne

  • Kelvin Roy

    Born to a New Zealand father in Flint, Michigan, USA, Kelvin Roy performed in popular funk and jazz bands in over seven US states, from the midwest to Lafayette, Louisiana, and San Francisco, California, before making New Zealand his home. Kelvin is a master of the particularly rare bass trumpet, or otherwise known as a marching valve trombone, and also sings, plays keyboards, percussion and trombone.

    Kelvin Roy led the BlueStars band in Auckland for seven years performing regularly at festivals like Waiheke Island of Jazz, Vintage Alfresco and at venues including the Loaded Hog, London Bar, and Vino Vino. Kelvin’s ‘Around the World of Music’ live jazz album reached the top 20 of the jazz charts on CMJ Network stations in the United States.

    But there’s another side to Kelvin. He strongly believes in creating a better future through music for kids. So far he has released 10 children’s music CD’s, 6 children’s music albums about animals and conservation, with 3 other releases that are activity and value based albums. Most of the albums have a strong dance & movement focus. His Song “Countdown” from the ‘Jollytime’ album was nominated for APRA NZ Children’s Song of the Year in 2012. His song, ‘Junk in my Mailbox’, from the ‘Inner Space’ album was used as a theme song in a children’s radio program on BfM in Auckland.

    Kelvin Roy & Nigel Gavin released a new jazz album called ‘Overlap’ in May 2015…’Overlap’ contains further adventures around the world of music!

    Cover image










    Check out the feature interview with Kelvin on All About Jazz

    AAJ review of Just Can’t Stop from 2003…

    Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text from Bandcamp/Kidsounz. Used with permission.

  • Let’s Planet

    Lets Planet are best described as a ‘folk grunge’ band , the songwriting core being made up by Alan Galloway and Caroline Easther.

    Caroline was the drummer and backing singer in the CHILLS for much of the time they were touring Europe.

    Lets Planet first released their debut album ‘Favours’ on Pagan in 1990 and it was licensed to New York label First Warning . The band’s second album Loving Tongues was also licensed in South East Asia.

    Their 3rd album ‘La Gloria’ was released in July 1998 and received glowing reviews as well as healthy turn outs to support the band’s live gigs.

  • Letterbox Lambs

  • Lushburger

  • Neill Duncan

  • NV

  • Pacifier

  • Peter Blake

  • Rob Joass

    Cover image


    Rob Joass has been part of the Wellington music scene since the 90s, as a solo act, then as founder of the folk-rock outfit Hobnail Boots (later Hobnail) and The Shot Band. He released his first solo CD ‘Rainlovers’ in 1995. Hobnail have released 5 CD’s, and the Shot Band have released 1 full length CD and 2 EP’s. Rob has also recently been touring with “Too Many Chiefs”, a songwriting showcase also featuring Laura Collins, Wayne Mason and Andrew London.



    Of his first solo album in 18 years Rob says:
    I called it ‘Black And White’ because I set out to keep the arrangements relatively minimal. Relative to my usual love of layering sounds, that is. I’ve always been a big fan of lots of harmony and adding textures to arrangements, but in the last couple of years I have been playing solo quite regularly and have been enjoying hearing the songs unadorned. Less can be more. Of course more can be more as well. It’s just a matter of working out where to draw the line on a particular song.

    Long time cohort Hamish Graham contributes drums on Lost at Sea and Kiss Goodbye Another Year, while Wayne Mason plays piano on both of those songs and Hammond organ on The Winter Bells.

    NZ Live, 2014 with Rob Joass

    Live at Wellington City Folk Club
    Recorded live at Acoustic Routes, the Wellington City Folk Club’s monthly concert on 22nd July 2014.

    Cover used with permission.

  • Ross Harris

  • Rumblefish

    Former Wellington rock outfit who put out some of the earliest recordings on Wildside, including Pull Up To The Bumper cassingle/7″ single (1991) and Choice Freak Dog Live! CD/EP (1992).

  • Shihad

    Formed in 1988 by high school chums Tom Larkin and Jon Toogood, Shihad began playing in their home town of Wellington, New Zealand, rapidly becoming one of the cities most popular acts.

    It’s often been said that you can’t please everyone in this world, but over the last 22 years, Shihad have pleased a great many. Over that time, Shihad have chalked up quite a few enviable milestones:

    They’ve toured the world, supported their musical heroes AC/DC, had three #1 albums and hold the record for the most Top40 Single Chart appearances for a New Zealand artist.

    You can’t talk about Shihad without mentioning their electrifying live shows. Deservedly reputed as one of the most vital, experienced and energetic live acts around, they recently performed their seminal albums Killjoy and The General Electric in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The reviews were rapturous and applause thunderous.

    While they once changed their name, they’ve never changed their lineup and have proven by example that they are by far one of the most determined and enduring names of our time.

    Ah yes, Shihad have remained undeterred by the pitfalls of living and breathing rock ‘n roll. As it was from the very beginning, the music is both their livelihood and their lifeblood and is positively infused with their unwavering enthusiasm and excitement of the process.

    So it’s only apt that their eighth studio album would be called Ignite.
    Released September 2010, Ignite is a fitting tribute to all that has gone and is yet to come.

    As the band celebrate this satisfying stage of their career, they show no signs of cooling off, experiencing yet another worthy high with the signing of a deal with Roadrunner Records in Australia.

  • Skankatronics : pure Wellingtronika

    Skankatronics : pure Wellingtronika.
    Publisher: Obscure, 1996.

    Resolution / LRS — Blister / Oblique — Loci / LRS — Work / Polarity — Kina / Atemeg — Seeper / Jet Jaguar — No comment / LRS — R->L / Polarity — MC Mess / Polarity — Sunchild / Isolation — LFA / Oblique — Proxy / LRS — Ensuite / Oblique.

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  • Syzygy

  • The Beatgirls

    The Beatgirls has its roots in 1996, the year that guitarist and band leader Billy Watkins landed a regular spot at New Zealand’s hottest venue. He decided on a twist: “It was a Beatles tribute show… but with three girls doing vocals.”

    The lead singer – Andrea Sanders – was also a dancer and choreographer, and the show quickly transformed. “Once Andrea brought dance and costumes into the show it was obvious the audiences wanted it.” The repertoire expanded into girl-bands from the 1960s (Crystals, Shirelles, Ronettes etc.) and then into disco, which brought bigger costumes, more dance moves and wilder wigs.

    Word spread about this tight, foot-tapping show and Watkins & Sanders formed a management company called Total Entertainment to deal with the corporate bookings. The show would eventually reach from The Andrews Sisters to J-Lo, using hi-tech music tracks pre-recorded in major studios. These days a Beatgirls’ show is a professionally-produced blend of cabaret and rock concert which performs all over the world.

  • The Brainchilds

  • The Radio Active 89FM 21st Anniversary

    The Radio Active 89FM 21st anniversary compact disc : a snapshot of Radio Active’s favourite local acts 1998.
    Radio Active, 1998.

    This way’s down / Letterbox Lambs — Not your girl / Fur Patrol — Fall / Hell Is Other People — Up down / Weta — Upstairs heat / The Hasselhoff Experiment — U-not-red-I / King Kapisi — Albondigas / DVS — Hope / Fat Freddy’s — Ambrose / Jet Jaguar — Shifting between standing and sitting / Aspen — Amalga / 50Hz — Jodie was right / La Gloria.

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  • The Spirals

  • Thrashing Marlin

    With a ten year history and three albums to their credit Thrashing Marlin’s newest release Wits End continues their journey of combining folk elements, samples and electronica into a Boing Croak Blip satisfying whole.

    The Wellington based duo play in various bands around the capital such as “The Labcoats”, “The village idiots” and more recently perform the show “the songs of Kurt Weill” in a six piece band featuring many of the “Wits end” musicians and fronted by the vocal talent that is Janet Roddick.

    Wits End, the third release, brings together some of the best musical talent in the country to deliver a set of earthy songs from the capitals south coast.

    Some of the talent featured on “Wits End” includes Janet Roddick (Six Volts) David Long (Muttonbirds) Chris O’connor ( Don McGlashan) Jonny Marks and Anthony Donaldson (The Village idiots) Riki Gooch (Trinity Roots, Neil Finn, Bic Runga etc etc) Jeff Henderson (Happy bar host and multi mentalist) British blues and avant gard legend Mike Cooper (Howling Wolf, Sun House) TimPrebble (sound designer extroadinaire) and some great post humus vocal samples from Len Lye.

  • Upper Hutt Posse

    Formed as a four piece reggae group in 1985, the Posse emerged at the forefront of the local response to emerging Rap culture to become the progenitors of Hiphop music in the South Pacific. Their unique fusion of Rap and Reggae (in both English and Māori languages) has been an inspirational injection into the national music scene, and continues to be a powerful vehicle for their revolutionary socio-political perspectives.

    In 1988 they released this country’s first Rap song ‘E Tu’ (Stand Up) following a year later with the first Rap album ‘Against The Flow’, touring with impassioned performances that brought notoriety and respect.

    Now with 6 albums and 19 music video clips UHP have just completed a Dubstep/Drum&Bass album titled ‘Tohe’ representing the electronica facet of the group. Simultaneously they’re recording their seventh album titled ‘Declaration Of Resistance’ which represents them proper as the nine piece live group they are today.

    Current lineup is founding members Te Kupu (guitar/vocals), MC Wiya (bass/vocals) & Blue Dread (percussion/vocals) alongside newcomers Des Mallon (drums), Todd Parata (keyboards), Jeff Henderson (alto saxophone), Jeremy Coubrogh (tenor saxophone), Gerard Crewdson (trombone) and Isaac Smith (double bass/tuba).

    The song writing vision of Te Kupu (The Word) and MC Wiya remains the solid backbone of this ever fresh, fluxing collective, with the renewed live band sound intensifying their arousing musical activism.

    UHP embrace a kaupapa (objective/purpose) of consciousness-raising and are unrelenting in their momentum, addressing global imperial capitalist culture and enlivening peoples determinations towards progressive societal ideals. The perceptive scope of their bi-lingual lyricism and originality secure them a distinguished position in the local music industry.

  • Wayne Mason

  • Windy City Strugglers

  • You can’t beat Wellington (On a Good Day).

    You can’t beat Wellington (on a good day).
    Lion Breweries, 1996.

    Contents :
    You can’t beat Wellington (on a good day) / Datsun Violets — Walking that view around / Wayne Mason — Till Tuesday / Thrashing Marlin — Untamable / Desert Road — Driftwood heart / Gardening Angels — Umbadada / Southside of Bombay — Driving / Lets Planet — Where the wild things are / Hobnail Boots –Now / Fur Patrol — I wouldn’t do that / Bill Lake — Bang Rodrigo Brothers — Winter sun / Barry Saunders.

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