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‘Waterfalls’ is the solo project of Wellington musician Amber Johnson. Her deconstructed modal pop music balances a strong melodic sensibility with hypnotic, ostinato cycles and invocations of mood via her exploration of analog synthesisers and processed flute and vocal timbres. Eschewing standard pop-song structures, Waterfalls’ compositions instead weave through movements creating impressionistic atmospheres and crystallising emotional states . Lyrically Waterfalls is similarly concerned with conveying mood and tone over storytelling and her distilled lyrics are realised as self-help incantations, idiomatic assertions of self-worth, emotional release valves and cautionary chants revealing the moments of clarity borne from nocturnal reflections on love, power and pain.

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Radio One 91FM, special in-studio guest: Waterfalls


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    "The only surviving footage of spacey progressive rockers Ragnarok is this studio performance from a mid-70s rock show. This is the band's second incarnation (following the departure of original vocalist Lea Maalfrid) and they perform four tracks from their second album Nooks: 'Five Years', 'Waterfall/Captain Fagg', 'The Volsung' and the disc's title track. As befits the musicians' intent, band and cameras are largely content to let the music do the talking — the visual departure of the glam rock boogie of 'Captain Fagg' comes as quite a surprise." (NZ On Screen summary)

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