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Reverb drenched atmospheric stoner country/canyon rock. Alt-country foursome fronted by Michael Keane, guitarist/vocalist, Harriet Ferry on keyboards & vocals, Kane Tippler on drums & James Bennet on bass. The band began playing & writing together around 2011 and released their debut EP ‘Winter’ in 2012. A new version of ‘WINTER’ arrived on cassette & MP3 in 2014, and a full length debut, ‘With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon’, followed in 2015.

RNZs Emma Smith talks to co-vocalists Harriet Ferry and Michael Keane about how they came to work together…

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From RNZs ‘Introducing’ here’s ‘Stilldown’, from their EP ‘Winter’…

Grant Smithies on So Laid Back Country China’s ‘With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon’ from ‘New music’ on ‘Nine To Noon’…

So Laid Back Country China: Calmly Armed – NZ Musician August/September 2016

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New album ‘Sin Cristales’ released in 2016…

Verse Chorus Verse: So Laid Back Country China
So Laid Back Country China breakdown their new album Sin Cristales – The Wireless

Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Used with permission.

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