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With a ten year history and three albums to their credit Thrashing Marlin’s newest release Wits End continues their journey of combining folk elements, samples and electronica into a Boing Croak Blip satisfying whole.

The Wellington based duo play in various bands around the capital such as “The Labcoats”, “The village idiots” and more recently perform the show “the songs of Kurt Weill” in a six piece band featuring many of the “Wits end” musicians and fronted by the vocal talent that is Janet Roddick.

Wits End, the third release, brings together some of the best musical talent in the country to deliver a set of earthy songs from the capitals south coast.

Some of the talent featured on “Wits End” includes Janet Roddick (Six Volts) David Long (Muttonbirds) Chris O’connor ( Don McGlashan) Jonny Marks and Anthony Donaldson (The Village idiots) Riki Gooch (Trinity Roots, Neil Finn, Bic Runga etc etc) Jeff Henderson (Happy bar host and multi mentalist) British blues and avant gard legend Mike Cooper (Howling Wolf, Sun House) TimPrebble (sound designer extroadinaire) and some great post humus vocal samples from Len Lye.

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