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Love’s performance career began in repertoire theatre. He has worked under the direction of Neil Totty a former musical director of Mercury theatre and with screen and television writer Graeme Tetley, co-writer of Vincent Ward’s Vigil and of Mr Wrong.

In the 80’s Love was a regular at the Tahora Acoustic Music Festival and folk festivals around the country. An economic slump in 1987, his floating mortgage rate going through the roof, Love followed his musical interest and his needs and went busking.

1996 – 97 he was contributor of the Busker’s Beat column for the NZ Musician magazine. Troubadour Luke Hurley saw Love busking in Auckland. He put in a good word for him with Karen Q owner of the Temple Bar & Venue on Queen St. For three years Love organized the Temple’s jam nights.

This gig and venue were significant to people like AJ Bell, Donna Dean, Paul McClaney (aka Gramsci), gospel album nominee Alistair Brown and singer songwriter Jordan Reyne. Love paid some dues accommodating a new wave of NZ singer songwriters by organizing the Temple’s packed out sixteen-week Acid Test songwriters’ competition. This competition had a long six-year life.

At the Temple he also promoted his Cruel Swamp showcases for A J Bell (best NZ folk album in 1997) and Donna Dean, who went on to work with acclaimed American alternative country balladeers Russell B Smith and the Amazing Rhythm Aces.

Returning in 1999 to his hometown Wellington Love started to get attention for his own work from seasoned musicians. In 2000 formed the Warren Love Band playing at Wellington’s The Space, Te Papa, Bar Bodega, at the Wellington Folk Festival and The Bluegrass Society and was a popular solo performer at Indigo venues’ Acoustic Lounge sessions.

In 2003 began the recording of his first album at Braeburn Studio, joined by NZ’s top musicians in the genre. It would go on to be nominated ‘Best country music album’ at the NZ Music Awards 2006/7 and be described as a “classic”. Radio NZ said, “the vocals are magic – there’s a warmth and immediacy to warren love’s singing that makes me . . . want to hear more.”

Elsewhere review of Warren Love Band.

As of 2015 a new album was on the way with the working title ‘Somebody’s Darling’…

Cover/Text sourced from Amplifier & Bandcamp. Used with permission.

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